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Foston, including Thornton-le-Clay

Nicholas Puckering married 1673 Foston

1st Generation

1. Nicholas PUCKERING married Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1. Nicholas PUCKERING

1.2. William PUCKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Nicholas PUCKERING born c1650, buried 14 May 1700 Foston, North Yorkshire, married 1st 21 July 1673 Foston, Grace GARLAND buried 23 July 1679 Foston, married 2nd May 11, 1680 Foston Margaret COWPER.
Children of Nicholas PUCKERING and Margaret COWPER:
1.1.1. Thomas PUCKERING
1.1.2. Margaret PUCKERING

1.2. William PUCKERING baptised 9 April 1665 Foston, buried 16 August Foston, married 7 August 1688 Foston Elizabeth BENSON born c1655, buried 28 September 1737 Foston.
1.2.1. Nicholas PUCKERING

1.2.2. William PUCKERING
1.2.3. John PUCKERING
1.2.4. Jane PUCKERING
1.2.5. Nicholas PUCKERING
1.2.6. John PUCKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 27 March 1681 Foston, buried 3 April Foston.

1.1.2. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 24 September 1682 Foston, married 1703 York William BOWMAN born c1672 Foston.

1.2.1. Nicholas PUCKERING baptised 23 June 1689 Foston, buried 23 September 1689 Foston.

1.2.2. William PUCKERING baptised 6 March 1691 Foston, buried 13 May 1725 Foston.

1.2.3. John PUCKERING baptised 16 April 1694 Foston, buried 6 June 1694 Foston.

1.2.4. Jane PUCKERING baptised 29 August 1697 Foston, married 2 July 1727 Foston John BLACKWELL born Settrington.

1.2.5. Nicholas PUCKERING baptised 16 June 1700 Foston, died before 1780, married 1st 25 November 1729 Foston Elizabeth CLAPHAM born Foston, buried 27 February 1731 Foston, married 2nd 19 January 1732 Foston Elizabeth BULMER born Foston, buried 12 April 1780 Thornton-le-Clay.
Children of Nicholas PUCKERING and Elizabeth BULMER: John PUCKERING

1.2.6. John PUCKERING baptised 14 February 1703 Foston, buried 20 April 1703 Foston.

4th Generation John PUCKRIN farmer, baptised 7 January 1733 Foston, died 13 July 1807 Thornton-le-Clay, married Hannah UNKNOWN born 1723, died 3 October 1811 Thornton-le-Clay.
Children: John PUCKRIN William PUCKRIN Hannah PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN William PUCKERING baptised 16 March 1735 Foston. Jane PUCKERING baptised 26 March 1738 Foston. Nicholas PUCKERING baptised 17 April 1739 Foston. Ann PUCKERING baptised 21 December 1740 Foston. Sarah PUCKERING baptised 21 February 1744 Foston, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Thomas PUCKERING

5th Generation John PUCKRIN farmer, born c1770 married 25 May 1792 Huttons Ambo, North Yokshire Polly COATES born 1771, died 8 October 1832 Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Children: John PUCKERING Hannah PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING William PUCKERING Richard PUCKERING Joseph PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING William PUCKRIN farmer, born c1763 and died c1847 Whitby, married 1st 14 May 1789 Thornton-le-Clay Sarah CONING (daughter of William CONING and Sarah UNKNOWN) born c1754 Bilsdale, died 5 January 1811, married 2nd 23 February 1813 Hutton-le-Hole Mary WARD born c1785 Spaunton.
Children of William PUCKRIN and Sarah CONING: William PUCKRIN Hannah PUCKRIN John PUCKRIN

Children of William PUCKRIN and Mary WARD: Hannah PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN Mary PUCKRIN Mercy PUCKRIN Ward PUCKRIN George PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Hannah PUCKRIN born c1765, married 16 November 1787 Thornton-le-Clay John MOON born Thornton-le-Dale. Sarah PUCKRIN born c1768, married 8 October 1784 Thornton-le-Clay John HOYLE husbandman, born Rounday, West Yorkshire. Ann PUCKRIN born c1772, married 12 December 1792 Thornton-le-Clay George WEBSTER yoeman, born Aughton, East Yorkshire. Thomas PUCKRIN born c1775, died c1847 Foston, married 7 December 1803 Foston Mary WEATHERILL born c1778.
Children: Hannah PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKERING baptised 29 August 1759 Foston, buried 4 February 1762 Foston.

6th Generation Hannah PUCKRIN born 4 October 1807 Thornton-le-Clay. Thomas PUCKRIN born 22 October 1809 Thornton-le-Clay, died 1840 Malton, married Martha WELBURN. Sarah PUCKRIN born 31 May 1812 Thornton-le-Clay. Ann PUCKRIN born 14 September 1814 Thornton-le-Clay, married 6 April 1841 Foston Jabez BRITTAIN.

7th Generation John PUCKERING stone mason, born 12 September 1818 Thornton-le-Clay, married 1846 Scarborough Alitha PEARSON born c1825 Ruston, North Yorkshire.
Children: Margaret Ann PUCKRIN Emma PUCKRIN Sarah Jane PUCKRIN Lavinia PUCKRIN

William Puckering died 1728 Sheriff Hutton

6th Generation George Henry PUCKERING gamekeeper, born 1851 Flaxton. Jane PUCKERING born 1856 Flaxton. Alfred PUCKERING born 1856 Flaxton.