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Sigglesthorne, including Catfoss, Great Hatfield, Little Hatfield, Seaton and Wassand.

Puckerings of Flamborough

10th Generation Marmaduke PUCKERING bricklayer, 30 January 1727 Thwing, East Riding, buried 21 April 1806 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, married 8 December 1755 Sigglesthorne, East Riding Jane NEWSAM born Catfoss, East Riding, burial 1 February 1802 Seaton, East Riding.
Children: Elizabeth PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING Margaret PUCKERING Marmaduke PUCKERING Rosamond PUCKERING William PUCKERING baptised 30 March 1730 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, died before 1743. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 23 March 1733 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, buried 19 March 1734 Sigglesthorne, East Riding. William PUCKERING baptised 31 October 1743 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, buried 2 April 1784 Swine, East Riding, married 16 May 1776 Swine, East Riding Jane SANDERSON buried 13February 1788 Swine, East Riding. Robert PUCKERING farmer, baptised September 1745 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, died Bewholme, buried 20 April 1819 Nunkeeling, East Riding, married 27 June 1774 Swine, East Riding Rebecca WRIGHT baptised 30 November 1754 Swine, East Riding, died Bewholme, buried 19 April 1825 Nunkeeling, East Riding.
Children: Dausie PUCKERING James PUCKERING James PUCKERING Rebecca PUCKERING Marcy PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING William PUCKERING Robert PUCKERING Rachel PUCKERING Rachel PUCKERING Robert PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 18 March 1750 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, buried 30 January 1751 Sigglesthorne, East Riding. Hannah PUCKERING baptised 27 December 1751 Sigglesthorne, East Riding, married 6 March 1781 Rise, East Riding John BILTON.

11th Generation Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 5 September 1756 Sigglesthorne, East Riding. Mary PUCKERING baptised 25 July 1758 Catfoss, East Riding. Ann PUCKERING baptised 12 October 1760 Seaton, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 7 May 1793 Nunkeeling, East Riding Peter DICKINSON husbandman.
Children of Ann PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Jane PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING baptised 9 December 1764 Seaton, East Riding, had two children with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 8 January 1787 Nunkeeling, East Riding William BRODERICK.
Children of Jane PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Marmaduke PUCKERING Margison PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING baptised 30 July 1767 Seaton, East Riding, buried 10 September 1767 Seaton, East Riding. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 23 October 1768 Seaton, East Riding. Marmaduke PUCKERING baptised 18 February 1771 Seaton, East Riding, buried 8 February 1782 Seaton, East Riding. Rosamond PUCKERING baptised 13 June 1774 Seaton, East Riding, married 4 December 1793 Sigglesthorne, East Riding Robert MYERS.