Pickerings of Bickley

1st Generation

1. William PICKERING married Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William PICKERING yeoman, born Bickley, baptised 22 March 1646 Hackness, died 1718 Yedingham, buried 29 May 1718 Malton, married 4 May 1674 Hackness Mercy CRAVEN (daughter of William CRAVEN) baptised 20 May 1649 Hackness, buried 28 June 1705 Malton.
1.1.1. Samuel PICKERING
1.1.2. William PICKERING
1.1.3. John PICKERING
1.1.4. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.1.5. Jeremiah PICKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Samuel PICKERING born c1678, died 1 April 1762 Stittenham, buried 4 April 1762 Thornton-le-Clay, married Mary UNKNOWN, buried 2 August 1719 Malton.

1.1.2. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 28 August 1681 Scarborough, died 19 November 1761 Whitby, married Grace UNKNOWN, died 2 January 1765 Whitby, buried 4 January 1765 Scarborough.

1.1.3. John PICKERING tanner, born c1683, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: John PICKERING Richard PICKERING

1.1.4. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1684, married 23 March 1704 Middleton William KIDD born Middleton.

1.1.5. Jeremiah PICKERING born c1685, married Mary HALLIDAY.

4th Generation Rachel PICKERING born 20 January 1701 Pickering. Samuel PICKERING born 16 July 1702 Pickering. Mary PICKERING born 3 June 1703 Pickering. John PICKERING born 16 September 1705 Pickering.

Request to dig grave for Thomas Pickering, 1785
courtesy of Colleen Bosel Jacob PICKERING born 8 December 1706 Pickering. Thomas PICKERING farmer, born c1710, died Stittenham, buried 5 August 1785 Thornton-le-Clay, married Mary UNKNOWN.
Children: Tabitha PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Caleb PICKERING born 1 May 1710 Pickering. Abigail PICKERING born March 25, 1714 Pickering, buried 10 November 1731 Pickering. Nathan PICKERING master mariner, born 1713, died 1786 Scarborough, married 1st 6 February 1741 Pickering Jael WARD, died 19 November 1761, buried 22 November 1761 Whitby, married 2nd 18 February 1763 Whitby Hannah SKELTON (daughter of William SKELTON and Hannah UNKNOWN) born 1723 Scarborough, died 1793 Malton.
Children of Nathan PICKERING and Jael WARD: Grace PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jael PICKERING Lydia PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Mercy PICKERING born 1714 Scarborough, baptised 22 March 1733 Scarborough, married 22 January 1734 Scarborough Alexander NEECE. William PICKERING born c1714, buried 27 December 1790 Whitby, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING George PICKERING John PICKERING Isaac PICKERING weaver, born c1718 Scarborough, baptised 9 February 1734 Malton, died 6 November 1783 Malton, married 20 August 1739 Malton Jane FARNABY, buried 29 March 1755 Malton.
1.1 2.4.5. Nathan PICKERING Mercia PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Hannah PICKERING John PICKERING born 1714 Scarborough.

Jeremiah Pickering 1723-1799
Kirby Misperton churchyard, 2016
(see below for detail) Richard PICKERING sea captain, born c1715, married 8 May 1743 Staintondale Hannah ALLATSON, (daughter of Thomas ALLATSON and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 28 December 1716 Scarborough, died 30 May 1771 Scarborough.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Richard PICKERING Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING John PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING farmer, born c1723, died Little Habton, buried 20 May 1799 Kirby Misperton, married 7 May 1751 York Ann HARRISON, born c1730 Settrington, buried 2 August 1812 Kirby Misperton.

Mary Ness c1725-1810
Samuel Pickering 1733-1814
Kirby Misperton churchyard, 2016 David PICKERING labourer, born 1731, Ryton, buried 13 November 1799 Kirby Misperton, married Margaret UNKNOWN born 1724, died Ryton, buried 14 August 1799 Kirby Misperton.
Children: David PICKERING Jane PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Jeremy PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Samuel PICKERING farmer, born 1733, baptised 7 January 1756 Kirby Misperton, died Great Habton, buried 1 February 1814 Kirby Misperton, married 22 September 1746 Mary NESS born c1725, died Great Habton, buried 10 March 1810 Kirby Misperton.

5th Generation Tabitha PICKERING born 21 October 1746 Pickering. Mary PICKERING born 17 February 1753 Pickering. Robert PICKERING grocer, draper, born 23 January 1755 Pickering, married 15 April 1782 Malton Hannah HOWSON (daughter of Robert HOWSON and Grace UNKNOWN) born 4 February 1763 Malton, died c1786.
Children: Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Samuel PICKERING farmer, born c1758, married 29 April 1783 Helmsley Margaret WRIGHTSON born c1758.
Children: Francis PICKERING Tabitha PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Charles PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Grace PICKERING born 1 October 1741 Whitby, buried 18 January 1742 1742 Whitby. Mary PICKERING born 22 November 1743 Whitby, baptised 20 December 1766, married 1766 Scarborough John BROWN, born c1733 Whitby. Jael PICKERING born 9 March 1746 Whitby, married 24 October 1769 Scarborough Joseph BOMBLES born c1745 Whitby. Lydia PICKERING born 30 July 1750 Whitby. John PICKERING born 18 April 1756 Whitby. Jane PICKERING born 1758, baptised 20 December 1766 Scarborough. William PICKERING born c1738 Scarborough, married 1765 Scarborough Dorothy BILBROUGH, born c1735.
Children: John PICKERING Ann PICKERING Thomas PICKERING William PICKERING Grace PICKERING George PICKERING born 1740 Scarborough. John PICKERING born 1744 Scarborough. Rebecca PICKERING baptised 20 August 1739 Malton. William PICKERING weaver, baptised 30 March 1741 Malton, married Christiana UNKNOWN buried 28 July 1809 Sheriff Hutton.
Children: Mary PICKERING William PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Peter PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Isaac PICKERING weaver, baptised 26 March 1742 Malton, buried 30 November 1825 Wharram-le-Street, married 12 July 1763 Malton Elizabeth WILSON, born c1741, buried 15 August 1822 Malton.
Children: John PICKERING Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING Mercia PICKERING baptised 29 April 1744 Malton, buried 4 March 1747 Malton. Nathan PICKERING baptised 15 September 1745 Malton. Mercia PICKERING baptised 9 May 1747 Malton. Joseph PICKERING baptised 24 October 1748 Malton. Mary PICKERING baptised 24 January 1750 Malton. Sarah PICKERING baptised 21 April 1751 Malton. Hannah PICKERING baptised 13 January 1755 Malton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 5 February 1744 Scarborough. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 27 July 1746 Scarborough, died 1751 Scarborough. Richard PICKERING baptised 15 July 1749 Scarborough. Jane PICKERING baptised 30 April 1752 Scarborough. Hannah PICKERING 10 October 1755 1755 Scarborough. John PICKERING born 1756 Scarborough. John PICKERING baptised 1 January 1758 Scarborough. Jeremiah PICKERING born 1753 Little Habton, died Little Habton, buried 16 April 1780 Kirby Misperton. Thomas PICKERING born Little Habton, baptised 21 October 1755 Kirby Misperton, died Little Habton, buried 21 October 1756 Kirby Misperton. Samuel PICKERING baptised 11 January 1758 Kirby Misperton, married 25 May 1789 Salton Mary BURTON (daughter of Thomas BURTON) baptised March 1767 Salton.

