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The name Coultish is extremely rare. FamilySearch reveals a John Coultish in the Lancashire parish of Tunstall and Melling registering the birth of his son Thomas on 9 November 1638, but there is no further record of the name in that area. Its first appearance in the West Riding of Yorkshire is in 1656, when the housewright James Coultish married Dorothy in Pontefract. The earliest mention of the name in the East Riding is in Market Weighton in 1681 on the occasion of the marriage of Robert Coultish to Barbara Thirsk. It is possible that Robert and Barbara were ancestors of Thomas Coultish of Breighton, as the village is only 10 kms. from Market Weighton. The connection between Thomas and the William Coultish who died in Broomfleet in 1783 seems beyond doubt, as the notes summarising the probate of William’s will at the East Riding of Yorkshire Archives refer to him as “William Coultish of Breighton” (though the actual document does not mention the village).

The family name recorded on William’s will is Coultish, but the probate refers to his son as “William Coultas otherwise Coultish”, and the variants of the latter’s surname are almost as many as the events recorded: Coulties (baptism 1789), Coultis (marriage 1815), Coultas (daughter Mary’s birth 1816), Coltish (daughter Jane’s birth 1820), Coultish (daughter Sarah’s birth 1822), Coltish again (son William’s birth 1828) and back to Coultish (daughter Anne’s birth 1836 and daughter Caroline’s birth 1839).  This suggests that the name Coultish is a variant of the already established surname Coultas, originally Scottish but relatively common in Yorkshire. For the sake of continuity the name Coultish has been used throughout the generations of this family.

The connection between the Coultish and Pickering families is through my paternal grandparents, Mabel Elsie Coultish and Richard Alexander Pickering, who presumably met when Mabel, previously living with her grandmother in Broomfleet, moved to Hull to live with her mother and step father in the early 1900s.

1st Generation

1. Thomas COULTISH born c1700, married 23 November 1727 Shiptonthorpe, East Riding Elizabeth SERJEANT.
1.1. Anne COULTISH
1.2. John COULTISH
1.3. Thomas COULTISH
1.4. William COULTISH
1.5. William COULTISH
1.6. Margaret COULTISH
1.7. William COULTISH
1.8. Elizabeth COULTISH

2nd Generation

Bubwith church, 2007
Bubwith church, 2007

1.1. Ann COULTISH born Breighton, baptised 23 October 1728 Bubwith, East Yorkshire.

1.2. John COULTISH born Breighton, baptised 28 January 1730 Bubwith, East Yorkshire, buried 30 January 1730 Bubwith, East Yorkshire.

1.3. Thomas COULTISH born Breighton, baptised 4 January 1731 Bubwith, East Yorkshire.

1.4. William COULTISH born Breighton, baptised 12 February 1733 Bubwith, buried 8 April 1733 Bubwith, East Yorkshire.

1.5. William COULTISH born Breighton, baptised 27 November 1734 Bubwith, died before 1739.

1.6. Margaret COULTISH baptised 18 February 1737 Market Weighton.

1.7. William COULTISH yeoman, born Breighton, baptised May 1739 Shiptonthorpe, buried 21 March 1783 Broomfleet, married 24 June 1765 Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire Elizabeth GARDENER buried 3 June 1787 Broomfleet.
1.7.1. William COULTISH

William Coultish 1739-1783, will and probate
William Coultish 1739-1783, will
East Riding of Yorkshire Archives,
William Coultish 1739-1783, probate

1.8. Elizabeth COULTISH baptised 26 January 1744 Market Weighton.

Purdon graves, Broomfleet, 2007
Purdon graves, Broomfleet, 2007

3rd Generation

1.7.1. William COULTISH yoeman, later farm labourer, baptised 16 October 1765 Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire, buried 18 July 1850 South Cave, East Yorkshire, married 21 April 1789 South Cave Ann PURDON (daughter of Benjamin PURDON and Margaret ASHBURN) baptised 25 October 1761 South Cave.

