Pickerings of Holderness


This tree is called Pickerings of Holderness because most of its members were born, lived and died in the ancient wapentake of Holderness or in the part of the Harthill wapentake (Hunsley Beacon) which was later incorporated into the parliamentary county division of Holderness.

There is compelling circumstantial evidence supporting a link between John Pickering of Oswaldkirk, who died in 1521, and John Pickering, who died in Bishop Burton in 1565. Unfortunately the will of John the elder is missing; it is highly probable that it would have proved that he was the father of John the younger.

The Pickerings who moved to Rise were entered as Puckerings in the church registers, but their descendants reverted to Pickering once they left the village, the only exception being John Puckering, who married Elizabeth Hudson in 1756 and whose descendants retained the alternative spelling after their move to other parishes. To avoid confusion, the Pickerings who underwent the double spelling change are posted as Pickering throughout.

13th Generation

( John PICKERING gentleman, born c1500, buried February 1565 Bishop Burton, East Riding, married c1520 Joan UNKNOWN buried October 1565 Bishop Burton.

14th Generation

1.2. John PICKERING buried 21 April 1563 Bishop Burton.

1.3. Robert PICKERING buried 20 July 1586 Hull, married Agnes UNKNOWN buried c1589, Hull.
1.3.1. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.3.2. Thomas PICKERING
1.3.3. Thomas PICKERING
1.3.4. John PICKERING alias BROWNE

John Browne was the servant of Robert and Agnes Pickering of Hull, who had no surviving children. John was made their heir and took the name Pickering.

1.4. Hugh PICKERING buried 26 January 1591 Bishop Burton, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.4.1. Richard PICKERING
1.4.2. Ellen PICKERING
1.4.3. Anthony PICKERING
1.4.4. Humphrey PICKERING

1.1. Thomas PICKERING living between 1563 and 1577 Bishop Burton, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.1.1. John PICKERING
1.1.4. Joan PICKERING
1.1.5. Phyllis PICKERING
1.1.6. Joan PICKERING
1.1.7. Anthony PICKERING
1.1.2. Anthony PICKERING

15th Generation

1.3.1. Elizabeth PICKERING buried 18 July 1586 Hull.

1.3.2. Thomas PICKERING baptised 10 December 1562 Bishop Burton.

1.3.3. Thomas PICKERING baptised 23 August 1586 Bishop Burton, buried 29 May 1591 Bishop Burton.

1.3.4. John PICKERING alias BROWNE servant, died 1598 Hull, married Jane UNKNOWN died c1598 Hull.
Children: Anne PICKERING

1.4.1. Richard PICKERING baptised 4 March 1567 Bishop Burton.

1.4.2. Ellen PICKERING baptised 21 September 1571 Bishop Burton.

1.4.3. Anthony PICKERING baptised August 1575 Bishop Burton.

1.4.4. Humphrey PICKERING baptised 31 July 1580 Bishop Burton.

1.1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised March 1563 Bishop Burton.

1.1.1.  John PICKERING glover, baptised April 1565 Bishop Burton, buried 27 March 1629, St. Mary’s, Hull, East Riding, married 1st 10 August 1590 St. Mary’s, Hull, East Riding, Alice BAXTER buried 24 December 1601 St. Mary’s Hull, East Riding, married 2nd Anne UNKNOWN buried 16 September 1623, St. Mary’s, Hull, East Riding, married 3rd 2 December 1627 St. Mary’s, Hull, East Riding, Jane HOUGHTON buried 18 May 1628 St. Mary’s, Hull.

1.1.4. Joan PICKERING baptised 29 March 1567 Bishop Burton.

1.1.5. Phyllis PICKERING baptised 1 June 1569 Bishop Burton, married 10 August 1599 Bishop Burton John SKALIS.

1.1.6. Joan PICKERING baptised 20 May 1571 Bishop Burton.

1.1.7. Anthony PICKERING baptised 26 January 1574 Bishop Burton, buried 14 July 1574 Bishop Burton.

1.1.2. Anthony PICKERING baptised 25 May 1577 Bishop Burton, buried 8 October 1651 Hedon, married 1st 23 November 1601 Hedon Elline MAPPLETON (daughter of Henry MAPPLETON mayor and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 30 August 1579 Hedon, buried 19 January 1606 Hedon, married 2nd 23 November 1606 Hedon Grace HARFORTH baptised 17 November 1580 Howden.
Children of Anthony PICKERING and Elline MAPPLETON: Francis PICKERING John PICKERING

16th Generation Anne PICKERING baptised 3 June 1598 Hull, married 6 October 1619 Hull William ROBINSON. William PICKERING living 1594, buried 23 December 1631 Drypool, Hull, married 26 February 1624 Drypool, Hull Jane ACEY, buried 1 November 1678 Drypool, Hull.
Children: Richard PICKERING Diana PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 28 February 1594 St. Mary’s, Hull, buried 11 March 1594 St. Mary’s Hull. Joseph PICKERING baptised 11 November 1594 St. Mary’s, Hull. Susanna PICKERING baptised 14 May 1597 St. Mary’s, Hull. Thomas PICKERING baptised 30 November 1598 St. Mary’s, Hull, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Joseph PICKERING Frances PICKERING baptised 7 September 1600 St. Mary’s, Hull. Francis PICKERING born c1601, buried 30 July 1602 Hedon. John PICKERING born c1603 buried 11 January 1605 Hedon. Thomas PICKERING baptised 6 September 1607 Hedon. (Infant) PICKERING born c1609 Hedon, buried 8 March 1609 Hedon. Robert PICKERING baptised 13 April 1610, buried 19 March 1640 Hedon. Ann PICKERING baptised 14 October 1612 Hedon, died 2 July 1621 Hedon. Anthony PICKERING born c1615, buried 8 October 1651 Hedon, married 1 June 1646 Hedon Elizabeth WAILES born c1626.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING Anthony PICKERING William PICKERING baptised 27 March 1616 Hedon. John PICKERING baptised 14 March 1619 Hedon, buried 21 February 1654 Hedon, married 12 May 1646 Hedon Jane PARCELEY buried 1 August 1662 Hedon.
Children: Sarah PICKERING John PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 19 October 1624 Hedon.

17th Generation Richard PICKERING baptised 4 December 1626 Drypool, Hull, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING Diana PICKERING baptised 4 February 1630 Drypool, Hull, buried 18 September 1630 Drypool, Hull. Joseph PICKERING buried 18 April 1631 St. Mary’s, Hull. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 24 born August 1646 Hedon. Anthony PICKERING baptised April 1648 Hedon, buried 3 May 1677 Patrington, married 11 February 1674 Sproatley Joan FETHERSTON born c1652, buried 24 April 1680 Patrington.
Children: Margaret PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 3 August 1647 Hedon, buried 10 July 1648 Hedon. John PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 14 October 1649 Hedon, buried 18 March 1694 Rise, married 1st 11 June 1668 Lund Isabel MIDDLETON, married 2nd c1672 Hanna UNKNOWN buried 18 February 1683 Rise, married 3rd 15 November 1683 Rise Elizabeth WALKER.
Children of John PICKERING and Elizabeth WALKER: William PUCKERING Isabel PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Marmaduke PUCKERING Richard PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Hannah PICKERING George PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 January 1652 Hedon, married 13 November 1701 Rise Thomas MAINPRICE. Mary PICKERING baptised 16 January 1652 Hedon.

18th Generation William PICKERING mariner, baptised 1650 Drypool, Hull, died c1691, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING Alice PICKERING Margaret PICKERING baptised 23 February 1676 Patrington, buried 26 February 1676 Patrington. Thomas PICKERING baptised 11 February 1677 Patrington, buried 1 April 1683 Patrington. William PICKERING born c1669, buried 19 April 1669 Lund. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 26 February 1670 Lund. John PICKERING baptised 26 February 1670 Lund. John PUCKERING baptised 4 September 1673 Rise, buried 10 March 1694 Rise, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children of John PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: John PUCKERING Isabel PUCKERING baptised and buried 7 December 1675 Rise. Robert PUCKERING baptised 4 January 1677 Rise. Thomas PUCKERING born c1677, buried 1 March 1677 Rise. Ann PUCKERING baptised 3 October 1678 Rise, buried 15 November 1679 Rise. Hanna PUCKERING baptised 3 October 1678 Rise, buried 7 September 1685 Rise. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 10 February 1683 Rise, buried 18 February 1683 Rise. Jane PUCKERING baptised 10 February 1683 Rise, buried 29 June 1683 Rise. William PUCKERING labourer, baptised 31 August 1684 Rise, buried 12 October 1769, married 1st 2 June 1710 Hutton Cranswick Mary PINKINGTON (daughter of John PINKINGTON and Mary ACKLAM), baptised 11 June 1688 Garton-on-The-Wolds, buried 24 December 1729 Hutton Cranswick, married 2nd 24 June 1730 Hutton Cranswick Eleanor SIGSWORTH buried 15 January 1748, married 3rd 5 January 1751 Hutton Cranswick Elizabeth HARDY (widow of John HENMAN ).
Children of William PICKERING and Eleanor SIGSWORTH: Robert PICKERING Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING Isabel PICKERING baptised 24 June 1688 in Rise, married 15 January 1716 Rise Ralph HOWARD. Mary PICKERING baptised 21 December 1691 Rise. Marmaduke PICKERING joiner, baptised 29 May 1694 Rise, buried 11 January 1770 Hedon, married 9 October 1722 Preston Mary SPENSER buried 4 May 1770 Hedon.
Children: Marmaduke PICKERING Mary PICKERING Martha PICKERING Marmaduke PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING Richard PICKERING Richard PICKERING born c1696, married 19 November 1734 Skeckling Hannah DEARLOVE. John PICKERING Richard PICKERING William PICKERING Marmaduke PICKERING Dearlove PICKERING Michael PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born c1698, married 1 June 1724 Hedon John FAWN labourer, born c1700. Hannah PICKERING born c1698, married 20 October 1739 Swine William FOSTER. George PICKERING labourer, born c1700, married 16 November 1731 Tunstall Elizabeth COLLIN.

19th Generation William PICKERING buried 8 December 1683 Hull. Alice PICKERING baptised 14 March 1676 Hull, buried 30 August 1678 Hull. John PUCKERING born c1692, buried 7 June 1738 Aldbrough, married 1st 13 November 1712 Hedon Susannah ROBINSON (daughter of Martin ROBINSON, shoemaker) baptised 7 March 1683 Hedon, buried 23 December 1731 Aldbrough, married 2nd 21 March 1732 Catwick Elizabeth DAWSON born c1702.
Children of John PICKERING and Elizabeth DAWSON: Henry PICKERING John PUCKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 6 August 1710 Hutton Cranswick. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 17 February 1712 Hutton Cranswick, buried 17 March 1712 Hutton Cranswick. Mary PICKERING baptised 17 February 1712 Hutton Cranswick, buried 11 March 1712 Hutton Cranswick. William PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 17 January 1714 Hutton Cranswick, buried 22 August 1770, married 17 June 1735 Preston Hannah HOWSON, buried 3 April 1753 Preston.
Children: Sarah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING Richard PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Michael PICKERING Ann PICKERING Mary PICKERING Unnamed PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 16 February 1716 Hutton Cranswick, buried 20 June 1716 Hutton Cranswick. Daniel PICKERING baptised 30 June 1717 Hutton Cranswick, buried 3 July 1775, married Ann UNKNOWN c1746.
Children: John PICKERING Daniel PICKERING William PICKERING Daniel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 6 December 1719 Hutton Cranswick. Mary PICKERING baptised 15 July 1722 Hutton Cranswick. Margaret PICKERING baptised 6 December 1724 Hutton Cranswick. George PICKERING baptised 28 May 1727 Hutton Cranswick, buried 13 December 1727 Hutton Cranswick. Robert PICKERING baptised 25 May 1731 Hutton Cranswick, died 16 July 1792, married 16 December 1751 Kilnwick Jane LOADMAN, baptised 11 September 1733 Kilnwick, buried 12 June 1803 Kilnwick.
Children: John PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Richard PICKERING David PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 15 November 1736 Hutton Cranswick. Richard PICKERING baptised 9 July 1738 Hutton Cranswick, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Dorothy PICKERING Frances PICKERING William PICKERING Christopher PICKERING Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 1 May 1724 Hedon, buried 26 July 1724 Hedon.

Marmaduke Pickering 1731-1797 freedom of Hedon by birthright

Marmaduke Pickering 1731-1797
freedom of Hedon by birthright Mary PICKERING baptised 4 February 1725 Hedon, married 20 July 1772 Paull William DUTY. Martha PICKERING baptised 16 born September 1729 Hedon, buried 14 April 1800, married 24 July 1763 Hedon Thomas HOE joiner, baptised 9 March 1718 Calverley, West Riding, buried 11 April 1798 Hedon. Marmaduke PICKERING bricklayer, customs officer, baptised 1 January 1731 Hedon, died 1797 Aldbrough, married 19 February 1759 Hedon, Ann BROWN born c1733 Hedon. Eleanor PICKERING baptised 4 April 1735 Hedon, married 22 November 1759 Owston, Lincolnshire Thomas FURNESS, cooper. Richard PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 3 March 1738 Hedon, died before 1778, married 27 August 1760 Preston Mary HARDY, died before 1778.
Children: John PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Jane Hardy PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 4 September 1735 Skeckling. Richard PICKERING baptised 17 June 1737 Skeckling, married 27 July 1761 Wrawby, Lincolnshire Hannah MILSON, baptised 18 March 1738 Wrawby, Lincolnshire, buried 25 September 1775 Hedon.
Children: Marmaduke PICKERING Lydia PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING baptised 16 March 1741 Skeckling. Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 28 October 1744 Skeckling. Dearlove PICKERING blacksmith, baptised born 13 July 1746 Skeckling, married 1st 8 May 1769 Wawne Frances HARDY born 1745, died May 1777 Leven, married 2nd 30 November 1779 Leven.
Children of Dearlove PICKERING and Frances HARDY: Nancy PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Hardy PICKERING Francis PICKERING
Children of Dearlove PICKERING and Ann PINDER: William PICKERING Michael PICKERING baptised 29 May 1749 Skeckling. Ralph PICKERING labourer, baptised 14 September 1732 Tunstall, married 12 December 1774 Winestead Elizabeth STEPHENSON.
Children: Rachel PICKERING George PICKERING Rachel PICKERING baptised 19 September 1734 Tunstall. George PICKERING baptised 8 December 1737 Tunstall.

20th Generation Henry PICKERING baptised 27 June 1733 Aldbrough, buried 8 June 1797 Wawne, married 1st 25 June 1764 Wawne Sarah JOHNSON (daughter of William JOHNSON) baptised 12 August 1737 Wawne, buried 11 March 1776 Wawne, married 2nd 10 December 1776 Ruth MAUD buried 5 June 1800 Wawne.
Children of Henry PICKERING and Sarah JOHNSON: Michael PICKERING William PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Esther PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Polly Johnson PICKERING John PICKERING John PUCKERING labourer, born c1735 and died after 1797, married 13 December 1756 Rise Elizabeth HUDSON (daughter of Thomas HUDSON and Elizabeth FLETCHER) baptised 20 December 1730 Rise, buried 18 April 1797 Rise.
Children: John PUCKERING Susanna PUCKERING Stephen PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING William PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING John PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING baptised 29 May 1738 Aldbrough, buried 3 February 1739 Aldbrough. Sarah PICKERING baptised 29 August 1736 Preston, married 30 November 1758 Preston James FRITH. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 3 March 1738 Preston, buried 28 1748 Hedon.