Banns of David Pickering and Isabel Lacey, 1779

Banns of David Pickering and Isabel Lacey, 1779 Ann PICKERING born Little Habton, baptised 7 July 1760 Kirby Misperton. David PICKERING labourer, baptised 7 July 1754 Kirby Misperton, married 1st 20 December 1779 Scampston Isabel LACEY (daughter of William LACEY) baptised 4 August 1762 Wharram-le-Street, married 2nd 1786 Ann UNKNOWN, married 3rd 10 October 1791 Rillington Mary BOTTERILL born c1776.
Children of David PICKERING and Isabel LACEY: David PICKERING Robert PICKERING Isaac PICKERING
Children of David PICKERING and Ann UNKNOWN: Mary PICKERING
Children of David PICKERING and Mary BOTTERILL: Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING William PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 7 July 1754 Kirby Misperton.

Robert Pickering 1756-1827
his wife Elizabeth c1761-1855
Kirby Misperton churchyard, 2016 Mary PICKERING baptised 7 July 1754 Kirby Misperton, married 7 October 1771 Kirby Misperton John LAMB. Robert PICKERING labourer, born 8 February 1756 Ryton, baptised 18 April 1756 Kirby Misperton, died Great Habton, buried 17 October 1827 Kirby Misperton, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN shopkeeper, born c1761 Pickering, died Great Haton, buried 5 January 1854 Kirby Misperton.
Children: Robert PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Catherine PICKERING George PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 17 October 1757 Kirby Misperton. Margaret PICKERING baptised 26 November 1759 Kirby Misperton. Jeremy PICKERING born Ryton, baptised 14 September 1762 Kirby Misperton, died Ryton, buried 6 April 1778 Kirby Misperton. Thomas PICKERING born Low Moor, baptised 16 May 1766 Kirby Misperton.

Thomas Pickering c1763-1841
Mary Hardwick c1779-1862
Kirby Misperton churchyard, 2016 Ann PICKERING baptised 9 January 1768 Kirby Misperton. Thomas PICKERING born Great Habton, baptised 21 December 1756 Kirby Misperton, died Great Habton, buried 21 April 1757 Kirby Misperton. Ann PICKERING born Great Habton, baptised 29 May 1759 Kirby Misperton. Thomas PICKERING lord of Great Habton manor, born Great Habton, baptised 9 April 1762 Kirby Misperton, died Great Habton, buried 29 April 1841 Kirby Misperton, married 10 August 1814 Kirby Misperton Mary HARDWICK lady of Great Habton manor, born c1779 Great Habton, died Great Habton, buried 7 February 1862 Kirby Misperton.

George was born out of wedlock so took his mother’s name, though his children took his father’s name.  He became known as Hardwick-Pickering.

6th Generation

Quaker marriage of Robert Pickering and Tabitha Hopkins, 1814, courtesy of Colleen Bosel Robert PICKERING draper, grocer, born 21 January 1783 Malton, died 13 March 1836 Malton, died 13 March 1836 Malton, married 27 April 1814 Pickering Tabitha HOPKINS (daughter of Thomas HOPKINS merchant and Rebecca UNKNOWN) draper, baptised 14 April 1793 Gildersome, West Yorkshire, buried 12 August 1867 Malton.
Children: Hannah PICKERING Elizabeth Milner PICKERING Henry PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 24 May 1784 Malton, died c1786. Mary PICKERING born 30 March 1786 Malton. Francis PICKERING labourer, born c1790, married Mary UNKNOWN, born c1782, buried 2 August 1827 Sheriff Hutton.
Children: Joseph PICKERING Tabitha PICKERING born c1794, baptised 23 December 1815 Sheriff Hutton, married 23 January 1816 Sheriff Hutton Thomas MOSSER, born c1795 Malton. Margaret PICKERING born Stittenham, baptised 4 June 1798 Sheriff Hutton. Charles PICKERING grocer, born c1800, married Ann UNKNOWN.
Children: Ann PICKERING George PICKERING Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING Samuel PICKERING born c1800, married c1825 Unknown UNKNOWN born c1800.
Children: Samuel PICKERING John PICKERING born 1766 Scarborough. Ann PICKERING baptised 28 May 1767 Scarborough. Thomas PICKERING born 1769 Scarborough. William PICKERING baptised 18 January 1771 Scarborough. Grace PICKERING born July 1772 Scarborough. Mary PICKERING baptised 19 December 1771 Sheriff Hutton, buried 16 November 1834 Sheriff Hutton. William PICKERING born c1772, died February 1832 Sheriff Hutton, married 31 March 1792 Beverley, East Yorkshire Ann GREENSIDES (daughter of John GREENSIDES) born Kilnsea, East Yorkshire.
Children: Nathan PICKERING Nathaniel PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Nathan PICKERING baptised 10 February 1777 Sheriff Hutton, buried 18 March 1795 Sheriff Hutton. Hannah PICKERING baptised 18 April 1786 Sheriff Hutton. Peter PICKERING baptised 19 April 1789 Sheriff Hutton, buried 11 July 1838 Sheriff Hutton, married 14 May 1816 Sheriff Hutton Sarah UNKNOWN (widow of Unknown BENNET). Margaret PICKERING buried 11 June 1799 Sheriff Hutton. John PICKERING baptised 4 March 1764 Malton, buried 17 July 1766 Malton. Ann PICKERING baptised 11 October 1767 Malton, married 18 January 1790 Malton Jeffrey WARLEY smith, born c1765 Thornton, died 1848 Malton.
Children: Ann WARLEY Jane PICKERING baptised 16 November 1770 Malton, died 20 July 1855 Wharam-le-Street, married 30 July 1787 Foston Leonard POTTER (son of Leonard POTTER) baptised 26 July 1761 Crambe, died December 1837 Strensall. Hannah PICKERING baptised 7 April 1773 Malton. William PICKERING baptised 23 May 1775 Malton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 21 December 1777 Malton, married 17 October 1795 Malton Ann RUSSELL.
Children: Richard PICKERING Russell PICKERING Ruth PICKERING Alice PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Margaret PICKERING John PICKERING Margaret PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 5 February 1780 Malton, buried 10 November 1806 Malton. Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 16 March 1783 Malton, died before 1851, married Amy MOORE (daughter of Ambrose MOORE and Esther UNKNOWN) baptised 22 April 1786 Sherburn.
Children: Frances PICKERING Vickerman PICKERING Esther PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ann PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Ambrose PICKERING Amy PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING David PICKERING agricultural and road labourer, baptised 15 November 1780 Rillington, died before 1861, married 4 August 1806 Elizabeth WAITE born c1790 Baxtonhowe, died after 1861.
Children: Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Bella PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING David PICKERING George PICKERING Robert PICKERING weaver, baptised 25 March 1783 Rillington, married 28 March 1803 Rillington Susanna MOOK born c1783 Rillington, died 1868 Malton.
Children: William PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Mary Isabella PICKERING Robert PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Isaac PICKERING baptised 4 December 1785 Rillington, buried 16 May 1796 Rillington. Mary PICKERING baptised 21 May 1792 Scampston. Jane PICKERING baptised 1 May 1794 Scampston. Ann PICKERING baptised 16 July 1797 Scampston.

