Pickerings of Hackness 1

The name Pickering appears in the very first pages of Hackness parish registers, suggesting that at least one family was already established in the area by the mid 1500s. Pickering men with the names Henry, John, Thomas and Richard were of marriageable age in the second half of the 1500s, but only Henry is recorded as having a son called William (he died as an infant in 1578), so the William who was born in about 1560 and was buried in Hackness in 1592 – the founder of this family – was most likely the son of John, Thomas or Richard and a cousin to a greater or lesser degree of Henry’s son.

William’s widow died in 1620 in the hamlet of Broxa, so it is safe to assume that her late husband lived in the same place. The descendants of the couple remained in Broxa for the next few generations, before the pressure of their growing families obliged them to seek employment and accommodation in the neighbouring parishes.

The Pickerings of Oswaldkirk had holdings in Lockton until 1509, brought to them by the marriage of Margaret Malecake to Thomas de Pickering in c1330, and it is possible that Thomas settled some of his relatives there. They perhaps moved to the parishes of Allerston, Ebberston and Hackness when Lockton came under new ownership. Furthermore, it can be no coincidence that both Hackness Pickering families lived for a time in the parish of Kirby Misperton in Ryedale, where the Oswaldkirk family had holdings in the mid 1400s and where Thomas and Mary Pickering were lord and lady of the manors of Great and Little Habton in the late 1700s (see 7th generation below).

I encourage all Pickerings who can trace their roots back to the eastern half of the North York Moors (and who are relatively sure that there is no “non paternal event” in their line) to take a Y-DNA test, in the hope of establishing a link between the Hackness families and those of Oswaldkirk. With this hope in mind I have posted them in the Oswaldkirk red.

See Hackness for a map of the North York Moors and the area where the early Hackness Pickerings lived.

1st Generation

1. William PICKERING died Broxa, buried 16 February 1592 Hackness, married Unknown UNKNOWN died Broxa, buried 25 February 1612 Hackness.
1.1. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William PICKERING married 29 May 1604 Mary SHEPARD baptised 15 June 1576, died Broxa, buried 11 September 1629.
1.1.1. John PICKERING
1.1.2. William PICKERING
1.1.3. Ignatius PICKERING
1.1.4. Ingram PICKERING
1.1.5. Mary PICKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. John PICKERING baptised 10 November 1605 Hackness, married 24 November 1629 Hackness Mercy COCKERELL.

1.1.2. William PICKERING born 1607 Broxa, baptised 1 January 1608 Hackness, buried 23 April 1691 Hackness, married Isabel UNKNOWN.

1.1.3. Ignatius PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 20 January 1611 Hackness.

1.1.4. Ingram PICKERING died Broxa, buried 30 August 1612 Hackness.

1.1.5. Mary PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 15 December 1613 Hackness.

4th Generation Mary PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 11 September 1631 Hackness, buried 9 October 1631 Hackness. John PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 14 August 1636 Hackness, buried 11 November 1636 Hackness. Mary PICKERING baptised 14 August 1642 Hackness. Unnamed PICKERING born, died February 1645 Hackness. Jane PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 6 August 1648 Hackness, died 1652 Hackness. Allan PICKERING baptised 17 November 1650 Hackness. Henry PICKERING baptised 14 April 1655 Hackness. Ralph PICKERING born 27 October 1657 Broxa, baptised 1 November 1657 Hackness, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Francis PICKERING

Both Francis and his wife lived in Broxa, and Francis died in the hamlet (see next generation) so is assumed to be a member of this tree, though there is no record of his birth or baptism.  He might have been a late arrival from the previous generation, or the offspring of one of the nine brothers and sisters of this generation: either the illegitimate son of sisters Mary or Ann, or the legitimate son of Allan, Henry or Ralph, though no marriage records have been found for the brothers.  I have attached him to Ralph because there is documentary evidence that he too was born in Broxa. (Son) PICKERING born, died 5 February 1660 Broxa, buried 5 February 1660 Hackness. Stephen PICKERING baptised 13 April 1661 Hackness, buried 14 July 1661 Hackness. Ann PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 23 August 1663 Hackness.

5th Generation Francis PICKERING died Broxa, buried 9 April 1729 Hackness, married 27 November 1705 Hackness Ann CARLIN (daughter of William CARLIN) born Broxa, baptised 12 October 1684 Hackness.

