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Pickerings of Howden

It is not known where the first Richard Pickering of this family came from. However, a Robort Claburne was a witness to the will of Matthew Pickering who owned land in neighbouring Laxton in 1688, which suggests that the Pickerings and the Clayburnes had maintained close ties since that date and that Richard was a descendant of the Pickerings of Barlby.

Only a DNA test will establish where this family belongs.

1st Generation

1. Richard PICKERING waterman, born c1767, died October 1847 Howden, East Riding, married 10 February 1795 Howden, East Riding Sarah CLAYBURN born c1775, died 1845 Howden, East Riding.
1.1. William PICKERING
1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.5. Richard PICKERING
1.6. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.8. Thomas PICKERING
1.9. Charlotte PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William PICKERING shoemaker, born 8 December 1795 Howden, East Riding, married 5 August 1816 Howden, East Riding Mary Ann PLAXTON born c1790 Rawcliffe, West Riding.
1.1.1. Joseph PICKERING
1.1.2. Sarah PICKERING
1.1.3. John PICKERING
1.1.4. Mary PICKERING<
1.1.5. William PICKERING
1.1.6. Thomas PICKERING
1.1.7. Elizabeth PICKERING

1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING born 24 December 1797 Howden, East Riding, died 30 October 1800 Howden, East Riding.

1.3. Mary PICKERING born 14 February 1800 Howden, East Riding.

1.4. John PICKERING baptised 9 February 1803 Howden, East Riding, died 11 February 1803 Howden, East Riding.

1.5. Richard PICKERING born June 1804 Howden, East Riding, died before 1841, married 10 August 1834 Howden, East Riding Elizabeth HUTCHCROFT.
1.5.1. Emma PICKERING
1.5.2. Sarah PICKERING

1.6. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 27 November 1806 Howden, East Riding.

1.7. Jane PICKERING baptised 26 July 1809 Howden, East Riding.

1.8. Thomas PICKERING baptised 25 July 1814 Howden, East Riding.

1.9. Charlotte PICKERING baptised 25 June 1816 Howden, East Riding.

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Joseph PICKERING baptised 10 August 1817 Howden, East Riding.

Thomas b1830 was a groom at
Thorpe Hall, Brantingham, in 1861

1.1.2. Sarah PICKERING baptised 30 March 1820 Howden, East Riding, married 1848 Howden Robert BARNES bricklayer, born c1819 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding.

1.1.3. John PICKERING baptised 29 March 1822 Howden, East Riding.

1.1.4. Mary PICKERING baptised 9 October 1824 Howden, East Riding.

1.1.5. William PICKERING farm labourer, baptised 30 September 1826 Howden, East Riding, buried 29 June 1875 Market Weighton, East Riding, married 20 April 1862 Market Weighton, East Riding Mary GARTON (daughter of William GARTON and Rebecca UNKNOWN) baptised 13 February 1835 Market Weighton, East Riding.

1.1.6. Thomas PICKERING groom, baptised 4 June 1830 Howden, East Riding buried 28 September 1861, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding.

1.1.7. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 2 March 1836 Howden, East Riding.

1.5.1. Emma PICKERING baptised 2 October 1835 Howden, East Riding.

1.5.2. Sarah PICKERING born c1838.

4th Generation William PICKERING farm labourer, born 13 September 1858 Market Weighton, East Riding, married 1880 Pocklington, East Riding Elizabeth LUMB born c1858 Pocklington, East Riding.
Children: Thomas PICKERING William PICKERING James PICKERING Charles PICKERING Jane Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Walter PICKERING William PICKERING Annie PICKERING Thomas PICKERING born 3 September 1861 Market Weighton, East Riding, buried 27 March 1865 Market Weighton, East Riding. Charles PICKERING labourer, baptised 6 September 1864 Market Weighton, East Riding, died 1913 Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham, married 1888 Pocklington, East Riding Selina BELL. Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 8 May 1866 Market Weighton, East Riding. Jane PICKERING baptised 15 January 1868 Market Weighton, East Riding. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 May 1871 Market Weighton, East Riding.

5th Generation Thomas PICKERING born 1881 Earswick, North Riding, married 1907, Pocklington, East Riding Jane Annie PENROSE. William PICKERING born c1883, buried 12 May 1885 Market Weighton, East Riding, buried 12 May 1885 Market Weighton, East Riding. James PICKERING horseman, baptised 1 December 1885, Market Weighton, East Riding, married 7 October 1911 Shiptonthorpe, East Riding Annie Elizabeth CONSTABLE born 13 January 1875.
Children: John Eric PICKERING Charles PICKERING baptised 2 March 1888 Market Weighton, East Riding. Jane Elizabeth PICKERING born Market Weighton, East Riding. Mary PICKERING born 1891 Market Weighton, East Riding, married 11 March 1916 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding William Jesse MAPLESDEN. Walter PICKERING farm labourer, born 1893 Market Weighton, East Riding, married 1920 Howden, East Riding Emily ROBERTS.
Children: Kenneth PICKERING William PICKERING cowman, born 1897 Market Weighton, East Riding. Annie PICKERING born 1901 Market Weighton, East Riding.

6th Generation John Eric PICKERING born 19 February 1912 Shiptonthorpe, East Riding, died 1 September 1977 Shiptonthorpe, East Riding, married 1939 Howden, East Riding Vera L. SEYMOUR born 6 October 1911, died 1955 York, North Riding. Kenneth PICKERING born 14 August 1925 Howden, East Riding, died 8 November 2013 Selby, West Riding, married 1948 Selby, West Riding Mary BRADLEY.