Jeremiah Pickering 1785-1857
Kirby Misperton churchyard, 2016
(see above for gravestone) William PICKERING baptised 22 March 1801 Rillington, died Lutton, East Yorkshire, buried 3 April 1829 Rillington. Mary PICKERING born Ryton, baptised 14 May 1786 Kirby Misperton. Robert PICKERING born Great Habton, baptised 29 July 1783 Kirby Misperton. Jeremiah PICKERING farmer, born Great Habton, baptised 15 March 1785 Kirby Misperton, died Great Habton, buried 28 November 1857 Kirby Misperton, married Mary UNKNOWN, died before 1851.
Children: Nelly PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born Great Habton, baptised 2 September 1787 Kirby Misperton. Mary PICKERING born Great Habton, baptised 9 June 1789 Kirby Misperton. Catherine PICKERING grocer, born 14 November 1791 Great Habton, baptised 26 November 1791 Kirby Misperton. George PICKERING vicar, born 8 April 1794 Great Habton, baptised 3 May 1794 Kirby Misperton, married Alicia UNKNOWN born c1807 Weymouth, Dorset. Ann PICKERING born 22 September 1797 Great Habton, baptised 28 September 1797 Kirby Misperton. George HARDWICK-PICKERING solicitor, farmer, corn merchant, born c1812 Langton, married 4 July 1831 Blackburn, Lancashire Mary HALSTEAD born c1813 Blackburn.
Children: Thomas Richard PICKERING Samuel George PICKERING Henry Warren PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Diana PICKERING Jane Emma PICKERING Alice Maud Dora PICKERING Edmond Gilbert PICKERING Georgiana Adriana PICKERING

7th Generation Hannah PICKERING born 15 January 1816 Malton, married 1 July 1845 Malton William STUBBS draper. Elizabeth Milner PICKERING born 26 October 1817 Malton, died 11 August 1824 Malton. Henry PICKERING draper, born 16 October 1819  Malton married 20 August 1857 Worcester Sarah Ann BURLINGHAM (daughter of Samuel BURLINGHAM) born c1820 Worcester. Joseph PICKERING baptised 28 September 1818 Sheriff Hutton. Ann PICKERING baptised 29 October 1820 Sheriff Hutton, buried 19 November 1820 Sheriff Hutton. George PICKERING baptised 25 December 1821 Sheriff Hutton. Ann PICKERING baptised 16 November 1823 Sheriff Hutton. Henry PICKERING baptised 21 March 1828 Sheriff Hutton. Samuel PICKERING born 1827 Stillington, died 22 April 1827 Thornton-le-Clay. Nathan PICKERING born 3 April 3, 1795 York. Nathaniel PICKERING baptised 3 November 1801 York. Nathan PICKERING mariner, baptised 24 July 1803 Sculcoates, Hull, East Yorkshire, died before 1841, married 17 May 1825 Sutton, Hull Mary Ann HUFTON (daughter of Joseph HUFTON and Fanny UNKNOWN).
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING William Hufton PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING

Ann Warley 1799-1886 photo courtesy of C. Bosel

Ann Warley 1799-1886
photo courtesy of C. Bosel

John Pickering 1797-1885 photo courtesy of C. Bosel

John Pickering 1797-1885
photo courtesy of C. Bosel Ann WARLEY school mistress, baptised 31 December 1799, died 1886 Middlesbrough, married 1 September 1817 Wharram-le-Street John PICKERING (son of Jane PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN) sea captain, baptised 2 July 1797 Pickering, died 1885 Middlesbrough.
Children: James PICKERING Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Warley PICKERING Ann PICKERING John PICKERING William PICKERING Susannah PICKERING Henry PICKERING Wilson PICKERING Jeffrey Warley PICKERING Richard PICKERING baptised 30 August 1796 Malton, married Sarah UNKNOWN born Sandal Magna, West Yorkshire. Russell PICKERING baptised 12 March 1799 Malton. Ruth PICKERING baptised 12 March 1799 Malton. Alice PICKERING baptised 16 March 1801 Malton. Samuel PICKERING baptised 2 October 1803 Norton. Margaret PICKERING born 17 May 1806 Norton. John PICKERING born c1806, buried 30 January 1817 Malton. Margaret PICKERING baptised and baptised 10 February 1808 Norton, buried 10 March 1881 Norton. Frances PICKERING baptised 22 May 1808 Wharram-le-Street, married 1829 David ADDISON. Vickerman PICKERING baptised 4 July 1810 Wharram-le-Street, died 1829. Esther PICKERING baptised 6 April 1812 Wharram-le-Street, married 13 August 1831 Wharram-le-Street William USHER. David PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 13 November 1814 Wharram-le-Street, married 1841 Driffield Jemima HOLTBY born c1808 Huggate, East Yorkshire.
Children: David PICKERING Vickerman PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Robert PICKERING farmer, baptised 23 July 1819 Wharram-le-Street, married 1847 Malton Sarah DOBSON born c1818 Birdsall.
Children: Ann PICKERING Amy PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 11 March 1821 Wharram-le-Street. Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 9 February 1823 Wharram-le-Street, married 26 December 1846 Wharram-le-Street Ann STUBBS (daughter of John STUBBS) born c1815 Ruston.
Children: Robert PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Ambrose PICKERING baptised 3 April 1825 Wharram-le-Street, died 1832. Amy PICKERING dressmaker, baptised 19 June 1830 Wharram-le-Street, married 12 January 1850 Wharram-le-Street John ANDREW born c1828 Malton. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 19 June 1832 Wharram-le-Street Ann PICKERING baptised 26 November 1809 Terrington. Sarah PICKERING baptised 15 November 1812 Terrington. Bella PICKERING baptised 16 July 1815 Terrington. Mary PICKERING baptised 22 November 1818 Terrington, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING

George Pickering born 1829, Sarah Ann Stabler 1837-1895 and children inset: Jane Pickering b1821?