Great Court of Preston

Great Court of Preston William PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 17 April 1743 Preston, married 3 June 1773 Preston Mary BATEMAN (daughter of William BATEMAN and Ann ACEY) baptised 1 November 1747 Preston.
Children: William PICKERING Ann PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Richard PICKERING baptised 7 July 1745 Preston, buried 7 October 1812, married 29 June 1767 Preston Sarah ACEY (daughter of John ACEY and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 31 December 1744 Preston.
Children: Mary PICKERING William PICKERING John PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Ann PICKERING Hannah PICKERING baptised 27 September 1747 Preston, buried 23 November 1747 Preston. Hannah PICKERING baptised 6 November 1748 Hedon, buried 25 November 1748. Michael PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 11 March 1750 Hedon, buried 17 November 1801, married 3 January 1774 Preston Mary SHARP (daughter of William SHARP) baptised 16 May 1750 Hull, buried 25 May 1805.
Children: Hannah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Richard PICKERING William PICKERING John PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Michael PICKERING Mary PICKERING Richard PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING born c1751, buried 3 February 1789 Preston, married 21 October 1771 Preston Thomas BATTY (son of John BATTY) labourer, baptised 30 August 1751 Hedon, buried 23 March 1832. Mary PICKERING born c1752 Preston, buried 26 November 1783 Preston. Unnamed PICKERING stillborn, buried 3 April 1753 Preston. John PICKERING tailor, baptised 2 August 1747 Preston, buried 1 April 1819, married 25 May 1773 Preston Frances TODD, born c1754 Caistor, Lincolnshire, buried 25 December 1844.
Children: John PICKERING Daniel PICKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING David PICKERING Frances PICKERING David PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Ann PICKERING Frances PICKERING Mary PICKERING Daniel PICKERING baptised 1 January 1750 Preston, buried 17 July 1753 Preston. William PICKERING baptised 30 March 1752 Preston, buried 27 December 1753 Preston. Daniel PICKERING born 1759 Preston, buried 20 August 1759 Preston. Mary PICKERING born 1760 Preston, buried 27 May 1760 Preston. Sarah PICKERING born 1764 Preston, buried 12 May 1783 Preston. John PICKERING baptised 9 December 1753 Kilnwick, married 23 November 1777 Garton-on-The-Wolds Hannah MAJOR born 1753 Etton, buried 18 November 1833 Garton-on-The-Wolds.
Children: Robert PICKERING John PICKERING David PICKERING Francis PICKERING William PICKERING Ellen PICKERING baptised 8 August 1755 Kilnwick, married 22 January 1781 Thomas LEEMING. Mary PICKERING baptised 10 April 1757 Kilnwick, buried 10 August 1816 Kilnwick. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 19 May 1759 Kilnwick, buried 6 February 1807 Kilnwick, married 1st Mary PICKERING before 1784 born 1761 Heighington, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 5 July 1784 Bainton Mary SPECK born c1760.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary SPECK: Robert PICKERING Richard PICKERING Thomas PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING David PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 17 September 1763 Etton. Richard PICKERING labourer, baptised 23 September 1765 Etton, married 3 September 1788 Kilnwick Margaret VICKERS born Kilnwick.
Children: John PICKERING Emma PICKERING Mary PICKERING Emma PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 10 January 1768 Etton, married 12 May 1788 Boynton Ellen BAULKE (daughter of Robert BAULKE and Hannah UNKNOWN) baptised 25 February 1769 Nafferton.
Children: Henry PICKERING Henry Bolk PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Fanny PICKERING James PICKERING Jane PICKERING Dorothy PICKERING baptised 13 January 1762 Bridlington. Frances PICKERING baptised 13 January 1762 Bridlington. William PICKERING gardener, baptised 31 December 1764 Bridlington. Christopher PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 18 March 1767 Bridlington, married 14 December 1789 Bempton Ann FLINTON.
Children: Richard PICKERING Mary PICKERING Susannah PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 28 December 1760 Hedon, died before 1821, married 3 December 1781 Paull Mary SMITH (daughter of Thomas SMITH) baptised 12 October 1762, buried 8 August 1838 Hedon.
Children: Frances PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Lydia PICKERING Richard PICKERING Jane PICKERING John Mark PICKERING Smith PICKERING Hardy PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 8 March 1763 Hedon, buried 8 August 1838 Hedon. Ann PICKERING baptised 24 February 1765 Hedon. Hannah PICKERING baptised and buried 15 February 1767 Hedon. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 April 1772 Hedon. Thomas PICKERING baptised 10 October 1773 Paull, died 27 October 1778 Hedon. Jane Hardy PICKERING baptised 3 July 1775 Skeckling.

Marmaduke Pickering b1762 freedom of Hedon by birthright

Marmaduke Pickering b1762
freedom of Hedon by birthright Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 15 August 1762 Hull, buried 28 December 1839 Hull, married 1 October 1805 Wrawby, Lincolnshire Ann PORTRESS.
Children: George Milson PICKERING Millson PICKERING William PICKERING Marmaduke PICKERING Bernhardena Mussendine PICKERING Marmaduke PICKERING Ann Caroline PICKERING Henrietta PICKERING Matilda PICKERING Lydia PICKERING baptised 18 December 1768 Skeckling. Mary PICKERING baptised 17 May 1775 Skeckling. Nancy PICKERING baptised 2 March 1770 Leven. Hannah PICKERING baptised 12 May 1771 Leven, married George CALVERT wheelwright, born c1768. Hardy PICKERING baptised 8 June 1773 Leven. Francis PICKERING baptised 7 May 1777 Leven. William PICKERING baptised 31 March 1781 Leven, married Sarah UNKNOWN.
Children: William Dearlove PICKERING Rachel PICKERING baptised 30 April 1780 Hollym. George PICKERING baptised 12 Februry 1782 Hollym, married 27 March 1804 Hilston Mary FOUSTON (daughter of John FOUSTON and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 12 May 1788 Paull.

21st Generation Michael PICKERING baptised 23 July 1764 Wawne, buried 8 March 1818 Leven, married 20 March 1786 Leven Nancy MERCER (daughter of George MERCER and Margaret KIDD) baptised 23 June 1766 Leven.
Children: John PICKERING William Mercer PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Henry Mercer PICKERING Rosey PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Nancy PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING born c1765, buried 14 April 1765 Wawne. Hannah PICKERING baptised 27 November 1767 Wawne, buried 27 February 1771 Wawne. Esther PICKERING baptised 27 November 1767 Wawne. Mary PICKERING baptised 23 October 1768 Wawne, buried 25 November 1768 Wawne. William PICKERING baptised 4 April 1770 Wawne, married 1st c1788 Unknown UNKNOWN born c1770, died before 1795, married 2nd 16 December 1795 Hannah PICKERING (daughter of Dearlove PICKERING and Frances HARDY) baptised 12 May 1771 Leven, buried 14 December 1779 Wawne, married 3rd Mary DALTON, married 4th Frances UNKNOWN.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary DALTON: Matthew PICKERING George PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 10 February 1771 Wawne, buried 6 March 1771 Wawne. Hannah PICKERING baptised 30 May 1773 Wawne. Polly Johnson PICKERING baptised 7 August 1774 Wawne, married 9 November 1795 Wawne John PLOWMAN. John PICKERING baptised 17 January 1776 Wawne, buried 24 July 1776 Wawne. John PUCKERING baptised 4 September 1757 Rise, buried 8 October 1773 Rise. Susanna PUCKERING baptised 11 February 1759 Rise, married 14 May 1789 Skirlaugh John CHARLES. Stephen PUCKERING baptised 20 March 1760 Rise, buried 4 January 1824 Rise, married 14 December 1795 Beverley Elizabeth TRAIN. Mary PUCKERING baptised 20 February 1763 Rise, married c1790 Henry FAIRBANK baptised 20 July 1765 Rise. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 9 September 1765 Rise, buried 25 October 1774 Rise. William PUCKERING gardener, baptised 14 March 1768 Rise, buried 25 November 1844 Rise, married 15 July 1793 Aldbrough Elizabeth GIBSON died before 1841.
Children: William PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING baptised 22 July 1770 Rise, buried 24 March 1774 Rise. John PUCKERING baptised 14 August 1774 Rise, married 2 October 1798 Nunkeeling Sarah RUDDOCK (daughter of William RUDDOCK) baptised 17 November 1776 North Frodingham, buried 22 July 1823 Rise.
Children: Harriet PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING William PUCKERING William PICKERING baptised 9 February 1774 Preston, buried 6 April 1774 Preston. Ann PICKERING baptised 24 September 1775 Preston. Hannah PICKERING born 14 June 1778 Preston. Mary PICKERING baptised 24 January 1768 Preston. William PICKERING baptised 13 March 1770 Preston. John PICKERING baptised 1 November 1772 Preston. Mary PICKERING baptised 3 July 1774 Preston. Hannah PICKERING baptised 14 April 1776 Preston. Sarah PICKERING baptised 1 November 1778 Preston. Ann PICKERING born 21 March 1781 Preston. Hannah PICKERING baptised 22 March 1775 Preston, married 2 January 1799 Preston John FURNESS (son of Thomas FURNESS and Eleanor PICKERING) baptised 4 September 1775 Hedon. Mary PICKERING baptised 19 November 1776 Preston.

William Pickering and Ann Batty gravestone, Prestone churchyard

William Pickering and Ann Batty
gravestone, Preston churchyard Unknown PICKERING born c1777. Richard PICKERING baptised 8 December 1777 Preston. William PICKERING bricklayer, born 1 March 1779 Preston, died 1 March 1843 Preston, married 19 May 1802 Preston Ann BATTY (daughter of William BATTY and Hannah LOTT) baptised 6 May 1781 Withernwick, buried 29 June 1824 Preston.
Children: William PICKERING Michael PICKERING Richard PICKERING Mary PICKERING Hannah PICKERING John PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING joiner, born 31 January 1781 Preston, married 12 May 1808 Preston Frances RENNARDSON (daughter of John RENNARDSON and Mary DUNN) born 31 January 1784 Preston, died before 1851.
Children: John PICKERING Michael PICKERING Frances PICKERING Mary PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING born 27 April 1782 Preston, married 17 November 1808 Preston Thomas BIGLIN. Michael PICKERING born 13 February 1784 Preston, married 1 August 1809 Paull Ann FROKINGHAM (daughter of William FROKINGHAM) baptised 20 May 1788 Burton Pidsea.
Children: Charles PICKERING Jane PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary PICKERING born 29 April 1785 Preston. Richard PICKERING baptised 11 May 1788 Preston. Jane PICKERING baptised 6 February 1791 Preston. John PICKERING baptised 9 October 1774 Preston. Daniel PICKERING baptised 25 February 1776 Preston, died 1851 Hull, married 6 May 1803 Jane UNKNOWN died 6 May 1842 Hull.
Children: Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Frances PICKERING Daniel PICKERING Mary PICKERING born 2 February 1778 Preston. John PICKERING born 2 February 1778 Preston. David PICKERING born 1 January 1781 Preston, buried 17 August 1781 Preston. Frances PICKERING baptised 22 May 1782 Paull, died before 1795. David PICKERING subpostmaster, born 17 January 1784 Hedon, and died 18 November 1877 Sproatley, married 27 June 1814 Hedon Ann SUTHERBY (daughter of William SUTHERBY and Sarah CONSTABLE) baptised 11 April 1789 Market Weighton, died after 1871 Sproatley.
Children: Mary PICKERING John PICKERING David PICKERING William PICKERING Edward PICKERING Charles Percy PICKERING Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Ann PICKERING born 12 May 1786 Hedon, died 15 June 1787 Hedon. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 13 May 1788 Hedon, buried 18 March 1875 Scarborough, married 2 December 1809 Hedon Edward GELL (son of William GELL and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 24 November 1790 Preston, died 1819. Sarah PICKERING born 1790 Hedon. Ann PICKERING baptised 29 January 1793 Hedon, died 26 December 1877, married15 December 1831 Hedon Richard RUDDIFORTH. Frances PICKERING baptised 15 April 1795 Hedon. Mary PICKERING baptised 26 April 1799 Hedon. Robert PICKERING baptised 3 May 1780 Garton-on-the-Wolds. John PICKERING baptised 5 January 1783 Garton-on-the-Wolds, buried 1820 Huggate, married 18 April 1815 Huggate Frances FOX.
Children: Harriet PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 14 November 1784 Garton-on-the-Wolds, died 1854 Duggleby, married 28 November 1809 Thorpe Bassett Bridget BOWES (daughter of Richard BOWES) baptised 8 August 1786 Helmsley, died before 1851.
Children: Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mayday PICKERING Rachel PICKERING David PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Robert PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Bessy PICKERING Francis PICKERING shepherd, baptised 13 August 1786 Garton-on-the-Wolds, married 1st 21 December 1806 Huggate Mary JOHNSON (daughter of Christopher JOHNSON) baptised 6 March 1788 Huggate, died before 1824, married 2nd Ann CRAVEN 5 December 1824 Great Givendale, born 1786 Fimber, died 1848 Huggate, married 3rd 30 December 1849 Huggate Anna HOLTBY (daughter of Thomas HOLTBY) born 31 October 1783 Fimber.
Children of Francis PICKERING and Ann CRAVEN: Mary PICKERING John PICKERING Richard PICKERING David PICKERING William PICKERING tailor, baptised 31 July 1791 Huggate, died before 1861, married 22 June 1816 Market Weighton Elizabeth GORWOOD (daughter of Edward GORWOOD and Hannah UNKNOWN) baptised 28 April 1796 Market Weighton.
Children: Hannah PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 23 August 1784 Kilnwick, married 24 May 1823 Beswick Jane LEE.
Children: Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1787 Kilnwick, died 12 March 1855, married 15 April 1811 Middleton-on-the-Wolds Elizabeth GRAY (daughter of Stephen GRAY and Catherine WRITHEL) baptised 26 May 1793 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.
Children: William PICKERING Robert PICKERING William PICKERING Martin PICKERING Catherine PICKERING Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Stephen PICKERING Mary PICKERING Richard PICKERING Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 28 July 1790 Kilnwick, married 1st 12 January 1822 Kilnwick Rebecca WALKER (daughter of Francis WALKER and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 6 August 1797 Driffield, buried 8 January 1823 Kilnwick, married 2nd 3 July 1825 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah WALKER (daughter of Francis WALKER and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 2 July Driffield.
Children of Thomas PICKERING and Sarah WALKER: Ann PICKERING Leah PICKERING William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING John PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1791, married 2 February 1822 Leah WALKER (daughter of James WALKER and Anne UNKNOWN) born 20 November 1803 Beswick.
Children: Emma PICKERING Richard PICKERING James PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Jane PICKERING born c1792, married 5 July 1847 Kilnwick Johnson Pearson GOLDEN. William PICKERING baptised 10 September 1794 Kilnwick, married 11 may 1819 Kilnwick Dinah BLAKESTONE. Mary PICKERING baptised 3 October 1802 Kilnwick, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Rebecca PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 16 September 1804 Kilnwick. David PICKERING baptised 27 October 1805 Kilnwick. John PICKERING baptised 27 September 1789 Kilnwick. Emma PICKERING baptised 18 March 1794 Pocklington. Mary PICKERING baptised 9 April 1796 Pocklington. Emma PICKERING baptised 30 June 1799 Pocklington. Henry PICKERING born 4 March 1789 Boynton, died 26 September 1793 Boynton. Henry Bolk PICKERING tailor, draper born 29 November 1794 Boynton, married 1st c1815 Hannah UNKNOWN born c1791 Bridlington, died 1845 Bridlington, married 2nd 1849 Bridlington Mary JOHNSON born c1822 Bridlington.
Children of Henry Bolk PICKERING and Hannah UNKNOWN: William PICKERING Samuel PICKERING tailor, baptised 20 March 1797 Boynton, married 1st 28 November 1820 Bridlington Hannah BESWICK (daughter of George BESWICK) born October 1796 North Burton, died before 1824 Bridlington, married 2nd 6 December 1824 Elizabeth HAY died before 1838 Bridlington, married 3rd 22 October 1838 Bridlington Hannah DENNIS (daughter of Richard DENNIS) baptised 27 April 1803 Bridlington.
Children of Samuel PICKERING and Elizabeth HAY: Ann Eliza PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING PICKERING baptised 9 February 1799 Boynton, buried 3 April 1800 Boynton. PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 15 July 1802 Bridlington, died before 1841 Bridlington, married Mary PICKERING GARDHAM (daughter of Matthew GARDHAM) baptised 8 February 1801 Flamborough.
Children: Eleanor PICKERING Jane PICKERING William PICKERING John PICKERING Alice PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 4 January 1806 Bridlington. Richard PICKERING baptised 7 November 1790 Bridlington, married 26 December 1814 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Judith Ellis PATTISON baptised 6 October 1786 Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Children: Ann PICKERING John Pattison PICKERING Christopher PICKERING John PICKERING Sedman PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Ellis PICKERING Susannah PICKERING baptised 13 February 1794 Bridlington. Frances PICKERING baptised 12 April 1782 Paull, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: John PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 31 August 1785 Skeckling. Hannah PICKERING born February 1788 Skeckling. PICKERING baptised 25 December 1789 Skeckling, married 11 May 1816 Skeckling John LOWNSBOROUGH. Richard PICKERING baptised 4 February 1792 Skeckling, married 31 August 1816 Burstwick Elizabeth FOSTER.
Children: John PICKERING PICKERING baptised baptised 28 January 1794 Ryehill, married 7 May 1814 Paull Thomas AUSTWICK, baptised 23 March 1794 Knottingley, West Riding. John Mark PICKERING baptised 29 April 1796 Skeckling. Smith PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 February 1799 Skeckling, died 1877 Hull, married 1st 18 December 1826 Hull Mary GOSLING, married 2nd 12 May 1832 Hull Hannah FOSTER, born c1801 Hull.
Children of Smith PICKERING and Mary GOSLING: Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING
Children of Smith PICKERING and Hannah FOSTER: John Foster PICKERING Richard Smith PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Hannah Mary PICKERING Emily PICKERING Hardy PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 January 1801 Skeckling, and died 1847 Sheffield, West Riding, married 15 May 1822 Sproatley Ann WAUDBY born c1797 Sproatley, died 1875 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Riding.
Children: John Waudby PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING William PICKERING Richard PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 29 June 1804 Skeckling. George Milson PICKERINGbaptised 11 June 1806 Wrawby, Lincolnshire, married 15 December Hull Hannah WOOD.
Children: Robert PICKERING Oswald PICKERING George Milson PICKERING William PICKERING Millson PICKERING baptised 22 November 1807 Brigg, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING baptised 22 November 1807 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 30 April 1809 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Bernhardena Mussendine PICKERING baptised 4 December 1810 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 26 January 1813 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Ann Caroline PICKERING  born 1 Decemeber 1814 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Henrietta PICKERING born 27 October 1817 Brigg, Lincolnshire. Matilda PICKERING baptised 21 February. 1821 Sculcoates, Hull, married 1840 Sculcoates, Hull Thomas ROBINSON painter, born c1824 Hull. William Dearlove PICKERING baptised 22 July 1804 Hull. Rachel PICKERING baptised 10 March 1805 Hilston. Ralph PICKERING waterman, 4 August 1806 Hilston, married 13 August 1833 Wakefield, West Riding Mary BECKET born c1808 Wakefield.
Children: William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Martha Ann PICKERING John PICKERING Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING Mary Ellen PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 18 January 1809 Hilston, married 1827 Patrington John SIDEBOTTOM. John PICKERING baptised 26 January 1812 Hilston, died before 1901, married 27 April 1833 Patrington Elizabeth WALKS (daughter of Thomas WALKS and Elizabeth UNKNOWN baptised 9 August 1812 Patrington.
Children: Mary Jane PICKERING John PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann Eliza PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Thomas William PICKERING William PICKERING fisherman, baptised 31 August 1814 Hilston, married 9 November 1835 Hedon Jane PENROSE (daughter of George PENROSE and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 17 October 1813 Patrington.
Children: James PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING William PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 7 September 1817 Patrington, married 4 February 1837 Patrington David ELLIS. Jane PICKERING baptised 9 January 1820 Patrington. Thomas Stephenson PICKERING baptised 22 September 1822 Patrington.

