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Paull, including Thorngumbald

Pickerings of Holderness

11th Generation Emily PICKERING born 1846 in Thorngumbald, died 27 December 1857 Thorngumbald, buried 2 January Patrington. William Garton PICKERING builder, innkeeper born 1848 Thorngumbald, married 1871 Patrington Martha CARTER (daughter of John CARTER and Sarah UNKNOWN) born c1850 Burton Pidsea, died 1895.
Children: William Edwin PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Laura Annie PICKERING George Edward PICKERING Alice Hilda PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Eva PICKERING William John PICKERING Bernard PICKERING Stanley PICKERING William Clarence PICKERING John Garton PICKERING master builder 1850 in Thorngumbald, died 28 December 1924 West Sculcoates, Hull, married 1878 Pocklington Ann PICKERING (daughter of William PICKERING and Sarah BURLEY) baptised 11 August 1856 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Edward Percy PICKERING Frederick Harold PICKERING Alice PICKERING John Leonard PICKERING Charles Sydney PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING born 1852 Thorngumbald. George Alfred PICKERING born 1853 Thorngumbald, died 28 February 1859 Patrington. Ann Eliza PICKERING born in 1855 Thorngumbald, died 5 June 1858 Thorngumbald. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1857 Thorngumbald, died 20 November 1857 Thorngumbald. Emily Jane PICKERING born 1858 Thorngumbald, died 23 April 1885 Thorngumbald, married 1880 Bartholemew Charles HART born 1859 Hull. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born 1860 Thorngumbald, died 28 August 1861 Thorngumbald. Edward PICKERING born 10 December 1862 Thorngumbald, died 1870 Thorngumbald. Alice PICKERING milliner born 1865 Thorngumbald. Lucy Ann PICKERING born 1868 Patrington. Mary C. PICKERING born c1870 Paull. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 26 Ocotber 1873 Paull. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 17 October 1875 Paull, died 1934 Patrington, married 1st 1896 Patrington Ellen Caroline CAWKWELL born 1872 Pocklington, died 1897 Hull, married 2nd 1900 in Beverley Harriet Hannah PICKERING HOOD born 1876 Cottingham.
Children of George PICKERING and Harriet Hannah HOOD: John PICKERING George PICKERING Samuel Francis PICKERING Lorna Ann PICKERING Jessie PICKERING Henrietta PICKERING servant, baptised 19 August 1877 Paull. Ralph PICKERING fisherman, publican, born 1880 Paull, died 1957 Paull, married 1902 Sculcoates, Hull Ethel UNKNOWN born c1883 Hull.
Children: Mary Elizabeth PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Florence PICKERING born 1883 Paull. Emmeline PICKERING born 1883 Paull.

12th Generation John PICKERING born 1902 Paull. George PICKERING born 1904 Paull. Samuel Francis PICKERING born 1907 Paull. Lorna Ann PICKERING born 1909 Paull. Jessie PICKERING born 1910 Paull. Mary Elizabeth PICKERING born 1902 Paull. Ralph PICKERING born 1904 Paull. Ethel PICKERING born 1909 Paull.