4th Generation

William Coultish 1789-1862 Broomfleet churchyard, 2007
William Coultish 1789-1862
Broomfleet churchyard, 2007 William COULTISH fisherman, born 21 June 1789 Broomfleet, died 21 May 1862 Broomfleet, married 18 September 1815 South Cave Sarah Ann WILMON (daughter of Unknown WILMON and Jane UNKNOWN) born c1797 Garthorpe, Lincolnshire, died c1868 South Cave.
Children: Mary COULTISH Atkinson COULTISH Jane COULTISH Sarah COULTISH Robert COULTISH William COULTISH John COULTISH Jane COULTISH Ann COULTISH Caroline COULTISH John COULTISH born 14 November 1791 Broomfleet, died before 1851 Hull, married Jane UNKNOWN laundress, born c1791 Retford, Nottinghamshire.
Children: Henry COULTISH Ann COULTISH George COULTISH born 1796, buried 23 April 1877 Broomfleet Landing. Robert COULTISH born 19 March 1800 Broomfleet, died 6 April 1826 Broomfleet.

Mary Coultish 1807-1892 Ann Coultish 1803-1873 Broomfleet churchyard, 2007
Mary Coultish 1807-1892
Ann Coultish 1803-1873
Broomfleet churchyard, 2007 Ann COULTISH born 10 September, 1803 Faxfleet, died 26 February 1873 Broomfleet, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married 31 December 1827 South Cave Thomas HALDENBY born c1806 North Cave.
Children of Ann COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN: William COULTISH Sarah COULTISH born c1805, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Sarah COULTISH Mary COULTISH seamstress, baptised 29 October 1807 Broomfleet, buried 3 May 1892 Broomfleet, had a child by Thomas KIRBY farm labourer, born Broomfleet.
Children: Robert COULTISH

5th Generation Mary COULTISH baptised 11 August 1816 Broomfleet. Atkinson COULTISH baptised 4 October 1818 Broomfleet. Jane COULTISH baptised 6 August 1820 Broomfleet.

Robert Coultish 1826-1891 Broomfleet graveyard, 2007
Robert Coultish 1826-1891
Broomfleet graveyard, 2007 Sarah COULTISH baptised 10 November Broomfleet, died 12 March 1892 Broomfleet, married 26 December 1842 South Cave John BINNINGTON farm labourer, born 1810 Lund, died 27 November 1883 Broomfleet. Robert COULTISH tilemaker, baptised 7 May 1826 Broomfleet, died 30 August 1891 Beverley, married 1st 1850 Beverley Harriet BRADLEY (daughter of Robert BRADLEY and Mary UNKNOWN) born Eastrington, baptised 29 June 1828, died 7 July 1868 Broomfleet, married 2nd 1869 Howden Martha BUTTLE (daughter of George BUTTLE and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 7 February 1825 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, died March 1902 Beverley.
Children: John COULTISH William COULTISH Henry COULTISH Charles COULTISH James COULTISH Jane COULTISH Hannah COULTISH William COULTISH brick and tile maker, baptised 11 May 1828 Broomfleet, married 13 December 1847 South Cave Hannah GRAY baptised 1 June 1829 South Cave.
Children: George COULTISH Ann COULTISH Sarah COULTISH Betsy COULTISH Mary COULTISH William COULTISH Jesse COULTISH James COULTISH John COULTISH Minnie COULTISH Annie COULTISH John COULTISH brick maker, baptised 11 July 1830 Broomfleet, died Newport, buried 13 April 1879 Broomfleet, married 1853 Beverley Mary WILSON born c1831 South Cave.
Clara COULTISH Jane COULTISH baptised 7 May 1833 Broomfleet, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married 1855 Howden Thomas DEAN born 1833 North Cave.
Children of Jane COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN: George COULTISH Ann COULTISH domestic servant, baptised 24 May 1836 Broomfleet, died 26 June 1902 Sandholme, East Yorkshire, married 1855 Beverley Richard PINDER (son of John PINDER and Margaret UNKNOWN) farmer, baptised 8 March 1835 Laxton. Caroline COULTISH seamstress, baptised 1 December 1839 Broomfleet, died 23 March 1926 Hull, buried 26 March 1926 Broomfleet, had a child by Joseph THORNHAM (son of William THORNHAM and Ann WILES) baptised 5 February 1837 South Cave, had 3 children by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children of Caroline COULTISH and Joseph THORNHAM: Lavinia COULTISH
Children of Caroline COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN: William COULTISH George Randell COULTISH Esap COULTISH

