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Low Catton

Low Catton, including Stamford Bridge

Pickerings of Holderness

11th Generation Francis PICKERING joiner, born 1857 Pocklington, married 29 November 1880 Fangfoss Mary FOUNTAIN (daughter of Thomas FOUNTAIN) born c1854 in Spittal.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Hilda PICKERING David PICKERING joiner, c1860 Stamford Bridge, married 1883 York Sarah Jane BELL (daughter of John BELL) born c1860 York.
Children: Richard PICKERING Annie Dinah PICKERING Ada PICKERING David H. PICKERING Emma PICKERING Walter PICKERING Sarah PICKERING born c1861 Stamford Bridge. William PICKERING joiner, born 1863 Stamford Bridge, married c1891 Annie Louisa MIDWINTER (daughter of James MIDWINTER and Sarah Ann UNKNOWN baptised 29 March 1868 in Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, died 1955.
Children: Edith M. PICKERING William PICKERING Ann PICKERING born c1864 Stamford Bridge. Richard PICKERING joiner, born c1868 in Stamford Bridge. Lavinia PICKERING born c1871 Stamford Bridge. John PICKERING labourer, born c1873 in Stamford Bridge. Emma PICKERING born c1876 Stamford Bridge.

12th Generation Arthur PICKERING born c1880 Stamford Bridge. Hilda PICKERING born 1882 Pocklington.

William Puckering died 1728 Sheriff Hutton

6th Generation William PUCKERING farmer, baptised 29 July 1860 High Catton. Frederick PUCKERING born 1862 High Catton, married 20 May 1891 Ecclesfield, West Yorkshire Mary STANLEY (daughter of John STANLEY) born c1864. Sarah Elizabeth PUCKERING born 1863 High Catton. James Arthur PUCKERING born 1865 High Catton Walter Walls PUCKERING born 1868 High Catton.