22nd Generation John PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 29 April 1787 Wawne. William Mercer PICKERING blacksmith, beerhouse keeper, baptised 19 October 1788 Wawne, died 1872 Driffield, married 1st c1815 Elizabeth UNKNOWN died 1839 Driffield, married 2nd 1840 Driffield Sarah WESTOBY (daughter of John WESTOBY and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 19 June 1811 Hull.
Children of William Mercer PICKERING and Elizabeth UNKNOWN: James PICKERING William PICKERING Charles PICKERING John PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING
Children of William Mercer PICKERING and Sarah WESTOBY: William PICKERING James PICKERING Westoby PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mercer PICKERING George M. PICKERING Henry PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 16 September 1790 Swine. Henry Mercer PICKERING baptised 5 December 1792 Swine, buried 8 November 1874 Raleigh, Ontario, Canada. married 1st c1823 Beeford Sarah S. BLYTH (daughter of Stephen BLYTH and Ann YOUNG) born 17 November 1801 Skipsea, buried 14 July 1868 Raleigh, Ontario, Canada, married 2nd 22 November 1870 Ellen PINDER Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada, (daughter of William PINDER and Elizabeth BROADRICK) born September 1837 Wold Newton, buried February 1909, Harwich Ontario, Canada.
Children of Henry Mercer PICKERING and Sarah S. BLYTH: William PICKERING John B. PICKERING Richard PICKERING Henry Masters PICKERING Annie PICKERING Sarah Harriet PICKERING Mary S. PICKERING Rosanna PICKERING Thomas Youngson PICKERING George Blyth PICKERING Stephen Horatio PICKERING James Michael PICKERING Joseph E. PICKERING Rosey PICKERING baptised 15 February 1795 Swine. Thomas PICKERING baptised 7 May 1797 Swine. Nancy PICKERING baptised 12 September 1802 Leven. Mary PICKERING baptised 25 December 1804 Leven. George PICKERING baptised 12 February 1788 Swine, buried 25 March 1822 Wawne, married 22 October 1819 Hull Rebecca JACKSON (daughter of George JACKSON) baptised 11 May 1791 Holy Trinity, Hull.
Children: Jackson PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 16 September 1790 Swine, buried 10 April 1797 Wawne. Henry PICKERING born c1742, buried 8 June 1797 Wawne. Francis PICKERING machine wright, baptised 11 January 1793 Swine, married 17 February 1818 Thornton-le-Dale Mary HOLDER born 29 October 1794 Barmston, died before 1861 Nunkeeling.
Children: William PICKERING Sarah PICKERING John PICKERING Robert PICKERING Emmanuel PICKERING Francis PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Mary PICKERING beerhouse keeper, baptised 24 March 1796 Bewholme. Sally PICKERING baptised 2 November 1796 Wawne. Richard PICKERING baptised 18 March 1797 Wawne, married November 1828 Beverley Sarah JOY. John PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 11 July 1797 Benningholme, died before 1881, married 1st c1820 Ann UNKNOWN died before 1841, married 2nd Mary UNKNOWN born c1802 North Frodingham.
Children of John PICKERING and Mary PICKERING: Ann PICKERING Matthew PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 18 May 1801 Bewholme, died 1876 Aldbrough, married 26 May 1827 Brandesburton Mary PINDER (daughter of John PINDER and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 23 August 1808 Brandesburton.
Children: Sarah PICKERING Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING Susannah PICKERING John Pinder PICKERING George PICKERING Robert PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Charles PICKERING Francis PICKERING Arthur PICKERING George PICKERING joiner, baptised 10 October 1811 Ellerby, married Ellen UNKNOWN born c1805 Hornsea. William PUCKERING baptised 13 March 1796 Aldbrough, buried 13 January 1809 Rise. Mary PUCKERING baptised 25 April 1799 Rise, died before 1881 Rise, married 4 June 1829 Rise Robert BROWN born 1809. Harriet PUCKERING baptised 29 May 1802 Leven. Mary PUCKERING baptised 7 August 1807 Leven. William PUCKERING tailor, draper, baptised 10 January 1813 Leven, married 18 August 1838 Bridlington Sarah FORTH (daughter of Abraham FORTH and Ann PORTER) baptised 4 July 1816 Bridlington.
Children: John Robert PUCKERING Ann Forth PUCKERING Lucy Chancellor PUCKERING Clara Porter PUCKERING William PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 29 April 1804 Preston. Michael PICKERING schoolmaster, baptised 4 May 1806 Preston, died 16 March 1856 Swine, married 17 February 1834 Harriet MILLER born c1812 Hull.
Children: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Richard PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 10 July 1808 Preston, died 1879 Sculcoates, Hull married 1847 Sculcoates, Hull 1st Emma TINEGATE (widow of Henry RENNARDSON) born 1821 Sproatley, died 19 October 1853 Preston, married 2nd 9 April 1859 Mary COLEMAN baptised 4 October 1801 Preston, died before 1871.
Children of Richard PICKERING and Emma TINEGATE: Sarah Ann PICKERING Emma PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 18 November 1810 Preston. Hannah PICKERING baptised 13 June 1813 Preston. John PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 4 February 1816 Preston, died 1888 Coniston, married 1st 1846 Sculcoates, Hull Martha JOBLING born c1822 Swanland, died 1860 Preston, married 2nd 1861 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah OMAN (daughter of John OMAN and Martha HOLLIDAY) born December 1827 Withernwick.
Children of John PICKERING and Martha JOBLING: William PICKERING Michael PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Sarah PICKERING
Children of John PICKERING and Sarah OMAN: Alice PICKERING John Oman PICKERING Lucy PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Martha PICKERING Thomas PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 1 November 1818 Preston, died 13 November 1861 Preston, married 1855 Sculcoates, Hull Dinah THOMPSON (daughter of John THOMPSON and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 6 February 1831 Little Coates, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ann PICKERING Thompson PICKERING Ada Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 9 September 1821 Preston. John PICKERING marine store dealer, baptised 29 March 1810 Preston, died before 1871 Hull, married 5 September 1831 Hull Ann LOWNSBOROUGH born c1810 Hull.
Children: Jerry PICKERING Robert John PICKERING Michael PICKERING master bricklayer, baptised 2 October 1811 Preston, married 1st 24 March 1836 Harriet DARLEY died before 1851, married 2nd before 1871 Hull Mary UNKNOWN born 1814 Hull.
Children of Michael PICKERING and Harriet DARLEY: Michael PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Charles PICKERING Ann PICKERING Frances PICKERING  seamstress, baptised 24 September 1815 Paull. Mary PICKERING charwoman, baptised 25 January 1818 Paull.

Sarah Pickering 1817-1873

Sarah Pickering 1817-1873 Thomas PICKERING brush maker, baptised 11 October 1827 Hull, married 27 September 1851 Hull (daughter of Allan CHAPMAN) died before 1871.
Children: Walter PICKERING Frederick Allen PICKERING Charles PICKERING baptised 16 December 1809 Preston, married 24 November 1834 Hollym Susannah MASON (daughter of John MASON and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 12 August 1815 Keyingham.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 19 February 1815 Paull. Sarah PICKERING baptised 3 May 1817 Paull, buried 26 September 1873 Patrington, married 13 December 1879 Patrington Robert NORTON baptised 3 November 1811 Patrington, died 12 July 1879 Patrington. Ann PICKERING baptised 28 May 1804 Sculcoates, Hull. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 24 March 1806 Sculcoates, Hull. Frances PICKERING baptised 11 December Sculcoates, Hull, married 22 August 1830 Sculcoates, Hull Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH.

John Pickering 1816-1896

John Pickering 1816-1896 Daniel PICKERING baptised 12 October 1812 Sculcoates, Hull, and died 4 November 1832 Hull. Mary PICKERING baptised 2 August 1814 Hedon, and died April 1911 Hull, married 1835 Samuel LUSBY shipwright, baptised 23 September 1810 Hull, and died September 1893 Hull. John PICKERING tailor, postmaster, baptised 16 June 1816 Hedon, died 21 May 1896 Skirlaugh, married 8 October 1847 Hull Anna RAMSEY (daughter of George Petty RAMSEY and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 8 December 1822 Marfleet, Hull, died 19 March 1910 Marfleet, Hull.
Children: Ann PICKERING Fanny PICKERING Georgiana PICKERING Jemima PICKERING Fanny PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING John Charles PICKERING David PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 18 September Sproatley, married 1846 Skirlaugh Mary BURR born c1817 Hull.
Children: Fanny PICKERING William PICKERING builder, baptised 24 November 1820 Sproatley, died 1909 Sculcoates, Hull, married 5 January 1843 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Sarah BURLEY fur cutter (daughter of William BURLEY and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) born 1820 Lincoln, died 15 February 1905 Withernsea.

William Pickering 1820-1909

Sarah Burley 1820-1905

William Pickering, Prince Street

11 Prince Street, 2017 (with red interior)
Wm. and S. Pickering's residence c1875-c1895
(see Gilchrist) Edward PICKERING builder, baptised 27 May 1823 Sproatley, buried 22 September 1889, married 1st 1845 Patrington Ann GARTON (daughter of John GARTON and Ann UNKNOWN) born 1823 Thorngumbald, and died 4 July 1866 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 1870 Hull Jane UNKNOWN born c1832 Hedon, died 1879 Patrington.
Children of Edward PICKERING and Ann GARTON: Emily PICKERING William Garton PICKERING John Garton PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING George Alfred PICKERING Ann Eliza PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Emily Jane PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Edward PICKERING Alice PICKERING Charles Percy PICKERING photographer, carver, gilder, baptised 8 August. 1825 Sproatley, died 13 September 1908 Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia, married 22 September 1855 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Frederica Margaret BOGDAN (daughter of Frederick BOGDAN and Margaret SIMPSON) baptised 27 August 1840 Hull, died 1915 Newtown, New South Wales, Australia.
Children: Charles PICKERING Margaret Ann PICKERING Annette Amelia PICKERING Fredericka Alice PICKERING Annie Elizabeth PICKERING Percy Constable PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING William David PICKERING

above: Murchison homestead, River Darling, 1865
below: Circular Quay, Sydney harbour, 1871
Photos: National Library of Australia

stone kangaroo, Manly, 1870s (without ears)
sculpted by Charles Percy Pickering

stone kangaroo, Manly, 1950s (with ears)

