Pickerings of Scalby

It is not known where the Pickerings who appeared in Scalby in the late 1600s came from but, owing to their proximity to Hackness, they could well be an offshoot of one of the families whose first members were recorded there. DNA testing is needed to establish a link.

1st Generation

1. William PICKERING yeoman, born c1670, buried 21 March 1737 Scalby, North Riding, married 16 May 1693 Scalby, North Riding Ann HARRISON buried 29 March 1737 Scalby, North Riding.
1.1. William PICKERING
1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4. George PICKERING
1.5. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William PICKERING baptised 7 October 1694 Scalby, North Riding, buried 23 October1694 Scalby, North Riding.

1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 19 January 1696 Scalby, North Riding, buried April 1767 Scalby, North Riding.

1.3. John PICKERING baptised 14 May 1699 Scalby, North Riding.

1.4. George PICKERING yeoman, enfeoffed 1746 William J’Ans, gentleman of Scarborough and his wife Thomasine with ¼ oxgang of land in Scalby for £46, baptised 1 December 1700 Scalby, North Riding, buried 29 June 1786 Scalby, North Riding, married Ann UNKNOWN.
1.4.1. Ann PICKERING
1.4.2. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4.3. William PICKERING

George Pickering was obviously a man of some means. His first daughter had an illegitimate child, which at the time could be considered a valid reason for disinheriting her, but he had already enfeoffed land to persons outside the family ten years earlier. Did his other two children die young or were they also disinherited? No reference to a will has been found.

1.5. William PICKERING baptised 20 March 1708 Scalby, North Riding, buried 10 October 1758 Scalby, North Riding.

3rd Generation

1.4.1. Ann PICKERING born July 1756 Scalby, North Riding, died Sewerby-cum-Marton, East Riding, buried 12 June 1836 Bridlington, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Robinson PICKERING

1.4.2. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 20 November 1757 Scalby, North Riding.

1.4.3. William PICKERING baptised 16 April 1759 Scalby, North Riding.

4th Generation Robinson PICKERING labourer, baptised 2 October 1774 Scalby, North Riding, buried 6 June 1858 Flamborough, East Riding, married 10 November 1802 Flamborough, East Riding Milcah BLAKESTONE baptised 7 November 1784 Flamborough, East Riding, buried 23 January 1844 Flamborough, East Riding.

5th Generation Ann PICKERING born 2 January 1803 Flamborough, East Riding, baptised and buried 17 February 1803 Flamborough, East Riding. Thomas PICKERING agricultural labourer, born 3 April 1804 Flamborough, East Riding, married 22 May 1831 Foston The Wolds, East Riding Elizabeth ROBINSON, Elizabeth born c1808.
Children: George PICKERING John PICKERING Robinson PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 27 May 1806 Flamborough, East Riding, buried 21 January 1877 Bridlington, East Riding, married 21 October 1833 Bridlington, East Riding Ann HODGSON (daughter of Robert and Agnes HODGSON) baptised 28 April 1810 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 22 June 1849 Bridlington, East Riding.
Children: Agnes PICKERING William Holmes PICKERING Agnes PICKERING Robert Leonard PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING Milcah PICKERING George PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 26 September 1808 Flamborough, East Riding, married 24 May 1846 Bridlington, East Riding Miriam DEIGHTON (daughter of Hannah DEIGHTON) born Grindale, East Riding, baptised 14 September 1819 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 30 September 1861 Bridlington, East Riding.
Children: Jane PICKERING Milcah PICKERING Tom PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 6 January 1811 Flamborough, East Riding, married 29 November 1834 Bridlington, East Riding George ROBINSON. John PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 21 March 1813 Flamborough, East Riding, married 29 November 1846 Bridlington, East Riding Mary WRIGHT born c1818 Gristhorpe, North Riding. Robinson PICKERING foreman, baptised 17 September 1815 Flamborough, East Riding, buried 6 February 1875 Hunmanby, East Riding. Mary PICKERING baptised 15 March 1818 Flamborough, East Riding. James PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 21 March 1820 Flamborough, East Riding, died Brilington, East Riding, buried 26 May 1887 Reighton, East Riding, married 8 June 1846 Bridlington, East Riding Isabella SCRIVENER (daughter of John and Jane SCRIVENER) baptised 4 April 1825 Reighton, North Riding.
Children: Milcah PICKERING Robinson PICKERING Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jane PICKERING Blakestone PICKERING farm bailiff, baptised 5 January 1823 Flamborough, East Riding, married 21 April 1850 Bridlington, East Riding Elizabeth BEAL born c1828 Hunmanby, East Riding.
Children: Mary Ann PICKERING Blakestone PICKERING Charles PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Stephenson PICKERING seaman, baptised 18 February 1825 Flamborough, East Riding, married 12 December 1847 Flamborough, East Riding Mary Ann OLD (daughter of James OLD) born c1820, buried 4 January January 1864 Flamborough, East Riding.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Stephen PICKERING Sarah PICKERING servant, baptised 24 June 1827 Flamborough, East Riding, married 11 March 1848 Skipsea, East Riding Robinson DOBSON. Milcah PICKERING baptised 30 July 1829 Flamborough, East Riding, buried 10 July 1845 Flamborough, East Riding.

