George Pickering born 1700 Scalby

1st Generation

1. George PICKERING yoeman, baptised 1 December 1700 Scalby, buried 29 June 1786 Scalby, married Ann UNKNOWN.
1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.3. Francis PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Ann PICKERING baptised 18 July 1756 Scalby, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1.1. Robinson PICKERING

1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 20 November 1757 Scalby.

1.3. Francis PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1760 Scalby, married c1780 Mary UNKNOWN.
1.3.1. Thomas PICKERING
1.3.2. Francis PICKERING
1.3.3. George PICKERING
1.3.4. William PICKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Robinson PICKERING baptised 2 October 1775 Scalby, married 10 November 1802 Flamborough Milcah BLAKESTONE baptised 7 November 1784 Flamborough.

1.3.1. Thomas PICKERING baptised 8 Aptil 1781 Scalby, married Ann UNKNOWN.

1.3.2. Francis PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 29 August 1784 Burniston, married 31 March 1812 Scalby Elizabeth SMALLWOOD born c1789 Scalby.

1.3.3. George PICKERING baptised 19 October 1786 Scalby.

1.3.4. William PICKERING baptised 15 November 1789 Burniston, married 1st 7 May 7 1817 Scalby Elizabeth GIBSON (daughter of Walter GIBSON) baptised 10 February 1796 Allerston, North Yorkshire, died before 1835, married 2nd Ellen GIBSON (daughter of Walter GIBSON) baptised 25 February 1793 Allerston.

Children of William PICKERING and Ellen GIBSON: Gibson PICKERING

4th Generation Ann PICKERING baptised 17 February 1803 Flamborough. Thomas PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 3 April 1804 Flamborough, married Elizabeth ROBINSON born c1808.
Children: George PICKERING John PICKERING John Robinson PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mary PICKERING Susanna PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Joseph PICKERING William PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 27 May 1806 Flamborough, married 21 October 1833 Bridlington Ann HODGSON, (daughter of Robert HODGSON and Agnes UNKNOWN) baptised 28 April 1810 Bridlington, died 1849 Bridlington.
Children: William Holmes PICKERING James PICKERING Agnes PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Robert Leonard PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING Milcah PICKERING George PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 26 September 1808 Flamborough, married 1846 Bridlington Miriam DEIGHTON (daughter of Hannah DEIGHTON) baptised 26 September 1819 Grindale, died 1861 Bridlington.
Children: Jane PICKERING Milcah PICKERING Tom PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 6 January 1811 Flamborough. John PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 21 March 1813 Flamborough, married 1845 Bridlington Mary WRIGHT born c1818 Gristhorp. Robinson PICKERING foreman, baptised 17 September 1815 Flamborough, died 1875 Bridlington. Mary PICKERING baptised 15 March 1818 Flamborough. James PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 21 March Flamborough, married 1846 Bridlington Isabella SCRIVENER (daughter of John SCRIVENER and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 4 April 1825 Reighton.
Children: Milcah PICKERING Robinson PICKERING Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Blakestone PICKERING farm bailiff, baptised 5 January 1823 Flamborough, married 1850 Bridlington Elizabeth UNKNOWN born c1828 Hunmanby.