Caroline Coultish 1839-1926
Lavinia Coultish 1860-1947
Caroline Coultish's cottage, Broomfleet, c1925
left to right: John Leslie Pickering (son of Mabel Elsie Coultish),
possibly Annie Coultish (cousin of Mabel Elsie Coultish),
Lavinia Coultish (mother of Mabel Elsie Coultish),
Mabel Elsie Coultish, unknown.
Caroline Coultish's cottage, Broomfleet
now known as Glebe Cottage, 2007 Henry COULTISH cooper, born c1822 Hull, died before 1881 Hull, married Jane UNKNOWN shoe binder, born c1820 Hull. Ann COULTISH born c1828 Hull, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married 1854 Thomas PETERSON dock labourer, born c1822 Hull.
Children of Ann COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN: George COULTISH William COULTISH baptised 14 May 1826 South Cave. Sarah COULTISH baptised 7 May 1826 South Cave, married 1848 South Cave William CORK laburer. Robert COULTISH blacksmith, baptised 24 May 1836 Broomfleet, married 1st Ruth BARNES born c1832 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, died June 1899 Darlington, Co. Durham, married 2nd Mary Ann WARGRAVE born Leeds, West Yorkshire, died December 1903 Darlington, Co. Durham.

6th Generation John COULTISH railway goods foreman, born 1851 Broomfleet, married 1872 Thorne, West Yorkshire Sarah UNKNOWN woollen cloth weaver, born c1856 Sykehouse, West Yorkshire.
Children: Harriet Ann COULTISH John William COULTISH Robert John COULTISH Hannah Mary COULTISH Charles H. COULTISH James A. COULTISH John George COULTISH Sarah E. COULTISH Harold Horace COULTISH William Arthur COULTISH William COULTISH railway guard, born c1854 Weighton Lock, married September 1884 Goole Annie SHIPLEY born c1867 Haldenby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Charlotte Annie COULTISH William H. COULTISH Harriet COULTISH Hannah COULTISH Herbert COULTISH Eliza COULTISH Robert COULTISH Henry COULTISH baptised 23 July 1855 Broomfleet. Charles COULTISH railway guard, born 27 April 1859 Broomfleet, married September 1881 Hannah Mary BOOTH born c1865 Witingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: Annie E. COULTISH Robert Wiilliam COULTISH John Richard COULTISH Ada COULTISH Lauraette COULTISH Charles Henry COULTISH Harriet Hannah COULTISH Edith COULTISH Ernest COULTISH James COULTISH born 1861 Howden, married June 1898 Sheffield Annie CASEY born c1863 Sheffield. Jane COULTISH born c1862 Broomfleet, died 1864 Broomfleet. Hannah COULTISH baptised 7 April 1864 Broomfleet. George COULTISH baptised 24 December 1848 Broomfleet, died before 1881, married 1868 Howden Martha THOMPSON washerwoman, born c1850 Eastrington.
Children: John William COULTISH Thomas George COULTISH Florence COULTISH Alfred COULTISH Ann COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 23 April 1850 North Cave, died 1852 Broomfleet. Sarah COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 11 January South Cave. Betsy COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 14 may 1855 North Cave, married 1880 Hull Henry CROSS baptised 6 September 1857 South Cave. Mary COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 20 July 1857 North Cave. William COULTISH born 1860 Broomfleet Landing, died June 1906 Blackley, Lancashire, married 1883 Howden Maria DRINKALL born March 1864 Broomfleet, died 1899 Manchester.
Children: Eva COULTISH Ernest Albert COULTISH Harold COULTISH Lily COULTISH Jesse COULTISH brick labourer, born 1862 Broomfleet Landing, died 1947 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 9 March 1887 Pontefract, West Yorkshire Sarah SUTCLIFFE (daughter of George SUTCLIFFE) born 1867 Fairburn, North Yorkshire, died 1927 Castleford, West Yorkshire.