George Pickering born 1829, Sarah Ann Stabler 1837-1895 and children
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel Jane PICKERING baptised 12 June 1821 Sledmere. Ann PICKERING baptised 5 January 1824 Sledmere. David PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 3 June 1826 Sledmere. George PICKERING baptised 26 December 1829 Sledmere, married 1856 Driffield Sarah Ann STABLER, born 22 March 1837 Nafferton, East Yorkshire, died 28 August 1895 Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A.
Children: Ethel PICKERING Betsy Ann PICKERING Susanna PICKERING Harriet PICKERING David PICKERING Robert Thomas PICKERING Emma PICKERING George PICKERING John Edwin PICKERING Isabelle PICKERING Charles PICKERING Fred PICKERING Lottie May PICKERING Michael PICKERING William PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 2 December 1803 Rillington, married 1st 25 December 1826 Malton Charlotte STONEHOUSE (daughter of Francis STONEHOUSE and Rebecca PAPE) born 23 November Malton, married 2nd 16 January 1838 Rillington Margaret WIDD (daughter of Roger WIDD and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 26 June 1811 Thornton-le-Dale.
Children of William PICKERING and Charlotte STONEHOUSE: William PICKERING David PICKERING
Children of William PICKERING and Margaret WIDD: Aaron PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Crosby PICKERING Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 15 December 1805 Rillington, died 1889 Malton, married 22 August 1830 Hannah STEPHENSON (daughter of David STEPHENSON) born Ganthorpe, baptised 30 April 1808 Terrington.
Children: Robert PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Charles PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Rachel PICKERING Margaret PICKERING David PICKERING Thomas PICKERING road labourer, baptised 5 November 1807 Rillington, married 6 January 1829 Rillington Ann BIELBY, (daughter of Richard BIELBY and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 7 July 1810 Weaverthorpe, East Yorkshire.
Children: Isaac PICKERING Bielby PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING John PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Martha Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 8 February 1810 Rillington, had children by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Hannah PICKERING George PICKERING

Robert Pickering
died 1893 Fridaythorpe
photo courtesy of M. Elder John PICKERING farm bailiff, baptised 21 May 1812 Rillington, married 1852 Wakefield, West Yorkshire Mary BEDFORD born c1812 West Ardsley, West Yorkshire.
Children: Susanna PICKERING Mary Isabella PICKERING servant, baptised 6 September 1819 Rillington. Robert PICKERING tailor, baptised 16 November 1823 Rillington, died 16 January 1893 Fridaythorpe, married 21 June 1852 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire Sarah HARLAND (daughter of Robert HARLAND and Elizabeth PETCH) dressmaker, born c1831 Fridaythorpe, died 19 October 1905.
Children: John William PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Samuel PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 3 April 1825 Rillington, married 1847 Pickering Maria LAWSON born c1820 Amotherby.
Children: Robert PICKERING Jane PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Albert PICKERING Susannah PICKERING Maria PICKERING Nelly PICKERING born 7 October 1808 Great Barugh, baptised 6 November 1808 Kirby Misperton. Thomas Richard PICKERING born Sefton, Lancashire, baptised 28 June 1832 Liverpool and 6 July Sefton. Samuel George PICKERING shipwright, baptised 6 July 1834 Sefton. Henry Warren PICKERING born 1836 Sefton. Frederick PICKERING baptised 25 January 1840 Huyton, Lancashire. Diana PICKERING baptised 19 March 1843 Farnworth, Lancashire. Jane Emma PICKERING born 1845 Warrington, Lancashire. Alice Maud Dora PICKERING born 1847 Warrington, married 17 March 1871 Toxteth, Lancashire James Griffiths HOGG (son of Robert HOGG gentleman) surveyor. Edmond Gilbert PICKERING born 1849 Warrington, Lancashire. Georgiana Adriana PICKERING born 16 December 1852 Liverpool, baptised 4 September 1868 Kirby Misperton.