Five stages of inebriation Ann PICKERING photographer, baptised 21 February 1828 Sproatley, married 1st 17 September 1854 Tynemouth, Northumberland Jacob SANZENBACHER pork butcher, born 1825 Ilshofen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, died 1859, married 2nd 1861 William Davis HENDERSON. Henry PICKERING baptised 27 September 1830 Sproatley, married 1859 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Hannah ROBINSON born c1828 Staveley, North Yorkshire.
Children: Henry David PICKERING Albertina Fanny PICKERING Lucy Ann PICKERING Charles Percy PICKERING Emma E. PICKERING Alfred PICKERING photographer, baptised 3 October 1834 Sproatley, married 21 April 1859 Tynemouth, Northumberland Margaret LOCKIE born c1837 Newcastle, Northumberland.
Children: John David PICKERING Alfred Henry PICKERING Frederick W. PICKERING William E. PICKERING Malcolm H. PICKERING Edith M. PICKERING Harriet PICKERING baptised 31 January  1817 Huggate, died April 1826 Huggate. Ann PICKERING baptised 16 September 1810 Fridaythorpe, married 18 September 1831 Kirby Grindalythe Matthew DIXON. Sarah PICKERING baptised 23 August 1812 Kirby Grindalythe. Mayday PICKERING baptised 12 June 1814 Kirby Grindalythe, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Richard PICKERING Rachel PICKERING baptised 17 March 1816 Kirby Grindalythe. David PICKERING shepherd’s man, baptised 30 August 1818 Kirby Grindalythe. Nathan PICKERING shepherd, baptised 9 July 1820 Kirby Grindalythe, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN born c1827 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.
Children: John William PICKERING Robert PICKERING baptised 28 October 1822 Kirby Grindalythe. Hannah PICKERING baptised 15 February 1824 Kirby Grindalythe. Bessy PICKERING baptised 6 July 1829 Kirby Grindalythe. Jane PICKERING baptised 6 April 1807 Huggate, married 22 May 1831 Huggate William JOHNSON. Dillah PICKERING baptised 11 May 1810 Huggate, married16 April 1833 Bishop Wilton John DUGGLEBY (son of Robert DUGGLEBY and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 19 April 1800 Long Riston. Harriet PICKERING baptised 16 February 1812 Huggate. Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 15 December 1814 Huggate, married 23 February 1837 Charlotte LYON (daughter of Mary LYON) baptised 8 June 1818 Nafferton.
Children: Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Harriet PICKERING Jane PICKERING Francis PICKERING Hannah PICKERING David PICKERING Rachel PICKERING Robert PICKERING Emma PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Ann PICKERING Francis PICKERING baptised 15 February 1817 Huggate. Ann PICKERING baptised 2 April 1819 Huggate. Mary PICKERING baptised 12 June 1826 Pocklington, died 1857 Canada, married Abraham SCOTT born 7 March 1819 Warter, died 1900 Hanover, Michigan, USA. John PICKERING baptised 16 February 1829 Pocklington. Richard PICKERING baptised 10 June 1831 Huggate, died 1899 York, married 11 January 1855 Pocklington Emma JOHNSON (daughter of Francis JOHNSON and Sarah UNKNOWN) baptised 11 May 1835 Pocklington, died 1906.
Children: Francis PICKERING David PICKERING Sarah PICKERING William PICKERING Ann PICKERING Richard PICKERING Lavinia PICKERING John PICKERING Emma PICKERING David PICKERING shepherd, baptised 20 December. 1833 Huggate, married 1854 Driffield Hannah HILLABY (daughter of Samuel HILLABY and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 18 September 1831 Ruston Parva.
Children: John PICKERING Richard PICKERING Frank PICKERING Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING Jane PICKERING David PICKERING Harriet PICKERING Hannah PICKERING baptised 11 November 1817 Barmston, married Unknown STEPHENSON. Mary Ann PICKERING 14 October 1829 Barmston, married Atkinson TIPLADY born c1828 Aldbrough. Ann PICKERING baptised 9 December 1826 Hutton Cranswick. William PICKERING baptised 16 February 1812 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died 4 February 1813 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Robert PICKERING baptised 21 March 1813 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died 7 April 1813 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. William PICKERING gardener, baptised 10 April 1814 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 1st Mary HESSEY (daughter of John HESSEY and Ann THORNHAM) baptised 20 September 1805 Cottingham, married 2nd Hannah FULSTOW (daughter of John FULSTOW and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 15 November 1840 Alkborough, Lincolnshire.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary HESSEY: Richard PICKERING John Hessey PICKERING
Children of William PICKERING and Hannah FULSTOW: Mary Ellen PICKERING William James PICKERING Martin PICKERING born Nov. 1815 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died 22 August 1855, married1839 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor Mercy SCOTT (daughter of William SCOTT and Elizabeth SMART) baptised 3 October 1814 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Maria PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ellen PICKERING William PICKERING Catherine PICKERING baptised 16 February 1817 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 15 June 1834 Middleton-on the-Wolds John KIRBY (son of John KIRBY and Ann UNKNOWN) born 2 December 1811 Nafferton, died 1887 Bridlington. Jane PICKERING baptised 13 December 1818 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 26 November 1835 Hutton Cranswick William MOODY (son of William MOODY and Catherine UNKNOWN) baptised 1 January 1814 Driffield. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 6 November 1820 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 5 August 1840 Middleton-on-the-Wolds Samuel BARKER (son of John BARKER and Ann UNKNOWN) born c1819 Nafferton. Stephen PICKERING baptised 6 October 1822 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 26 May 1846 Hutton Cranswick Hannah ELLEKER (daughter of Robert ELLEKER and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 25 September 1825 North Dalton.
Children: Robert PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Rachel PICKERING Ann PICKERING Mary PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 18 July 1824 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Richard PICKERING agricultural labourer, 24 September 1826 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 1847 Driffield Mary PAPE dressmaker (daughter of William PAPE and Hannah UNKNOWN) born c1830 Market Weighton, died before 1891 Beeford.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 13 April 1828 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Sarah PICKERING baptised 23 August 1829 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Richard Pearson PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 15 October 1826 Kilnwick, died 1895 Kilnwick, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 22 May 1852 Kilnwick John CARTER, born 1831 Rillington.
Children of Ann PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Sarah Ann PICKERING

William Pickering 1831-1898 photo: E.R. Pickering

William Pickering 1831-1898
photo: E.R. Pickering Leah PICKERING baptised 23 November 1828 Kilnwick, married 1st c1849 Emmanuel GOLDEN (son of Robert GOLDEN and Ann UNKNOWN) baptised 10 March 1828 Driffield, married 2nd Lythe ROOKS (son of Frank ROOKS and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 12 August 1814 Huggate, died 1899. William PICKERING baptised 10 April 1831 Kilnwick, died 1898 Kilnwick, married 1864 Kilnwick Mary Elizabeth VARLEY (daughter of Thomas VARLEY and Hannah UNKNOWN) 18 March 1836 Whitby, North Yorkshire, died 20 May 1922 Kilnwick.
Children: Sarah Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William Thomas PICKERING Jane PICKERING John PICKERING George PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 26 May 1833 Kilnwick, died 1877 Kilnwick, married 1863 Beverley Harriet DUNN born c1845 Brandesburton.
Children: Alfred PICKERING Jane PICKERING Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 February 1841 Kilnwick, married 1880 Bradford, West Yorkshire Sarah Ann DEAN born 1857 Towcester, Northamptonshire. Emma PICKERING worsted spinner, baptised 17 October 1822 Lund. Richard PICKERING baptised 15 February 1824 Lund, married 1848 Bradford, West Yorkshire Jane DARNBROOK 3 August 1828 Bolton Abbey, West Yorkshire.
Children: Leah PICKERING Nancy PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Polly PICKERING James PICKERING baptised 22 August 1831 Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Sarah PICKERING born c1835. Rebecca PICKERING baptised 13 October 1844 Kilnwick. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 30 July 1817 Bridlington, married 1st Mary UNKNOWN born c1816, died before 1838, married 2nd 31 December 1838 Bridlington Mary SYKES (daughter of Jonathan SYKES and Fanny UNKNOWN) baptised 24 May 1807 Bridlington.
Children of William PICKERING and Mary SYKES: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Ann Eliza PICKERING born September 1825 Bridlington. David PICKERING 18 October 1829 Bridlington. Robert PICKERING baptised 15 September 1833 Bridlington, buried 18 December 1834 Bridlington. Eleanor PICKERING baptised 23 March 1826 Bridlington. Jane PICKERING baptised 27 January 1828 Bridlington. William PICKERING baptised 7 February 1830 Bridlington, married 8 July 1855 Bridlington Quay Sarah Ann MANSON born c1832 Whitby, North Yorkshire, died 1870 Bridlington Quay.
Children: James Martin PICKERING John PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING William PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 27 May 1832 Bridlington. Alice PICKERING baptised 30 August 1835 Bridlington. Ann PICKERING born c1815 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, baptised 19 May 1816, married 312 January 1838 Bridlington John BROWN born 1814. John Pattison PICKERING, seaman, baptised 25 December 1816 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, buried 17 March 1855 Bridlington, married 21 March 1837 Bridlington Mary Williamson FISHCROFT (daughter of Thomas FISHCROFT and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 7 June Bridlington Quay. Christopher PICKERING baptised 23 November 1817 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. John PICKERING baptised 10 January 1819 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Sedman PICKERING tailor born Filey, North Yorkshire, baptised 1 July 1820 married 1851 Sunderland Ann POTTS born 1827 Sunderland.
Children: John S. PICKERING Richard PICKERING Christopher PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth baptised 20 October 1823 Bridlington, married 8 January 1844 Bridlington Charles BELK born 1818. Ellis PICKERING baptised 7 August 1825 Bridlington. John PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 12 June 1803 Goxhill, died 1888 Garton-on-the-Wolds, married 29 July Sledmere Sarah COOK (daughter of James COOK) baptised 20 October 1801 Sledmere, died before 1871.
Children: William PICKERING James PICKERING Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Frances PICKERING Ann PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 1 December 1816 Skeckling. Mary PICKERING born 9 December 1827 Hull.

Richard Smith Pickering witness to theft, Hull, 1862

Richard Smith Pickering
witness to theft, Hull, 1862 Elizabeth PICKERING born 29 March 1830 Hull. John Foster PICKERING born 24 April 1833 Hull. Richard Smith PICKERING journalist, born 11 November 1834 Hull, married 1 April 1860 Harriet HUNTER (daughter of Joseph HUNTER) born c1831 Swanland, died before 1911 Hull.
Children: Ada Mary PICKERING Harriet Gertrude PICKERING Emily Beatrice PICKERING Marion K. PICKERING Hilda Elizabeth PICKERING Richard PICKERING Helena C. PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 20 January 1837 Hull. Robert PICKERING ship’s joiner, baptised 20 January 1837 Hull, married 1857 Hull Ann UNKNOWN born c1837 at sea, died before 1901.
Children: Hannah Mary PICKERING Hannah Mary PICKERING born c1840 Hull. Emily PICKERING born 1841 Hull. John Waudby PICKERING tailor, born 17 December 1823 Hull, died 1862 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Yorkshire. Mary PICKERING bonnet maker, born 1 October 1825 Hull. Sarah PICKERING born 9 November 1827 Hull, married 1876 Sheffield, West Yorkshire John MONTGOMERY. William PICKERING tailor, draper baptised 4 April 1830 Louth, Lincolnshire, married 1862 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Yorkshire Mary UNKNOWN born c1831 Sheffield, West Yorkshire.
Children: Frederick Richard PICKERING Richard PICKERING baptised 18 November 1832 Louth, Lincolnshire. Ann PICKERING milliner, born c1835 Sheffield, West Yorkshire. Robert PICKERING baptised 30 June 1834 Hull. Oswald PICKERING baptised 7 January 1836 Hull. George Milson PICKERING baptised 29 November 1837 Hull, buried 19 December 1841 Hull. William PICKERING baptised 27 December 1838 Hull. William PICKERING boatman, baptised 1 March 1835 Hull, married Alice PARSONSON born c1839 Hull. Thomas PICKERING baptised 21 June 1838 Hull. Martha Ann PICKERING baptised 28 October 1840 Hull. John PICKERING baptised 14 November 1843 Hull. Ann PICKERING baptised 30 March 1845 Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Henry PICKERING baptised 19 April 1848 Hedon. Mary Ellen PICKERING yarn reeler, baptised 16 July 1854 Hedon. Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 17 April 1837 Patrington. John PICKERING carpenter, baptised 28 January 1840 Patrington, married1859 Sculcoates, Hull Catherine DAY born c1842 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 19 December 1842 Patrington. Ann Eliza PICKERING domestic servant, baptised 2 August 1844 Patrington. Robert PICKERING cabinet maker, baptised 24 May 1847 Patrington, married c1867 Sarah COCKERILL born c1847 Patrington.
Children: Lucy Ann PICKERING Ralph PICKERING fisherman, publican baptised 25 June 1851 Patrington, died 1910, married 1st 1871 Patrington Hannah Eliza PARROT born 1852 Paull, died before 1894, married 2nd 1894 Sculcoates, Hull Mary Ann PARROT born 1856 Paull.
Children of Ralph PICKERING and Hannah Eliza PARROT: Mary C. PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING George PICKERING Henrietta PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Florence PICKERING Emmeline PICKERING Thomas William PICKERING baptised 20 November 1854 Patrington. James PICKERING tailor, baptised 10 February 1837 Patrington, married 1858 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WHITWORTH dressmaker (daughter of George WHITWORTH and Ellen UNKNOWN) baptised 30 August 1835 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ellen PICKERING Nancy PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 13 July 1839 Patrington. William PICKERING journeyman shoemaker, baptised 10 July 1842 Patrington. Eleanor PICKERING baptised 31 March 1846 Patrington.

23rd Generation James PICKERING baptised 14 December 1815 North Frodingham. William PICKERING baptised 25 May1818 North Frodingham. Charles PICKERING baptised 4 June 1819 North Frodingham. John PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 28 January 1821 North Frodingham, married 1841 Driffield Jane SMITH born c1823 North Frodingham, died 1859.
Children: Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Emma PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 9 May 1824 North Frodingham. Mary PICKERING baptised 15 August 1825 North Frodingham. William PICKERING grocer, baptised 18 April 1842 North Frodingham. James PICKERING soldier, baptised 18 June 1843 North Frodingham, married 1873 Leicester, Leicestershire Ellen MELBOURNE born c1855 Buckinghamshire, England.
Children: Henry Westoby PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Westoby PICKERING hawker, baptised 8 September 1844 North Frodingham. Thomas PICKERING baptised 18 March 1846 North Frodingham. Mercer PICKERING baptised 4 August 1847 North Frodingham. George M. PICKERING born c1848 North Frodingham, married Unknown UNKNOWN. Henry PICKERING baptised 28 January 1849 North Frodingham. William PICKERING farmer, baptised 17 January 1824 Beeford, buried 24 April Raleigh. John B. PICKERING farmer baptised 13 June 1825 Beeford, buried 22 March 1908 Canada. Richard PICKERING batised 20 September 1826 Pocklington, buried 2 September 1883 Canada. Henry Masters PICKERING baptised 25 October, 1827 Pocklington, buried 2 September 1883 Canada. Annie PICKERING born 23 September 1829 Toronto, died 1 October 1897 Canada. Sarah Harriet PICKERING born 17 August 1831 Niagara Falls, buried 18 March 1881 Blenheim. Mary S. PICKERING born 13 June 1833 Ontario, buried 17 September 1859 Harwich, Blenheim. Rosanna PICKERING born 21 November 1834 Raleigh, died 22 November 1834 Raleigh. Thomas Youngson PICKERING born 4 February 1836 Raleigh, and died 22 November 1873, buried Harwich, 24 November 1873. George Blyth PICKERING born 25 March 1838 Raleigh, buried May 1867 Harwich. Stephen Horatio PICKERING born 26 April 1840 Raleigh, died 27 December 1880. James Michael PICKERING carpenter, born 24 April 1842, died 8 February 1920 Blenheim. Joseph E. PICKERING born 4 February 1844 Raleigh, died 5 February 1844. Jackson PICKERING baptised 28 May 1820 Wawne, died 1894 Hull, married 1st 1860 Hull Eliza UNKNOWN born c1828 Fressingfield, Suffolk, married 2nd Ann ANDREW born c1826 Willerby.
Children of Jackson PICKERING and Ann ANDREW: George PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Jane Andrew PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 13 January 1822 Wawne, 27 October 1822 Wawne. William PICKERING baptised 23 January 1819 Barmston. Sarah PICKERING baptised 6 July 1821 Bridlington, died before 1834. John PICKERING baptised 10 December 1823 Nunkeeling, East Yorkshire, died before 1839. Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1829 Bewholme. Emmanuel PICKERING master machinist, born 1832 Bewholme, married 23 October 1862 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah Ann HODGSON servant, born c1839 Hessle.
Children: Ellen Hodgson PICKERING William Granville PICKERING George Escreet PICKERING Ada Maria PICKERING Arthur Winter PICKERING Francis PICKERING machine wright, born c1833 Bewholme, married 1858 Skirlaugh Ann Elizabeth GOSSIP born Mar. 1841 Atwick.
Children: Walter PICKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING Priscilla PICKERING Albert PICKERING Edith PICKERING Fred PICKERING Sarah PICKERING housekeeper, baptised 18 April 1834 Bewholme. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 18 September 1836 Bewholme. John PICKERING baker, born c1839 Bewholme, married Ruth ROBINSON baptised 7 June 1846 Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland, England.
Children: Mary Eleanor PICKERING John Harry PICKERING Florence Annie PICKERING Frank Holden PICKERING Ernest Aubrey PICKERING Lillie Margaret PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 12 November 1820 North Frodingham. John PICKERING tailor, born February 1823 North Frodingham, He married 1849 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Hannah TENNY (daughter of John TENNY and Elizabeth UNKNOWN) baptised 3 June 1826 Brandesburton.
Children: Francis PICKERING John William PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Frank PICKERING Mercy PICKERING baptised 31 May Withernwick. Ann PICKERING born c1841 North Frodingham, married Unknown TURNER. Sarah PICKERING baptised 4 May 1828 Aldbrough. Ann PICKERING baptised 1 June 1830 Aldbrough. Jane PICKERING dressmaker, baptised 29 April 1832 Aldbrough, married 1878 Skirlaugh Herbert SANDS saddler, born c1828 King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Susannah PICKERING baptised 6 April 1834 Aldbrough. John Pinder PICKERING baptised 13 December 1835 Aldbrough. George PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 16 January 1838 Aldbrough, died 1911 Sculcoates, Hull, married 1869 Skirlaugh Maria DRING (daughter of Joseph DRING and Maria UNKNOWN) born 1842 Hougham.
Children: George Henry PICKERING Joseph Francis PICKERING Herbert Dring PICKERING Mary Maria PICKERING Gertrude PICKERING Matthew PICKERING Lucy PICKERING Florence PICKERING Robert PICKERING Mabel PICKERING Robert PICKERING wheelwright, 20 April 1839 Aldbrough. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 29 April 1841 Aldbrough. John PICKERING baptised 3 June 1843 Aldbrough. Charles PICKERING baptised 29 November 1844 Aldbrough. Francis PICKERING chair maker, baptised 21 January 1847 Aldbrough, married 5 September 1874 Hull Mary Ann HEELAS.
Children: Harold PICKERING Arthur PICKERING baptised 23 November 1850 Aldbrough, married 1874 Skirlaugh Eliza DRING (daughter of Joseph DRING and Maria UNKNOWN) baptised 12 April 1853 Hougham, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ada PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Charles Edward PICKERING Gertrude PICKERING Jessie PICKERING Arthur Henry PICKERING Leonard PICKERING Walter PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Dora PICKERING John Robert PUCKERING born 1840 Bridlington, died 1841 Bridlington. Ann Forth PUCKERING born 1844 Bridlington. Lucy Chancellor PUCKERING born 1856 Bridlington. Clara Porter PUCKERING born 1859 Bridlington. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 29 April 1838 Swine, died 1838 Swine. Sarah Ann PICKERING domestic servant, born 1849 Preston, died before 1886, married 1873 Preston John William SPENCE saddler, born c1845 Helmsley, North Yorkshire. Emma PICKERING born December 1850 Preston, died August 1853 Preston. Frederick PICKERING bricklayer, born 1 November 1852 Preston, died 5 July 1930 East Sculcoates, Hull, married 31 March 1877 Hull Sarah Ann HASWELL (daughter of Richard HAZMALANCH LAMB and Ann GILCHRIST) born 16 January 1855 Hull, died 2 March 1919 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Ruth Eleanor PICKERING Richard Alexander PICKERING Henry Tinegate PICKERING John William Haswell PICKERING George Gilchrist PICKERING Frederick James PICKERING Ernest Gilchrist PICKERING George Arthur PICKERING Alpheus Stanley PICKERING Cecil Charles McDonald PICKERING