6th Generation George PICKERING baptised 4 September 1831 Ulrome, East Riding. John PICKERING baptised 21 July 1833 Ulrome, East Riding. Robinson PICKERING baptised 13 June 1835 Ulrome, East Riding. Mary PICKERING baptised 15 December 1838 Ulrome, East Riding. Agnes PICKERING baptised 1 January 1835 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 8 January 1835 Bridlington, East Riding. William Holmes PICKERING baptised 1 Mayl 1836 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 17 June 1837 Bridlington, East Riding.

Buckton Hall and farm, Buckton Agnes PICKERING baptised 2 April 1837 Bridlington, East Riding. Robert Leonard PICKERING baptised 30 January 1840 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 14 November 1841 Bridlington, East Riding. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 26 November 1843 Bridlington, East Riding. Milcah PICKERING nurse maid, Buckton Hall, Buckton, East Riding, baptised 23 July 1848 Bridlington, East Riding, married 2 October 1871 Bridlington, East Riding George WILKINSON. Jane PICKERING baptised 14 January 1846 Bridlington, East Riding. Milcah PICKERING baptised 8 August 1851 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 11 November 1851 Bridlington, East Riding. Tom PICKERING baptised 20 February 1861 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 18 September 1861 Bridlington, East Riding. Milcah PICKERING servant, baptised 2 April 1848 Hunmanby, East Riding, married 25 November 1871 Bridlington, East Riding Aaron LAZENBY. Robinson PICKERING baptised 12 August 1849 Hunmanby, East Riding, buried 30 June 1861 Reighton, North Riding. Ann PICKERING baptised 14 January 1852 Hunmanby, East Riding, married 26 November 1868 Bridlington, East Riding Thomas Robinson SANDERSON. Sarah PICKERING baptised 1 October 1854 Hunmanby, East Riding, buried 27 June 1861 Reighton, North Riding. Mary PICKERING baptised 4 January 1857 Reighton, North Riding, buried 22 March 1863 Reighton, North Riding. Jane PICKERING baptised 23 October1859 Reighton, North Riding, married 26 July 1876 Bridlington, East Riding Charles WARCUP. Mary Ann PICKERING born 6 March 1856 Speeton, East Riding, baptised 6 April 1856 Bridlington, East Riding. Blakestone PICKERING born Speeton, East Riding, baptised 18 October 1857 Bridlington, East Riding, died Speeton, East Riding, buried 21 July 1861 Hunmanby, East Riding.

Mount Pleasant farm, Muston

Field House farm, Hunmanby Charles PICKERING foreman Field House Farm, Hunmanby, East Riding, born Speeton, East Riding, baptised 22 January 1860 Bempton, East Riding, died Mount Pleasant, Muston, East Riding, buried 5 March 1942 Muston, East Riding, married 7 December 1889 Flamborough, East Riding Ann WISE (daughter of Martin WISE) born c1865 Flamborough, East Riding, died Mount Pleasant, Muston, East Riding, 3 January 1938 Muston, East Riding.
Children: Alfred PICKERING Elsie May PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Fred PICKERING Hilda PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born Speeton, East Riding, baptised 5 August 1863 Bempton, East Riding, married 26 December 1883 St. John, Beverley, East Riding William Noah OWEN. Thomas PICKERING baptised 30 October 1848 Flamborough, East Riding, buried 8 November 1848 Flamborough, East Riding. Sarah PICKERING baptised 7 December 1849 Flamborough, East Riding. Stephen PICKERING baptised 21 September 1851 Flamborough, East Riding.

7th Generation Alfred PICKERING born c1893 Speeton, East Riding. Elsie May PICKERING born c1894 Speeton, East Riding, buried 31 January 1931 Murton, North Riding. Thomas PICKERING born c1896 Speeton, East Riding. Fred PICKERING born c1898 Hunmanby, East Riding. Hilda PICKERING born 30 September 1899 Hunmanby, East Riding, buried 14 February 1918 Muston, East Riding.