8th Generation Elizabeth PICKERING born c1827. William Hufton PICKERING labourer, born c1828 Hull, died 1894 Sculcoates, Hull, married 1st 9 March 1856 Hull Mary Ann ELLIS (daughter of Joseph ELLIS) born c1832 Hull, died c1860 Hull, married 2nd 6 March 1862 Mary ANDERSON born c1834, married 3rd 31 March 1867 Hull, Mary Ann STONEHOUSE born c1825 Hull died 1883 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children of William Hufton PICKERING and Mary Ann ELLIS: Mary E. PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Thomas PICKERING
Children of William Hufton PICKERING and Mary ANDERSON: Christopher PICKERING
Children of William Hufton PICKERING and Mary Ann STONEHOUSE: William PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING born c1836 Hull. James PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 19 October 1817 Wharram-le-Street, married 17 December 1838 Helperthorpe Elizabeth ANDERSON (daughter of Timothy ANDERSON and Mary MILNER) born 2 August 1812 Helperthorpe.
Children: John Appleby PICKERING Anderson PICKERING James PICKERING Harry PICKERING William PICKERING Warley PICKERING Wharley PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 9 September 1821 Wharram-le-Street, married 1847 Malton George BOTTOMLEY. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 28 May 1826 Wharram-le-Street. Warley PICKERING baptised 28 October 1828 Wharram-le-Street, married 23 November 1850 Middlesbrough Elizabeth DONKING (daughter of John DONKING and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 26 March 1827 Stainton.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING John Thomas PICKERING Henry PICKERING James Warley PICKERING Donking PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 28 August 1831 Wharram-le-Street. John PICKERING baptised 1 Sptember 1833 Wharram-le-Street. William PICKERING iron worker, baptised 30 August 1835 Wharram-le-Street, married 1859 Middlesbrough Susannah BAINBRIDGE born 1838 Durham, Co. Durham.
Children: Susannah PICKERING Jane PICKERING Kate PICKERING Grace PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Susannah PICKERING baptised 8 October 1837 Wharram-le-Street.
Children: Jane Elizabeth PICKERING Henry PICKERING baptised 14 June 1840 Wharram-le-Street. Wilson PICKERING baptised 10 November 1842 Wharram-le-Street. Jeffrey Warley PICKERING draper, baptised 21 April 1844 Wharram-le-Street, died 13 March 1902 Eston, married 1st 1871 Derby, Derbyshire Mary Ann GOODE born c1844 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 2nd 1878 Stockton, Co. Durham Emma GOODE born c1840 Derby.
Children of Jeffrey Warley PICKERING and Mary Ann GOODE: Charles Ernest PICKERING
Children of Jeffrey Warley PICKERING and Emma GOODE: Herbert PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 18 July 1841 Wetwang, East Yorkshire. Vickerman PICKERING shoemaker,baptised 19 March 1843 Tibthorpe, East Yorkshire, died 1915 Driffield, married 1st 1867 Wharram Percy Mary Jane VESSEY born c1845 Thixendale, married 2nd 1889 Driffield Rachel WARD born c1853 Kirby Grindalythe.
Children of Vickerman PICKERING and Mary Jane VESSEY: Margaret Louisa PICKERING David PICKERING
Children of Vickerman PICKERING and Rachel WARD: Thomas V. PICKERING Mary PICKERING Thomas PICKERING groom, born 1846 Tibthorpe, baptised 26 October Wetwang. Mary PICKERING born 1848 Barmston, East Yorkshire, married 25 November 1865 Wharram-le-Street John WAITE (son of George WAITE). Robert PICKERING born 1849 Barmston. Ann PICKERING born 1851 Birdsall. Amy PICKERING born 1853 Birsall. Robert PICKERING born 1857 Birdsall. Robert PICKERING born Duggleby, baptised 25 May 1847 Kirby Grindalythe, died 1847 Wharram-le-Street. Isaac PICKERING baptised 28 September 1848 Wharram-le-Street, died 1867 Canada, married 1 May Iowa, U.S.A. Hannah JANSS born 9 November 1859 Germany.
Children: George PICKERING William PICKERING William PICKERING gardener, born 9 June 1837 Sledmere, baptised 20 June 1837 Sledmere, married 1866 Malton Ann BOTTERILL (daughter of Elizabeth BOTTERILL) baptised 27 November 1842 Rillington.
Children: David PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Isabella PICKERING William PICKERING John T. PICKERING Ethel PICKERING born c1856 Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A. Betsy Ann PICKERING born 20 March 1857, died 7 May 1934 Shenandoah, Iowa, U.S.A., married Henry BURNETT. Susanna PICKERING born 20 November 1859, died 30 March 1936, Hamilton, Montana, U.S.A., married Ross CARPENTER. Harriet PICKERING born c1861, married Henry AUGUSTINE. David PICKERING born c1863, married Mollie UNKNOWN. Robert Thomas PICKERING born 9 March 1865, died 1 September 1865, Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A. Emma PICKERING born 19 May 1866, died 12 May 1919, married Hugh GUNNING. George PICKERING born 27 July 1867, died 27 February 1939 Wyoming, Illinois, U.S.A., married Mae UNKNOWN. John Edwin PICKERING born 4 October 1868, died 27 June 1960, Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A., married Dora UNKNOWN. Isabelle PICKERING born 25 March 1873, died 27 June 1951, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A, married Oliver SLATES. Charles PICKERING born 24 May 1873, died 6 March 1952, Stuart, Iowa, U.S.A. Fred PICKERING born 9 March 1877, died 29 September 1938, married Fannie UNKNOWN. Lottie May PICKERING married George KOPP. Michael PICKERING married Minnie UNKNOWN. William PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 28 November 1827 Malton, married 16 December 1850 Malton Harriet TURNER born c1829 Malton, died 1878.
Children: David PICKERING Mark PICKERING Emily PICKERING Francis PICKERING George PICKERING Daniel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Samuel PICKERING William PICKERING Martha PICKERING William PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 15 September 1832 Rillington. Aaron PICKERING labourer, baptised 9 June 1839 Rillington, married 1865 Scarborough Isabel MEGSON born c1842 Wykeham.
Children: Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 1843 Rillington, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 13 August 1860 Rillington Robert JOHNSON born c1840 Sledmere.
Children of Elizabeth PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING born 1846 Rillington. Robert PICKERING garden labourer, born 1849 Rillington, married 9 March 1873 Thorpe Bassett Annie MITCHELL (daughter of James MITCHELL) born c1856 Rillington.
Children: William PICKERING Elizabeth Ann PICKERING George PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING Margaret A. PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Florence A. PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Minnie PICKERING Crosby PICKERING labourer, born 1851 Rillington, married 1887 Leeds Alice KITCHING born c1855 Norton.
Children: Mary E. PICKERING John W. PICKERING Fred PICKERING Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Swinton, baptised 4 December 1831 Appleton-le-Street, married Hannah UNKNOWN born c1834 Crambe.
Children: Jane L. PICKERING Mary PICKERING born Swinton, baptised 7 January 1834 Appleton-le-Street, had children by Unknown UNKNOWN, married Thomas SANDIMAN.
Children of Mary PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Sarah PICKERING Tom PICKERING Annie PICKERING Hannah PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 1 July 1836 Appleton-le-Street, married 24 November 1859 Kirby Misperton William LOCKWOOD.  Isaac PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 13 May 1838, died 1839. Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Amotherby, baptised 22 March 1840 Appleton-le-Street. Charles PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 10 July 1842 Appleton-le-Street, married Mary UNKNOWN born c1843 Full Sutton, East Yorkshire. Elizabeth PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 11 August 1844 Appleton-le-Street. Rachel PICKERING born c1847 Amotherby, married 2 December 1868 Kirby Misperton Joseph CLARKE. Margaret PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 24 November 1850 Appleton-le-Street. David PICKERING born c1854 Amotherby. Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 8 June 1829 Rillington, died 1899 Malton, married 1st 28 June 1853 Rillington Ann WARD (daughter of Thomas WARD), married 2nd 1878 Ann ROBINSON born c1840 Rillington.
Children of Isaac PICKERING and Ann ROBINSON: Thomas William A. PICKERING Bielby PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 31 August 1831 Rillington, married 22 February 1863 Huttons Ambo Jane CASS, born 1842 Huttons Ambo.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Emma PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 15 April 1834 Rillington, married Robert HODGSON born c1830 Scampston. Nathan PICKERING cordwainer, baptised 15 September 1834 Rillington, married Unknown UNKNOWN died before 1861.
Children: Alice Lavinia PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 10 April 1836 Rillington. Ann PICKERING servant, baptised 2 June 1838 Rillington. Richard PICKERING cartman, baptised 13 July 1840 Rillington, married 1862 Malton Jane RAINE.
Children: Jane PICKERING John PICKERING tailor, baptised 5 April 1843 Rillington, married 1865 Malton Jane COLLINSON born c1843 Malton.
Children: Emily PICKERING Tom PICKERING Charles PICKERING George PICKERING John PICKERING Arthur B. PICKERING Eva PICKERING Henry PICKERING Sydney PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 6 July 1845 Rillington. Mary PICKERING domestic servant, baptised 19 May 1849 Rillington. Martha Jane PICKERING baptised 21 October 1851 Rillington, married 1878 Malton James Metcalf WILEY. Hannah PICKERING baptised 10 June 1854 Rillington. Hannah PICKERING baptised 23 March 1832 Rillington. George PICKERING baptised 12 October 1835 Rillington. Susanna PICKERING born c1853 East Ardsley, West Yorkshire. John William PICKERING born 1852 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born 1854 Fridaythorpe, died 25 November 1925 Fridaythorpe. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1860 Fridaythorpe, died 7 January 1945 Fridaythorpe, had a child by Frank CALAM, married 14 December 1882 Fridaythorpe Frank CALAM, born 25 August 1857 Fridaythorpe, died 22 October 1900 Pocklington.
Children: Edward Calam PICKERING

