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Pickerings of Holderness

8th Generation John PICKERING baptised 9 December 1753 in Kilnwick, married 23 November 1777 Garton-on-the-Wolds Hannah MAJOR born 1753 Etton, buried 18 November 1833 in Garton-on-The-Wolds
Children: Robert PICKERING John PICKERING David PICKERING Francis PICKERING William PICKERING Ellen PICKERING baptised 8 August 1755 Kilnwick, married 22 January 1781 Thomas LEEMING. Mary PICKERING baptised 10 April 1757 Kilnwick, buried 10 August 1816 Kilnwick. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 19 May 1759 Kilnwick, buried 6 February 1807 Kilnwick, married 1st Mary PICKERING before 1784 born 1761 Heighington, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 5 July 1784 Bainton Mary SPECK born c1760.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary SPECK: Robert PICKERING Richard PICKERING Thomas PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING David PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 17 September 1763 Etton. Richard PICKERING labourer, baptised 23 September 1765 Etton, married 3 September 1788 Kilnwick Margaret VICKERS born Kilnwick.
Children: John PICKERING Emma PICKERING Mary PICKERING Emma PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 10 January 1768 Etton, married 12 May 1788 Boynton Ellen BAULKE (daughter of Robert BAULKE and Hannah UNKNOWN) baptised 25 February 1769 Nafferton.
Children: Henry PICKERING Henry Bolk PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Fanny PICKERING James PICKERING Jane PICKERING Dausie PICKERING baptised 9 January 1775 Paull, married 22 November 1797 Nunkeeling Nicholas DIXON. Hezekiah PICKERING baptised 10 February 1788 Withernwick.

9th Generation Robert PICKERING baptised 23 August 1784 in Kilnwick, married 24 May 1823 Beswick Jane LEE.
Children: Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1787 Kilnwick, died 12 March 1855, married 15 April 1811 Middleton-on-the-Wolds Elizabeth GRAY (daughter of Stephen GRAY and Catherine WRITHEL) baptised 26 May 1793 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.
Children: William PICKERING Robert PICKERING William PICKERING Martin PICKERING Catherine PICKERING Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Stephen PICKERING Mary PICKERING Richard PICKERING Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 28 July 1790 Kilnwick, married 1st12 January 1822 Kilnwick Rebecca WALKER (daughter of Francis WALKER and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 6 August 1797 Driffield, buried 8 January 1823 Kilnwick, married 2nd 3 July 1825 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah WALKER (daughter of Francis WALKER and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 2 July Driffield.
Children of Thomas PICKERING and Sarah WALKER: Ann PICKERING Leah PICKERING William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING John PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1791, married 2 February 1822 Kilnwick Leah WALKER (daughter of James WALKER and Anne UNKNOWN) was born 20 November 1803 Beswick.
Children: Emma PICKERING Richard PICKERING James PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Jane PICKERING born c1792, married 5 July 1847 Kilnwick Johnson Pearson GOLDEN. William PICKERING baptised 10 September 1794 Kilnwick, married 11 May 1819 Kilnwick Dinah BLAKESTONE. Mary PICKERING baptised 3 October 1802 Kilnwick, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Rebecca PICKERING was born in 1844 in Kilnwick. David PICKERING baptised 16 September 1804 Kilnwick. David PICKERING baptised 27 October 1805 Kilnwick. John PICKERING baptised 27 September 1789 Kilnwick. Emma PICKERING baptised 18 March 1794 Pocklington. Mary PICKERING baptised 9 April 1796 Pocklington. Emma PICKERING baptised 30 June 1799 Pocklington.

10th Generation Ann PICKERING 9 December 1826 Hutton Cranswick. Ann PICKERING baptised 15 October 1826 Kilnwick, died 1895 Kilnwick, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 22 May 1852 Kilnwick John CARTER, born 1831 Rillington.
Children of Ann PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Sarah Ann PICKERING Leah PICKERING baptised 23 November 1828 Kilnwick, married 1st c1849 Emmanuel GOLDEN (son of Robert GOLDEN and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 10 March 1828 Driffield, married 2nd Lythe ROOKS (son of Frank ROOKS and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 12 August 1814 in Huggate, died in 1899. William PICKERING baptised 10 April 1831 Kilnwick, died 1898 Kilnwick, married 1864 Kilnwick Mary Elizabeth VARLEY (daughter of Thomas VARLEY and Hannah UNKNOWN) 18 March 1836 Whitby, North Yorkshire, died 20 May 1922 Kilnwick.
Children: Sarah Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William Thomas PICKERING Jane PICKERING John PICKERING George PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 26 May 1833 Kilnwick, died 1877 Kilnwick, married 1863 Beverley Harriet DUNN born c1845 in Brandesburton.
Children: Alfred PICKERING Jane PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 February 1841 Kilnwick, married 1880 Bradford, West Yorkshire Sarah Ann DEAN born 1857 Towcester, Northamptonshire. Emma PICKERING worsted spinner, baptised 17 October 1822 Lund. Richard PICKERING baptised 15 February 1824 Lund, married 1848 Bradford, West Yorkshire Jane DARNBROOK 3 August 1828 Bolton Abbey, West Yorkshire.
Children: Leah PICKERING Nancy PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Polly PICKERING James PICKERING baptised 22 August 1831 Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Sarah PICKERING born c1835. Rebecca PICKERING baptised 13 October 1844 Kilnwick.

11th Generation Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 18 January 1849 Driffield, died 6 January 1923 Kilnwick, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Edward Carter PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING born 1866 Kilnwick, and 22 December 1955 Kilnwick, married 23 June 1889 Kilnwick Thomas HARRISON born 1862 Kilnwick, died 1946 Kilnwick. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1869 North Dalton. William Thomas PICKERING farm labourer, born c1870 North Dalton, married 1910 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah GREEN born c1879 Hull. Jane PICKERING born c1871 North Dalton. John PICKERING farm labourer, born c1873 North Dalton, died 1918. George PICKERING horseman, born c1877 North Dalton, died 6 April 1902 Kilnwick. Joseph PICKERING born c1880 Kilnwick, died 8 October 1962 Kilnwick, married 1909 Hull Ethel BONTOFT born 1890 in Hull, died 8 September 1960 Kilnwick. Alfred PICKERING carter, baptised 6 May 1866 Kilnwick, married 1896 Hull Caroline Hannah WITTY born c1870 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Jane PICKERING baptised 12 July 1868, married 17 November 1892 Middleton-on-the-Wolds John Henry SOANES born 1868. Robert PICKERING baptised 12 June 1870. Thomas PICKERING carter, born c1873 Kilnwick, married Nellie DOVE born c1885 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.
Children: Fred PICKERING Edward Harland PICKERING Emma PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 9 August 1874. Edward Carter PICKERING born 1865 Kilnwick, married 1892 Newland, Hull Jane BERRY baptised 14 March 1868 Bridlington, died 29 August 1938 Hull.
Children: Edith Carter PICKERING Ernest Carter PICKERING Hilda Carter PICKERING Laura Carter PICKERING Herbert Carter PICKERING