Frederick Pickering, 1908

De La Pole Place, Drypool
residence c1880-c1890

Kingston Place and Kingston Terrace
Drypool, residences c1890-c1910

Frederick Pickering and Sarah A. Haswell's grave
Northern Cemetery, Hull, 2010
(no headstone, marked by a sprig of leaves)

Pickering siblings, 1898

Top row: John William Haswell, Richard Alexander, Frederick James

Bottom row: George Arthur, Ruth Eleanor, Alpheus Stanley, Ernest Gilchrist, Henry Tinegate

Absent: George Gilchrist (died in infancy), Cecil Charles McDonald (not yet born)

13 Ash Grove, Beverley Road, 2009

42 May Street, Beverley Road, 2009 William PICKERING bricklayer, born c1847 Preston, married Annie UNKNOWN born c1848 Rillington, North Yorkshire
Children: Thomas PICKERING Michael PICKERING born c1850 Preston, married 1884 Skirlaugh Mary Ann COOK dressmaker (daughter of George COOK) born 1852 Sutton.
Children: Michael PICKERING George PICKERING John PICKERING Frank PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 11 January 1852 Preston, died 16 May 1888 Preston. Sarah PICKERING domestic servant, born 1 September 1853 Preston, died 1883, married 1880 Swine John Henry Speck STEPHENSON post messenger (son of William STEPHENSON and Mersana SPECK) born 25 August 1855 Aldbrough. Alice PICKERING baptised 27 July 1862 Coniston. John Oman PICKERING builder, born 1864 Coniston, died 2 February 1941 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, married 1899 Skirlaugh Lilian Beatrice GABBETIS (daughter of Charles Henry GABBETIS and Elizabeth ANDERSON) born c1878 Etton.
Children: Walter Clifford PICKERING John PICKERING Ivy PICKERING Eileen Gabbetis PICKERING Unknown PICKERING

John Oman Pickering
deponent in theft of wheat, Hull, 1892

John Oman Pickering and family
emigration to Australia, 1910

John Oman Pickering
death, Brisbane, 2 February 1941

Walter Clifford Pickering
stolen goods, Brisbane, 1949 Lucy PICKERING domestic servant, baptised 23 January Coniston. Thomas PICKERING bricklayer, born 1869 Coniston. Martha PICKERING born 1872 Coniston. Ann PICKERING born c1857 Preston. Thompson PICKERING born 1859 Preston, buried 24 September 1860 Preston.

Robert John Pickering 1845-1916, will

Robert John Pickering 1845-1916, will Ada Mary PICKERING born 1861 Preston, buried 25 July 1862 Preston. Jerry PICKERING born c1840. Robert John PICKERING tobacconist, born 1845 Islington, London, married 1876 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah Ann FRITH.
Children: Clara PICKERING Michael PICKERING baptised 28 June 1837 Hull, married 1st 1855 Sculcoates, Hull, Charlotte WOODS, married 2nd 15 May 1864 Hull Jane WOOD (daughter of George WOOD) born c1845.
Children of Michael PICKERING and Charlotte WOODS: Thomas PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 28 June 1837 Hull. John PICKERING born 1839 Hull. William PICKERING bricklayer, born 1840 Sculcoates, Hull, died 1881 Hull, married 4 August 1866 Leeds, West Yorkshire Elizabeth PARKINSON (daughter of William PARKINSON) born c1840 Woodlesford, West Yorkshire.
Children: John PICKERING Harriet PICKERING William PICKERING Lydia PICKERING Thomas PICKERING born c1841 Hull. Charles PICKERING bricklayer, born 1843 East Sculcoates, Hull, married 11 July 1868 Sculcoates, Hull Emily SPIVEY (daughter of Charles SPIVEY and Catherine UNKNOWN) baptised 19 June 1841 Beverley.
Children: Emily Kate PICKERING Annie PICKERING George Henry PICKERING Polly PICKERING Harriet PICKERING Ann PICKERING born c1845 Hull. Walter PICKERING dock labourer, born 1854 Sculcoates, Hull, married Ann UNKNOWN born c1857. Frederick Allen PICKERING oil miller, born 1858 Hull, married 1886 Sculcoates, Hull Frances Ann LEGGOTT born c1849 Hull.
Children: Kate PICKERING

In buggy: unknown, Jemima Pickering, Edith Pickering, Renee Kellington, unknown, unknown. Standing: Ann Pickering, Charles Kellington. Sproatley c1900

Buggy: unknown, Jemima Pickering, Edith Pickering, Renee Kellington, unknown, unknown. Standing: Ann Pickering, Charles Kellington. Sproatley c1900 Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 2 July 1837 Patrington. Ann PICKERING baptised December 1847 Sproatley, married 1875 Hull Henry JOHNSON blacksmith, born c1844 Roos. Fanny PICKERING born c1849 Sproatley died 1852. Georgiana PICKERING machinist, born 1850 Sproatley. Jemima PICKERING baptised 17 May 1852 Sproatley, died 9 July 1934 Hull, married c1881 Hull Charles KELLINGTON druggist (son of Mark Luck KELLINGTON and Charlotte UNKNOWN) born 1856 Hull. Fanny PICKERING 18 January 1857 Sproatley, died 1858. Edith Mary PICKERING postmistress born 1859 Sproatley, died 1 January 1949. John Charles PICKERING carpenter baptised 25 May 1862 Sproatley, married c1890 Hull Alice ALPE (daughter of James ALPE) born c1860 Drypool, Hull.
Children: Helen PICKERING Fanny PICKERING born 1849 Sculcoates, Hull. Edward PICKERING builder, baptised 6 May 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire, died 7 February 1921 Hull, married June 1870 Hull Emma RUSTON born 1847 Hull, died 1933 Sculcoates, Hull.

Edward Pickering family c1907

Top row: David Alfred, Joseph Edward, Sydney, Charles Henry

Middle row: Fred, Elizabeth Ann, Harold, Emma

Bottom row: parents Edward and Emma, grandfather William

Absent: Edith (South Africa)

Pickerings at Hull station c1940 Elizabeth PICKERING born c1852 London, baptised 26 November 1847 Drypool, Hull, died 31 July 1916 Lewisham, London, married 1872 Sculcoates, Hull Joseph VICKERMAN ship’s engineer, born 1847 Drypool, Hull.

David Alfred Pickering Laura Annie Anderson

David Alfred Pickering
Laura Annie Anderson Ann PICKERING (see below). John Garton PICKERING (see below). David Alfred PICKERING master bricklayer born 1859 Hull, died 11 August 1946 Hull, married 1879 Hull Laura Annie ANDERSON (daughter of Jane ANDERSON) born 1857 Beverley, died 1945 Hull.
Children: Ethel PICKERING William Ernest PICKERING George Philip PICKERING Lily PICKERING Isabella PICKERING Alice Maud PICKERING Ruby PICKERING May PICKERING Emily PICKERING born 1846 Thorngumbald, died 27 December 1857 Thorngumbald, buried 2 January Patrington.

Roos Arms innkeeper: John Garton Pickering

Roos Arms
innkeeper c1880: William Garton Pickering William Garton PICKERING builder, innkeeper born 1848 Thorngumbald, married 1871 Patrington Martha CARTER (daughter of John CARTER and Sarah UNKNOWN) born c1850 Burton Pidsea, died 1895.
Children: William Edwin PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Laura Annie PICKERING George Edward PICKERING Alice Hilda PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Eva PICKERING William John PICKERING Bernard PICKERING Stanley PICKERING William Clarence PICKERING

John G. Pickering 1850-1878
courtesy of Richard Pickering


Ann Pickering born 1856
courtesy of Richard Pickering John Garton PICKERING master builder 1850 Thorngumbald, died 28 December 1924 West Sculcoates, Hull, married 1878 Pocklington Ann PICKERING (daughter of William PICKERING and Sarah BURLEY) baptised 11 August 1856 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Edward Percy PICKERING Frederick Harold PICKERING Alice PICKERING John Leonard PICKERING Charles Sydney PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING born 1852 Thorngumbald. George Alfred PICKERING born 1853 Thorngumbald, died 28 February 1859 Patrington. Ann Eliza PICKERING born 1855 Thorngumbald, died 5 June 1858 Thorngumbald. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1857 Thorngumbald, died 20 November 1857 Thorngumbald. Emily Jane PICKERING born 1858 Thorngumbald, died 23 April 1885 Thorngumbald, married 1880 Bartholemew Charles HART born 1859 Hull. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born 1860 Thorngumbald, died 28 August 1861 Thorngumbald. Edward PICKERING born 10 December 1862 Thorngumbald, died 1870 Thorngumbald. Alice PICKERING milliner born 1865 Thorngumbald. Charles PICKERING born 1859 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1864 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Margaret Ann PICKERING photographer’s assistant, born 24 March 1861 Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia, died 1939 Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia, married 26 December 1881 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia Robert Pattison MUIR born 1852 Scotland, died 1895 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Annette Amelia PICKERING born 1863 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1923 Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia, married 1st George WILSON wood carver born 1858 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, married 2nd before 1886 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia George THOMPSON born c1863 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fredericka Alice PICKERING born 1865 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1925 Manly, New South Wales, Australia. Annie Elizabeth PICKERING born 1867 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1952 Balmain, New South Wales, Australia, married 1st 1886 John ANGOVE born 1867 Glebe, New South Wales, Australia, married 2nd Unknown SWAIN.

Edith Mary Pickering 1871-1960

Edith Mary Pickering 1871-1960 Percy Constable PICKERING born 1870 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1950 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, married 1902 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Florence BROOKE born c1870 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1902 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Children: Edith PICKERING Charles PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING born 14 March 1871 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1960 Manly, New South Wales, Australia, married 1897 Ultimo, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia William Isaac CLAPSON born 1871 died 1962. William David PICKERING born 1878, married 1911 Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Voilet Florence PRICE (daughter of Henry PRICE and Margaret Jane MOORE) born 26 July 1891 Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1971 Kogarah, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Henry David PICKERING butcher, born 1859 York, North Yorkshire, married 1882 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Alice BENNETT born 1857 Wilsford, Lincolnshire.
Children: Mary PICKERING Henry David C. PICKERING Charles William PICKERING Lillian PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Ida PICKERING Bessie PICKERING Albert Bennett PICKERING Albertina Fanny PICKERING dressmaker, born 1861 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Lucy Ann PICKERING photographer’s assistant, born 1863 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, married 13 July 1882 Scarborough, North Yorkshire William MITCHELL (son of Francis MITCHELL). Charles Percy PICKERING photographer, born 1863 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, married 1887 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Eva Reed DAWKINS dressmaker, born 1863 Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Children: Eva Louise PICKERING Emma E. PICKERING born c1869 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. John David PICKERING born 1860 South Shields, Co. Durham, died 1919 Balmain South, New South Wales, Australia, married Mary UNKNOWN.
Children: Alfred Lockie PICKERING Alfred Henry PICKERING born 28 July 1861 Skirlaugh?, died 1932 Moruya, New South Wales, married 1885 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Eliza Jane THOMPSON.
Children: Edith M. PICKERING Reginald Charles Oscar PICKERING Kate I. PICKERING Vera Irene PICKERING Frederick W. PICKERING born 1865 Orange, New South Wales, Australia, died 1866 Orange, New South Wales, Australia. William E. PICKERING born 1868 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia, died 1868 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia. Malcolm H. PICKERING born 1869 Glebe, New South Wales, Australia, died 1870 Glebe, New South Wales, Australia. Edith M. PICKERING died 1876 Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. Richard PICKERING labourer, born Duggleby, baptised 4 March 1835 Kirby Grindalythe. John William PICKERING cab proprietor, born c1838 Pocklington, married 29 December 1870 Hull Mary Ann TASKER, (daughter of John TASKER and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 12 May 1844 Warter.
Children: George PICKERING William Tasker PICKERING John Lancelot PICKERING Annie E. PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Mary PICKERING born c1837. Jane PICKERING baptised 23 April 1838 Huggate. Harriet PICKERING baptised 29 June 1839 Huggate, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN born c1840, married 26 November 1859 Huggate Cyrus WALKER (son of Charles WALKER) agricultural labourer, born c1837 Hutton Cranswick.
Children of Harriet PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Henry PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 27 October 1842 Huggate, married 21 December 1859 Huggate Thomas CARLEY (son of Noah CARLEY) born c1836. Francis PICKERING farm bailiff, baptised 25 december 1843 Huggate, married 1867 Leeds, West Yorkshire Harriet HORNER born 1850 Scackleton, North Yorkshire.
Children: William Robert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Wilfred PICKERING Hannah PICKERING baptised 10 June 1846 Huggate, married 11 August 1868 Warter Charles OLDFIELD (son of Isaac OLDFIELD) born c1849. David PICKERING baptised 14 September 1848 Huggate. Rachel PICKERING baptised 8 January 1850 Huggate. Robert PICKERING baptised 13 July 1854 Huggate.

