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Robert Pickering born c1575 Barlby

11th Generation Mary Evelyn PICKERING artist, born 30 August 1855 London, baptised Cawthorne, West Yorkshire, died 2 May 1919, London, married 1887 London John William de MORGAN born c1854 Marylebone, London. Percival Spencer Umfreville PICKERING chemist, horticulturalist, born 6 March 1858 London, died 5 December 1920, married 2 August 1898 London Ethel Laura WILLMOTT (daughter of Frederick WILLMOTT). Rowland Neville Umfreville PICKERING born 1861 Marylebone, London, baptised 28 August Sandown, Isle of Wight, died 1931 Marylebone, London. Anna Maria Diana Wilhelmina PICKERING writer, born 1865 London, baptised 26 August 1865 Eastbourne, Sussex, married 17 May 1901 London Charles Goodborne STIRLING gentleman, born c1866.

13th Generation Frank PICKERING born 5 December 1910 Marylebone, London. Charles Alexander Umfreville PICKERING born 1 June 1914.

William Puckering died 1728 Sheriff Hutton

6th Generation Mary Jane PUCKERING born c1849 Paddington, London.

Robert Pickering married 1806 Bridlington

3rd Generation

1.2.1. Ann PICKERING born 7 September 1840 Marylebone, London, died 10 January 1841 Marylebone, London.

1.2.2. Elizabeth PICKERING housekeeper, born 25 October 1841 Marylebone, London.

1.2.3. Robert PICKERING tailor, born 19 June 1843 Marylebone, London.