Ann Elizabeth Pickering

Ann Elizabeth Pickering gravestone, Fridaythorpe

Mary Jane Pickering

Frank Calam, Fridaythorpe
Mary Jane Pickering, gravestone

Mary Jane Pickering,
Fridaythorpe Robert PICKERING railway signalman, baptised 21 June 1847 Pickering, married 1870 Scarborough Priscilla PINKNEY.
Children: Mary J. PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Arthur PICKERING William Robert PICKERING Jane PICKERING born 1850 Pickering. Samuel PICKERING railway labourer, born 1850 Pickering Carr, married 1st 1873 Malton Margaret HILL born c1856 Rillington, married 2nd 1881 Malton Sarah DEIGHTON born 1857 Filey.
Children of Samuel PICKERING and Margaret HILL: Charles PICKERING Albert PICKERING
Children of Samuel PICKERING and Sarah DEIGHTON: Aaron D. PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Ada PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Alfred PICKERING plate layer, baptised 15 August 1855 Rillington, married 1882 Malton Elizabeth GARTON (daughter of John GARTON and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 21 December 1862 Acklam.
Children: Annie PICKERING Edith PICKERING Albert PICKERING gas stoker, baptised 15 August 1855 Rillington, died 1911 Barnsley, married 1st 1874 Malton Elizabeth SCORSBY born 1855 Malton, died 1874 Malton, married 2nd 1881 Bramley, West Yorkshire Eliza COOPER born c1859 Cinderford, Gloucestershire.
Children of Albert PICKERING and Elizabeth SCORSBY George PICKERING
Children of Albert PICKERING and Eliza COOPER: Henry PICKERING James PICKERING Vida Elsie PICKERING Frank PICKERING Susannah PICKERING baptised 7 May 1857 Rillington. Maria PICKERING baptised 23 April 1859 Rillington.

9th Generation William PICKERING barber, born 1870 Hull, East Yorkshire, married 1893 Sculcoates, Hull Mary Ann CHAPMAN (daughter of William CHAPMAN and Caroline Elizabeth JACKSON) born c1874 Hull.
Children: George PICKERING William PICKERING Ada Eileen PICKERING Clarence Edgar PICKERING Christopher PICKERING born 1864 Hull. Mary E. PICKERING born c1855 Hull. Mary Jane PICKERING born April 4, 1861 Hull. Thomas PICKERING born April 4, 1861 Hull. John Appleby PICKERING draper, shipping clerk, baptised 9 February 1840 Helperthorpe, died 1896 Middlesbrough, married 13 May 1860 Eston Alice SCOBY born c1841 Middlesbrough.
Children: Alfred PICKERING Jane PICKERING James PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING George PICKERING Susannah PICKERING Edward PICKERING Ida PICKERING Anderson PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 31 January 1841 Helperthorpe, married 7 April 1863 Sherburn Mary Jane BOGG (daughter of William BOGG) born c1846 Sherburn.
Children: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Jane Appleby PICKERING Mary Hannah PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Rebecca PICKERING Faith PICKERING Kate PICKERING James PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 24 July 1842 Helperthorpe, died 1898 Helperthorpe, married 1864 Ganton Mary STOCKILL (daughter of William STOCKILL and Jane UNKNOWN) born c1845 Potter Brompton.

Hannah Atkinson c1845-1933
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel

Harry Pickering 1845-1929
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel Harry PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 30 March 1845 Helperthorpe, died 1929 Bridlington, married 28 November 1863 Helperthorpe Hannah ATKINSON, (daughter of Isaac ATKINSON) born c1845 Snainton, died 1933 Bridlington.
Children: Mary Elizabeth PICKERING James Appleby PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING Martha Ann PICKERING Jeffrey Wharley PICKERING Annie PICKERING Dora PICKERING John Warley PICKERING Isaac Atkinson PICKERING Susan PICKERING William PICKERING ironworks labourer, baptised 14 March 1847 Helperthorpe, married 1877 Middlesbrough Elizabeth MOORE born c1856 Linthorpe.
Children: Edward Arthur PICKERING John Warley PICKERING Warley PICKERING baptised 16 November 1849 Helperthorpe, buried December 1849 Helperthorpe. Wharley PICKERING auctioneer, baptised 4 April 1852 Helperthorpe, married 1874 Guisborough Charlotte Brown JOPLING (daughter of Joseph JOPLING and Ann UNKNOWN) draper, born 4 November 1850 Middlesbrough.
Children: Edwin James PICKERING Joseph Walter PICKERING Clara Evelyn PICKERING John Harold PICKERING Horace Wharley PICKERING William Ernest PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING born 1851 Middlesbrough. John Thomas PICKERING born 1853 Middlesbrough. Henry PICKERING grocer, born 1855 Guisborough, married 1876 Middlesbrough Eleanor TAYLOR born c1861 Southwick, Co. Durham.
Children: John Warley PICKERING Oswald Donking PICKERING James Warley PICKERING born 1858 Middlesbrough, died 31 December 1925 Guisborough, married 1881 Middlesbrough Hannah TAYLOR.
Children: Warley PICKERING Millicent Ella PICKERING Donking PICKERING born 1860 Middlesbrough. Susannah PICKERING born 1861 Middlesbrough. Jane PICKERING born 1865 Middlesbrough. Kate PICKERING born 1868 Middlesbrough. Grace PICKERING born 1870 Middlesbrough. Eliza PICKERING book binder, born 1872 Stockton, Co. Durham. Ethel PICKERING born 1872 Middlesbrough. Mary PICKERING dress maker, born 1876 Middlesbrough. Jane Elizabeth PICKERING born c1856 Middlesbrough. Charles Ernest PICKERING born 1872 Middlesbrough. Herbert PICKERING born 1879 Middlesbrough. Margaret Louisa PICKERING born 1868 Wharram-le-Street. David PICKERING born 1870 Wharram-le-Street. Thomas V. PICKERING born c1892 Wharram-le-Street. Mary PICKERING born c1894 Wharram-le-Street. George PICKERING. William PICKERING. David PICKERING born c1868 Sledmere, East Yorkshire. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1869 Sledmere, East Yorkshire. Mary PICKERING born c1871 Sledmere, East Yorkshire. Isabella PICKERING born 1873 Norton. William PICKERING born c1877 Norton. John T. PICKERING born c1878 Norton. David PICKERING born 1851 Rillington. Mark PICKERING agricultural labourer, born 1853 Pickering, married 1875 Malton Rebecca TAYLOR born 1857 Norton.
Children: George PICKERING Beaken PICKERING Henry PICKERING Emily PICKERING born 1854 Pickering. Francis PICKERING born 1856 Pickering. George PICKERING born c1859 Sherburn. Daniel PICKERING born 1861 Sherburn. Mary PICKERING born 1862 Sherburn, married 1880 Scarborough James BUTCHER. Samuel PICKERING born 1866 Sherburn. William PICKERING born 1866 Sherburn. Martha PICKERING born 1869 Sherburn. William PICKERING born 1872 Sherburn. Robert PICKERING born c1869 Scarborough. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 5 October 1860 Rillington. William PICKERING born c1873 Thorpe Bassett. Elizabeth Ann PICKERING born c1875 Scampston. George PICKERING born c1877 Scampston. Edith Mary PICKERING born c1880 Scampston. Margaret A. PICKERING born c1882 Scampston. Hilda PICKERING born c1888 Scampston. Florence A. PICKERING born c1890 Scampston. Ernest PICKERING born c1892 Scampston. Minnie PICKERING born c1896 Scampston. Mary E. PICKERING born c1887 Leeds, West Yorkshire. John W. PICKERING born c1891 Leeds, West Yorkshire. Fred PICKERING born c1893 Leeds, West Yorkshire. Jane L. PICKERING born c1854 Crambe. Sarah PICKERING dress maker, born 1853 Amotherby. Tom PICKERING born November 1858 Amotherby. Annie PICKERING born Amotherby, baptised 25 November 1860 Appleton-le-Street, had children with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING Adelaide PICKERING Thomas William A. PICKERING born 1879 Rillington. Thomas PICKERING born c1865 Rillington. Ann PICKERING born c1867 Rillington. Emma PICKERING baptised 30 May 1869 Rillington. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1871 Rillington. Alice Lavinia PICKERING born 1854 Malton. Jane PICKERING born c1863 Thorpe Bassett. Emily PICKERING born c1866 Malton. Tom PICKERING born c1868 Malton. Charles PICKERING born c1870 Malton. George PICKERING born c1875 Malton. John PICKERING born c1879 Malton. Arthur B. PICKERING born c1881 Malton. Eva PICKERING born c1883 Malton. Henry PICKERING born c1885 Malton. Sydney PICKERING born c1890 Malton. Edward Calam PICKERING. Mary J. PICKERING born 1871 Scarborough. Samuel PICKERING born 1873 Scarborough. Arthur PICKERING born 1875 Scarborough. William Robert PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough. Charles PICKERING born c1875 Knapton. Albert PICKERING born c1878 Knapton. Aaron D. PICKERING born c1881 Filey. Arthur PICKERING born c1884 Knapton. Ada PICKERING born c1887 Knapton. Herbert PICKERING born c1890 Knapton. Alfred PICKERING born 1891 Knapton. Ernest PICKERING born c1894 Scampston. Annie PICKERING born c1889 Ampleforth. Edith PICKERING born c1892 Cawton. George PICKERING born 1874 Malton. Henry PICKERING born c1883 Wortley, West Yorkshire. James PICKERING born c1885 Wortley, West Yorkshire. Vida Elsie PICKERING tailoress, born c1887 New Wortley, West Yorkshire. Frank PICKERING born c1890 Wortley, West Yorkshire.

