Mary Puckering born 1735 Sledmere

There is no record of a marriage between William Puckering and Elizabeth Eaton, although William is noted as being the supposed father of the two Marys and the father of Joseph.  No birth records have been found for Thomas or Timothy, but circumstantial evidence points to their being couple’s children too.

1st Generation

1. William PUCKERING had children with Elizabeth EATON.
1.1. Thomas PUCKERING
1.3. Joseph PUCKERING
1.4. Timothy PUCKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Thomas PUCKERING born c1732, had a child by Ann JOHNSON, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN, buried 17 August 1769 Sledmere, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children of Thomas PUCKERING and Ann JOHNSON:
1.1.1. Unnamed PUCKERING
Children of Thomas PUCKERING and Ellizabeth UNKNOWN:
1.1.2. Ann PUCKERING
1.1.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING
Children of Thomas PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN:
1.1.4. William PUCKERING

1.2. Mary PUCKERING baptised 26 October 1735 Sledmere, buried 26 February 1738 Sledmere.

1.3. Joseph PUCKERING baptised 9 May 1736 Sledmere.

1.4. Timothy PUCKERING born Sledmere, buried 11 December 1791 Sledmere, married 17 May 1757 North Dalton Mary MILNER, buried 3 November 1810 Sledmere.
1.4.1. William PUCKERING
1.4.2. Sarah PUCKERING
1.4.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING
1.4.4. Timothy PUCKERING
1.4.5. Timothy PUCKERING
1.4.6. Andrew PUCKERING

1.5. Mary PUCKERING born after 1738 Sledmere, buried 1 April 1743 Sledmere.

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Unnamed PUCKERING baptised 4 July 1753 Sledmere.

1.1.2. Ann PUCKERING baptised 24 September 1753 Sledmere.

1.1.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 16 February 1755 Sledmere.

1.1.4. William PUCKERING baptised 16 July 1772 Sledmere.

1.4.1. William PUCKERING labourer, baptised 10 September 1758 North Dalton, buried 7 July 1790 North Dalton, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PUCKERING

1.4.2. Sarah PUCKERING baptised 22 November 1760 North Dalton.

1.4.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 3 June 1763 North Dalton, buried 9 April 1765 North Dalton.

1.4.4. Timothy PUCKERING baptised 9 March 1766 North Dalton, buried 22 February 1767 North Dalton.

1.4.5. Timothy PUCKERING baptised 7 February 1768 North Dalton, buried 4 May 1773 North Dalton.

1.4.6. Andrew PUCKERING baptised 21 June 1772 North Dalton, died 14 January 1853 Hull, Sculcoates, married 5 December 1811 Wharram Percy, North Yorkshire Mary BOTTERILL baptised 1 April 1771 Wharram Percy (daughter of Matthew BOTTERILL).
Children: Botterill PUCKERING

4th Generation William PUCKERING coal dealer, born September 1789 North Dalton, died 1858 York, married Mary UNKNOWN born c1793 Heslington, North Yorkshire.
Children: Joseph PUCKERING William PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING John PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Margaret PUCKERING Botterill PUCKERING baptised 2 December 1814 Wharram Percy, North Yorkshire, buried 23 January 1820 Hull.

5th Generation Joseph PUCKERING huxter, baptised 13 October 1817 York, married 27 November 1837 Langton, North Yorkshire Elizabeth BRAYSHAW, baptised 12 May 1816 Langton.
Children: Mary PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING Francis PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING William PUCKERING Betsy PUCKERING Frances PUCKERING Joseph PUCKERING Maria PUCKERING William PUCKERING baptised 31 October 1819 York, married c1845 Mary UNKNOWN.
Children: George PUCKERING Faith PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Margaret PUCKERING Sarah Ann PUCKERING William PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 7 December 1823 York. Sarah PUCKERING baptised 17 March 1826 York. John PUCKERING druggist, baptised 3 December 1827 York, St. Dennis, married 1st 1847 York Mary JEFFERSON (daughter of Thomas JEFFERSON) straw bonnet maker, born c1825 York, married 2nd 1878 York Sarah Frances EASTWOOD born c1822 Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Children of John PUCKERING and Mary JEFFERSON: Joseph PUCKERING William Thomas PUCKERING Walter Wilson PUCKERING Alice PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING baptised 6 May 1830 York. Sarah PUCKERING baptised 17 February 1833 York, married James GREENWOOD, iron driller, born c1832 York. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 19 April 1835 York. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 19 February 1838 York.

6th Generation Mary PUCKERING baptised 23 June 1839 Langton, North Yorkshire. Jane PUCKERING baptised 31 May 1841 Langton, North Yorkshire. Francis PUCKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 24 February 1843 Huggate, married 1866 York Elizabeth OXTOBY, born c1847 Nunburnholme.
Children: William PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING baptised 18 February 1845 Huggate. William PUCKERING groom, baptised 1 October 1847 Huggate, married 1st 1873 Witney, Oxfordshire Pamela BUTLER, born 1848 Bunny Nottinghamshire, died 1881 Witney, Oxfordshire, married 2nd 1884 Croydon, Surrey Frusehannah GREEN, 1863 Shardlow, Derbyshire.
Children of William PUCKERING and Pamela BUTLER: Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING
Children of William PUCKERING and Frusehannah GREEN: Unknown PUCKERING Mary Louisa PUCKERING Frederick George PUCKERING Frusehannah PUCKERING Betsy PUCKERING baptised 18 March 1850 Huggate. Frances PUCKERING baptised 22 February 1852 Warter. Joseph PUCKERING farm labourer, baptised 24 December 1854 Warter, married 1876 York Sarah HARLAND, born c1850 Foston-on-The-Wolds. Maria PUCKERING cook, baptised 22 February 1857 Warter. George PUCKERING baptised 3 February 1847 York. Faith PUCKERING baptised 5 February 1849 York. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 17 May 1851 York. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 10 March 1853 York. Sarah Ann PUCKERING baptised 28 October 1855 York. William PUCKERING baptised 24 June 1859 York. Joseph PUCKERING born 1849 York. William Thomas PUCKERING born 1852 York. Walter Wilson PUCKERING born 1854 York. Alice PUCKERING born 1858 York. Elizabeth PUCKERING born 1860 York.

7th Generation William PUCKERING born 1867 Warter. Elizabeth PICKERING servant, born 1873 Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire. John PICKERING born 1878 Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire. Unknown PUCKERING born c1886, married Margaret Annie UNKNOWN born c1887 Dublin, Ireland.
Children: Eileen Mary PUCKERING Mary Louisa PUCKERING born 1890 Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire. Frederick George PUCKERING farm hand, born c1895 Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire. Frusehannah PUCKERING born 1901 Bradwell Grove, Oxfordshire.

8th Generation Eileen Mary PUCKERING born c1907 Dublin, Ireland.