Children: Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING Blakestone PICKERING Charles PICKERING Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Stephenson PICKERING seaman, baptised 18 February 1825 Flamborough, married 12 December 1847 Flamborough Mary Ann OLD (daughter of James OLD).
Children: Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Stephen PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 24 June 1827 Flamborough. Milcah PICKERING baptised 30 July 1829 Flamborough. Esther PICKERING baptised 10 March 1811 Scalby. Mary PICKERING baptised 1 November 1812 Scalby. Ann PICKERING baptised 21 August 1814 Scalby. Thomas PICKERING bacon factor, born May 1813 Newby, married 1855 Scarborough Hannah RICHARDSON (daughter of William RICHARDSON and Jane TOPPING) baptised 23 May 1832 Scalby.
Children: Jane Elizabeth PICKERING Mary E. PICKERING Ann PICKERING Emily PICKERING Thomas PICKERING John Edward PICKERING Francis PICKERING Fred PICKERING Harry PICKERING Jessie PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 3 December 1820 Whorlton, Co. Durham, married Unknown PURCELL. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 1 October 1823 Scalby. John PICKERING carter, born Burniston, baptised 5 July 1829 Cloughton, married 1854 Scarborough Ann BARKHAM baptised 20 January 1828 Cloughton.
Children: Elizabeth Ann PICKERING Walter PICKERING agricultural labourer, milk dealer, born Burniston, baptised 14 December 1817 Scalby, married 1st 1844 Scarborough Mary SEDMAN baptised 2 September 1817 Fylingdales, died 1847 Scarborough, married 2nd 1848 Jane HURD born c1822 Cloughton, died after 1871, married 3rd 1877 Scarborough Jane CUNDILL born 1849 Scagglethorpe.
Children of Walter PICKERING and Mary SEDMAN: Elizabeth PICKERING
Children of Walter PICKERING and Jane HURD: Martha PICKERING William PICKERING Jane PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING Betsy PICKERING John Henry PICKERING George PICKERING Joseph C. PICKERING Francis PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Burniston, baptised 14 March 1819 Scalby, married 1st 24 November 1838 Cloughton Jane GIBSON (daughter of John GIBSON) born c1817 Hedston, Lythe, died 1868 married 2nd 1870 Scarborough Ellen PICKERING born c1820 Hutton Buscel.
Children of Francis PICKERING and Jane GIBSON: Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING George PICKERING William PICKERING Francis PICKERING Joseph Gibson PICKERING Gibson PICKERING Mary PICKERING born Burniston, baptised 25 February 1821 Scalby. William PICKERING engine driver, born Burniston, baptised 27 April 1823, married 1850 Whitby Eliza WEAR.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING John William Wear PICKERING George Henry PICKERING George PICKERING farm foreman, born Burniston, baptised 20 August 1826 Scalby. Eleanor PICKERING born c1827 Burniston. Henry PICKERING born c1829 Burniston. Thomas PICKERING born Burniston, baptised 13 June 1834 Scalby. Gibson PICKERING engine driver, born Burniston, baptised 14 February Scalby, married 1860 Pickering Ann HAXBY,Ann born 1841 Burniston.
Children: John PICKERING Jane Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING Lilly PICKERING George Henry PICKERING Arthur William PICKERING Percy Gibson PICKERING

