Pickerings of Driffield

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N.B. Two William Pickerings, sons of Will and William, were baptised in Etton within two months of each other in November 1760 and January 1761 (see Pickerings of Middleton-on-the-Wolds).

1st Generation

1. William PICKERING born c1740, married c1760 Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William PICKERING baptised 13 November 1760 Etton, married 15 March 1785 Driffield Elizabeth OUSTON (daughter of William OUSTON) baptised 23 January 1757 Bridlington.
1.1.1. William PICKERING
1.1.2. John PICKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. William PICKERING gardener, born c1785 Driffield, died 13 July 1865 Driffield, married 11 February 1809 Driffield Christiana DRY born c1789 Driffield, died 7 February 1864
Children: Ann PICKERING Robert PICKERING John Owston PICKERING George PICKERING Joseph William PICKERING Ruth Priscilla PICKERING

1.1.2. John PICKERING tailor, baptised 25 June 1786 Bainton, married 1st 26 March 1815 Hull Mary Hannah GODMOND (daughter of Christopher GODMOND and Elizabeth WHIKING) baptised 22 May 1790 Hull, died c1837 Hull, married 2nd 29 May 1842 Hull Elizabeth UNKNOWN born c1790 Dunnington.
Children of John PICKERING and Mary Hannah GODMOND: Christopher Godmond PICKERING George PICKERING Edward PICKERING Betsy Godmond PICKERING John James PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Fanny PICKERING John Godmond PICKERING

4th Generation Ann PICKERING baptised 28 January 1810 Great Driffield. Robert PICKERING gardener, baptised 15 May 1812 Great Driffield, married Ann BROWN seed dealer, baptised 9 February 1815 Bridlington Quay.
Children: John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Mary Alice PICKERING Elizabeth Annie PICKERING John Owston PICKERING baptised 22 January 1815 Great Driffield, died 28 January 1834 Driffield. George PICKERING joiner, baptised 3 September 1818 Great Driffield. Joseph William PICKERING photographer, baptised 1 February 1823 Great Driffield, married 1853 Birmingham, Warwickshire Martha TILLEY born c1823, died before 1881. Ruth Priscilla PICKERING baptised 19 December 1824 Great Driffield. Christopher Godmond PICKERING tailor, baptised 24 January 1816 Holy Trinity, Hull, buried 19 September 1880 Holy Trinity, Hull, married 1st c1835 Jane GIBSON baptised 30 December 1815 Sutton, died 1862 Hull, married 2nd 26 June 1865 Hull Sarah Ann SARGEANT born c1831.
Children of Christopher Godmond PICKERING and Jane GIBSON: John Godmond PICKERING Betsy PICKERING George PICKERING Christopher Godmond PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Mary Hannah PICKERING Robert PICKERING Tom PICKERING George PICKERING mariner, baptised 26 April 1817 Hull, married 28 February 1849 Hull Jane ANDERSON born c1829 Hull.
Children: Henry PICKERING Eliza Jane PICKERING Philip PICKERING George Edward PICKERING Betsy PICKERING Emma PICKERING Walter PICKERING Edward PICKERING fisherman, baptised 13 October 1818 Holy Trinity, Hull, before 1871, married 16 July 1843 Hull Charlotte WARE baptised 11 October 1819 Holy Trinity, Hull.
Children: Charlotte Ann PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING William Edward PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Charles PICKERING John Henry PICKERING Emily PICKERING Betsy Godmond PICKERING baptised 12 October 1820 Holy Trinity, Hull, married 2 March 1843 Hull Philip ANDERSON fisherman, born c1817. John James PICKERING baptised 12 October 1822 Holy Trinity, Hull, buried 27 August 1823. Mary Jane PICKERING cap maker, baptised 12 October 1824 Holy Trinity, Hull, married 16 February 1845 Hull Robert JONES born 1819 Woolwich London. Fanny PICKERING born c1826 Hull. John Godmond PICKERING baptised 30 June 1837 Holy Trinity, Hull. John PICKERING seedsman, baptised 10 March 1842 Great Driffield. Jane PICKERING baptised 13 April 1848 Great Driffield. Mary Alice PICKERING baptised 4 March Great Driffield. Elizabeth Annie PICKERING baptised 2 July 1875 Great Driffield.

5th Generation John Godmond PICKERING fish curer, baptised 30 June 1837 Holy Trinity, Hull, married 1st 16 August 1859 Sculcoates, Hull Mary Ann SIMPSON born c1843, buried 25 July 1861 Sculcoates, Hull, married 2nd c1862 Hannah Victoria GOODRICK. Hannah Victoria born 1838 Humber, Hull.
Children of John Godmond PICKERING and Mary Ann SIMPSON: Unknown PICKERING
Children of John Godmond PICKERING and Hannah Victoria GOODRICK: Emily PICKERING George PICKERING Alice J. PICKERING Eva I. PICKERING Amy PICKERING Minnie L. PICKERING John A. PICKERING Christopher PICKERING Betsy PICKERING born c1838 Hull. George PICKERING born 1840 Hull.