Mary Fountain 1854-1934
Frank Pickering 1859-1947
Fridaythorpe cemetery Emma PICKERING baptised 12 June Huggate. Eliza PICKERING baptised 18 April 1858 Huggate, married 1889 Pocklington Charles ELSWORTH. Ann PICKERING baptised 24 April 1860 Huggate, died 1939, married 26 January 1878 Huggate Thomas COOK (son of Thomas COOK) born c1852. Francis PICKERING joiner, born 1857 Pocklington, died 21 February 1947, buried Fridaythorpe, married 29 November 1880 Fangfoss Mary FOUNTAIN (daughter of Thomas FOUNTAIN) born c1854 Fangfoss, died 3 June 1934, buried Fridaythorpe.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Hilda PICKERING David PICKERING joiner, c1860 Stamford Bridge, married 1883 York Sarah Jane BELL (daughter of John BELL) born c1860 York.
Children: Richard PICKERING Annie Dinah PICKERING Ada PICKERING David H. PICKERING Emma PICKERING Walter PICKERING Sarah PICKERING born c1861 Stamford Bridge. William PICKERING joiner, born 1863 Stamford Bridge, married c1891 Annie Louisa MIDWINTER (daughter of James MIDWINTER and Sarah Ann UNKNOWN baptised 29 March 1868 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, died 1955.
Children: Edith M. PICKERING William PICKERING Ann PICKERING born c1864 Stamford Bridge. Richard PICKERING joiner, born c1868 Stamford Bridge. Lavinia PICKERING born c1871 Stamford Bridge. John PICKERING labourer, born c1873 Stamford Bridge. Emma PICKERING born c1876 Stamford Bridge. John PICKERING baptised 22 March 1855 Pocklington, married 1878 Pocklington Elizabeth CLARK (daughter of Joseph CLARK and Harriet UNKNOWN) baptised 5 March 1857 Pocklington.
Children: Annie Amelia PICKERING Harriet Hannah PICKERING Herbert Henry PICKERING Clara Clark PICKERING Bertha Blanch PICKERING Richard PICKERING baptised 13 May 1857 Huggate, married 1879 Pickering Jane BARTHRAM born 1857 Marton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire.
Children: William PICKERING Henry PICKERING Ada Mary PICKERING Annie PICKERING Albert PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Frank PICKERING farm labourer, baptised 11 September 1859 Huggate, and 1947 Kilham, married 1891 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Pollie CARR (daughter of Benjamin CARR and Elizabeth SHEPHERDSON) baptised 2 July 1864 Lazenby, North Yorkshire, died 1934.
Children: Violet Ruby PICKERING Ernest PICKERING David PICKERING Rose PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Charles Harold PICKERING Frederick James PICKERING George Henry PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Olive PICKERING Ann PICKERING. Henry PICKERING. Jane PICKERING. David PICKERING. Harriet PICKERING. Richard PICKERING born c1837 Cottingham. John Hessey PICKERING oil miller, born 26 April 1840 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died 1892, married 1862 Drypool, Hull Mary Jane MAYNARD grocer, born 1841 Hull, died 1917.
Children: John Henry Maynard PICKERING Charlotte Ann PICKERING Mary Hessey PICKERING Bertie PICKERING Mary Ellen PICKERING born 1864 Hull, married 23 December 1833 Sculcoates, Hull George WILSON born 1860 Wressle. William James PICKERING photographer, born 21 February 1866 Hull, married 20 October 1884 North Newington, Hull Barbara Ann ANDREW dressmaker (daughter of Isaac ANDREW and Esther HARPER) baptised 19 September 1864 Hull, died 2 September 1939 Hull.
Children: Violet Annie PICKERING William Andrew PICKERING Doris Barbara PICKERING Kenneth James PICKERING Vera PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 14 January 1841 Cherry Burton. Eliza PICKERING baptised 7 August 1843 Bainton. Maria PICKERING baptised 7 August 1845 Bainton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 25 June 1846 Bainton. Ann PICKERING domestic servant, baptised 2 September 1848 Bainton. Jane PICKERING 27 September 1850 Bainton. Ellen PICKERING baptised 7 July 1852 Bainton. William PICKERING baptised 7 November 1853 Bainton. Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 26 June 1850 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 1874 Phoebe Ann BULMER born 1849 Norton, North Yorkshire.

Rubina and Richard were born out of wedlock to Phoebe Ann Bulmer.  They were adopted by Robert Pickering after his marriage to Phoebe. Isaac PICKERING born 1853 North Dalton, died 1868 Driffield. Rachel PICKERING domestic servant, born 1856 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Ann PICKERING born 1859 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Mary PICKERING born May 1864 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 24 December 1864 Middleton-on-the-Wolds George BRADLEY. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1852 Beeford, married c1877 Driffield Richard GERMAN. Richard Pearson PICKERING groom, born September 1846 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 18 January 1849 Driffield, died 6 January 1923 Kilnwick, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Edward Carter PICKERING

Red Row Cottages, Kilnwick
John Carter, Sarah Pickering, Bessie Harper

Sarah Ann Pickering 1849-1923
photo: E.R. Pickering

"lowance time" during a threshing day
Kilnwick Hall Farm c1930
back row, 4th from left, Joshua Pickering
front row, 2nd from left, Bill Pickering Sarah Ann PICKERING born 1866 Kilnwick, and 22 December 1955 Kilnwick, married 23 June 1889 Kilnwick Thomas HARRISON born 1862 Kilnwick, died 1946 Kilnwick. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1869 North Dalton. William Thomas PICKERING farm labourer, born c1870 North Dalton, married 1910 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah GREEN born c1879 Hull. Jane PICKERING born c1871 North Dalton. John PICKERING farm labourer, born c1873 North Dalton, died 1918. George PICKERING horseman, born c1877 North Dalton, died 6 April 1902 Kilnwick. Joseph PICKERING born c1880 Kilnwick, died 8 October 1962 Kilnwick, married 1909 Hull Ethel BONTOFT born 1890 Hull, died 8 September 1960 Kilnwick. Alfred PICKERING carter, baptised 6 May 1866 Kilnwick, married 1896 Hull Caroline Hannah WITTY born c1870 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Jane PICKERING baptised 12 July 1868, married 17 November 1892 Middleton-on-the-Wolds John Henry SOANES born 1868. Robert PICKERING baptised 12 June 1870. Thomas PICKERING carter, born c1873 Kilnwick, married Nellie DOVE born c1885 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.
Children: Fred PICKERING Edward Harland PICKERING Emma PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 9 August 1874. Leah PICKERING worstead weaver, born 1851 Bowling, West Yorkshire. Nancy PICKERING born c1852 Bowling, West Yorkshire. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1855 Bradford, West Yorkshire. John PICKERING “imbecile from birth” born c1857 Bierley, West Yorkshire. Eliza PICKERING born c1861 Bierley, West Yorkshire. Polly PICKERING born c1863 Bierley, West Yorkshire. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born c1846 Hilderthorpe. James Martin PICKERING 2 November 1856 Bridlington Quay, married 1889 Bridlington Mary Jane BARNES born 1852 Bridlington.
Children: Unknown PICKERING Charles PICKERING Unknown PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 15 August 1858 Bridlington Quay. Mary PICKERING born 24 October 1860 Bridlington, baptised 18 November 1860 Bridlington Quay, died 1929 Hull, had children with Charles NICHOLS labourer (son of Charles NICHOLS) born 17 November 1862 West Winch, Norfolk, died 1938 Hull.

Mary Pickering Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Mary Pickering
Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Eline Maud and Martha Emily  Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Eline Maud and Martha Emily Nichols
Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Martha Emily and Mary Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Martha Emily Nichols and Mary Pickering
Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Clara Hall and Sarah Ann Pickering Photo courtesy of Marilyn White

Clara Hall and Sarah A. Pickering
Photo courtesy of Marilyn White Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 3 April 1864 Bridlington Quay, married Unknown HALL. William PICKERING baptised 26 May 1867 Bridlington Quay. John S. PICKERING born c1857 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Richard PICKERING born c1859 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Christopher PICKERING born c1862 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Mary Jane PICKERING born c1866 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Ann PICKERING born c1866 Sunderland, Co. Durham. William PICKERING baptised 23 December 1826 Garton-on-the-Wolds, died 1845 Garton-on-the-Wolds. James PICKERING baptised 4 October 1829 Garton-on-the-Wolds, died 1840 Garton-on-the-Wolds. Mary PICKERING baptised 29 July 1832 Garton-on-the-Wolds, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Sarah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 2 August 1835 Garton-on-the-Wolds, died 1869 Garton-on-the-Wolds. Frances PICKERING dressmaker, baptised 30 September 1838 in Garton-on-the-Wolds, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Ann Armstrong PICKERING Ann PICKERING house servant, baptised 31 October 1841 Garton-on-the-Wolds, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Ada Mary PICKERING born 1860 Hull. Harriet Gertrude PICKERING dressmaker born 1863 Sculcoates, Hull. Emily Beatrice PICKERING born c1865 Hull. Marion K. PICKERING born c1869 Hull. Hilda Elizabeth PICKERING shop manager born April 1871 Hull. Richard PICKERING born 1873 Myton, Hull, died 1890 Myton, Hull. Helena C. PICKERING shop manager born 1877 Hull. Hannah Mary PICKERING born c1859 Hull. Frederick Richard PICKERING clerk, born 1863 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Yorkshire, married 1888 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Yorkshire Sarah Eleanor BOOTH born 1857 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Yorkshire.
Children: Herbert W. PICKERING Arthur PICKERING joiner, born 1859 Sculcoates, Hull, married Elizabeth JONES.
Children: Jane Catherine PICKERING Lucy Ann PICKERING born 1868 Patrington. Mary C. PICKERING born c1870 Paull. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 26 Ocotber 1873 Paull. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 17 October 1875 Paull, died 1934 Patrington, married 1st 1896 Patrington Ellen Caroline CAWKWELL born 1872 Pocklington, died 1897 Hull, married 2nd 1900 Beverley Harriet Hannah PICKERING HOOD born 1876 Cottingham.
Children of George PICKERING and Harriet Hannah HOOD: John PICKERING George PICKERING Samuel Francis PICKERING Lorna Ann PICKERING Jessie PICKERING Henrietta PICKERING servant, baptised 19 August 1877 Paull. Ralph PICKERING fisherman, publican, born 1880 Paull, died 1957 Paull, married 1902 Sculcoates, Hull Ethel UNKNOWN born c1883 Hull.
Children: Mary Elizabeth PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Florence PICKERING born 1883 Paull. Emmeline PICKERING born 1883 Paull. Ellen PICKERING born 1864 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Nancy PICKERING born 1868 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.

24th Generation Ann PICKERING baptised 21 February 1847 North Frodingham. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 8 July 1849 North Frodingham. Thomas PICKERING blacksmith, born 1852 North Frodingham. Emma PICKERING born 1854 North Frodingham. Eliza PICKERING born 1857 North Frodingham. Henry Westoby PICKERING born 1877 Windsor, Berkshire. Ellen PICKERING born 1880 Tower of London. George PICKERING born c1849 Sutton, Hull. Sarah Ann PICKERING born 1851 Sutton, Hull. Thomas PICKERING born c1854 Sutton, Hull, married 1874 Howden Emily SHERWOOD born c1857 Broomfleet.
Children: Robert Cornelius PICKERING Hilda Mabel PICKERING Winifred Olive PICKERING Jane Andrew PICKERING born 1855 Sculcoates, Hull. Ellen Hodgson PICKERING baptised 13 March 1864 Nunkeeling. William Granville PICKERING born c1866 Nunkeeling. George Escreet PICKERING born 1868 Nunkeeling, died 1868. Ada Maria PICKERING baptised 28 May 1871 Nunkeeling. Arthur Winter PICKERING born 1878 Nunkeeling. Walter PICKERING labourer, baptised 5 May 1861 Bewholme. Mary PICKERING baptised 5 April 1863 Nunkeeling. John PICKERING baptised 18 December 1864 Nunkeeling. Priscilla PICKERING domestic servant, born 1866 Beverley. Albert PICKERING born 1870 Sculcoates, Hull. Edith PICKERING born 1872 Hull. Fred PICKERING born 1874 Sculcoates, Hull. Mary Eleanor PICKERING born 1871 Caistor, Lincolnshire. John Harry PICKERING born 1874 London, England, Poplar. Florence Annie PICKERING born 1876 Poplar, London. Frank Holden PICKERING born 1878 Poplar, London. Ernest Aubrey PICKERING born 1879 Poplar, London. Lillie Margaret PICKERING born 1881 West Ham, London. Francis PICKERING baptised 18 August 1850 Flamborough, died 1852. John William PICKERING baptised 18 April 1854 Flamborough. Frederick PICKERING born 1856 Flamborough. Ellen PICKERING born 1859 Flamborough. Frank PICKERING blacksmith, born 6 March 1861 Flamborough, died 26 February 1934 North Cave, married 1883 Skirlaugh Ellen CUTSFORTH born 1 July1859 Woodmansey, died 14 March 1938 Beverley.
Children: Dora Mary PICKERING Arthur PICKERING George PICKERING Florence PICKERING Frank PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Frederick PICKERING John Henry PICKERING Alice PICKERING Ellen PICKERING George Henry PICKERING born 1869 Aldbrough, married 1898 Skirlaugh Rosa MARRITT born 1875 Garton. Joseph Francis PICKERING born 1872 Catwick, died 1942 Catwick, married 1896 Sculcoates, Hull Jane MARGINSON born 1876 Cherry Burton. Herbert Dring PICKERING born 1874 Catwick, married 1896 Skirlaugh Florence SIMPSON born 1874 Bamburgh, Northumberland. Mary Maria PICKERING born 1875 Catwick, married 1896 Skirlaugh Henry EASTWOOD born 1872 Brandesburton. Gertrude PICKERING born 1877 Catwick, married 1900 Skirlaugh Frederick W. BURTON born 1878 Thorne, West Yorkshire. Matthew PICKERING born 1879 Catwick, married 1903 Edmonton, Middlesex Florence M. BULLOCK, born 1879.

Mabel Pickeringand Sydney Pearson

Mabel Pickering
and Sydney Pearson Lucy PICKERING born 1881 Catwick, married 1903 Skirlaugh Harold PICKERING (son of Francis PICKERING and Mary Ann HEELAS) joiner, born 1881 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Francis Arthur PICKERING Nora Mabel PICKERING Florence PICKERING born 1885 Catwick. Robert PICKERING born 1886 Catwick. Mabel PICKERING born 1887 Catwick, married 1912 Sculcoates, Hull Sydney PEARSON. Harold PICKERING (see Lucy PICKERING above). Ada PICKERING born 1874 Aldbrough, married 1897 York Arthur BOWMAN. Sarah PICKERING born 1876 Aldbrough. Eleanor PICKERING born 1877 Aldbrough. Ethel PICKERING born 1879 Aldbrough, married 1897 York Herbert BOUGH. Charles Edward PICKERING born 1880 Aldbrough, married 1909 York Annie OSBOURNE. Gertrude PICKERING born 1882 Aldbrough. Jessie PICKERING born 1884 Aldbrough, married 1908 York Unknown UNKNOWN. Arthur Henry PICKERING born 1886 Aldbrough. Leonard PICKERING born 1886 Aldbrough. Walter PICKERING born 1888 Aldbrough, married 1909 York Unknown UNKNOWN. Frederick PICKERING born 1890 York. Dora PICKERING born 1891 York. Ruth Eleanor PICKERING born 11 October 1877 Leven, died 24 March 1942 Brentford, Isleworth, Middlesex, married 1st Edward BECK farmer, 11 October 1902 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (son of Jonas BECK and Mary HURST) born 1866 Burton Lonsdale, Yorkshire, married 2nd 12 August 1941 Northolt, Middlesex William Arthur PROSSER (son of Richard Bissell PROSSER and Ann OSTELL) born 1878 St. Pancras, London, died 3 July 1942 Brentford, Middlesex.

marriage to Edward Beck, 1902
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

with sister-in-law Mabel E. Coultish
Hull, c1920

pastry cook and confectioner, Hull
London Gazette, 1922

wife of William Prosser
buried St. Mary, Northolt, 1942 Richard Alexander PICKERING clerk, born 28 June 1879 Drypool, Hull, died 25 July 1965 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, married Mabel Elsie COULTISH 22 December 1909 Hull (daughter of Lavinia COULTISH and Unknown UNKNOWN) born 11 June 1884 Howden, died 1 May 1968 Hull.
Children: John Leslie PICKERING George Arthur PICKERING Gilbert Alexander PICKERING

Drypool Boys' School
headmaster's assessment, 1892

8th East Yorks. Regiment
October 1918

with wife Mabel Elsie Coultish
Colonial Street, c1915

grave, Wisbech cemetery, 2012 Henry Tinegate PICKERING labourer, born 20 March 1881 Drypool, Hull, died 1967 Hull, married 31 July 1915 Sculcoates, Hull Harriet Emily BRIGGS (daughter of Joseph BRIGGS) born 1885 Sculcoates, Hull, died 13 November 1968 Hull.
Children: Ruth Ann PICKERING Stella PICKERING

First World War, October 1916

May Villas, May Street, c1925

second from right
retirement from Reckitts, 1941
30 years' service

Henry T. Pickering, 1951 John William Haswell PICKERING chemical engineer, 23 October 1883 Drypool, Hull, died 26 April 1973 Hove, Sussex, married 3 June 1912 Sculcoates, Hull Sarah Lilian DIXON (daughter of Thomas Allison DIXON and Sarah ROBERTSON) born 1889 Hartlepool, Co. Durham, , died 8 January 1976 Hove, Sussex.
Children: Mary PICKERING John Robertson PICKERING

London University graduates

B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry
London University, 1906

First World War

Humber Canister Co. Ltd.
Nicholson Street, Hull

Humber Canister Co. Ltd.
wind-up, 1960

Yule Croft, Sandal Magna
residence 1927-c1945

Stuart House, Woolley (front)
residence c1945-c1962

Stuart House, Woolley (back)
residence c1945-c1962

10 Brunswick Square, Hove (grd. floor flat)
residence c1962-1973 George Gilchrist PICKERING born 19 August 1885 Drypool, Hull, died 1886 Sculcoates, Hull. Frederick James PICKERING shoe shop proprietor, born 15 May1887 Drypool, Hull, died 1970, married 1922 Leeds, West Yorkshire Zita O’RIORDAN born 13 September 1890 Ireland, died 1980 Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire.

