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Michael Pickering married 1771 Welwick

4th Generation George PICKERING baptised 6 July 1845 Holmpton, buried 17 February 1858 1858 Holmpton. Charles William PICKERING agricultural labourer, born 1846 Holmpton, married 3 December 1876 Ottringham Eliza SPRAY born 1859 Sunk Island, died before 1891.
Children: Herbert PICKERING Emily PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING Annie PICKERING Annie Eliza PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 9 October 1848 Holmpton, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN married 1867 Patrington William JACKSON born c1844.
Children of Mary Ann PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: John William PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 1850 Holmpton. Miles PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 1 October 1854 Holmpton, married 1878 Patrington Annie WHITELY born c1856 Patrington.
Children: Miles PICKERING Richard PICKERING

5th Generation Herbert PICKERING waggoner, born 1877 Holmpton. Emily PICKERING born 1878 Holmpton. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1879 Holmpton. William PICKERING born 1880 Holmpton. Annie PICKERING born 1882 Holmpton. Annie Eliza PICKERING born 1883 Holmpton. John William PICKERING born 1864 Welwick. Selina A. JACKSON born 1870 Holmpton. Miles PICKERING born 1880 Holmpton. Richard PICKERING born 1881 Holmpton.