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William Puckering married 1697 Sheriff Hutton

William Puckering married 1697 Sheriff Hutton

1st Generation

1. William PUCKERING tailor, buried 28 August 1728 Sheriff Hutton, married 13 April 1697 Sheriff Hutton Elizabeth DALE.
1.1. Alice PUCKERING
1.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING
1.4. William PUCKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Alice PUCKERING baptised 28 February 1698 Sheriff Hutton, married 5 December 1721 Richard DAVY.

1.2. Mary PUCKERING baptised 2 February 1699 Sheriff Hutton.

1.3. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 29 July 1705 Sheriff Hutton.

1.4.  William PUCKERING farmer, baptised 6 December 1713 Sheriff Hutton, buried 30 January 1803, married 18 June 1734 Sheriff Hutton Avis HOLLIDAY.
1.4.1. Alice PUCKERING
1.4.2. Elizabeth PUCKERING
1.4.3. William PUCKERING
1.4.4. John PUCKERING 

3rd Generation

1.4.1. Alice PUCKERING baptised 19 May 1735 Sheriff Hutton, married 3 February 1760 James HILDRETH.

1.4.2. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 2 July 1738 Sheriff Hutton.

1.4.3. William PUCKERING baptised 7 October 1741 Sheriff Hutton.

1.4.4. John PUCKERING baptised 26 March 1744 Sheriff Hutton, buried 7 May 1792 Sheriff Hutton, married Jane UNKNOWN born c1742, buried 5 September 1822 Sheriff Hutton.

4th Generation William PUCKERING farmer, born c1772, buried 28 February 1832 Sheriff Hutton, married c1785 Mary UNKNOWN born c1772, buried 10 November 1843 Sheriff Hutton.
Mary PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING Eleanor PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING farmer, born 18 November 1775 Sheriff Hutton, married 29 October 1801 Sheriff Hutton Ursula PIERSON Ursula born c1780 Sherburn.
Children: PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING George PUCKERING Ursula PUCKERING George PUCKERING John PUCKERING born c1775 Sheriff Hutton, married 4 December 1804 Sheriff Hutton Ann WARD born c1778, buried 24 July 1836 Sheriff Hutton.

5th Generation Alice PUCKERING baptised 13 April 1794 Sheriff Hutton. John PUCKERING tailor, baptised 19 December 1795 Sheriff Hutton, married c1820 Jane UNKNOWN born c1798 Sheriff Hutton.
Children: William PUCKERING Robert PUCKERING Mary Jane PUCKERING William PUCKERING baptised 10 June 1798 Sheriff Hutton, . Richard PUCKERING baptised 3 August 1800 Sherburn, buried 11 August 1806 Sheriff Hutton. Mary PUCKERING baptised 3 January 1803 Sheriff Hutton, married 18 June 1820 Sheriff Hutton Stephen BURDEN. Jane PUCKERING baptised 2 October 1809 Sherburn. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 4 July1814 Sheriff Hutton. Eleanor PUCKERING baptised 28 July 1816 Sheriff Hutton. John PUCKERING baptised 11 September 1803 Sheriff Hutton. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 2 June 1805 Sheriff Hutton. Mary PUCKERING baptised 30 September 1810 Sheriff Hutton. George PUCKERING baptised 22 August 1813 Sheriff Hutton. Ursula PUCKERING baptised 3 October 1819 Sheriff Hutton. George PUCKERING farmer, baptised 27 May 1822 Sheriff Hutton, married 1847 Malton Sarah WALLS born c1827 Lilling.
Children: Thomas PUCKERING John PUCKERING George Henry PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING Alfred PUCKERING William PUCKERING Frederick PUCKERING Sarah Elizabeth PUCKERING James Arthur PUCKERING Walter Walls PUCKERING John PUCKERING baptised 10 November 1805 Sheriff Hutton. Thomas PUCKERING publican, baptised 24 January 1808 Sheriff Hutton, married Ann UNKNOWN born c1813 Paddington, London.
Children: Mary Jane PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING baptised 1 October 1810 Sheriff Hutton. Hannah PUCKERING baptised 24 October 1813 Sheriff Hutton. Mary PUCKERING baptised 7 May 1815 Sheriff Hutton. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 29 September 1817 Sheriff Hutton. William PUCKERING farmer, baptised 5 March 1820 Sheriff Hutton, married 1844 Malton Alice LUMLEY.
Children: John PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING George PUCKERING baptised 18 August 1824 Sheriff Hutton.

6th Generation William PUCKERING baptised 5 May 1823 York, married Mary UNKNOWN born c1823 York.
Children: Faith PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Margaret PUCKERING Sarah Ann PUCKERING William PUCKERING Robert PUCKERING coach builder, baptised 8 December 1826 York, married 1858 Manchester Ellen PUCKERING born c1832 Chorlton, Manchester.
Children: Mary Ellen PUCKERING Robert Comins PUCKERING Bertha Jane PUCKERING Maria A. PUCKERING Martha M. PUCKERING John Williams PUCKERING Eliza L. PUCKERING Rachel H. PUCKERING Mary Jane PUCKERING baptised 24 August 1828 York. Thomas PUCKERING born Lilling, baptised 25 October 1847 Sheriff Hutton. John PUCKERING baptised 18 May 1849 Sheriff Hutton, married 1875 Great Ouseburn Mary WHARTON born c1847 Widdington.
Children: John Henry PUCKERING George Alfred PUCKERING Fred Wharton PUCKERING William Ellis PUCKERING George Henry PUCKERING gamekeeper, born 1851 Flaxton. Jane PUCKERING born 1856 Flaxton. Alfred PUCKERING born 1856 Flaxton. William PUCKERING farmer, baptised 29 July 1860 High Catton. Frederick PUCKERING born 1862 High Catton, married 20 May 1891 Ecclesfield, West Yorkshire Mary STANLEY (daughter of John STANLEY) born c1864. Sarah Elizabeth PUCKERING born 1863 High Catton. James Arthur PUCKERING born 1865 High Catton Walter Walls PUCKERING born 1868 High Catton. Mary Jane PUCKERING born c1849 Paddington, London. John PUCKERING grocer, born c1847 Copmanthorpe. Mary PUCKERING born c1848 Copmanthorpe. Thomas PUCKERING grocer, born c1850 Copmanthorpe. Elizabeth PUCKERING born c1853 Copmanthorpe. Jane PUCKERING born c1856 Copmanthorpe.

7th Generation Faith PUCKERING baptised 5 February 1849 York. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 17 May 1851 York. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 10 March 1853 York. Sarah Ann PUCKERING baptised 28 October 1855 York. William PUCKERING born Cawood, baptised 24 June 1859 York. Mary Ellen PUCKERING born 1858 Beverley. Robert Comins PUCKERING born 1860 Beverley. Bertha Jane PUCKERING born 1861 Beverley. Maria A. PUCKERING born c1863 Beverley. Martha M. PUCKERING born c1864 Beverley. John Williams PUCKERING born c1865 Beverley. Eliza L. PUCKERING born c1873 Beverley. Rachel H. PUCKERING born c1877 Beverley. John Henry PUCKERING born 1876 Kirk Hammerton. George Alfred PUCKERING born 1878 Kirk Hammerton. Fred Wharton PUCKERING born 1879 Kirk Hammerton. William Ellis PUCKERING born 1880 Tockwith.