First World War

Ernest G. Pickering, George A. Pickering
and Frederick J. Pickering, 1917

East Yorkshire Regiment, "Hull Pals"
London Gazette, 1919

war record Ernest Gilchrist PICKERING clerk, born 12 May 1890 Drypool, Hull, died 1975 Grantham, Lincolnshire, married 30 June 1917 Hull Muriel SHEPHERD (daughter of Richard C. SHEPHERD) born 30 November 1891 Hull, died 1981 Bournemouth, Dorset.
Children: Alan Gilchrist PICKERING Zita Muriel PICKERING Brenda Winifred PICKERING

First World War, 1915

marriage to M. Shepherd, 1917

second from left, POW, Schweidnitz, 1918

war record George Arthur PICKERING mechanical engineer, born 18 August 1893 Sutton, Hull, and died November 1985 Hertford, Hertfordshire, married 1920 Sheffield, West Yorkshire Jessie HOYLE (daughter of Albert HOYLE and Minnie GARDENER) born 1897 Sheffield, West Yorkshire, died 26 January 1976 West Pymble, New South Wales, Australia.
Children: Donald Arthur PICKERING Joyce Eveline PICKERING

school certificate, 1907

school certificate
general subjects, 1907

Hull Technical College heat engines, 1911-1912

Hull Technical College
heat engines, 1911-1912

Hull Technical College machine design, 1912-13

Hull Technical College
machine design, 1912-13

University of London Faculty of Engineering, 1914

University of London
Faculty of Engineering, 1914

First World War

WW1 campaign medals

Manager of Canister Works (C)
Reckitts, Sydney, Australia

Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1925 and 1968

I.E.A. member, 1925 and 1968

Institution of Engineers, Australia, dinner, c1925

Institution of Engineers, Australia, dinner, c1925

Katoomba Municipal Council meeting, c1970

Katoomba Municipal Council meeting, c1970 Alpheus Stanley PICKERING clerk, born 27 April 1896 Sutton, Hull, died February 1978 Monkseaton, Northumberland, married 20 August 1927 Hull Hilda LEE (daughter of George LEE and Sarah Jane BROWN) born 1897 Sculcoates, Hull, died 1964 York, North Yorkshire.
Children: George William PICKERING Maurice Stanley PICKERING

First World War

war record

45 Washington Street, residence 1927

marriage to Hilda Lee, 1927 Cecil Charles McDonald PICKERING engineer, born 24 February 1900 Sutton, Hull, died 11 March 1992 Drypool, Hull, married 11 December 1926 Newland, Hull Ruth TAYLOR (daughter of Henry TAYLOR and Mary Jane HASWELL) born 1 May 1887 Hull, died 15 February 1975 Hull.

Cecil C.M. Pickering, 1918

23 Lodge Street, residence 1930s

5 Village Road, residence 1946-c1981

retirement from Reckitts, 1965
presents from colleagues:
bottles of Sanpic, Harpic, Respic and "Cecpic" Thomas PICKERING gardener, born 8 December 1883 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, died 1973 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Michael PICKERING born 1886 Coniston. George PICKERING farm labourer, born 1887 Coniston. John PICKERING waggoner, born 1891 Coniston. Frank PICKERING gardener, born 1894 Coniston. Walter Clifford PICKERING born 1900 Hornsea. John PICKERING born c1902. Ivy PICKERING born c1904. Eileen Gabbetis PICKERING born 1908 Hornsea. Unknown PICKERING born c1919. Clara PICKERING tobacconist’s assistant, born 1880 Sculcoates, Hull. Thomas PICKERING born c1857 Sculcoates, Hull. Mary PICKERING born 1861 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. John PICKERING shop assistant, born 2 May 1867 Leeds, West Yorkshire. Harriet PICKERING brushmaker, born 1869 Hull. William PICKERING salesman, born 1873 Sculcoates, Hull. Lydia PICKERING born 1878 Hull. Emily Kate PICKERING born 1869 Manchester, Lancashire. Annie PICKERING born 1875 Chorlton, Lancashire. George Henry PICKERING born 1876 Chorlton, Lancashire. Polly PICKERING born 1877 Manchester, Lancashire. Harriet PICKERING born 1879 Manchester, Lancashire. Kate PICKERING charwoman, born 1886 Sculcoates, Hull. Helen PICKERING born 1892 Hull, died 1983 Gillingham, Kent, married 1914 Hull Harold DAVIES. Elizabeth Ann PICKERING born 1871 Hull, died 29 November 1959, married 14 September 1896 Sculcoates, Hull Edward Harry WALKER carpet salesman, born 24 January 1874 Winterton, Lincolnshire, died 27 February 1959. Edith PICKERING bookshop assistant, born 1872 Hull, died 27 November 1944, married June 1895 Sculcoates, Hull Arthur BUTTON salesman, born 1874 Sculcoates, Hull, died 13 April 1923. Emma PICKERING born 6 December 1875 Hull, died 1961, married 1898 Sculcoates, Hull Edward GREEN born 1863 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 19 March 1934.

Emma Pickering 1875-1961

Pickering-Green-Walker family c1906

Top row:
Elizabeth Ann Pickering, Ethel Pickering, Edward Green

Middle row:
Emma Pickering with Marjorie Green, Constance Walker, Edward Green junior, William Pickering with Edith Green

Bottom row:
Doris Green, Sydney Green, Millicent Walker

Violet Wood's 100th birthday 1991
Winifred Pickering, Violet Wood, Stanley Green John William PICKERING bricklayer, born 17 February 1877 Hull, died 27 February 1957, married 1st 28 April 1906 Sculcoates, Hull Gertrude Mary FOSTER born c1880, married 2nd Hilda UNKNOWN.
Children of John William PICKERING and Gertrude Mary FOSTER: John William PICKERING
Gertrude Mary PICKERING David Alfred PICKERING bricklayer, born 1879 Hull, died 25 December 1954, married 11 April 1918 Elizabeth WEATHERSTON born 3 November 1882, died 1 August 1981 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Joseph Edward PICKERING printer, compositor, born 1882 Hull, married 1910 Sculcoates, Hull Florence Mary CHARLTON Florence Mary born c1884, died 23 February 1973. Charles Henry PICKERING bricklayer, born 1884 Hull, died 27 September 1917 Ypres, Belgium, married 1916 Sculcoates, Hull Violet WOOD born 16 October 1891, died 2 February 1994. Harold A. PICKERING clerk, born 1886 Hull, died 29 December 1972 Stoke-on-Trent, Cheshire, married 1915 Lichfield, Staffordshire Norah M.C. BEAR. Fred PICKERING clerk, born 4 April 1888 Hull, died 30 April 195, married 1925 Hull Violet WOOD born 16 October 1891, died 2 February 1994.
Winifred Mary PICKERING Sydney PICKERING compositor, born 21 June 1889 Hull, died 27 April 1973, married 9 November 1929 Newland, Hull Doris COLQUHOUN born 21 October 1899 Sculcoates, Hull, died 12 January 1989 Warwickshire.
Children: Edward Colquhoun PICKERING

David Pickering 1879-1964
Elizabeth Weatherston

Charles Pickering 1885-1917

Charles Henry Pickering
Tyne Cot Memorial, Ypres

Harold Pickering 1886-1972

Fred Pickering 1888-1958 Ethel PICKERING born 1884 Hull. William Ernest PICKERING bricklayer, born 1886 Beverley. George Philip PICKERING ship rigger, born 1887 Hull, died 1950 Hull, married 1911 Hull Charlotte Elizabeth JOHNSON born 1890 Hatcliffe, Lincolnshire, died 1973 Hull.
Children: Anne Elizabeth PICKERING George Philip PICKERING Kenneth Richard PICKERING Ruby PICKERING Myra Celia PICKERING Reginald Noel PICKERING Lily PICKERING born 1889 Hull. Isabella PICKERING born 1891 Hull. Alice Maud PICKERING born 1897 Hull, married 1926 Hull William A. SMITH. Ruby PICKERING born 1900 Hull. May PICKERING born 1901 Hull, married 1926 Hull Cyril DOYLE. William Edwin PICKERING born 1872 Tunstall, married 1897 Godstone, Surrey Edith DUDMAN born 1871 Pulborough, Sussex.
Children: William Edwin PICKERING Jack PICKERING
Ruth Martha PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING baptised 22 June 1873 Paull. Herbert PICKERING stud groom, born 1874 Roos, married 1894 Easingwold, North Yorkshire Emma Florence ROBSHAW born 1870 Sutton The Forest, North Yorkshire.
Children: Lily PICKERING Herbert William PICKERING Violet PICKERING Ethel Florence PICKERING Laura Annie PICKERING born 26 July 1875 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. George Edward PICKERING joiner, born 1879 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Alice Hilda PICKERING born 1881 Roos. Ernest PICKERING bricklayer, born 1882 Roos. Eva PICKERING born 8 October, 1885 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, buried 9 October 1885 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William John PICKERING born 1886 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, buried 22 September 1886 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Bernard PICKERING plumber born c1888 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Frederick H. Pickering 1881-1948
courtesy of Richard Pickering


Maud Walker 1895-1965
courtesy of Richard Pickering Stanley PICKERING fitter, born c1892 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William Clarence PICKERING born 1895 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, buried 18 May 1896 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Edward Percy PICKERING born 1878 Caistor, Lincolnshire, died 21 November 1880 Patrington. Frederick Harold PICKERING born 1881 Patrington, died 6 January 1948 Hull, married 28 March 1929 Hull Maud WALKER (daughter of Charles Barnby WALKER) born 24 December 1895 Bridlington, died 28 October 1965 Hull.
Children: John Geoffrey PICKERING Alice PICKERING born c1884 died January 1889 Caistor. John Leonard PICKERING born 1890 New Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 21 June 1976. Charles Sydney PICKERING born 1895 New Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Edith PICKERING born 1897 Glebe, New South Wales, Australia, died 1985 Collary Plateau, New South Wales, Australia, married 1st before 1914 Henry PALMER born c1897, married 2nd 1914 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia Ernest GOODING born c1895. Charles PICKERING born 19 April 1900 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Arthur PICKERING plumber, born 1906 Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia, married Maude MARSH born c1908.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Unknown
PICKERING Mary PICKERING born c1882 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Henry David C. PICKERING born 1883 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Charles William PICKERING born 1886 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Lillian PICKERING born c1888 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Arthur PICKERING born 1891 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Ida PICKERING born c1893 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Bessie PICKERING born c1895 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Albert Bennett PICKERING born 1897 Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Eva Louise PICKERING born c1903 Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire. Alfred Lockie PICKERING died 1971 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, married 1923 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Lydia G.E. BETTS. Edith M. PICKERING born 1886 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia, died 1908 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia. Reginald Charles Oscar PICKERING carpenter, born 1888 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 1953 Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia, Unknown UNKNOWN died 1934.
Children: Dulcie Frances PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Kate I. PICKERING born 1889 Newtown, New South Wales, Australia. Vera Irene PICKERING born 1893 Newtown, New South Wales, Australia, married 1914 South Balmain, New South Wales, Australia William OLDFIELD. George PICKERING born c1870 Pocklington. William Tasker PICKERING born 1871 Sculcoates, Hull. John Lancelot PICKERING born c1875 Sculcoates, Hull. Annie E. PICKERING born c1876 Sculcoates, Hull. Ellen PICKERING born c1879 Hull. Henry PICKERING born 1858 Huggate, married 1887 Pocklington Mary LEGARD born August 1867 Thixendale, North Yorkshire, baptised 11 August 1867 Wharram Percy, North Yorkshire.
Children: Harriet PICKERING David PICKERING Albert Henry PICKERING George PICKERING Thomas Bernard PICKERING William Robert PICKERING born 1869 Huggate. Thomas PICKERING born c1871 Pocklington. Herbert PICKERING born 1877 West Lutton, North Yorkshire. Ernest PICKERING born 1879 Bishop Wilton. Wilfred PICKERING born 1881 Bishop Wilton, baptised 26 September 1881 Pocklington. Arthur PICKERING born c1880 Stamford Bridge. Hilda PICKERING born 1882 Pocklington. Richard PICKERING born c1884 York, North Yorkshire. Annie Dinah PICKERING born c1886 York, North Yorkshire. Ada PICKERING born c1887 York, North Yorkshire. David H. PICKERING born c1889 York, North Yorkshire. Emma PICKERING born c1892 York, North Yorkshire. Walter PICKERING clerk, born c1896 York, North Yorkshire. Edith M. PICKERING born c1892 York, North Yorkshire. William PICKERING born c1894 York, North Yorkshire. Annie Amelia PICKERING servant, born May 1878 Huggate, baptised 29 May 1878 Pocklington. Harriet Hannah PICKERING born July 1881 Huggate, baptised 4 July 1881 Pocklington. Herbert Henry PICKERING servant, born March 1883 Huggate, baptised 25 March Pocklington. Clara Clark PICKERING born 1888 Huggate, married 1919 Sculcoates, Hull Ernest YOUNG. Bertha Blanch PICKERING born 1892 Huggate, married 1921 Driffield Waters APPLETON. William PICKERING born 1880 Blanch, baptised 20 June 1880 Pocklington. Henry PICKERING servant, born 1882 Blanch. Ada Mary PICKERING servant, born 1884 Blanch. Annie PICKERING servant, born 1887 Blanch. Albert PICKERING born 1891 married 1915 Driffield Lilian DONKIN born c1890.
Children: Frederick PICKERING Ethel PICKERING born 1893 Huggate, married 1925 Pocklington Leonard MILNER. Hilda PICKERING born 1895 Huggate. Alfred PICKERING born 1897 Huggate. Violet Huby PICKERING born c1890 Scarborough, North Yorkshire, married 1914 Bridlington Harry FOSTER. Ernest PICKERING born 1892 Huggate. David PICKERING born 1894 Huggate. Rose PICKERING born 1895 Blanch. Thomas PICKERING born 1897 Cowlam. Charles Harold PICKERING born 1899 Cowlam. Frederick James PICKERING born 1901 Thwing, died 1991 York, North Yorkshire, married 1936 Pocklington Mary JARRATT born 1917 Bridlington, died 2005.
Children: Kenneth PICKERING Edna PICKERING Frank PICKERING George Henry PICKERING born 1901 Thwing. Alfred PICKERING born 1903 Thwing. Olive PICKERING born 1905 Thwing. John Henry Maynard PICKERING born 1862 Barrow-on-Humber, Lincolnshire, married 1886 Sculcoates, Hull Ann SISSONS born 1860 Hull.
Children: Frederick Christopher PICKERING Kate M. PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING Charlotte Ann PICKERING born 1863 Hull, married 1884 Sculcoates, Hull John Blosson GREEN (son of Frances Robinson GREEN) born 1862 Sculcoates, Hull, died 1940 Hull. Mary Hessey PICKERING born c1868 Drypool, Hull. Bertie PICKERING born c1882 Hull. Violet Annie PICKERING baptised 20 January Hull, married Walter William DONOVAN. William Andrew PICKERING groom, born 1893 Sculcoates, Hull, married 21 August 1920 North Newington, Hull Mary Ann STONE (daughter of Alfred STONE) born 1897 Goole. Doris Barbara PICKERING born 1898 Sculcoates, Hull. Kenneth James PICKERING born c1903 Cottingham. Vera PICKERING born 1904 Sculcoates, Hull. Rubina BULMER-PICKERING cook, born 1869 Elmswell, baptised 18 December 1870 Great Driffield, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Eva PICKERING