Children: Frank COULTISH Gertrude COULTISH George COULTISH Eva COULTISH Walter COULTISH Annie COULTISH James COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 31 May 1865 North Cave. John COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 31 May 1865 North Cave. Minnie COULTISH born 1869 South Cave, buried 13 April 1869 Broomfleet Landing. Annie COULTISH born 1870 Broomfleet Landing, baptised 4 March Broomfleet. George COULTISH born 1851 Broomfleet. Eilza COULTISH born Broomfleet, baptised 15 October 1854 North Cave. Job COULTISH bargeman, born June 1856 Broomfleet, died 1934 Selby, married 1st 1879 Selby Hannah BARNARD born c1858 Selby, married 2nd 1918 Sarah A. TAYLOR.
Children of Job COULTISH and Sarah A. TAYLOR: Gwendoline COULTISH Alice COULTISH born 1857 Broomfleet. Elizabeth COULTISH born c1862 New Village, married Unknown UNKNOWN 1883 Beverley. Robert COULTISH baptised 22 May 1863 Broomfleet. Ann COULTISH born c1864 Broomfleet. Alfred COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 22 May 1864 Broomfleet, buried 9 March 1868. John Henry COULTISH born September 1866 Broomfleet Landing, died 3 March 1867 Broomfleet. Clara COULTISH born 1866. George COULTISH baptised 11 May 1850 South Cave. Lavinia COULTISH domestic servant, born 18 March 1860 Broomfleet, died 23 January 1947 Hull, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married 24 April 1898 Hull George HUTCHINSON (son of Matthew Wilburn HUTCHINSON and Ann UNKNOWN) ship’s fireman, born 1863 Hull, died 11 May 1939 Hull.
Children of Lavinia COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN: Mabel Elsie COULTISH William COULTISH railway worker, born May 1864 Broomfleet, married 1887 Hull Ada MOUNSOR born c1869 Newport.
Children: Harry COULTISH Amelia COULTISH William COULTISH Arthur COULTISH Annie COULTISH George COULTISH George Randell COULTISH brickyard worker, born 1868 Broomfleet, died August 1954 Broomfleet Landing, married 26 February 1895 Broomfleet Minnie WILLIAMSON (daughter of George WILLIAMSON) born 1874 Broomfleet Landing, buried 25 August 1947 Broomfleet.
Children: Albert COULTISH John George COULTISH Emily COULTISH Frederick John COULTISH Ernest COULTISH Mabel Elsie COULTISH Gladys COULTISH Arthur Bernard COULTISH Violet COULTISH Alfred Leonard COULTISH Esap COULTISH road cleaner, born 1871 Broomfleet. George COULTISH born c1847 Hull. Sophia COULTISH woollen cloth weaver, born 1857 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, married 1885 Leeds Joseph HORN iron moulder, born c1864. Mary COULTISH born 1859 Stanningley, West Yorkshire. William COULTISH born 1861 Stanningley, West Yorkshire. Edward COULTISH bridge builder, born 1864 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, married September 1889 Bradford Minnie VICKERS born c1865 Stanningley, West Yorkshire.
Children: Wilfred COULTISH Kathleen COULTISH Sarah COULTISH woollen cloth weaver, born 1865 Stanningley, West Yorkshire. James COULTISH boiler maker, born 1867 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, married December 1888 Bradford, West Yorkshire Elizabeth HELLIWELL born c1867 Mirfield, West Yorkshire.
Children: Lily COULTISH Maria COULTISH born 1869 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, died June 1894 Darlington, Co. Durham. Robert COULTISH boiler maker, born 1872 Stanningley, West Yorkshire, married March 1895 Darlington, Co. Durham Eliza STANWICK born 1876 Darlington, Co. Durham.
Children: Edward COULTISH

