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Danby, including Glaisdale

Pickerings of the North York Moors

8th Generation William PICKERING labourer, born 1846 Glaisdale, married1875 Stockton, Co. Durham Maria SMITH born c1854 Stockton, Co. Durham.
William John PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Jane Ann PICKERING born 1848 Glaisdale, married1870 Stockton, Co. Durham William WHITE died before 1881. Esther Margaret PICKERING born 1850 Glaisdale. Hannah Mary PICKERING born 1851 Glaisdale. John Hogarth PICKERING born 1852 Glaisdale. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 11 June1854 Glaisdale. George Henry PICKERING warehouseman, baptised 20 June 1858 Glaisdale. David Edmund PICKERING ironworker, baptised 11 September 1859 Glaisdale. Emma PICKERING born 1861 Glaisdale. Rachel Anne PICKERING baptised 15 August 1862 Glaisdale. Caroline Eliza PICKERING baptised 28 September 1865 Glaisdale. Annie E. PICKERING born c1875 Danby. Sarah Jane PICKERING born c1878 Danby.