5th Generation George PICKERING born c1832. John PICKERING born c1834. John Robinson PICKERING baptised 2 February 1836 Crathorne. Thomas PICKERING baptised 21 May 1838 Crathorne. Mary PICKERING born c1839. Susanna PICKERING baptised 17 January 1840 Crathorne, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Fred PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 17 January 1842 Crathorne. Joseph PICKERING baptised 7 June 1846 Crathorne. William Holmes PICKERING baptised 1 May 1836 Bridlington, buried 17 June 1837 Bridlington. James PICKERING baptized 22 March 1837 Bridlington. Agnes PICKERING baptised 2 April 1837 Bridlington. Eliza PICKERING born c1839 Bridlington. Robert Leonard PICKERING baptised 30 June1840 Bridlington, buried 14 November 1841 Bridlington. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 26 November 1843 Bridlington. Milcah PICKERING baptised 23 July 1848 Bridlington. Jane PICKERING born 1846 Bridlington. Milcah PICKERING baptised 8 August 1851 Bridlington. Tom PICKERING baptised 20 1861 Bridlington. Milcah PICKERING born 1848 Hunmanby. Robinson PICKERING born c1850 Hunmanby. Ann PICKERING born c1851 Hunmanby. Sarah PICKERING born 1854 Hunmanby. Mary PICKERING born 1856 Reighton. Jane PICKERING born 1859 Reighton. Ann PICKERING born c1851 Hunmanby. Sarah PICKERING born c1855 Hunmanby. Mary Ann PICKERING born Reighton baptised 6 April Bridlington. Blakestone PICKERING baptised 18 October 1857 Bempton. Charles PICKERING baptised 22 January 1860 Bempton, married 7 December 1889 Flamborough Ann WISE (daughter of Martin WISE). Jane PICKERING born c1860 Reighton. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 11 October 1863 Bempton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 30 October 1848 Flamborough. Sarah PICKERING baptised 7 December 1849 Flamborough. Stephen PICKERING baptised 21 1851 Flamborough. Jane Elizabeth PICKERING born 1856 Newby, died 1879. Mary E. PICKERING born 1857 Newby, died 15 June 1939 Rigby, Jefferson County, Idaho, U.S.A., married 1883 Hull William Thomas FURNANDIZ born 1853. Ann PICKERING born c1860 Newby. Emily PICKERING born c1862 Throxenby. Thomas PICKERING born c1864 Throxenby, died 3 December 1945. John Edward PICKERING born 1865 Newby, died June 1908. Francis PICKERING born c1869 Throxenby. Fred PICKERING born 1871 Newby. Harry PICKERING born 1872 Newby. Jessie PICKERING born 1875 Newby. Elizabeth Ann PICKERING born 1855 Cloughton. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 10 November 1844 Fylingdales. Martha PICKERING born 1848 Burniston. William PICKERING agricultural labourer, born 1850 Burniston, married 1st c1875 Jane UNKNOWN born c1846 Wykeham, married 2nd 1909 Scarborough Jennie HINDMARCH born c1861 Scarborough.
Children of William PICKERING and Jane UNKNOWN: Arthur William PICKERING John Thomas PICKERING Annie E. PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Jane PICKERING born c1852 Burniston. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 9 October 1853 Cloughton. Betsy PICKERING born 1855 Burniston, married 21 June 1876 Scarborough Thomas BONASS born c1854. John Henry PICKERING born 1858 Burniston, married 18 October 1879 Rillington Mary Elizabeth BARKER, born c1863 Scagglethorpe, died before 1911.
Children: Arthur PICKERING John W.H. PICKERING George PICKERING born 1861 Burniston, married 10 July 1889 Acklam Jane BRADSHAW born c1862. Joseph C PICKERING born c1869 Scagglethorpe. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1840 Staintondale. John PICKERING born Staintondale, baptised 27 March 1842 Fylingdales. George PICKERING born Staintondale, baptised 24 September Fylingdales. William PICKERING born Staintondale, baptised 13 February 1848 Fylingdales. Francis PICKERING born Peak, Staintondale, baptised 13 July Cloughton. Joseph Gibson PICKERING farm labourer, born Peak, Staintondale 1854, married 1878 Scarborough Jane Ann BROWN,Jane Ann born c1861 Cayton. Gibson PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Peak, Staintondale 1857, married 1881 Scarborough Hannah HERRINGTON born c1861 West Ayton. Mary Ann PICKERING born 1854 Pickering. John William Wear PICKERING born 1855 Pickering. George Henry PICKERING railway booking clerk, born 1856 Pickering. John PICKERING clerk, baptised 11 March 1861 Pickering, married 1886 York Clara Teresa HOWE born c1865 Stockton, Co. Durham, England.
Children: John Gibson PICKERING Ursula Mary PICKERING Clara Teresa PICKERING Winifred PICKERING Jane Elizabeth PICKERING born 1863 Pickering. William PICKERING born 1865 Pickering. Lilly PICKERING born 1869 York. George Henry PICKERING born 1871 York. Arthur William PICKERING born 1873 York. Percy Gibson PICKERING born 1879 York.

6th Generation Fred PICKERING baptised 1 July 1860 Crathorne. Arthur William PICKERING born 1875 Allerston. John Thomas PICKERING born 1876 Allerston. Annie E. PICKERING born c1879 Wykeham. Herbert PICKERING born 1880 Wykeham. Arthur PICKERING born c1881 Scarborough. John W.H. PICKERING born 1896 Fylingdales. John Gibson PICKERING clerk, born c1888 York. Ursula Mary PICKERING born c1901 York. Clara Teresa PICKERING born c1902 York. Winifred PICKERING born c1909 York.