7th Generation Harriet Ann COULTISH woollen cloth weaver, born 1873 Goole. John William COULTISH born 1875 Goole, died June 1876 Goole. Robert John COULTISH born 1877 Goole, died September 1878 Goole. Hannah Mary COULTISH born 1879 Goole. Charles H. COULTISH born 1881 Goole. James A. COULTISH born 1883 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. John George COULTISH born 1885 Thornhill, West Yorkshire. Sarah E. COULTISH born 1887 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, died December 1889 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Menin Gate, Ypres, 2012
Menin Gate, Ypres, 2012 Harold Horace COULTISH born 1890 Thornhill, West Yorkshire. William Arthur COULTISH born 6 December 1899 Sandal, West Yorkshire, died 12 February 1962, married 2 June 1932 Wakefield, West Yorkshire Edith ALLOTT born 1 March 1901 Wakefield, West Yorkshires. Charlotte Annie COULTISH born 1886 Goole. William H. COULTISH born 1888 Goole, died 8 May 1915 Belgium, commemorated at Menin Gate, Ypres. Harriet COULTISH born December 1889 Goole. Hannah COULTISH born June 1891 Goole. Herbert COULTISH born September 1893 Goole, baptised September 1895 Prestwich, Lancashire. Eliza COULTISH born June 1897 Goole. Robert COULTISH born 1899 Goole, died 1899 Goole. Annie E. COULTISH born 6 April 1884 Goole. Robert William COULTISH born 1887 Goole, married October 1911 Goole Mabel LOWTHER born 25 August 1888.
Children: Douglas Robert COULTISH Archie COULTISH Doris COULTISH John Richard COULTISH born September 1891 Hensall, North Yorkshire. Ada COULTISH born 1893 Hensall, North Yorkshire, married Frederick SMITH. Lauraette COULTISH born December 1895 Hensall, North Yorkshire. Charles Henry COULTISH born c1898 Hensall, North Yorkshire, married 1923 Goole Stella ELLIS.
Children: Peggy COULTISH Harriet Hannah COULTISH born c1899 Hensall, North Yorkshirel. Edith COULTISH born 1905. Ernest COULTISH platelayer, born 1909 Goole, died 1968 Goole, married 1929 Goole Irene WHITE born 1911, died 1990.
Children: Ernest Admiral COULTISH Douglas Roy COULTISH Betty COULTISH Amy COULTISH John Keith COULTISH Irene COULTISH Mary COULTISH John William COULTISH born 1869 Broomfleet Landing, married June 1892 Hull Edith MAINPRICE Edith born c1874 Hull.
Children: George Samuel COULTISH Lillian COULTISH Florence J. COULTISH Walter COULTISH Rhoda COULTISH Thomas George COULTISH born 1871 Portington, East Yorkshire, died June 1901 Goole.. Florence COULTISH born June 1873 Sculcoates, Hull, married March 1891 Goole Thomas Jacob BUSHELL painter, decorator, born c1870 Goole. Alfred COULTISH shoemaker, born c1875 Sculcoates, Hull, married Emma COULTISH 1899 Hull, born c1876 Hull.
Children: Leslie COULTISH Harold COULTISH Eva COULTISH born June 1885 Whitwood, West Yorkshire, married Herbert James JACKSON 1904 Prestwich, Lancashire. Ernest Albert COULTISH born 12 June 1887 Whitwood, West Yorkshire, died 19 February 1981 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, married 1 January 1910 Blackley, Lancashire Florence TAYLOR born 19 December 1886 Blackley, Lancashire, died 27 January 1949 Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Children: Jessie COULTISH Alice COULTISH Frank COULTISH Harold COULTISH born c1890 Whitwood, West Yorkshire, died June 1897 Prestwich, Lancashire. Lily COULTISH born 16 September 1898 Blackley, Lancashire, married James G. SMITH 1927 North Manchester.

