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Skeckling cum Burstwick

By 1832 Skeckling formed part of the parish of Burswick, but the parish records are entitled Skeckling cum Burstwick.

Pickerings of Holderness

7th Generation John PICKERING baptised 4 September 1735 Skeckling. Richard PICKERING baptised 17 June 1737 Skeckling, married 27 July 1761 Wrawby, Lincolnshire Hannah MILSON, baptised 18 March 1738 Wrawby, Lincolnshire, buried 25 September 1775 Hedon.
Children: Marmaduke PICKERING Lydia PICKERING Mary PICKERING William PICKERING baptised 16 March 1741 Skeckling. Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 28 October 1744 Skeckling. Dearlove PICKERING blacksmith, baptised born 13 July 1746 Skeckling, married 1st 8 May 1769 Wawne Frances HARDY born 1745, died May 1777 Leven, married 2nd 30 November 1779 Leven.
Children of Dearlove PICKERING and Frances HARDY: Nancy PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Hardy PICKERING Francis PICKERING

Children of Dearlove PICKERING and Ann PINDER: William PICKERING Michael PICKERING baptised 29 May 1749 Skeckling.

8th Generation 1. Marmaduke PICKERING baptised 15 August 1762 Hull, buried 28 December 1839 Hull, married 1 October 1805 in Wrawby, Lincolnshire Ann PORTRESS.
Children: 1.1. George Milson PICKERING 1.2. Millson PICKERING 1.3. William PICKERING 1.4. Marmaduke PICKERING 1.5. Bernhardena Mussendine PICKERING 1.6. Marmaduke PICKERING 1.7. Ann Caroline PICKERING 1.8. Henrietta PICKERING 1.9. Matilda PICKERING 2. Lydia PICKERING baptised 18 December 1768 Skeckling. 3. Mary PICKERING baptised 17 May 1775 Skeckling.

9th Generation Frances PICKERING baptised 12 April 1782 Paull, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: John PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 31 August 1785 Skeckling. Hannah PICKERING was born in Feb. 1788 in Skeckling. Lydia PICKERING baptised 25 December 1789 Skeckling, married 11 May 1816 Skeckling John LOWNSBOROUGH. Richard PICKERING baptised 4 February 1792 Skeckling, married 31 August 1816 Burstwick Elizabeth FOSTER.
Children: John PICKERING baptised 1 December 1816 in Skeckling. Jane PICKERING baptised baptised 28 January 1794 Ryehill, married 7 May 1814 Paull Thomas AUSTWICK, baptised 23 March 1794 Knottingley, West Riding. John Mark PICKERING baptised 29 April 1796 Skeckling. Smith PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 February 1799 Skeckling, died 1877 Hull, married 1st 18 December 1826 Hull Mary GOSLING, married 2nd 12 May 1832 Hull Hannah FOSTER, born c1801 Hull.
Children of Smith PICKERING and Mary GOSLING: Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING

Children of Smith PICKERING and Hannah FOSTER: John Foster PICKERING Richard Smith PICKERING Mary PICKERING Robert PICKERING Hannah Mary PICKERING Emily PICKERING Hardy PICKERING tailor, baptised 14 January 1801 Skeckling, and died 1847 Sheffield, West Riding, married 15 May 1822 Sproatley Ann WAUDBY born c1797 Sproatley, died 1875 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Riding.
Children: John Waudby PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING William PICKERING Richard PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 29 June 1804 Skeckling.