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Pickerings of Misson

It is not known where the Pickerings of Misson, Nottinghamshire, belong in the greater Pickering family. There are Pickerings living in the same county in East Markham, as there are also many others living in the neighbouring counties of Yorkshire, West Riding, and Lincolnshire.

DNA evidence from the various Pickering families of this area of the North Midlands is needed to establish their roots.

1st Generation

1. Matthew PICKERING born c1655, buried 1 November 1714 Misson, Nottinghamshire, married 15 October 1674 Misson Elizabeth ELVIDGE.
1.1. Robert PICKERING
1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4. Matthew PICKERING
1.5. Catherine PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Robert PICKERING buried 12 May 1702 Misson, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN buried 13 October 1689 Misson.
1.1.1. Matthew PICKERING
1.1.2. Robert PICKERING

1.2. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 20 August 1676 Misson.

1.3. Ann PICKERING baptised 8 November 1683 Misson.

1.4. Matthew PICKERING baptised September 1686 Misson, buried 12 July 1688 Misson.

1.5. Catherine PICKERING baptised 21 May 1688 Misson.

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Matthew PICKERING buried 8 November 1763 Misson, married 21 November 1717 Misson Susanna BRADFIELD buried 23 December 1768 Misson.

1.1.2. Robert PICKERING died before 1732, married 1st Abigail UNKNOWN buried 21 March 1729 Misson, married 2nd 11 November 1729 Misson Elizabeth FULLORD buried 16 March 1732 Misson.

4th Generation Sarah PICKERING baptised 24 August 1718 Misson, buried 30 October 1718 Misson. Ann PICKERING baptised 24 September 1719 Misson, buried 5 March 1731 Misson. Matthew PICKERING baptised 29 March 1722 Misson, buried 9 December 1756 Misson, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 26 September 1724 Misson, buried 12 May 1727 Misson. Susannah PICKERING baptised 26 March 1728 Misson. Robert PICKERING baptised 11 April 1718 Misson, married 1st Susanna UNKNOWN died before 1757, married 2nd Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
Children of Robert PICKERING and Susanna UNKNOWN: John PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Matthew PICKERING
Children of Robert PICKERING and Elizabeth UNKNOWN: Ann PICKERING Matthew PICKERING baptised 28 June 1719 Misson. Ann PICKERING baptised 3 September 1721 Misson, buried 11 January 1722 Misson. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1722, buried 14 May 1723 Misson. John PICKERING born c1724, buried 27 February 1724 Misson. Sarah PICKERING baptised 30 March 1725 Misson, buried 2 February 1730 Misson. Ann PICKERING baptised 23 August 1727 Misson, buried 20 October 1727 Misson.

5th Generation Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 27 October 1751 Misson, buried 15 January 1756 Misson. Sarah PICKERING baptised 10 March 1754 Misson. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 9 February 1757 Misson. John PICKERING baptised 26 October 1741 Finningley. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 3 August 1746 Finningley. Matthew PICKERING servant to Reverend James Stillingfleet, rector, baptised 11 June 1750 Finningley, married 5 May 1778 Hotham, East Yorkshire Anne FIFE (daughter of Joseph FIFE shepherd) baptised 29 February 1756 Hotham, East Yorkshire.
Children: Matthew PICKERING Matthew PICKERING Anne PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 12 March 1761 Finningley.

6th Generation Matthew PICKERING baptised 8 February 1779 Hotham, East Yorkshire, died 28 May 1779 Hotham, East Yorkshire. Matthew PICKERING blacksmith, veterinary surgeon and innkeeper, born 29 December 1779 Hotham East Yorkshire, died 7 September 1843 Ontario, Canada, married 22 July 1802 South Cave, East Yorkshire Elizabeth ROBINSON midwife, born c1780, buried 27 April 1864 Ontario, Canada.
Children: Ann Rachel PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Jane PICKERING Emma PICKERING Anne PICKERING born 23 December 1787 Hotham, died 17 October 1805 Hotham. Elizabeth PICKERING born 12 October 1790 Hotham, married 19 June 1810 Hotham John CROMPTON born 5 January 1789 North Cave.

7th Generation Ann Rachel PICKERING baptised 17 March 1804 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 25 April 1890 Birmingham, Oakland County, Michigan, U.S.A., married 9 February 1823 South Cave, East Yorkshire Robert NICHOLSON (son of Robert NICHOLSON and Rachel SMITH) wheelwright, baptised 27 April 1798 South Cave, East Yorkshire, and died 30 March 1862 Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 26 October 1805 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 18 April 1892 London, Ontario, Canada, married Richard FRANK born c1802, died 1 November 1872. Mary PICKERING born 22 May 1807 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 20 February 1893 Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada, married 1st William MILNER 16 February 1826 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 1834 Ontario, Canada, married 2nd 24 October 1838 Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada John STEPHENSON born Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada. Sarah PICKERING born Anlaby, East Riding, baptised 26 November 1809 Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire, died 10 November 1870, buried Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado, U.S.A., had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married Joseph MILNER stonemason, born 31 August 1809 South Cave, East Riding (son of James and Jane MILNER) died 1875, buried Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado, U.S.A.
Children of Sarah PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Samuel PICKERING-MILNER Jane PICKERING baptised 10 March 1813 North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, died 4 November 1904 Badjeros, Grey County, Ontario, Canada, married Wainman SCUTT, born 10 January 1806, and died 20 October 1878 Badjeros, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. Emma PICKERING born 6 March 1823 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 18 April 1901 Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada, married 5 September 1844 Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada Archibald McQUARRIE born 15 September 1818 Masonville, Delaware County, New York, U.S.A., died 3 March 1901 Vaughan, York County, Ontario, Canada.

8th Generation Samuel PICKERING-MILNER sergeant in Union Army during the Civil War, born 20 March 1830 South Cave, East Yorkshire, died 21 July 1887, buried Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado, U.S.A.