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Pickerings of Whitby

George Pickering gives his occupation as a carpenter at the time of his marriage to Mary Cowey. However, only his wife appears on the 1841 census, and by the time the 1851 census is taken she is a “pauper, widow, formerly mariner’s wife”. There are therefore no pointers as to George’s origins.

Only a DNA test will of a living descendant will establish to which Pickering family he belongs.

1st Generation

1. George PICKERING mariner, carpenter, born c1790, married 14 February 1813 Whitby Mary COWEY born c1790.
1.1. John Cowey PICKERING
1.2. William PICKERING
1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4. James PICKERING
1.5. George PICKERING
1.7. Edward George PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. John Cowey PICKERING mariner, born 1814, died 26 July 1876 Whitby, married 1847 Whitby Sarah BINNS born c1815 Whitby, died 31 December 1885 Whitby.

The Cragg, Whitby
water pump on the Crag, residence of John Pickering and Sarah Binns
Lifeboat coxswains and crew courtesy of Ann Binns
plaque: lifeboat coxswains: J. Pickering 1861-1875 and H. Freeman 1874-1899
photo: Henry Freeman and his crew
courtesy of Ann Binns
Storm at Whitby, 1866
The Storm at Whitby
Yorkshire Gazette, 1866
John Pickering and Sarah Binns
John Pickering and Sarah Binns
courtesy of Ann Binns
1.2. William PICKERING fisherman, baptised 15 December 1815 Whitby, married 22 November 1836 Whitby Margaret HINDSON born c1817 Whitby.

1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 June 1818 Whitby, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.3.1. George PICKERING

1.4. James PICKERING rope maker, baptised 5 October 1821 Whitby.

1.5. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 23 August 1825 Whitby, married 1849 Scarborough Mary Betsy TURNOCK born c1833 Stafford, Staffordshire.
1.5.1. Sarah Ann PICKERING
1.5.2. George PICKERING
1.5.3. Martha PICKERING
1.5.4. Isaac PICKERING
1.5.5. George PICKERING
1.5.6. Mary PICKERING
1.5.7. Thomas Marshall PICKERING
1.5.8. Alice PICKERING

1.6. Mary PICKERING baptised 20 May 1828 Whitby.

1.7. Edward George PICKERING baptised 23 July 1830 Whitby.

3rd Generation

1.3.1. George PICKERING born c1841.

1.5.1. Sarah Ann PICKERING born c1850 Scarborough.

1.5.2. George PICKERING baptised 11 January 1852 Scarborough.

1.5.3. Martha PICKERING born 1853 Scarborough.

1.5.4. Isaac PICKERING baptised 13 September 1857 Scarborough, married 11 August 1880 Drypool, Hull Agnes SCAIFE (daughter of Robert SCAIFE).

1.5.5. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 31 July 1859 Scarborough.

1.5.6. Mary PICKERING milliner, born c1862 Scarborough.

1.5.7. Thomas Marshall PICKERING master mariner, born 1869 Scarborough, died 1946 Swansea, married 27 February 1898 Scarborough Agnes SWINDEN (daughter of John William SWINDEN).

1.5.8. Alice PICKERING born c1872 Scarborough.