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New South Wales

New South Wales

Pickerings of Holderness

11th Generation Charles PICKERING born 1859 Sydney, died 1864 in Sydney. Margaret Ann PICKERING photographer’s assistant, born on 24 March 1861 Surry Hills, died 1939 Marrickville, married 26 December 1881 Redfern, Robert Pattison MUIR born 1852 Scotland, died 1895 Sydney. Annette Amelia PICKERING born 1863 in Sydney, died 1923 Marrickville, married 1st George WILSON wood carver born 1858 Sydney, married 2nd before 1886 Sydney George THOMPSON born c1863 Sydney. Fredericka Alice PICKERING born 1865 Sydney died 1925 Manly. Annie Elizabeth PICKERING born 1867 Sydney, died 1952 Balmain, married 1st 1886 John ANGOVE born 1867 Glebe, married 2nd Unknown SWAIN. Percy Constable PICKERING born 1870 Sydney, died 1950 Sydney, married 1902 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Florence BROOKE born c1870 Sydney, died 1902 Sydney.
Children: Edith PICKERING Charles PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING born 14 March 1871 Sydney, died 1960 Manly, married 1897 Ultimo, Sydney William Isaac CLAPSON born 1871 died 1962. William David PICKERING born 1878, married 1911 Petersham, Sydney Voilet Florence PRICE (daughter of Henry PRICE and Margaret Jane MOORE) born 26 July 1891 Petersham, Sydney, died 1971 Kogarah, Sydney. Frederick W. PICKERING born 1865 Orange, died 1866 Orange. William E. PICKERING born 1868 Redfern, died 1868 Redfern. Malcolm H. PICKERING born 1869 Glebe, died 1870 Glebe. Edith M. PICKERING died 1876 in Queanbeyan.

12th Generation Edith PICKERING born 1897 Glebe, died 1985 Collary Plateau, married 1st before 1914 Henry PALMER born c1897, married 2nd 1914 Redfern Ernest GOODING born c1895. Charles PICKERING born 19 April 1900 Sydney. Arthur PICKERING plumber, born 1906 Marrickville, married Maude MARSH born c1908.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Alfred Lockie PICKERING died 1971 Parramatta, married 1923 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Lydia G.E. BETTS. Edith M. PICKERING born 1886 Redfern, died 1908 Redfern. Reginald Charles Oscar PICKERING carpenter, born 1888 Sydney, died 1953 Liverpool,married Unknown UNKNOWN died 1934.
Children: Dulcie Frances PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Unknown PICKERING Kate I. PICKERING born 1889 Newtown. Vera Irene PICKERING born 1893 Newtown, married 1914 South Balmain William OLDFIELD.

13th Generation Arthur PICKERING born 1927 Sydney. Unknown PICKERING born c1933 Sydney. Dulcie Frances PICKERING born 1923, died 1995, married Unknown WASHINGTON. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING. Unknown PICKERING.

Pickerings of the North York Moors

6th Generation James PICKERING born c1822 New South Wales, died 1892 Parramatta, New South Wales. George PICKERING born 1824 New South Wales, died 1900 Glebe, New South Wales. Henry PICKERING born 1827 New South Wales, died 1893 Marrickville, New South Wales. Mary PICKERING born 1829 New South Wales, died 1908 Stroud, New South Wales. Jane PICKERING born 1833 New South Wales, died 1900 Hurstville, New South Wales.