6th Generation William PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 23 December 1706 Hackness, married 27 July 1732 Lastingham Ann FAWSITT buried 31 December 1765 Hackness.
Children: Henry PICKERING William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Francis PICKERING John PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 10 July 1715 Hackness. Anna PICKERING born Broxa baptised 1 May 1720 Hackness, married 17 November 1754 Hackness William ALERSON born c1729 Wykeham.

7th Generation Henry PICKERING baptised 26 June 1733 Hackness, died Scalby, buried 3 August 1808 Hackness, married 18 June 1780 Ebberston Ann MEDD (daughter of John MEDD) born Bickley, baptised 24 October 1748 Ebberston.
Children: William PICKERING Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING William PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 30 December 1734 Hackness. Robert PICKERING baptised 19 February 1737 Hackness, married 22 November 1760 Brompton by Sawdon Margaret KEATH (daughter of John KEATH) baptised 18 May 1737 Wykeham.
Children: Ann PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Francis PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 12 March 1739 Hackness, married 24 November 1772 Mary COCKERILL born Low Dales, baptised 26 December 1744 Hackness.
Children: William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING

8th Generation William PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 8 April 1781 Hackness, married 1st 22 February 1802 Ebberston Mary TODD died Bickley, buried 3 May 1804 Ebberston, married 2nd 13 June 1807 Ebberston Alice MAYMAN born c1781 Harewood Dale, buried 9 August 1862 Ebberston.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary TODD: John PICKERING
Children of William PICKERING and Alice MAYMAN: Jeremiah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann PICKERING George PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Christy PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 8 December 1782 Hackness. Henry PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 29 May 1785 Hackness. Ann PICKERING baptised 14 February 1762 Hackness. William PICKERING baptised 29 July 1764 Hackness, buried 15 December 1764 Hackness. Mary PICKERING baptised 10 August 1766 Hackness. John PICKERING baptised 22 February 1769 Hackness, married 21 October 1790 Pickering Elizabeth SPENCELEY (daughter of George SPENCELEY) born 15 August 1769 Pickering.
Children: Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING George PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING Ann PICKERING John PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born Suffield, baptised 10 February 1771 Hackness, buried 27 April 1771 Hackness. Margaret PICKERING baptised 26 June 1772 Hackness, buried 21 July 1773 Hackness. Margaret PICKERING baptised 25 December 1774 Hackness. William PICKERING buried 2 August 1775 Hackness. Thomas PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 8 April 1781 Scalby, married 26 January Willerby 1802 Hannah WOODALL born Staxton, baptised 26 September 1789 Willerby.

9th Generation John PICKERING butcher, born Saltergate, baptised 4 September 1802 Ebberston, married 6 February 1826 Levisham Elizabeth WILKS, born c1805 Levisham.
Children: Ann PICKERING Mary PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 26 May 1809 Ebberston. Mary PICKERING born Bickley, baptised 15 February 1811 Ebberston. Ann PICKERING born Bickley, baptised 5 April 1812 Ebberston. George PICKERING carter, grocer, born Bickley, baptised 29 March 1814 Ebberston, married 12 July 1834 Hackness Esther MEDD, born c1812 Broxa.
Children: William PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Alice PICKERING Robert PICKERING George PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Francis PICKERING Hannah PICKERING born Bickley, baptised 17 November Ebberston, died 29 September 1908 Oxford County ,Ontario, Canada, married 1838 Pickering John DODGSON, born c1814 Cropton, died 1881 Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada. Christy PICKERING baptised 17 January 1821 Ebberston. Joseph PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Bickley, baptised 16 September 1826 Ebberston, married Ann UNKNOWN born c1821 Broxa.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 15 August 1791 Pickering. Robert PICKERING baptised 4 May 1794 Pickering. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 31 January 1797 Pickering. George PICKERING baptised 18 September 1799 Pickering. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 10 June 1802 Fylingdales. William PICKERING farmer, born Stow Brow, baptised 3 June 1805, married May 10, 1834 Pickering Ann ELLIOTT born c1815 Thornton-le-Dale.
Children: Fanny PICKERING James PICKERING Ann PICKERING James PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mercy PICKERING Jane PICKERING Joseph Windle PICKERING William PICKERING John PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING Ruth PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 29 December 1807 Fylingdales. John PICKERING publican, journeyman grocer, warehouse/cellar man baptised 12 January 1812 Stow Brow, married 10 May 1834 Pickering Ann POTTER born c1811 Kirkby Moorside. Ann PICKERING born Staxton, baptised 20 March 1803 Willerby, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Woodall PICKERING John PICKERING innkeeper, born 29 December 1805 Staxton, baptised 23 January 1806 Willerby, married 29 November 1828 Wykeham Esther HOGG dressmaker, born c1808 Binnington.
Children: Jane PICKERING Amy PICKERING Robert PICKERING Hannah PICKERING baptised 13 March 1808 Willerby, had children with Unknown UNKNOWN married 1847 Scarborough John NICHOLSON farm labourer, born c1812 Seamer.
Children of Hannah PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: John PICKERING Mary PICKERING Thomas PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Staxton, baptised 25 June Willerby, married c1830 Hannah UNKNOWN born c1812 Yedingham.
Children: John PICKERING William PICKERING Amy PICKERING David PICKERING Ann PICKERING George PICKERING Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Staxton,baptised 12 November 1813 Willerby, died Beverley lunatic asylum, buried 7 April 1888 Willerby, married 1st c1830 Unknown UNKNOWN, married 2nd 28 November 1840 Willerby Sarah BLIGH born c1819 Muston, died before 1874, married 3rd 1874 Scarborough Susannah NOON born c1820 Bridlington.
Children of Robert PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Hannah PICKERING
Children of Robert PICKERING and Sarah BLIGH: Amy PICKERING Ann PICKERING Stephen PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Esther PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING born Staxton, baptised 22 October 1816 Willerby. David PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Staxton, baptised 21 May 1821 Willerby, died Staxton, buried 14 September 1889 Willerby, married 30 November 1846 Willerby Milcah TEMPLE (daughter of John TEMPLE and Ann UNKNOWN) born Snainton, baptised 1 November Brompton by Sawdon.