Robert Pickering and Phoebe Ann Bulmer were Eva Pickering’s grandparents.  Her mother was most likely Rubina. Richard BULMER-PICKERING market gardener, born 1872 Driffield, baptised 1 January 1874 Great Driffield, married 1904 Bridlington Sarah Ann LAKES born c1874 Bridlington. Elizabeth Annie PICKERING baptised 2 July 1875 Great Driffield, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Amy PICKERING

Robert Pickering and Phoebe Ann Bulmer were Amy’s Pickering’s grandparents.  Her mother was possibly Elizabeth Annie. Frank PICKERING baptised 30 August 1877 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, died 30 August 1877 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Agnes PICKERING born 1879 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, had a child by Unknown BYAS landowner.
Children: Cecil PICKERING

Edward Carter Pickering family, 1910

Edward Carter Pickering family, 1910 Hannah PICKERING born 1882 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Ethel PICKERING born 1886 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Edward Carter PICKERING born 1865 Kilnwick, married 1892 Newland, Hull Jane BERRY baptised 14 March 1868 Bridlington, died 29 August 1938 Hull.
Children: Edith Carter PICKERING Ernest Carter PICKERING Hilda Carter PICKERING Laura Carter PICKERING Herbert Carter PICKERING Fred PICKERING born c1906 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Edward Harland PICKERING born 1907 Middleton-on-the-Wolds. Emma PICKERING born c1910 Hull. Unknown PICKERING. Charles PICKERING born 1890 Bridlington. Unknown PICKERING. Sarah PICKERING baptised 15 February 1850 Garton-on-the-Wolds, married 19 September 1868 Ruston Parva Thomas BARMBY born Brigham, baptised 15 May 1847 Foston-on-the-Wolds (son of George BARMBY and Elizabeth UNKNOWN). Ann Armstrong PICKERING baptised 24 April 1859 Garton-on-the-Wolds, died in 1861 Driffield. Arthur PICKERING tailor, born 1864 Driffield, married 1st c1890 Unknown UNKNOWN, married 2nd Elizabeth UNKNOWN born c1864 in Worcester.
Children of Arthur PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Gertrude PICKERING
Children of Arthur PICKERING and Elizabeth UNKNOWN: Mercy Mary PICKERING Herbert W. PICKERING born c1891 Sheffield, West Yorkshire. Jane Catherine PICKERING born 1880 Sculcoates, Hull. John PICKERING born 1902 Paull. George PICKERING born 1904 Paull. Samuel Francis PICKERING born 1907 Paull. Lorna Ann PICKERING born 1909 Paull. Jessie PICKERING born 1910 Paull. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING born 1902 Paull. Ralph PICKERING born 1904 Paull. Ethel PICKERING born 1909 Paull.

25th Generation Robert Cornelius PICKERING born c1855 Cherry Burton. Hilda Mabel PICKERING born c1890 Driffield. Winifred Olive PICKERING born c1893 Driffield. Dora Mary PICKERING born c1884 Willerby, married 1904 Howden John Henry MESSENGER. Arthur PICKERING born c1885 North Cave. George PICKERING roadman, born c1887 North Cave. Florence PICKERING born c1889 North Cave, married Unknown THOMPSON. Frank PICKERING born 1890 North Cave, died 1980, married Robina Gill SCOTT born 1895 Highfield, Co. Durham, died 1965 North Cave.
Children: Audrey Winifred PICKERING Georgina Isobel PICKERING Valerie Ellen PICKERING Geoffrey PICKERING Hilda PICKERING born 1893 North Cave, died 3 December 1975, married George COCKIN farmer, born 1889, died 30 December 1975. Frederick PICKERING born c1896 North Cave, married Eileen UNKNOWN. John Henry PICKERING born 1900 North Cave, died 1990 North Cave. Alice PICKERING born c1902 North Cave, married John HILL. Ellen PICKERING post lady, born 1904 North Cave. Francis Arthur PICKERING born c1907 Hull. Nora Mabel PICKERING born c1910 Hull. John Leslie PICKERING credit trader, born 9 January 1911 Hull, died 17 August 1991 Cottingham, married 1st Hilda Natalie OMBLER 16 July 1938 Newland, Hull (daughter of George OMBLER and Hilda Natalie KARLSSON born 1912 Sculcoates, Hull, married 2nd Ilse KOLBE teacher, 23 October 1947 Hull (daughter of Josef KOLBE and Emilie Elisabeth DÄUBEL born 14 September 1912 Fogarasch, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary, died 25 September 1995 Hull.
Children of John Leslie PICKERING and Ilse KOLBE: Judith PICKERING Hazel PICKERING

with baby George Arthur c1915

RAF, no. 3 squad, no. 1 squadron, A flight
middle row, second from left
Blackpool, 1940

first wife Hilda Ombler, 1941

John L. Pickering, 1947

second wife Ilse Kolbe, 1930s George Arthur PICKERING born 24 August 1914 Hull, died 9 February 1916 Hull. Gilbert Alexander PICKERING builder, born 14 April 1920 Hull, died 22 November 1992 Little Weighton, married 24 March 1955 Hull Rose Eileen COLLEY (daughter of Albert COLLEY) born 1 October 1918 Hull, died Mar. 2012.
Children: Susan Denise PICKERING

with older brother John, 1921

Gilbert A. Pickering, 1940

army, 1942

North Africa, 1943

marriage to Rose E. Colley, 1955

Stella and Ruth Pickering

Stella and Ruth Pickering Ruth Ann PICKERING born 1916 Sculcoates, Hull, married Newland, Hull 1937 Kenneth C. ROBINSON died c1950. Stella PICKERING born 1918 Sculcoates, Hull, died 8 November 2011 Hull, married 1946 Hull Henry PRINCE (son of Unknown PRINCE and Unkown McCORMICK) born 1919 Barry, Wales. Mary PICKERING born 1915 Sculcoates, Hull, married 1945 Staincross, West Yorkshire Eric William GRIFFITH, barrister.
Children: Oliver William John GRIFFITH Deborah Jane GRIFFITH John Robertson PICKERING judge, born 8 January 1925 Barnsley, West Yorkshire, died 25 April 1995 Upavon, Wiltshire, married 1951 Westminster, London, Hilde JARACZEWER (daughter of Martin JARACZEWER and Erna STEIN) born 22 January 1919 Dortmund, Germany, died 23 December 2001 London.
Children: John Justin Mark PICKERING

Mary Pickering with father, Woolley

John R. and Mary Pickering

John R. Pickering, barrister

with mother on Queen Mary, 1947

Hilde Jaraczewer, FANY uniform

Brenda W. and Zita M. Pickering, 1937

Brenda W. and Zita M. Pickering, 1937 Alan Gilchrist PICKERING born 13 September 1919 West Sculcoates, Hull, died April 2001 Grantham, Lincolnshire, married 1951 Basford, Nottinghamshire Barbara BULLIN born 24 September 1930 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Alan G. Pickering, 1936

Alan G. Pickering, 1936

Children: Mark Gilchrist PICKERING Michael Gilchrist PICKERING Simon Gilchrist PICKERING Zita Muriel PICKERING born 1 April 1921 West Sculcoates, Hull, married 1st Walter COLLINS 1942 Durham, County Durham, married 2nd Stanley BALL 1971 Leeds, West Yorkshire. Brenda Winifred PICKERING born 18 May 1922 Hull, married 1944 Durham, County Durham Harold HILL. Donald Arthur PICKERING born 22 November, 1921 West Sculcoates, Hull, died 22 July 1997 Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, married Myra MERCER (daughter of Jonathan MERCER and Unknown CLEGG) born 16 January 1925 Manchester, Lancashire.
Children: Donna PICKERING Joyce Eveline PICKERING born 14 July 1923 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died 2010 Hertford, Hertfordshire, married 1944 Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Arthur Graham LLEWELYN (son of Arthur LLEWELYN) born 28 May 1918 Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia.

Joyce E. and Donald A. Pickering
with their mother Jessie Hoyle

Donald A. Pickering, war record

Myra Mercer with
baby Donna Pickering

Donald A. Pickering,
early 1970s George William PICKERING born 21 August 1929 Hull, died 1988 Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, married 1960 Halifax, West Yorkshire Ann BASKILL born 1930.
Children: Alan C. PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Maurice Stanley PICKERING born 19 January 1931 Hull, married 2 April 1955 Prittlewell, Essex Gloria MIHILL born 1934 Vange, Essex.
Children: Jane Lindsay PICKERING Claire Louise PICKERING Lisa Joanne PICKERING John William PICKERING born 6 October 1907, died 5 May 1987, married 20 August 1935 Bessie RANDS born 7 February 1910, died 13 September 1991.
Children: Robert John PICKERING Richard Rands PICKERING Elizabeth Mary PICKERING Gertrude Mary PICKERING born 4 January 1914, died 10 December 2003, married 4 September 1937 Alfred Kenneth MACKMAN born 28 December 1912, died 30 May 1996 Leeds, West Yorkshire. Winifred Mary PICKERING born 16 July 1926, married 27 August 1955 George WILLIS born 13 May 1923 and died 15 January 1998. Edward Colquhoun PICKERING born 9 April 1932, married 1st 5 September 1953 Frances Joyce EXELBY, married 2nd Moyra Margaret HATFIELD.
Children of Edward Colquhoun PICKERING and Frances Joyce EXELBY: Christopher PICKERING Barbara PICKERING born 25 August 1934, married 13 September 1958 David SMITH. Anne Elizabeth PICKERING born 25 May 1912 Hull, died 2 June 2003 Hull, married September 1930 George ROBINSON born 10 April 1907 Hull, died 20 January 1965 Auckland, New Zealand. George Philip PICKERING born 1914 Hull, died 1991, married 1939 Olive OMBLER. Olive (daughter of Unknown OMBLER and Unknown BROCKLESBY) born 1911 Sculcoates, Hull, died 1995.
Children: Norma PICKERING Keith PICKERING Kenneth Richard PICKERING born 1919 Hull, died 1998 Hull, married 1939 Hull Doris Alma BOOTH born 1917 Hull, died 2002 Hull.
Children: Kenneth Michael PICKERING Denise PICKERING David PICKERING Trevor PICKERING Ruby PICKERING born 22 January 1921 Hull. Myra Celia PICKERING born 1923 Hull, died 1957 Hull, married Unknown JEFFCOTT. Reginald Noel PICKERING born 1930 Hull, married 1952 Drypool, Hull Edna HOWSON born 11 October 1931.
Children: Julie PICKERING William Edwin PICKERING born 1898 Lingfield, Surrey. Jack PICKERING born 1899 Lingfield, Surrey. Ruth Martha PICKERING born 1901 Lingfield, Surrey.

John Geoffrey Pickering, born 1933 Hull Lily PICKERING born 1894 Sutton The Forest, North Yorkshire. Herbert William PICKERING born 1898 Hoxne, Suffolk, baptised 12 November 1899 Knowle, Warwickshire. Violet PICKERING baptised 12 November 1899 Knowle, Warwickshire, England. Ethel Florence PICKERING baptised 23 June 1908 Wednesbury, Staffordshire. John Geoffrey PICKERING born 1933 Hull, Sculcoates. Arthur PICKERING born 1927 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Unknown PICKERING born c1933 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Dulcie Frances PICKERING born 1923, died 1995, married Unknown WASHINGTON. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING. Harriet PICKERING born Huggate, baptised 15 August Pocklington. David PICKERING born Huggate, baptised 3 November Pocklington. Albert Henry PICKERING born Huggate, baptised 11 May 1892 Pocklington. George PICKERING born c1895 Londesborough. Thomas Bernard PICKERING born Kilnwick Percy, baptised 17 December 1897 Pocklington. Frederick PICKERING born 1916 Wetwang. Kenneth PICKERING born 1937 Fridaythorpe, married 1960 Pamela DALES.

Favreuil cemetery Edna PICKERING born 1938 Fridaythorpe, married 1963 John William BLAKESTON born 1936 Waxholme. Frank PICKERING born 15 December 1942 Fridaythorpe, married Barbara Helen TATE born 1942 Leven. Frederick Christopher PICKERING born 1888 Sculcoates, Hull, died 28 November 1917 Favreuil, Pas-de-Calais, France, married 1910 Sculcoates, Hull Ethel SMETHURST born 1888 Hull.
Children: Vera PICKERING Kate M. PICKERING born 23 August 1891 Hull, died 1964, married Harold HARRISON. Harold born 23 August 1891 Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, died 1965. Charles Henry PICKERING born 1893 Sculcoates, Hull, married 1916 Hull Eliza FOX born 1893 Hull.
Children: Cyril PICKERING Eva PICKERING born 1889 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.

Ernest Carter Pickering 1896-1918

Ernest Carter Pickering 1896-1918 Amy PICKERING born 1900 Middleton-on-the-Wolds.

Rowland Pickering and Pamela Turner 1961 Cecil PICKERING journeyman baker and confectioner, born 1896 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, married 1st 1920 Hull Alice CANDLER died 1945, married 2nd Irene May BEADLE born c1927.
Children of Cecil PICKERING and Alice CANDLER: John Robert PICKERING Rubina E. PICKERING Cecilia Agnes PICKERING Bernard F. PICKERING Maurice A. PICKERING Edith Carter PICKERING baptised 5 May 1893 Hull, died 1895 Hull. Ernest Carter PICKERING born 1896 Hull, and died 14 September 1918, buried Terlincthun British War Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. Hilda Carter PICKERING baptised 14 February 1899 Hull, died 13 October 1972 Hull, married 27 December 1924 Hull Sydney MORLEY born 1898 Hull, died 19 February 1971 Hull. Laura Carter PICKERING born 1906 Sculcoates, Hull, died 11 April 1984 Hull, married 29 August 1931 Hull Thomas GUNSON born 15 October 1903 South Ferriby, Lincolnshire, died 12 June 1987 Hull. Herbert Carter PICKERING builder, born 7 April 1910 Hull, died 15 April 1990 Hull, married 14 April 1932 Hull Annie Cecelia COVERDALE born 3 May 1905 Hull, died 22 April 1980 Hornsea.
Children: Edward Rowland PICKERING Howard Norman PICKERING Gertrude PICKERING born c1892 Leeds, West Yorkshire, died before 1903. Mercy Mary PICKERING born 1905 Leeds, West Yorkshire.

26th Generation Audrey Winifred PICKERING born 19 July 1920, died June 1986. Georgina Isobel PICKERING born 1926 Welton, married 1947 Cedric Arthur SIMPSON born North Cave, died c2008 North Cave. Valerie Ellen PICKERING born 3 January 1929 Geoffrey PICKERING publican, born 1930 Sculcoates, Hull. Judith PICKERING teacher, born 1948 Cottingham, died 2000 Hull. Hazel PICKERING marketing analyst, born 1950 Cottingham. John Robert PICKERING grocery shop manager, born 24 April 1921 Hull, died 2 January 2010 Hull, married 25 August 1945 Audrey SMITH born 4 October 1924, died 20 January 1999. Rubina E. PICKERING born Hull. Cecilia Agnes PICKERING born Hull. Bernard F. PICKERING born Hull. Maurice A. PICKERING born Hull.