Puckerings of Bainton

Despite the lack of documentary evidence, it is likely that all the Puckering families are related. I have therefore posted them in black, reflecting the dominant colour on Sir John Puckering’s arms. In the meantime I encourage all male bearers of the Puckering name (who are relatively sure that there is no “non paternal event” in their line) to take a Y-DNA test.

The Puckerings of Bainton are comtemporaries of the Puckerings of Kirby Underdale and are possibly an offshoot of that family.

1st Generation

1. Unknown PUCKERING born c1505, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.1. Unknown PUCKERING
1.2. Thomas PUCKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Unknown PUCKERING born c1520, died before 1570, married c1540 Isabel UNKNOWN, buried 30 March 1570 Bainton, East Riding.
1.1.1. Michael PUCKERING
1.1.2. William PUCKERING

1.2. Thomas PUCKERING died 21 March 1571 Bainton, East Riding.

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Michael PUCKERING born c1540, married Unknown UNKNOWN, buried 19 March 1592 Bainton, East Riding.
Children: William PUCKERING Adeline PUCKERING

1.1.2. William PUCKERING born c1545, married Isabel UNKNOWN, buried 19 December 1575 Bainton, East Riding.

4th Generation William PUCKERING baptised 26 October 1561 Bainton, East Riding. Adeline PUCKERING baptised 23 August 1564 Bainton, East Riding. John PUCKERING baptised 19 August 1564 Bainton, East Riding, buried 29 November 1564 Bainton, East Riding. William PUCKERING baptised 25 November 1565 Bainton, East Riding, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: John PUCKERING William PUCKERING Isabel PUCKERING Margery PUCKERING baptised 31 July 1568 Bainton, East Riding. Bartholomew PUCKERING baptised 4 November 1570, Bainton, East Riding, buried 6 January 1571 Bainton, East Riding. John PUCKERING baptised 20 February 1572 Bainton, East Riding. Matthew PUCKERING born in Neswick, East Riding, baptised February 1574 Bainton, East Riding.

5th Generation John PUCKERING baptised 23 September 1595 Bainton, East Riding. William PUCKERING baptised 9 October 1597 Bainton, East Riding. Isabel PUCKERING baptised 10 February 1600 Bainton, East Riding.