10th Generation Ann PICKERING baptised 28 November 1826 Levisham. Mary PICKERING born c1829 Whitby. Thomas PICKERING farmer, baptised 12 September 1830 Norton, married 26 September 1853 Whitby Ann WILSON (daughter of Thomas WILSON) born c1833 Rosedale.
Children: John Wilson PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 18 March 1832 Levisham. Elizabeth PICKERING born Middleton, baptised 23 January Lockton. John PICKERING highway surveyor, born Levisham, baptised 7 July 1836, married Isabella SANDERS born c1839 Scotland.
Children: Isabella K. PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William T. PICKERING James Blair PICKERING Edith Ann PICKERING Emily H. PICKERING Mabel F. PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 21 November 1838 Pickering. William PICKERING baptised 22 April 1841 Levisham. Robert PICKERING draper, baptised 26 September 1843 Eskdaleside. William PICKERING farm servant, born Broxa, baptised 6 December 1835 Hackness. Sarah PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 30 April 1837 Hackness. Jane PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 16 November 1840 Hackness, married 1866 Scarborough John GILLANCE stonemason, born c1837 Wykeham. Hannah PICKERING born Broxa, baptised February 1842 Hackness. Alice PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 29 September 1844 Hackness. Robert PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 14 March 1847 Hackness. George PICKERING farm servant, born Broxa, baptised 8 July 1849 Hackness, married 1896 Scarborough Sarah Jane HOPPER. Elizabeth PICKERING born Broxa, baptised 27 July 1851 Hackness. Francis PICKERING carter, born Broxa, baptised 16 July 1854 Hackness, married 1880 Scarborough Ann RICHARDSON born c1854 Langdale End. Mary Ann PICKERING born 1854 Bickley. Hannah PICKERING born 1856 Bickley. Fanny PICKERING born c1835 Pickering. James PICKERING born c1837 Pickering. Ann PICKERING born c1839 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. James PICKERING provisions merchant, born 1841 Newton-on-Rawcliffe, married 1865 Pickering Elizabeth SIMPSON born c1837 Middleton.
Children: William PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Ann PICKERING John Richard PICKERING James PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born c1843 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Mercy PICKERING born c1845 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Jane PICKERING born c1847 Saintoft. Joseph Windle PICKERING born c1849 Saintoft, married 1872 Pickering Hannah TAYLOR born 1850 Pickering.
Children: Jane Hannah PICKERING Ann Elliott PICKERING George Taylor PICKERING William PICKERING born Saintoft, baptised 4 November 1852 Pickering, married 1874 Pickering Elizabeth HODGSON, baptised 16 September 1849 Norton. John PICKERING born c1853 Saintoft. Mary Ann PICKERING born c1855 Pickering. Ruth PICKERING cook, born c1860 Saintoft. Woodall PICKERING baker, born c1817 Staxton, died 1873 Scarborough, married 1840 Scarborough Jane TAYLOR born c1818 Hutton Buscel.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING William Taylor PICKERING John Marflitt PICKERING George PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Jane PICKERING born c1830 Wykeham. Amy PICKERING dressmaker, born c1840. Robert PICKERING born c1846 Staxton. John PICKERING born c1832 Ganton. Mary PICKERING born 1843 Ganton. John PICKERING rabbit killer, born c1832 Staxton, married Ann UNKNOWN born c1834 Staxton.
Children: Eliza PICKERING Tom PICKERING Frederick PICKERING William PICKERING police officer, baptised 16 June 1835 Willerby, married 1860 Pickering Jane GARBUTT.
Children: Mary PICKERING Ann Eleanor PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Thomas Dennis PICKERING Emily PICKERING Amy PICKERING born c1841 Staxton. David PICKERING born c1844 Staxton. Ann PICKERING born c1850 Staxton. George PICKERING innkeeper born c1858 Staxton. Hannah PICKERING born c1834 Staxton. Amy PICKERING born 1841 Staxton, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Margaret PICKERING Ann PICKERING born 1843 Staxton. Stephen PICKERING born 1846 Staxton. Robert PICKERING born 1848 Staxton. Thomas PICKERING born 1850 Staxton. Mary PICKERING born 1852 Staxton, married Joseph SMITH. Sarah PICKERING born 1854 Staxton. Esther PICKERING born 1856 Staxton. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1858 Staxton. Mary Ann PICKERING born 1841 Staxton. Stephen PICKERING born 1846 Staxton. Ann PICKERING born c1848 Staxton. Robert PICKERING born 1848 Staxton, married 1868 Driffield Hannah STABLER born c1849 Kilham. William PICKERING born 1850 Staxton. Thomas PICKERING born 1850 Staxton. Hannah PICKERING dressmaker, born 1852 Staxton, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 1879 Scarborough John Henry BIELBY born 1856 Scarborough, died 1880 Scarborough.
Children of Hannah PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Frederick William PICKERING

