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Pickerings of the North York Moors

8th Generation Thomas PICKERING butcher, farmer born c1824 Fylingdales. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING farmer, born c1826 Fylingdales, died 1869 Whitby, married 9 February 1856 Whitby Jane JACKSON born c1835 Ruswarp.
Children: John Hodgson PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING William Hodgson PICKERING Margaret Jane Hodgson PICKERING Gawan Hodgson PICKERING Marianne PICKERING John PICKERING farmer, born c1829 Fylingdales, married after 1871 Elizabeth A. UNKNOWN born c1841 Fylingdales. Matthew Hodgson PICKERING farmer, born c1832 Sleights, married 1857 Whitby Elizabeth HARLAND born c1837 Sleights.
Children: Ann PICKERING John Hodgson PICKERING Mary Jane Hodgson PICKERING William Hodgson PICKERING farmer, born c1834 Fylingdales, married 1st 1858 Whitby Elizabeth LEADSON (daughter of William LEADSON and Mary UNKNOWN) born c1834 Fylingdales, died 1869 Whitby, married 2nd 1878 Whitby Jane SMALLWOOD born c1844 Fylingdales.
Children of William Hodgson PICKERING and Elizabeth LEADSON: William Leadson PICKERING John PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING born c1837 Fylingdales.

9th Generation John Hodgson PICKERING farmer, baptised 20 January 1857 Fylingdales, married 1st 24 October 1874 Whitby Elizabeth ATKINSON, born Whitby, married 2nd Rebecca UNKNOWN after 1881, born c1855 Fylingdales.
Children of John Hodgson PICKERING and Elizabeth ATKINSON: Mary Ann PICKERING
Children of John Hodgson PICKERING and Rebecca UNKNOWN: Martha Jane PICKERING Gawan Hodgson PICKERING Rebecca Hodgson PICKERING John William H. PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING born 1859 Newholm, died 1889 Scarborough, married 3 December 1882 Scarborough Lucy GARRETT, born c1857. William Hodgson PICKERING farmer, born Sep. 1861 Newholm, married 5 June 1884 Whitby Mary DONKIN, born c1862 Fylingdales.
Children: William Hodgson PICKERING Christopher Hodgson PICKERING John Hodgson PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING Francis Hodgson PICKERING Mary Margaret H. PICKERING Henry Hodgson PICKERING Elizabeth Jane H. PICKERING George PICKERING Walter Hodgson PICKERING Alice May PICKERING Margaret Jane Hodgson PICKERING born 1863 Newholm. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING born 1865 Fylingdales, died 1924 Whitby, married 1st Unknown UNKNOWN, married 1908 Whitby 2nd Fannie Elizabeth BOOTH, born 1881 Whitby.
Children of Gawan Hodgson PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Gawan Hodgson PICKERING
Children of Gawan Hodgson PICKERING and Fannie Elizabeth BOOTH: Herbert PICKERING Kathleen PICKERING Marianne PICKERING baptised 12 July 1868 Fylingdales. Ann PICKERING baptised 27 February 1859 Sleights. John Hodgson PICKERING baptised 23 December Sleights. Mary Jane Hodgson PICKERING baptised 8 May 1864 Fylingdales. William Leadson PICKERING boarn Newholm, baptised 4 May 1862 Fylingdales. John PICKERING baptised 7 February 1864 Fylingdales, died 1877 Whitby. Thomas Hodgson PICKERING farmer, baptised 13 June 1869 Fylingdales, married 1898 Whitby Susannah SAYERS, born c1880 Whitby.
Children: William Leadson PICKERING George Sayers PICKERING Nora Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING Cyril PICKERING

10th Generation Mary Ann PICKERING born c1877 Staintondale. Martha Jane PICKERING born 1882 Fylingdales. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING born 1885 Stoupe Brow, Fylingdales, and died 1969. Rebecca Hodgson PICKERING born 1892 Fylingdales. John William H. PICKERING born 1896 Fylingdales. William Hodgson PICKERING born 1885 Fylingdales. Christopher Hodgson PICKERING born 1887 Fylingdales. John Hodgson PICKERING born 1889 Fylingdales. Thomas Hodgson PICKERING born 1890 Fylingdales. Francis Hodgson PICKERING born 1892 Fylingdales. Mary Margaret H. PICKERING born 1894 Fylingdales. Henry Hodgson PICKERING born 1895 Fylingdales. Elizabeth Jane H. PICKERING born 1897 Fylingdales. George PICKERING born 1899 Fylingdales. Walter Hodgson PICKERING born 1900 Fylingdales. Alice May PICKERING born 1902 Fylingdales. Herbert PICKERING born 1909 Whitby. Kathleen PICKERING born 1910 Fylingdales. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING born 1884 Fylingdales. William Leadson PICKERING born c1899 Fylingdales. George Sayers PICKERING born c1905 Lythe. Nora Elizabeth PICKERING born c1906 Fylingdales. Thomas Hodgson PICKERING born c1908 Fylingdales. Cyril PICKERING born 1911 Newby.

Nicholas Puckering married 1673 Foston

7th Generation William PUCKRIN butcher, born 12 January 1818 Low Hawsker, married 29 October 1842 Ann ALDERSON seamstress, born c1823 Whitby.
Children: Edward PUCKRIN John PUCKRIN William PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN Mary PUCKRIN Edward Alderson PUCKRIN Edward PUCKRIN agricultural labourer, born 30 September 1819 Fylingdales, died 1873 Blaydon, married 1st 19 April 1849 Lythe, North Yorkshire, Ann BELL born c1825 Egton, buried 13 November 1851 Hawsker, married 2nd 1853 Whitby Sarah Ann GOODWILL born c1827 Scarborough, died 30 August 1873 Blaydon, Co. Durham.
Children of Edward PUCKRIN and Ann BELL: Sarah PUCKRIN
Children of Edward PUCKRIN and Sarah Ann GOODWILL: Catherine PUCKRIN John William PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN born 19 November 1820 Fylingdales. John PUCKRIN born 19 November 1822 Fylingdales, died 27 January 1826 Fylingdales. Isabella PUCKRIN born 5 February 1824 Fylingdales, married 1850 Whitby William HERBERT (son of John HERBERT) butcher, born c1823 Straggleton, North Yorkshire. Graystock PUCKRIN born 9 August 1826 Fylingdales, buried 18 January 1881 Stockton, Co. Durham, married 1st 1855 Sunderland, Co. Durham, Elizabeth AYRE, died before 1861, married 2nd 1866 Stockton Ellen COOK born c1838 Shadforth, Co. Durham.
Children of Graystock PUCKRIN and Elizabeth AYRE: John Ayre PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN born 7 December 1828 Fylingdales. Rose PUCKRIN born 12 December 1831 Hawsker, married 28 December 1854 John Parker EMMERSON joiner, born c1831 Hawsker. Thomas PUCKRIN master mariner, born 14 September 1835 Hawsker, died before 1871, married 1858 Whitby Jane BULMER born c1839 Easington, East Yorkshire.
Children: John PUCKRIN Margaret A. PUCKRIN Thomas E. PUCKRIN Richard PUCKRIN butcher, born c1839 Hawsker, died 1888 Hawsker, married 25 January 1862 Scarborough Elizabeth SAYERS born 1840 Filey, North Yorkshire.
Children: Henry PUCKRIN Annie Eliza PUCKRIN Thomas E. PUCKRIN Dora Graystock PUCKRIN