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Pickerings of Cloughton

The Pickerings of Cloughton are an offshoot of the Pickerings of Malton who are an earlier offshoot of the Pickerings of Hackness 1.

8th Generation John PICKERING baptised 15 April 1766 Scarborough, North Riding, buried 14 December 1804 Cloughton, North Riding, married 1st 19 August 1786 Scarborough, North Riding Ann Elizabeth DOUGHTY (daughter of Henry and Jane DOUGHTY) baptised 15 October 1762 Scarborough, North Riding, buried 2 April 1794 Scarborough, North Riding, married 2nd 21 December 1795 Scalby, North Riding Mary HODGSON (daughter of Robert HODGSON) baptised 21 July 1776 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 5 March 1814 Cloughton, North Riding.
Children of John PICKERING and Ann Elizabeth DOUGHTY: Doughty PICKERING

9th Generation Doughty PICKERING born c1786 and buried 29 July 1787 Scarborough, North Riding. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 5 February 1797 Cloughton, North Riding, married 6 January 1822 Cloughton, North Riding William BARKHAM. Robert PICKERING born 27 October 1799 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 19 March 1820 Cloughton, North Riding. John PICKERING joiner, publican, born Cloughton, North Riding, baptised 14 February 1802 Scalby, North Riding, married 31 October 1829 Cloughton, North Mary HANSOM born c1809 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 12 July 1870 Cloughton, North Riding.
Children: Thomas PICKERING Mary Hansom PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 21 February 1802 Cloughton, North Riding. Ann PICKERING housekeeper, baptised 2 September 1804 Cloughton, North Riding.

10th Generation Thomas PICKERING journeyman joiner, baptised 4 April 1830 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 9 November 1851 Cloughton, North Riding. Mary Hansom PICKERING baptised 5 April 1840 Cloughton, North Riding, married 17 September 1861 Cloughton, North Riding George ROBINSON. Robert PICKERING joiner, wheelwright, baptised 18 May 1851 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 12 August 1925 Cloughton, North Riding, married 29 October 1870 Cloughton, North Riding Tamar SELLARS born Staintondale, North Riding, baptised 16 May 1852 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 2 December 1943 Cloughton, North Riding.
Children: John PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Ann PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Robert PICKERING Charlotte PICKERING William PICKERING Lily PICKERING Tamar Lavinia PICKERING Percy PICKERING Eva PICKERING Miriam PICKERING Ann Elizabeth PICKERING servant, baptised 2 March 1856 Cloughton, North Riding, married 31 December 1884 Cloughton, North Riding Robert Smith COOK.

11th Generation John PICKERING joiner, baptised 30 April 1871 Cloughton, North Riding, married 27 June 1891 Cloughton, North Emily Mary ROSHER born 1868 Cloughton, North Riding.
Children: Lily PICKERING Malcolm Dundonald PICKERING Thomas PICKERING born19 July 1872 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 24 August 1872 Cloughton, North Riding. Ann PICKERING born 4 October 1873 Cloughton, North Riding, married 25 December 1893 Cloughton, North Riding Robert Dixon ROSHER. Mary PICKERING born 19 April 1876 Cloughton, North Riding. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born 26 July 1877 Cloughton, North Riding, married 16 April 1900 Cloughton, North Riding Walter William HICK. Robert PICKERING born 29 October 1879 Cloughton, North Riding, married 1903 Darlington, Co. Durham Jane Elizabeth RIGGINS born c1876 Richmond, North Riding.
Children: Olive PICKERING Charlotte PICKERING born 26 December 1881 Cloughton, North Riding, married 29 June 1907 Cloughton, North Jeremiah HOWSE. William PICKERING master joiner, born 26 February 1884 Cloughton, North Riding, died June 1912 Cloughton, North Riding, married 1 July 1907 Knottingley, West Riding Jessie Mary HUNT born c1883 Gilberdyke, East Riding.
Children: Eric PICKERING Lily PICKERING baptised 26 September 1886 Cloughton, North Riding, married 19 July 1913 Cloughton, North Riding Samuel MASON. Tamar Lavinia PICKERING born 16 June 1887 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 18 May 1926 Cloughton, North Riding. Percy PICKERING born 7 July 1889 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 21 August 1889 Cloughton, North Riding. Eva PICKERING born 15 August 1890 Cloughton, North Riding. Miriam PICKERING born 19 January 1893 Cloughton, North Riding, married 5 August 1916 Cloughton, North Riding Francis Green NORRIS.

12th Generation Lily PICKERING born 5 December 1891 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 26 February 1892 Cloughton, North Riding. Malcolm Dundonald PICKERING born 1 March 1900 Scarborough, North Riding, baptised 27 May 1900 Cloughton, North Riding. Olive PICKERING born 22 August 1904 Cloughton, North Riding. Eric PICKERING born 19 June 1909 Cloughton, North Riding, buried 14 June 1912 Cloughton, North Riding.