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Pickerings of Chollerton

The earliest known members of this family, which set up a successful brewing business in Hull, came from Chollerton, Northumberland, where in the 1600s a cluster of Pickerings was living in the hamlets on the hillsides surrounding St. Giles church, a few kilometres north of Hadrian’s Wall. It was William of the third generation who started the move south: he married a woman from County Durham but lived the last years of his life in the North Riding of Yorkshire. It was his only child, also a William, who started the business in Hull, though he was born in County Durham, his wife hailed from Nottinghamshire and they were married in what was then Huntingdonshire! The third William of the dynasty ensured that the business remained successful, but the censuses give the impression that the fourth William was not a businessman. He went from being initially a brewer to a hop merchant, had no home of his own and never married. None of his three brothers took over the brewery, nor did they marry, either living with their widowed mother or in lodgings. (The youngest moved to the south of England and ended up in a workhouse.) Of the four brothers’ four sisters, only one married, the rest remaining with their mother who moved from house to house and lived off the rents of the properties that were evidently left to her by her husband.

Notes and Queries, volume 175, page 442
, Pickering of Co. Durham and Hull, Yorkshire, J. W. Fawcett:

1st Generation

1. Henry PICKERING born c1670, died Colwell, Northumberland, buried 29 November 1719 Chollerton, Northumberland, married c1690 Isabel died Colwell, Northumberland, buried 12 June 1718 Chollerton, Northumberland.
1.1. Henry PICKERING
1.2. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Henry PICKERING born c1690, died Great Swinburne, Northumberland, buried 19 August 1728 Chollerton, Northumberland, married 2 April 2 1711 Chollerton, Northumberland Margaret ELLIOTT.
1.1.1. John PICKERING
1.1.2. Margaret PICKERING
1.1.3. William PICKERING
1.1.4. Ann PICKERING

1.2. William PICKERING died Colwell, Northumberland, buried 17 May 1700 Chollerton, Northumberland.

3rd Generation

1.1.1. John PICKERING baptised 26 August 1711 Chollerton, Northumberland.

1.1.2. Margaret PICKERING baptised 4 March 1714 Chollerton, Northumberland.

1.1.3. William PICKERING farmer, born 26 September 1725 Chollerton, Northumberland, died 22 April 22 1790 Great Busby, North Riding, buried 26 April Stokesley, North Riding, married 4 May 1752 Aycliffe, Co. Durham Elizabeth DACRES (daughter of Jonathan DACRES) born 18 January 1724 Aycliffe, Co. Durham, died 16 February 1802 Hull, East Riding.
Children: William PICKERING

1.1.4. Ann PICKERING baptised 16 June 1728 Chollerton, Northumberland.

4th Generation

Blue Bell Inn, Sproatley
owned by William Pickering, father and son
Google Maps William PICKERING maltster and brewer, North End Brewery, Hull, East Riding, owned 1808 Blue Bell Inn, Sproatley, East Riding, born 30 April 1753, baptised 3 May 1753 Sedgefield, Co. Durham, died 29 August 1827 Hull, East Riding, married 9 November 1791 Peterborough, Huntingdonshire Sarah BROCKSOPP (daughter of Ralph BROCKSOPP and Sarah FROST) born 26 December 1757 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, baptised 27 January 1758 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, died 25 April 1830 Hull, East Riding, had a child with Harriet WATSON.
Children of William PICKERING and Harriet WATSON: Jane PICKERING

5th Generation Sarah PICKERING baptised 9 September 1784 Hull, East Riding. Sarah PICKERING baptised 26 August 1793 Hull, East Riding, married 30 October 1817 Hull, East Riding Thomas MARSHALL. William PICKERING maltster, brewer, shipowner, sold 1835 Blue Bell Inn, Sproatley, East Riding, owned property 1839 Summergangs, Hull, East Riding, born 16 March 1795 Hull, East Riding, baptised 30 April 1795 Hull, East Riding, died 5 December 1857 Hull, East Riding, married 1 March 1832 South Shields, Co. Durham Sarah CLAY (daughter of John CLAY and Mary DONKIN) born 4 July 1806 South Shields, Co. Durham, baptised 3 August 1806 South Shields, Co. Durham, died 1893 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding.
Children: William PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING Sarah Clay PICKERING John Henry PICKERING Victoria PICKERING Sarah Brocksopp PICKERING Albert PICKERING Charles PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 4 October 1797 Hull, East Riding. Jane PICKERING born 23 September 1821 Hull, East Riding, baptised 29 August 1825, Hull East Riding.

6th Generation William PICKERING brewer, hop merchant, born May 1833 Hull, East Riding. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 11 February 1835 Hull, East Riding. Sarah Clay PICKERING baptised 7 December 1836 Hull, East Riding, died 15 April 1840 Hull, East Riding. John Henry PICKERING accountant, maltster, baptised 14 November 1838 Hull, East Riding, Victoria PICKERING baptised 2 September 1840 Hull, East Riding, Sarah Brocksopp PICKERING baptised 22 August 1842 Hull, East Riding, married 2 June 1875 Bridlington, East Riding Henry MARR. Albert PICKERING maltster and corn merchant, born 7 March 1845 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding. Charles PICKERING clerk, baptised 14 October 1847 Hull, East Riding, died 1919 Eastry workhouse, Kent.