Hazel Pickering

1. Thebotan, Duke of Schleswig and Stormarn, married Ascrida of Norway.

2. Øystein Ivarsson born c810, died c894 Norway, married Aseda Ragnvaldsdatter.

3. Ragnvald Øysteinsson Earl Møre og Romsdal, Earl of Orkney, born c825, died 898, married Ragnhild Rolvsdatter born c826, died c890.

4. Rollo Ragnvaldsson 1st Duke of Normandy, born c860, died c932 Rouen Normandy, married Poppa of Bayeux born c882 Bayeux, Normandy, died c932.

5. William I of Normandy “William Longsword”, born c893 Normandy, died 942 Picquingny, Flanders, had a child by Sprota Unknown.

6. Richard I of Normandy “Richard the Fearless”, born 933 Fécamp, Normandy, died 996 Fécamp, Normandy, married Gunnor Unknown.

7. Richard II of Normandy “Richard the Good”, born 963, died 1026, married c1000 Judith de Bretagne.

8. Robert I of Normandy born c1005, died 1035 Nicaea, Turkey, had children by Herleva Unknown born c1003 Falaise, Normandy, died c1050.

9. Adelaide of Normandy, d’Aumale born c1030, died c1083, married Odo de Champagne born c1040, died 1115.

10. Stephen d’Aumale born c1079 Aumale, Normandy, died 1127, married Hawise of Mortimer.

picture111. Agnes d’Aumale born c1115, died after 1170, married Adam I de Brus, Lord of Skelton, born c1105, Skelton, Yorkshire, died c1143 Skelton.

12. Adam II de Brus, Lord of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland, born c1127, died 1196 Skelton, married c1170 Juetta d’Arches.

13. Peter I de Brus Baron of Skelton, born c1170 Skelton, died c1222, married Joan de Lacy.

14. Peter II de Brus Lord of Skelton, born c1185 Skelton, died c1240 Marseille, France, married Hawise of Lancaster.

15. Agnes de Brus married
Walter de Fauconberg died 1304.

16. Walter de Fauconberg born c1262, married Isabel de Roos.

17. Sir Walter Fauconberg, knight, married Anastasia de Neville.

18. Sir John de Fauconberg married Eva Bulmer.

19. Sir Walter de Fauconberg married Isabel Bigod.

20. Sir Roger de Fauconberg, knight, married Margaret Darcy.

21. Walter de Fauconberg married Mathildis Unknown.

22. Isabel Fauconberg married
Edmund Percehay born c1380 Park, Lincolnshire.

23. Lionel Percehay born c1405 Ryton, Yorkshire, died 1482 married Margaret Babthorpe born c1405.

24. Lionel Percehay born c1430 Ryton, married Kateryn Hotham born c1440 Scorborough, Yorkshire.

25. Jane Percehay married
John Pickering died 1521.
picture111. Robert II de Brus 2nd Lord of Annandale, born c1124 Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, died 1190 Annandale, married Eufamia d’Aumale born c1130 Carrick, Argyleshire, Scotland.

12. William de Brus 3rd Lord of Annandale, born c1155 Annandale, died before 1212, married Christiana Unknown.

13. Robert IV de Brus 4th Lord of Annandale, born Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, died before 1237, married Isabel of Huntingdon born c1200, died 1252.

14. Bernard de Brus knight, born Exton, Rutland, died c1266 Conington, Huntingdonshire, married Alicia Beauchamp.

15. Sir Bernard de Brus died 1301, married Agatha Unknown.

16. Bernard de Brus born c1275 Conington, married Agnes Hardreshule.

17. John de Brus born 1317 Exton, Rutland, married Margaret de Beauchamp.

18. Joan Bruce born c1341, died 1421, married Sir Nicholas Greene Stewart of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, and Glatton, Huntingdonshire died before 1379, brother of Sir Henry Greene, lord of Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, Serjeant at Law, Lord Chief Justice, died 1369, father of:

19. Sir Thomas Greene, knight, born 1343, died 1391 Greens Norton, married Unknown, daughter of Sir John Mablethorpe.

20. Sir Thomas Greene, knight, born 1360, died 1417 Greens Norton, married Mary, daughter of Baron Richard Talbot, buried 1433 Greens Norton.

21. Sir Thomas Greene, knight, MP for Northamptonshire, born 1399, buried 1458 Greens Norton, married Mariana Bellers, born Kirby Bellers, Leicestershire.

22. Joan Greene born Greens Norton, died before 1470, married
Sir John Pickering knight, Commission of the Peace, born c1430, died before 1504.

23. Thomas Pickering esquire, died 1509 London, married Joan Fitzwilliam.

24. John Pickering died 1521 married
Jane Percehay.
26./25. Anthony Pickering gentleman, died 1592 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married Unknown.

27./26. John Pickering living 1571, died c1600, married Unknown.

28./27. Anthony Pickering died 1651 Hedon, married 1606 Hedon, Yorkshire, Grace Harforth baptised 1580 Howden, Yorkshire.

29./28. John Pickering baptised 1619 Hedon, buried 1654 Hedon, married 12 May 1646 Hedon Jane Parceley buried 1662 Hedon.

30./29. John Pickering shoemaker, baptised 1649 Hedon, buried 1694 Rise, Yorkshire, married 1683 Rise Elizabeth Walker.

31./30. William Pickering labourer, baptised 1684 Rise, died c1769, married 1710 Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire, Mary Pinkington baptised 1688 Garton-on-The-Wolds, Yorkshire, buried 1729 Hutton Cranswick.

32./31. William Pickering bricklayer, baptised 1714 Hutton Cranswick, died c1770, married 1735 Preston, Yorkshire Hannah Howson, buried 3 April 1753 Preston.

33./32. Michael Pickering bricklayer, baptised 1750 Hedon, died c1801, married 1774 Preston Mary Sharp baptised 16 May 1750 Hull, Yorkshire, buried 25 May 1805.

34./33. William Pickering bricklayer, born 1779 Preston, 1843 Preston, married 1802 Preston Ann Batty baptised 1781 Withernwick, Yorkshire, buried 1824 Preston.

35./34. Richard Pickering bricklayer, baptised 1808 Preston, died 1879 Hull married 1847 Hull, Yorkshire Emma Rennardson born c1821 Hull, died 1853.

36./35. Frederick Pickering bricklayer, born 1852 Preston, died 1930 Hull, married 1877 Hull Sarah Ann Hazmalanch Lamb born 1855 Hull, died 1919 Hull.

37./36. Richard Alexander Pickering clerk, born 1879 Hull, died 1965 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, married 1909 Hull Mabel Elsie Coultish born 1884 Howden, died 1968 Hull.

38./37. John Leslie Pickering credit trader, born 1911 Hull, died 1991 Cottingham, Yorkshire, married 1947 Hull Ilse Kolbe teacher, born 1912 Fogarasch, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary, died 1995 Hull.

39./38. Hazel Pickering marketing analyst, born 1950 Cottingham.