Pickerings of Nottinghamshire

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1st Generation

1. William PICKERING born c1760 married c1790 Sarah BROCKSOPP born c1760, Nottinghamshire.
1.1. Sarah PICKERING
1.2. William PICKERING
1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Sarah PICKERING baptised 26 August 1793, St. Mary’s, Hull.

Blue Bell Inn, Sproatley owned by William Pickering, father and son

Blue Bell Inn, Sproatley
owned by William Pickering, father and son
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1.2. William PICKERING brewer, malster, shipowner, baptised 30 April 1795 St. Mary’s, Hull, and died 6 December 1857 Hull, married 1 March 1832 South Shields, Co. Durham Sarah CLAY (daughter of John CLAY and Mary DONKIN) born 4 July 1806 South Shields, Co. Durham.
1.2.1. William PICKERING
1.2.2. Mary E. PICKERING
1.2.3. Sarah Clay PICKERING
1.2.4. John Henry PICKERING
1.2.5. Victoria PICKERING
1.2.6. Sarah Brocksopp PICKERING
1.2.7. Albert PICKERING
1.2.8. Charles PICKERING

1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 4 October 1797 St. Mary’s, Hull.

3rd Generation

1.2.1. William PICKERING brewer, baptised 22 May 1833 St. Mary’s, Hull.

1.2.2. Mary E. PICKERING born c1835.

1.2.3. Sarah Clay PICKERING born c1837, died 15 April 1840 Hull.

1.2.4. John Henry PICKERING accountant, born 1838 Sculcoates, Hull.

1.2.5. Victoria PICKERING born 1840 Sculcoates, Hull.

1.2.6. Sarah Brocksopp PICKERING born 1842 Sculcoates, Hull.

1.2.7. Albert PICKERING maltster, corn merchant, born 7 March 1845 Sculcoates, Hull.

1.2.8. Charles PICKERING shipping office clerk, born 1847 Sculcoates, Hull.