Gertrude Coultish George Herbert Johnson Castleford c1960
Gertrude Coultish
George Herbert Johnson
Castleford c1960
courtesy of Noel Johnson Frank COULTISH chemical worker, born 1889 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 19 April 1951 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1910 Castleford, West Yorkshire Sarah KIRK died 30 December 1936 York.
Children: George Arthur COULTISH Ernest COULTISH Gladys COULTISH Edna COULTISH Annie COULTISH Wilfred COULTISH Emily COULTISH Audrey COULTISH Gertrude COULTISH born 1890 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 1963 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 4 March 1911 George Herbert JOHNSON boatman, born 1889 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 1970 Castleford, West Yorkshire. George COULTISH born 8 May 1894 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 1975 Pontefract, West Yorkshire, married 1916 Phoebe MANTLE Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Eva COULTISH born 1896 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1917 William E. CREWE Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Walter COULTISH born 1899 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1926 Lizzie WRIGHT Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Annie COULTISH born 1903 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1926 Pontefract Herbert ADINELL. John Thomas COULTISH born 1883 Selby, died June 1884 Selby. Eliza COULTISH born 1885 Selby. Ernest COULTISH born 1888 Selby. Lavinia COULTISH born 1890 Selby. Lancelot COULTISH born June 1893 Selby. Charles COULTISH born March 1896 Selby, died December 1896 Selby. Hilda COULTISH born September 1897 Selby. Gwendoline COULTISH born 1911 Selby, died 1935 Selby. Mabel Elsie COULTISH born 11 June 1884 Howden, East Yorkshire, died 1 May 1968 in Hull, married 22 December 1909 Hull Richard Alexander PICKERING (son of Frederick PICKERING and Sarah Ann HASWELL) born 28 June 1879 Drypool, Hull, died 25 July 1965 Wisbech.

Mabel Elsie Coultish
Mabel Elsie Coultish
January 1915
Mabel Elsie Coultish
November 1915
Mabel Elsie Coultish
Mabel Elsie Coultish
Mabel Elsie Coultish
c1925 Harry COULTISH farm labourer, born 1887 Goole, married 1910 Goole Unknown UNKNOWN. Amelia COULTISH born 1889 Goole. William COULTISH born September 1891 Goole. Arthur COULTISH born June 1895 Goole. Annie COULTISH born June 1896 Goole, married 1920 Goole Walter THORNTON.

Louverval Memorial, France, 2012
Louverval Memorial, France, 2012 George COULTISH born September 1899 Goole. Albert COULTISH born December 1896 Broomfleet Landing, married 1929 Howden Nellie ROEBUCK.
Children: Brian COULTISH John George COULTISH born c1898 Broomfleet Landing, died 27 November 1917 Cambrai, France, commemorated at Louverval Memorial, France. Emily COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 2 September 1900 Broomfleet, died 1939, married 1919 Howden Alfred LEIGHTON died 9 March 1973 Newport. Frederick John COULTISH brickyard worker, born 1902 Broomfleet, buried 14 October 1959 Broomfleet, married 28 May 1927 Broomfleet Kate WOODCOCK (daughter of John WOODCOCK). Ernest COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 9 October 1904 Broomfleet, married Minnie UNKNOWN born c1903. Mabel Elsie COULTISH born March 1907 Broomfleet, married 1927 Howden Walter R. WAUDBY born c1907 South Cave. Gladys COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 11 April 1909 Broomfleet, died 2002 Cottingham, East Yorkshire, married 3 November 1934 Broomfleet Thomas HYDE (son of Benjamin HYDE) farmer, born c1909 Brantingham, died Hull. Arthur Bernard COULTISH born 1911 Broomfleet Landing, died 19 April 1964 Broomfleet, married 1952 Hull Florence M. LOUND died c2000.
Children: Linda Joyce COULTISH Violet COULTISH born 1914 Howden, died 12 April 1991, married 19 November 1932 Broomfleet Harold ADAMSON (son of George ADAMSON) gardener, born 1910 Ellerker. Alfred Leonard COULTISH born Broomfleet Landing, baptised 7 March 1920 Broomfleet, died August 1990 Hull, married1953 Hull Lena UNKNOWN.
Children: Alan COULTISH Pearl COULTISH Wilfred COULTISH born 1890 Darlington, Co. Durham. Kathleen COULTISH born March 1899 Darlington, Co. Durham. Lily COULTISH born 1890 Stanningley, West Yorkshire. Edward COULTISH born c1895 Darlington, Co. Durham, died c1960 Darlington, Co. Durham, married 1918 Darlington Florence A. STEPHENSON.
Children: John Edward COULTISH Joseph William COULTISH

