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Rillington, including Scampston

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

6th Generation David PICKERING agricultural and road labourer, baptised 15 November 1780 Rillington, died before 1861, married 4 August 1806 Elizabeth WAITE born c1790 Baxtonhowe, died after 1861.
Children: Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Bella PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING David PICKERING George PICKERING Robert PICKERING weaver, baptised 25 March 1783 Rillington, married 28 March 1803 Rillington Susanna MOOK born c1783 Rillington, died 1868 Malton.
Children: William PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Mary Isabella PICKERING Robert PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Isaac PICKERING baptised 4 December 1785 Rillington, buried 16 May 1796 Rillington. Mary PICKERING baptised 21 May 1792 Scampston. Jane PICKERING baptised 1 May 1794 Scampston. Ann PICKERING baptised 16 July 1797 Scampston. William PICKERING baptised 22 March 1801 Rillington, died Lutton, buried 3 April 1829 Rillington. 

7th Generation William PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 2 December 1803 Rillington, married 1st 25 December 1826 New Malton Charlotte STONEHOUSE (daughter of Francis STONEHOUSE and Rebecca UNKNOWN) baptised 26 November New Malton, married 2nd 16 January 1838 Rillington Margaret WIDD (daughter of Roger WIDD and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 26 June 1811 Thornton-le-Dale.
Children of William PICKERING and Charlotte STONEHOUSE: William PICKERING
Children of William PICKERING and Margaret WIDD: Aaron PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Crosby PICKERING Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 15 December 1805 Rillington, married 22 August 1830 Hannah STEPHENSON (daughter of David STEPHENSON) born Ganthorpe, baptised 30 April 1808 Terrington.
Children: Robert PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Charles PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Rachel PICKERING Margaret PICKERING David PICKERING Thomas PICKERING road labourer, baptised 5 November 1807 Rillington, married 6 January 1829 Rillington Ann BIELBY, (daughter of Richard BIELBY and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 7 July 1810 Weaverthorpe.
Children: Isaac PICKERING Bielby PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING John PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Martha Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 8 February 1810 Rillington, had children by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Hannah PICKERING George PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 21 May 1812 Rillington, married 1852 Wakefield Mary BEDFORD born c1812 West Ardsley, West Yorkshire.
Children: Susanna PICKERING Mary Isabella PICKERING baptised 6 September 1819 Rillington. Robert PICKERING tailor, baptised 16 November 1823 Rillington, married 21 June 1852 Fridaythorpe Sarah HARLAND (daughter of Robert HARLAND and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) dressmaker, born c1831 Fridaythorpe.
Children: John William PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Samuel PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 3 April 1825 Rillington, married 1847 Pickering Maria LAWSON born c1820 Amotherby.

8th Generation Aaron PICKERING labourer, baptised 9 June 1839 Rillington, married 1865 Scarborough Isabel MEGSON born c1842 Wykeham.
Children: Robert PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 1843 Rillington, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 13 August 1860 Rillington Robert JOHNSON born c1840 Sledmere.
Children of Elizabeth PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING born 1846 Rillington. Robert PICKERING garden labourer, born 1849 Rillington, married 9 March 1873 Thorpe Bassett Annie MITCHELL (daughter of James MITCHELL) born c1856 Rillington.
Children: William PICKERING Elizabeth Ann George PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING Margaret A. PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Florence A. PICKERING Ernest PICKERING
Minnie PICKERING Crosby PICKERING labourer, born 1851 Rillington, married 1887 Leeds Alice KITCHING born c1855 Norton.
Fred PICKERING Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 8 June 1829 Rillington, married 1st 28 June 1853 Rillington Ann WARD (daughter of Thomas WARD), married 2nd 1878 Ann ROBINSON born c1840 Rillington.
Children of Isaac PICKERING and Ann ROBINSON: Thomas William A. PICKERING Bielby PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 31 August 1831 Rillington, married 22 February 1863 Huttons Ambo Jane CASS, born 1842 Huttons Ambo.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Emma PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born c1833 Rillington, baptised 15 April 1834 Rillington, married Robert HODGSON born c1830 Scampston. Nathan PICKERING cordwainer, baptised 15 September 1834 Rillington, married Unknown UNKNOWN died before 1861.
Children: Alice Lavinia PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 10 April 1836 Rillington. Ann PICKERING baptised 2 June 1838 Rillington. Richard PICKERING cartman, baptised 13 July 1840 Rillington, married 1862 Malton Jane RAINE.
Children: Jane PICKERING John PICKERING tailor, baptised 5 April 1843 Rillington, married 1865 Malton Jane COLLINSON born c1843 Malton.
Sydney PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 6 July 1845 Rillington. Mary PICKERING baptised 19 May 1849 Rillington. Martha Jane PICKERING baptised 21 October 1851 Rillington. Hannah PICKERING baptised 10 June 1854 Rillington. Hannah PICKERING baptised 23 March 1832 Rillington. George PICKERING baptised 12 October 1835 Rillington. Alfred PICKERING baptised 15 August 1855 Rillington, married 1882 Malton Elizabeth GARTON (daughter of John GARTON and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 21 December 1862 Acklam.
Children: Annie PICKERING Edith PICKERING Albert PICKERING gas stoker, baptised 15 August 1855 Rillington, died 1911 Barnsley, married 1st 1874 Malton Elizabeth SCORSBY born 1855 Malton, died 1874 Malton, married 2nd 1881 Bramley, West Yorkshire Eliza COOPER born c1859 Cinderford, Gloucestershire.
Children of Albert PICKERING and Elizabeth SCORSBY: George PICKERING
Children of Albert PICKERING and Eliza COOPER: Henry PICKERING James PICKERING Vida Elsie PICKERING
Frank PICKERING Susannah PICKERING baptised 7 May 1857 Rillington. Maria PICKERING baptised 23 April 1859 Rillington.

9th Generation Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 5 October 1860 Rillington. William PICKERING born c1873 Thorpe Basset. Elizabeth Ann born c1875 Scampston. George PICKERING born c1877 Scampston. Edith Mary PICKERING born c1880 Scampston. Margaret A. PICKERING born c1882 Scampston. Hilda PICKERING born c1888 Scampston. Florence A. PICKERING born c1890 Scampston. Ernest PICKERING born c1892 Scampston. Minnie PICKERING born c1896 Scampston. Thomas William A. PICKERING born 1879 Rillington. Thomas PICKERING born c1865 Rillington. Ann PICKERING born c1867 Rillington. Emma PICKERING baptised 30 May 1869 Rillington. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1871 Rillington.