11th Generation John Wilson PICKERING born 1855 Sleights. Robert PICKERING baptised 1857 Sleights. Thomas PICKERING born 1859 Sleights. Isabella K. PICKERING born c1861 Scotland. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1864 Scotland. William T. PICKERING born c1868 Whickham, Co. Durham, England. James Blair PICKERING born c1871 Scalby. Edith Ann PICKERING baptised 24 July 1872 Scalby. Emily H. PICKERING born c1875 Scalby. Mabel F. PICKERING born c1878 Hutton Buscel. William PICKERING born c1866 Pickering. Hannah PICKERING born c1868 Pickering. Ann PICKERING born c1870 Pickering. John Richard PICKERING born c1873 Pickering. James PICKERING born c1873 Pickering. Jane Hannah PICKERING born c1874 Stockton, Co. Durham. Ann Elliott PICKERING born c1876 Stockton, Co. Durham. George Taylor PICKERING born c1880 Norton. Joseph William PICKERING born 1882 Thorpe Bassett. Martha Elizabeth PICKERING born 1884 Thorpe Bassett. James Elliot PICKERING born 1886 Thorpe Bassett. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1845 Hutton Buscel. William Taylor PICKERING baptised 2 October 1846 Scarborough, married 17 February 1874 Scarborough Ann FLETCHER (daughter of Thomas FLETCHER) born c1847. John Marflitt PICKERING born c1850 Scarborough, married 12 November 1887 Scarborough Mary Ann GILKESON (daughter of Richard GILKESON) born c1862. George PICKERING born c1851 Scarborough, married 23 November 1873 Scarborough Ellen GIBSON (daughter of George GIBSON) born c1853 Scarborough.
Children: Jenny PICKERING Robert PICKERING Fred PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas PICKERING born c1860 Scarborough. Thomas PICKERING born c1870 Scarborough. Eliza PICKERING born c1855 Staxton. Tom PICKERING born c1858 Staxton. Frederick PICKERING born 1860 Staxton. Mary PICKERING born 1861 Pickering. Ann Eleanor PICKERING born 1864 Egton. Hannah PICKERING born 1864 Egton. Thomas Dennis PICKERING born 1867 Egton. Emily PICKERING born 1868 Egton. Margaret PICKERING born c1861 Staxton. Frederick William PICKERING born Staxton, baptised 20 March 1869 Willerby.

12th Generation Jenny PICKERING born c1874 Scarborough. Robert PICKERING born 1876 Scarborough. Fred PICKERING born 1877 Scarborough. Ellen PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough.