Pickering, including Marishes, Newbridge, Newton Dale, Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Pickering Carr, Raindale

Pickerings of the North York Moors

6th Generation Hannah PICKERING baptised 22 April 1798 Lockton. Gawan PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1801 Pickering, buried 29 June 1868 Ampleforth, married Jane UNKNOWN, born c1809 Fryton.
Children: John PICKERING George PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING John PICKERING farmer, born c1802 Levisham, baptised 1 May 1804 Pickering, married 1st 9 August 1830 Pickering Elizabeth GILL, born c1811, died before 1851 Pickering, married 2nd 1848 Pickering Ann JACKSON, born c1798 Cropton.
Children of John PICKERING and Elizabeth GILL: Mary Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING Nathan PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 13 March 1807 Middleton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 4 October 1801 Lockton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 17 April 1803 Lockton. Jane PICKERING baptised 10 November 1807 Pickering. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 28 May 1810 Pickering. John PICKERING baptised 25 September 1810 Pickering. Jeremiah PICKERING farmer, born Well Dale, baptised 12 June 1813 Pickering, married1839 Whitby Ann FILBURN, (daughter of James FILBURN) baptised 29 September 1815 Scalby.
Children: Thomas PICKERING John PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Jane PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING James PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Hannah PICKERING William PICKERING licensed victualler, born Keysbeck, baptised 10 March 1816, married1839 Pickering Mary GILL (daughter of Nathan GILL and Jane UNKNOWN) born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 16 June 1817 Pickering.
Children: Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING John PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 21 October 1818 Pickering, married 1843 Pickering Bessy Ann ROBSON, born c1821 Brigham, East Yorkshire.
Children: Margaret PICKERING Thomas Walker PICKERING William PICKERING Bessy Ann PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING James PICKERING George PICKERING Mary PICKERING Ann PICKERING baptised 30 October 1821 Pickering.

7th Generation Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 20 March 1831 Pickering. Jane PICKERING baptised 15 April 1832 Pickering. John PICKERING baptised 7 July 1836 Pickering. Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 25 March 1838 Pickering. Nathan PICKERING farmer, butcher, born Raindale, baptised 19 May 1839 Pickering, died after 1911 Newton Dale, married 1st Unknown UNKNOWN, married 2nd Rachel UNKNOWN.
at least 10 children John PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 4 October 1840 Pickering, married c1867 Pickering Mary UNKNOWN, born c1847 Lockton.
Children: John W. PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 23 July 1843 Pickering, died before 1851 Pickering. Thomas PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 19 July 1840 Pickering. John PICKERING labourer, baptised 11 December 1842 Pickering. Sarah PICKERING baptised 16 February 1845 Pickering. Jane PICKERING born Raindale, baptised 19 July 1846 Pickering. William PICKERING stone quarry labourer, born Raindale, baptised 16 April 1848 Pickering, married Mary FLETCHER, baptised 22 March 1845 Danby.
Children: John William PICKERING Hannah Mary PICKERING Annie E. PICKERING Sarah Jane PICKERING Mary PICKERING born Raindale, baptised 26 August 1849 Pickering, had children by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Sarah Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING Ann PICKERING born Raindale, baptised 9 March Pickering. Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 30 May 1852 Pickering. James PICKERING born Raindale, baptised 28 May 1854 Pickering. Sarah PICKERING born Raindale, baptised 13 April 1856 Pickering. Hannah PICKERING baptized 9 September 1860 Pickering. Bessy Ann PICKERING baptised 28 July 1850 Lockton, married1867 Pickering Matthew SMITH. John PICKERING baptised 21 September 1851 Lockton. Jane PICKERING baptised 25 March 1854 Lockton. Jeremiah PICKERING baptised 24 November 1855 Lockton. James PICKERING baptised 18 October 1857 Pickering. George PICKERING baptised 15 February 1860 Pickering. Mary PICKERING born 1861 Pickering.

8th Generation George PICKERING baptised 25 September 1827 Kirby Misperton. Mary PICKERING farmer, born Thornton-le-Dale, baptised 17 June 1829 Ellerburn, married 1856 Pickering Robert Monkman HAYES (son of Charles HAYES and Ann UNKNOWN) mariner, born 1822 Pickering. John PICKERING farmer baptised 21 June 1831 Pickering, died 1859 Pickering, married 1854 Scarborough Elizabeth Mallory HARRISON (daughter of James HARRISON and Hannah UNKNOWN) born Langtoft, East Yorkshire, baptised 11 April 1826 Kilham.
George Edward PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING baptised 24 January 1833 Pickering. Ann PICKERING baptised 29 April 1834 Pickering. George PICKERING baptised 17 January 1836 Brompton By Sawdon. Ann PICKERING born c1837 Pickering. Henry PICKERING farmer, baptised 21 January 1838 Brompton By Sawdon, married 1858 Pickering Anne ROBERTSON born c1836 Thornton-le-Dale. Robert PICKERING grocer, draper, born c1836 in Pickering, married 1858 Whitby Ann Elizabeth BOOTH born c1833 in Sandsend.
2.1.1. Mary E. PICKERING Annie Eleanor PICKERING Alice Jane PICKERING John PICKERING agricultural labourer, born Bickley, baptised 28 September Ebberston, married1867 Pickering Jane FOSTER born c1847 Appleton-le-Moors.
1.1. Thomas PICKERING Mary J. PICKERING Jane PICKERING born Pickering, baptised 8 September 1846 Ebberston. Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 30 July 1848 Pickering. Esther PICKERING born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 28 July Pickering, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
4.1. John Thomas PICKERING George PICKERING gardener, groom, born 1853 Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 17 April Pickering, married Hannah UNKNIOWN born c1855 Hartoft. Thomas PICKERING born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 14 September 1856 Pickering. Hannah PICKERING born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 19 June 1859 Pickering. Mary Ann PICKERING born Newton-on-Rawcliffe, baptised 26 January 1862 Pickering. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1866 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. John William PICKERING born c1869 Newbridge. Hannah Mary PICKERING born c1871 Newbridge. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 26 January 1873 Pickering. Jane PICKERING born c1877 Pickering, married William HOWES born c1857 Kilverstone, Norfolk.

9th Generation Gawan PICKERING born c1863 Pickering. George PICKERING born c1865 Pickering. Jane Hannah PICKERING born c1867 Pickering. Rachel Ann PICKERING born c1869 Newbridge. Mary PICKERING born c1872 Newbridge. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1875 Newbridge. John M PICKERING born c1878 Newbridge. Grace PICKERING born c1881 Newbridge. Martha PICKERING baptised 20 August 1865 Pickering.

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

4th Generation Robert PICKERING railway signalman, baptised 21 June 1847 Pickering, married 1870 Scarborough Priscilla PINKNEY.
Children: Mary J. PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Arthur PICKERING William Robert PICKERING Jane PICKERING born 1850 Pickering. Samuel PICKERING railway labourer, born 1850 Pickering Carr, married 1st 1873 Malton Margaret HILL born c1856 Rillington, married 2nd 1881 Malton Sarah DEIGHTON born 1857 Filey.
Children of Samuel PICKERING and Margaret HILL: Charles PICKERING Albert PICKERING

Francis Pickering married 1705 Hackness

5th Generation Mary PICKERING baptised 15 August 1791 Pickering. Robert PICKERING baptised 4 May 1794 Pickering. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 31 January 1797 Pickering. George PICKERING baptised 18 September 1799 Pickering.

6th Generation Fanny PICKERING born c1835 Pickering. James PICKERING born c1837 Pickering. Ann PICKERING born c1839 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. James PICKERING provisions merchant, born 1841 Newton-on-Rawcliffe, married 1865 Pickering Elizabeth SIMPSON born c1837 Middleton.
Children: William PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Ann PICKERING John Richard PICKERING James PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born c1843 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Mercy PICKERING born c1845 Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Jane PICKERING born c1847 Saintoft. Joseph Windle PICKERING born c1849 Saintoft, married 1872 Pickering Hannah TAYLOR born 1850 Pickering.
Children: Jane Hannah PICKERING Ann Elliott PICKERING George Taylor PICKERING William PICKERING born c1851 Thornton-le-Dale. John PICKERING born c1853 Saintoft. Mary Ann PICKERING born c1855 Pickering. Ruth PICKERING cook, born c1860 Saintoft.

7th Generation William PICKERING born c1866 Pickering. Hannah PICKERING born c1868 Pickering. Ann PICKERING born c1870 Pickering. John Richard PICKERING born c1873 Pickering. James PICKERING born c1873 Pickering.

John Pickering born 1792 Nafferton

4th Generation Ann PICKERING milliner, baptised 16 February 1843 Pickering. Charlotte PICKERING baptised 3 March 1844 Pickering, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Henrietta PICKERING Jane PICKERING baptised 11 May 1845 Pickering.

5th Generation Henrietta PICKERING baptised 4 January 1865 Pickering.

John Pickering married 1794 Old Malton 

3rd Generation

1.5.1. Mary PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 2 November 1834 Pickering.

1.5.2. Hannah PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 24 July 1836 Pickering, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Mary Jane PICKERING

1.5.3. John PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 25 March 1838 Pickering.

1.5.4. William PICKERING blacksmith, born Marishes, baptised 16 February 1840 Pickering.

1.5.5. Ann PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 10 January Pickering.

1.5.6. Jane PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 17 December 1843.

1.5.7. Elizabeth PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 7 December 1845 Pickering.

1.5.8. Alice PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 6 March 1848 Pickering.

1.5.9. Thomas PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 14 February 1853 Pickering.

1.5.10. Richard PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 30 November 1854 Pickering.

1.5.11. Mary PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 26 May 1861 Pickering.

4th Generation Mary Jane PICKERING born Marishes, baptised 4 September 1859 Pickering.

Pickerings of Scalby

5th Generation Mary Ann PICKERING born 1854 Pickering. John William Wear PICKERING born 1855 Pickering. George Henry PICKERING railway booking clerk, born 1856 Pickering. John PICKERING clerk, baptised 11 March 1861 Pickering, married 1886 York Clara Teresa HOWE born c1865 Stockton, Co. Durham, England.
Children: John Gibson PICKERING Ursula Mary PICKERING Clara Teresa PICKERING Winifred PICKERING Jane Elizabeth PICKERING born 1863 Pickering. William PICKERING born 1865 Pickering.