8th Generation Douglas Robert COULTISH boiler maker, born 2 March 1918 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, died 31 August 1987 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, married Betty Mary Kathleen RIVERS born 15 June 1919 England, died 2 March 1972.
Children: Ronald Douglas COULTISH William Brian COULTISH Carol Beverley COULTISH Shirley Louise COULTISH Archie COULTISH. Doris COULTISH. Peggy COULTISH born 1924 Goole. Ernest Admiral COULTISH seaman, born 1930 Goole, died 2003, married 1951 Goole Gladys MORRIS born 1930.
Children: David COULTISH Douglas Roy COULTISH foreman, born 1931 Goole, died 1996, married 1953 Thurrock, Essex, Winifred J. LANE.
Children: Stephen COULTISH Betty COULTISH born 1933 Goole, married 1957 Goole Donald CHESSMAN toolmaker, born 1927. Amy COULTISH born 1935 Goole, married John Frederick COPPING crane driver, born 1936. John Keith COULTISH plumber, born 1938 Goole, married Kathleen UNKNOWN.
Children: Matthew COULTISH Irene COULTISH born 1941 Goole, married 1961 Goole Ernest E. ROBINSON lorry driver. Mary COULTISH born 1946 Goole, married Michael NEWMAN. George Samuel COULTISH born c1893 Goole, died 15 September 1914, buried Vendresse, France. Lillian COULTISH born c1895 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Florence J. COULTISH born 25 March 1896 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died July 1991 Derby. Walter COULTISH born Sep. 1898 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 1919 Luton, Bedfordshire Eva Maria YOUNG.
Children: George William COULTISH Rhoda COULTISH born March 1903. Leslie COULTISH born March 1901 Hull. Harold COULTISH born 15 June 1903 Hull, died August 1984 Hull. Jessie COULTISH born 21 May 1911 Blackley, Lancashire, married Walter MORRIS. Alice COULTISH born 16 January 1917 Blackley, Lancashire, died 28 January 1917 Blackley, Lancashire. Frank COULTISH born 12 October 1921 Blackley, Lancashire, died 9 July 1962 Pelee River, Yukon, Canada, married Muriel Diana BUTLER born 26 April 1923 Treherbert, Glamorgan, Wales.
Children: David Frank COULTISH Sandra Gail COULTISH Ian Lloyd COULTISH. George Arthur COULTISH coal miner, born 19 August 1910 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 11 July 1958 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1934 Tadcaster, West Yorkshire Ida JACKSON born 9 September 1911 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 3 April 1987 Pontefract, West Yorkshire.
Children: Barbara COULTISH Brian COULTISH Mabel COULTISH Ernest COULTISH coal miner, born 1913 Castleford, West Yorkshire, died 1959 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Gladys COULTISH born 1918 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Edna COULTISH born 1920 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Annie COULTISH born 1921 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Wilfred COULTISH born 1923 Castleford, West Yorkshire, married 1949 Pontefract Elsie SAMBROOKS born c1915 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Emily COULTISH born 1925 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Audrey COULTISH born 1927 Castleford, West Yorkshire. Bryan COULTISH born 1941 Howden. Linda Joyce COULTISH born 1953 Holderness, married David MURPHY. Alan COULTISH. Pearl COULTISH. John Edward COULTISH born October 1920 South Shields, Co. Durham, married 1943 South Shields, Co. Durham, Marion MOORE born South Shields, Co. Durham.
Children: Malcolm Edward COULTISH Brian COULTISH Allan COULTISH Joseph William COULTISH born 16 September 1924 Darlington, Co. Durham, died 1997 Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, married Kathleen UNKNOWN.
Children: Barry Scott COULTISH