1.1.2..1.4. Christopher Godmond PICKERING fish merchant, ship owner, philanthropist, born 1842 Hull, died 1920 Hornsea, married 18 April 1862 Hull Rachel Hannah BLAKESTONE. Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 19 January 1845 West Street Chapel, Hull. Mary Hannah PICKERING born 1849 Hull. Robert PICKERING born 1851 Hull. Tom PICKERING born 1860 Hull. Henry PICKERING baptised 17 December 1849 Holy Trinity, Hull. Eliza Jane PICKERING baptised 30 October Hull. Philip PICKERING steam ship stoker, baptised 13 November Hull, died 1927, married 20 April 1874 Hull Mary Ann MARSDEN born c1858 Hull.
Children: Walter PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Betsy PICKERING Philip PICKERING Ada E. PICKERING Florence PICKERING George Henry PICKERING Clare PICKERING George Edward PICKERING baptised 25 January 1857 Holy Trinity, Hull. Betsy PICKERING born c1859, baptised 11 November 1866 Holy Trinity, Hull. Emma PICKERING born 1860, baptised 11 November 1866 Holy Trinity, Hull. Walter PICKERING baptised 15 January 1865 Holy Trinity, Hull, married Ann UNKNOWN born c1865 Doncaster, West Yorkshire.
Children: Mary PICKERING Henry PICKERING Charlotte Ann PICKERING baptised 11 April, Holy Trinity, Hull. Mary Ann PICKERING born 1846 Hull. William Edward PICKERING circular sawyer, born 1848 Sculcoates, Hull, married1873 Sculcoates, Hull Fanny Eliza ALLITT born 1847 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Frederick PICKERING Edward Godmond PICKERING Charles PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Joseph PICKERING born 1851. Charles PICKERING circular sawyer, born 1854 Sculcoates, Hull, died 10 March 1913 West Hartlepool, Durham, married 1892 Hartlepool, Co. Durham Jane DUNCAN born Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Children: Frances Emily PICKERING Charlotte Ware PICKERING John Henry PICKERING born c1857 Sculcoates, Hull. Emily PICKERING born 1859 Hartlepool, Co. Durham.

6th Generation Unknown PICKERING born 1861. Emily PICKERING born 1862 Hull, married Francis Wilson COLLINS cooper, born1883 Hull. George PICKERING mariner, born 1865 Hull. Alice J. PICKERING born 1867 Hull. Eva I. PICKERING born 1868 Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Amy PICKERING born 1870 Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Minnie L. PICKERING born 1871 Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire. John A. PICKERING born 1875 Hull. Christopher PICKERING born 1877 Hull. Walter PICKERING dock labourer, baptised 28 June 1874 Myton, Hull, married 1895 Priscilla AUSTWICK born c1875 Hull.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Eliza PICKERING born 1877 Myton, Hull, married 1897 Hull George W. DONAHUE. Betsy PICKERING born 1880 Myton, Hull, married 1896 Sculcoates, Hull Frederick EDGAR fisherman, born c1878 Hull. Philip PICKERING born 1885 Myton, Hull, married 1908 Hull Lilla HAMMOND. Ada E. PICKERING born 1888 Myton, Hull, married 1908 Hull Henry GRANTHAM. Florence PICKERING born 1892 Hull. George Henry PICKERING born 1895 Hull. Clare PICKERING born 1897 Hull. Mary PICKERING born c1889 Hull. Henry PICKERING born c1891 Hull. Frederick PICKERING born c1875. Edward Godmond PICKERING born 1876 Hartlepool, Co. Durham. Charles PICKERING born 1881 Hartlepool, Co. Durham, died 1956 Stockton, Co. Durham, married 1912 Hartlepool, Co. Durham Anna JACKSON born 1886 South Shields, Co. Durham.
Children: Charles PICKERING Arthur PICKERING born c1886 Hartlepool, Co. Durham. Frances Emily PICKERING born 1892 Hartlepool, Co. Durham. Charlotte Ware PICKERING born 1894 Hartlepool, Co. Durham.

7th Generation Arthur PICKERING born c1899 Hull. Hilda PICKERING born 1901 Hull. Charles PICKERING born 1914 Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, died 1947 Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, married 1945 Devizes, Wiltshire May C. ORCHARD.
Children: Christopher R. PICKERING