10th Generation George PICKERING born 1897 Hull.

C.E. Pickering
1909-1940 William PICKERING born c1899 Hull. Ada Eileen PICKERING born c1903 Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Clarence Edgar PICKERING born 1909 Sculcoates, Hull, died 25 May 1940 Dunkirk, France, buried 1940 Billy-Montigny, France, married 1935 Sculcoates, Hull, East Yorkshire, Irene CARTER born Sculcoates, 1911 Hull.
Children: Lewis PICKERING Alfred PICKERING born Normanby, baptised 6 September 1860 Eston. Jane PICKERING baptised 22 March 1861 Eston. James PICKERING born c1863 Eston. Thomas PICKERING baptised 4 May 1863 Eston. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1865 Eston. John PICKERING baptised 4 January 1866 Eston. George PICKERING baptised 29 April April 1868 Eston. Susannah PICKERING born c1870 Middlesbrough. Edward PICKERING born c1874 Middlesbrough. Ida PICKERING born c1881 Middlesbrough. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 23 August 1863 Sherburn. Jane Appleby PICKERING baptised 12 May 1865 Sherburn. Mary Hannah PICKERING baptised 30 June 1867 Sherburn. Frederick PICKERING baptised 18 September 1869 Sherburn. Rebecca PICKERING born 1874 Middlesbrough. Faith PICKERING born 1876 Middlesbrough. Kate PICKERING born 1879 Middlesbrough.

William Pickering-Stockill 1863-1946 photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel

William Pickering-Stockill 1863-1946
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel

Harry Appleby Stockill 1898-1976
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel William PICKERING-STOCKILL born 28 October 1863 Ganton, baptised 7 October 1866 Helperthorpe, died 1946 Goomeri, Queensland, Australia, married 1st 31 October 1885 Wold Newton, East Yorkshire Harriet BENNISON, married 2nd 7 October 1894 Wold Newton Jane Ann SCHOFIELD born 1874 Bridlington, East Yorkshire, died 20 October 1940 Wondai, Queensland, Australia, had children with Mary MILLINER.
Children of William PICKERING-STOCKILL and Harriet BENNISON: George William STOCKILL Alice Maud Mary STOCKILL John Bennison STOCKILL James Pickering STOCKILL Harriet Bennison STOCKILL
Children of William PICKERING-STOCKILL and Jane Ann SCHOFIELD: Bernard Clarence STOCKILL Harry Appleby STOCKILL John Robert STOCKILL Hector Donald STOCKILL Victor Alexander STOCKILL Horace Gerald STOCKILL Harold Cyril STOCKILL Reginald Walter STOCKILL William Herbert STOCKILL Cecil Francis STOCKILL
Children of William PICKERING-STOCKILL and Mary MILLINER: Clare STOCKILL Mavis STOCKILL Ruth STOCKILL Elizabeth PICKERING born October 1866 Helperthorpe, married 17 December 1881 Seamer Enos WOODALL born 26 October 1862 Seamer. Robert PICKERING born October 1868 Helperthorpe, died 1965 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. John PICKERING born July 1870 Weaverthorpe, East Yorkshire, died 18 July 1942 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, married 7 December 1893 Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland Elizabeth SCOTT born 9 January 1865 Scotland, died 22 April 1933 Brisbane.

George Pickering and Esther Rudd, 1900 photo courtesy of C. Bosel

George Pickering and Esther Rudd, 1900, photo courtesy of C. Bosel Harry Appleby PICKERING born 9 November 1872 Weaverthorpe, East Yorkshire, died October 1894 Helperthorpe, married 6 September 1891 Bridlington Annie Elizabeth BENNISON (daughter of Richard BENNINSON and Mary Jane UNKNOWN) born c1875 Wold Newton. Jane Ann PICKERING born c1876 Ganton, married July 1894 Bridlington George Robert SELLARS born 1877 Hunmanby, East Yorkshire. George PICKERING born c1878 Ganton, married 1900 Bridlington Esther RUDD born 1881 Bridlington:
Children: Hilda PICKERING William PICKERING Harry PICKERING Laura PICKERING Eva PICKERING James PICKERING Mary PICKERING George PICKERING Bessie PICKERING Jessie PICKERING Frank PICKERING Esther PICKERING Tom PICKERING born 1881 Ganton, married 12 April 1904 Bridlington Susanna MILBURN born 1886 Guisborough.
Children: Mary PICKERING Fred PICKERING Violet PICKERING William PICKERING Doris PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Gwendoline A. PICKERING Bernard PICKERING Mavis E. PICKERING Clara PICKERING born 1883 Ganton, married 1901 Wold Newton John WILLIE. Matthew PICKERING born 1885 Ganton, died 1886. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING born 1865 Driffield, East Yorkshire, died 1865 Driffield. James Appleby PICKERING born 1866 Lutton, East Yorkshire, married1887 Wold Newton Jane Elizabeth EDMOND.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Harry Appleby PICKERING James William PICKERING Richard Warley PICKERING George Ernest PICKERING

