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William Pickering married 1646 Bickley

7th Generation Ann WARLEY school mistress, born 1799 Wharram-le-Street, died 1886 Middlesbrough, married John PICKERING (son of Jane PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN) agricultural labourer, sea captain, baptised 2 July 1797 Pickering, died 1885 Middlesbrough.
Children: James PICKERING Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Warley PICKERING Ann PICKERING John PICKERING William PICKERING Mirriam PICKERING Susannah PICKERING Henry PICKERING Wilson PICKERING Jeffrey Warley PICKERING Frances PICKERING baptised 22 May 1808 Wharram-le-Street, married 1829 David ADDISON. Vickerman PICKERING baptised 4 July 1810 Wharram-le-Street, died 1829. Esther PICKERING baptised 6 April 1812 Wharram-le-Street, married 13 August 1831 Wharram-le-Street William USHER. David PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 13 November 1814 Wharram-le-Street, married 1841 Driffield Jemima HOLTBY born c1808 Huggate.
Children: David PICKERING Vickerman PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Robert PICKERING farmer, baptised 23 July 1819 Wharram-le-Street, married 1847 Malton Sarah DOBSON born c1818 Birdsall.
Children: Ann PICKERING Amy PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 11 March 1821 Wharram-le-Street. Isaac PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 9 February 1823 Wharram-le-Street, married 26 December 1846 Wharram-le-Street Ann STUBBS (daughter of John STUBBS).
Children: Robert PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Ambrose PICKERING baptised 3 April 1825 Wharram-le-Street, died 1832. Amy PICKERING dressmaker, baptised 19 June 1830 Wharram-le-Street, married 12 January 1850 Wharram-le-Street John ANDREW born c1828 Old Malton. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 19 June 1832 Wharram-le-Street. Mary PICKERING baptised 25 May 1822 Birdsall, married 24 July 1841 Wharram-le-Street Robert RYDER. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 7 November 1831 Wharram-le-Street.

8th Generation James PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 19 October 1817 Wharram-le-Street, married 17 December 1838 Helperthorpe Elizabeth ANDERSON (daughter of Timothy ANDERSON and Mary MILNER) born 2 August 1812 Helperthorpe.
Children: John Appleby PICKERING Anderson PICKERING James PICKERING Harry PICKERING William PICKERING Warley PICKERING Wharley PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 9 September 1821 Wharram-le-Street, married 1847 Malton George BOTTOMLEY. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 28 May 1826 Wharram-le-Street. Warley PICKERING baptised 28 October 1828 Wharram-le-Street, married 23 November 1850 Middlesbrough Elizabeth DONKING (daughter of John DONKING and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 26 March 1827 Stainton.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING John Thomas PICKERING Henry PICKERING James Warley PICKERING Donking PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 28 August 1831 Wharram-le-Street. John PICKERING baptised 1 September 1833 Wharram-le-Street. William PICKERING iron worker, baptised 30 August 1835 Wharram-le-Street, married 1859 Middlesbrough Susannah BAINBRIDGE born 1838 Durham.
Children: Susannah PICKERING Jane PICKERING Kate PICKERING Grace PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Mirriam PICKERING born c1836 Wharram-le-Street. Susannah PICKERING baptised 8 October 1837 Wharram-le-Street. Henry PICKERING baptised 14 June 1840 Wharram-le-Street. Wilson PICKERING baptised 10 November 1842 Wharram-le-Street. Jeffrey Warley PICKERING draper, baptised 21 April 1844 Wharram-le-Street, died 13 March 1902 Eston, married 1st 1871 Derby Mary Ann GOODE born c1844 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 2nd 1878 Stockton, Co. Durham Emma GOODE born c1840 Derby.
Children of Jeffrey Warley PICKERING and Mary Ann GOODE: Charles Ernest PICKERING
Children of Jeffrey Warley PICKERING and Emma GOODE: Herbert PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 25 May 1847 Kirby Grindalythe, died 1847 Wharram-le-Street. Isaac PICKERING baptised 28 September 1848 Wharram-le-Street, died 1867.

9th Generation Margaret Louisa PICKERING born 1868 Wharram-le-Street. David PICKERING born 1870 Wharram-le-Street. Thomas V. PICKERING born c1892 Wharram-le-Street. Mary PICKERING born c1894 Wharram-le-Street.