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Puckerings of Bishop Wilton

The Puckerings of Bishop Wilton most likely descend from John Puckering who was born c1510 in Painsthorpe in the parish of Kirby Underdale. The first ten generations of his family are recorded under the Puckerings of Kirby Underdale, and circumstantial evidence suggests that they are an offshoot of the Pickerings of Killington.

In the mid 13th century Sir Thomas Pickering of Westmorland married Elizabeth de Greystoke of Cumberland, and it is probable that thereafter junior members of the Pickering (later Puckering) family found employment with the main line of the Greystokes. This family had held land in the East Riding of Yorkshire since pre-Conquest times, and had by then shifted their centre of gravity from the western to the eastern side of the Pennines. Their lands were concentrated in the area of the Yorkshire Wolds where Grimthorpe is situated, a manor they acquired by marriage and made their seat at about the time of the Pickering-Greystoke marriage, presenting the Puckerings with an opportunity to become tenant farmers. Bishop Wilton lies less than 5 km. north of Grimthorpe manor.

11th Generation James PUCKERING baptised 25 March 1761 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, buried 14 April 1761 Bishop Wilton, East Riding. John PUCKERING baptised 1 April 1763 Bishop Wilton, East Riding. Margaret PUCKERING baptised 6 April 1766 Bishop Wilton, East Riding. Thomas PUCKERING baptised 27 March 1768 Bishop Wilton, East Riding. Henry PUCKERING born c1770 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, buried 7 July 1776 Bishop Wilton, East Riding. Ann PUCKERING baptised 1 November 1772 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, married 3 February 1793 Bishop Wilton, East Riding Marmaduke PARKINSON. Robert PUCKERING baptised 29 April 1775 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, buried 19 April 1852 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, married Ann ADAMSON baptised 11 October 1767 Bugthorpe, East Riding, buried 20 July 1844 Bishop Wilton, East Riding.
Children: John PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING Robert PUCKERING Elizabeth PUCKERING servant, born 17 September 1776 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, died 1 November 1854 Blackburn, Lancashire, buried 6 November 1854 Hemsworth, West Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 12 December 1804 Kirby Grindalythe, East Riding John LEE born 27 December 1752 Kirby Grindalythe, East Riding, died 12 April 1838 Hemsworth, West Riding.
Children of Elizabeth PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: John PUCKERING Sarah PUCKERING born 6 June 1780 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, died 28 May 1781 Bishop Wilton, East Riding.

12th Generation John PUCKERING born 9 February 9, 1804 Garton on the Wolds, East Riding, died before 1854, married 23 January 1827 Bishop Wilton, East Riding Sarah WINTER (daughter of John WINTER and Ann COULTAS) born 18 August 1803 Barmby Moor, East Riding. Mary PUCKERING born 21 May 1805 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 16 July 1836 Bishop Wilton, East Riding Peter NORTON born c1811 Pocklington, East Riding.
Children of Mary PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: John PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING 27 November 1809 Garrowby, East Riding, baptised 31 December Kirby Underdale, East Riding. Robert PUCKERING born 10 May 1812 Kirby Underdale, East Riding, living 1881 South Myton, Hull, East Riding. John PUCKERING born 17 April 1802 Kirby Grindalythe, North Riding.

13th Generation John PUCKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 6 August 1831 Bishop Wilton, East Riding, buried 7 March 1906 Driffield, East Riding, married 1855 York, North Riding Anne PAPE born c1836 Bielby, East Riding, buried 18 July 1887 Driffield, East Riding.

14th Generation Thomas PUCKERING baptised 3 September 1855 Heslington, York, North Riding, married 10 April 1881 Mirfield, West Riding Frances Harriet COLLINS (daughter of John Alfred Jr. and Harriet COLLINS.
Children: Annie PUCKERING Richard PUCKERING William PUCKERING baptised 16 May 1858 Warter, East Riding. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 7 March 1861 Warter, East Riding. John PUCKERING baptised 28 June 1863 Warter, East Riding, buried 26 February 1889 Driffield, East Riding. Anne Dorothy PUCKERING baptised 10 October 1866 Warter, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Thomas PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING baptised 31 January 1868 Warter, East Riding, buried 25 August 1889 Driffield, East Riding. Sarah PUCKERING baptised 3 April 1870 Warter, East Riding, married 1893 Bridlington, East Riding Frederick BARUGH farmer, born c1852 Beeford, East Riding. Robert PUCKERING baptised 30 June 1872 Warter, East Riding. Jane PUCKERING born 1875 Warter, East Riding. Emily PUCKERING born 1877 Warter, East Riding. Unknown PUCKERING born 1881 Warter, East Riding.

15th Generation

Wentworth House gardeners, 1897
Richard Puckering is sitting on the cart, left Annie PUCKERING born 1881, died 1881. Richard PUCKERING gardener, 9 born October 1882 Battyeford, West Riding, died 1957, married 16 March 1918 Handsworth, West Riding Priscilla POSKITT born 13 May 1887, buried January 1971 Honley, West Riding.
Children: Thomas E. PUCKERING Rose A. PUCKERING Alice PUCKERING Richard PUCKERING Annie PUCKERING John PUCKERING William PUCKERING Evelyn PUCKERING Thomas PUCKERING baptised 10 September 1884 Driffield, East Riding, buried 26 September 1884 Driffield, East Riding.

16th Generation Thomas E. PUCKERING born 1918, died 1919 Barnsley, West Riding. Rose A. PUCKERING born 1918, died 1919 Barnsley, West Riding. Alice PUCKERING born 1919. Richard PUCKERING born 1921. Annie PUCKERING born 1922, died 1924. John PUCKERING asbestos maker, born 14 April 1924, married Ida A. HELLAWELL. William PUCKERING born July 18, 1926. Evelyn PUCKERING born 1928.