Jeffrey W. Pickering 1870-1954 photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel

Jeffrey W. Pickering 1870-1954
photo courtesy of Colleen Bosel Mary Elizabeth PICKERING born 1869 East Lutton. Jeffrey Wharley PICKERING born 1870 Weaverthorpe, East Yorkshire, died 1954, married 1899 Bridlington Georgina EDMOND.
Children: Arthur Jeffrey PICKERING Dorothy Georgina PICKERING Irene Mary PICKERING Martha Ann PICKERING baptised 16 November 1873 Helperthorpe. Annie PICKERING baptised 21 May 1876 Helperthorpe. Dora PICKERING born c1878 Weaverthorpe, married1899 Bridlington James Edward ROBINSON. John Warley PICKERING born c1880 Ganton. Isaac Atkinson PICKERING born 15 June 1882 Helperthorpe, died 9 May 1965 Bridlington, married 1902 Bridlington Matilda BARKER. Susan PICKERING born 1887 Driffield, married 1907 Bridlington Thomas LEASON. Edward Arthur PICKERING born c1878 Middlesbrough. John Warley PICKERING born 1880 Middlesbrough. Edwin James PICKERING draper, born c1877 Eston, died 1964 Bridlington, married 1911 Bridlington Amy SUMMERS. Joseph Walter PICKERING born c1880 Loftus, and died 1884 Guisborough. Clara Evelyn PICKERING born 1884 Loftus. John Harold PICKERING born 1888 Guisborough. Horace Wharley PICKERING grocer, born 1890 Loftus. William Ernest PICKERING piano tuner, born c1895 Stockton, Co. Durham. John Warley PICKERING born 1877 Middlesbrough. Oswald Donking PICKERING born 1880 Middlesbrough. Warley PICKERING gentleman, born 1882 Middlesbrough, died 27 November 1932 Eastbourne, Sussex, married 1910 London Annette Beryl KEMP-WELCH.
Children: Nancy PICKERING Millicent Ella PICKERING born 1884 Middlesbrough. George PICKERING born c1876 Norton. Beaken PICKERING shepherd, born 1878 Norton. Henry PICKERING born 1881 Norton. William PICKERING born 1877 Pickering. Adelaide PICKERING born c1880 Lockton.

11th Generation Lewis PICKERING born 1938 Hull, East Yorkshire. George William STOCKILL born 1886 Driffield, East Yorkshire. Alice Maud Mary STOCKILL born 13 February 1888 Wold Newton, died 1970 Murgon, Queensland, Australia. John Bennison STOCKILL born 1889 Wold Newton, died 1892 Wold Newton. James Pickering STOCKILL born 1891 Wold Newton, died 1891 Wold Newton. Harriet Bennison STOCKILL born 1893 Wold Newton, died 1893 Wold Newton. Bernard Clarence STOCKILL born 1897 Wold Newton. Harry Appleby STOCKILL born 1898, died 1976. John Robert STOCKILL born 1899. Hector Donald STOCKILL born 1901 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Victor Alexander STOCKILL born 1903. Horace Gerald STOCKILL born 1905. Harold Cyril STOCKILL born 1906. Reginald Walter STOCKILL born 1908. William Herbert STOCKILL born 1910. Cecil Francis STOCKILL. Clare STOCKILL born 1919 Goomeri, Queensland, Australia. Mavis STOCKILL born 12 April 1922 Goomeri, Queensland, Australia. Ruth STOCKILL born 3 January 1928 Goomeri, Queensland, Australia. Clara Jane PICKERING born 2 August 1894 Laidley, Queensland, Australia, died 18 December 1962 Coorparoo, Brisbane. Ida PICKERING born 2 July 1895 Laidley, died 29 August 1939 Brisbane. Janet Scott PICKERING born 16 September 1898 Laidley. James Appleby PICKERING born 5 November 1900 Laidley. Alice Maud PICKERING born 7 January 1903 Laidley, died 2 October 1904 Laidley. Mabel Ethel PICKERING born 13 September 1905 Laidley. Eva Mary PICKERING born 12 May 1908 Laidley. Hilda PICKERING born 1899 Helperthorpe. William PICKERING born 20 October 1902 Wold Newton, died 8 February 1973 Burton Agnes, East Yorkshire. Harry PICKERING born 1904 Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Laura PICKERING born 1905. Eva PICKERING born 1907, died 1974 Scarborough. James PICKERING born 1908 Bridlington, died April 1911 Bridlington. Mary PICKERING born 1910 Bridlington. George PICKERING born 1912 Bridlington. Bessie PICKERING born 1915 Bridlington. Jessie PICKERING born 1918 Bridlington. Frank PICKERING born 1919 Wold Newton. Esther PICKERING born 1922 Wold Newton. Mary PICKERING born 1904. Fred PICKERING born 1906. Violet PICKERING born 1907. William PICKERING born 1911. Doris PICKERING born 1912. Hilda PICKERING born 1914. Gwendoline A. PICKERING born 1916. Bernard PICKERING born 1919. Mavis E. PICKERING born 1921. Thomas PICKERING born 1887 Bridlington, married 1914 Bridlington Edith A WISE. Harry Appleby PICKERING born 1890 Bridlington, married 1920 Pocklington, East Yorkshire Ethel STAIRS. James William PICKERING born 1893 Bridlington, died 1914 Lowthorpe, East Yorkshire. Richard Warley PICKERING born 1897 Bridlington, died 1946. George Ernest PICKERING born 1911 Bridlington, died 1974 Sherburn, married 1934 Scarborough Mary A PARKER.
Children: John Edward PICKERING Peter J. PICKERING Arthur Jeffrey PICKERING born 1 August 1903 Bridlington, died 24 September 1984 Driffield, East Yorkshire. Dorothy Georgina PICKERING born 31 October 1905 Bridlington, died 15 January 1998 Bridlington, married 16 March 1940 Bridlington Henry E STILZLE. Irene Mary PICKERING born 28 January 1911 Bridlington. Nancy PICKERING Justice of the Peace, born 1911 Guisborough, died 4 March 1974, married 1 February 1936 Sir Peter FAWCETT BENTON JONES born 9 January 1911, died 1972.

12th Generation John Edward PICKERING born 1935 Sherburn, East Yorkshire, died 1987 Sherburn. Peter J. PICKERING born 1945 Sherburn, and died 1998 Sherburn.