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Pickerings of Barmston

The Pickerings of Barmston are an offshoot of the Pickerings of Holderness, most of whom ventured no further than the confines of Yorkshire. None was tempted to emigrate.

22nd Generation Richard PICKERING labourer, baptised 6 March 1757 Bridlington, East Riding, died 9 June 1793 Barmston, East Riding, married 4 February 4, 1782 Barmston, East Riding Elizabeth CHAPMAN (daughter of Robert CHAPMAN and Mary SKINNER) baptised 10 February 1758 Barmston, East Riding.
Children: William PICKERING Robert PICKERING Mary PICKERING Richard PICKERING Chapman PICKERING Richard Chapman PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 27 April 1760 Bridlington, East Riding. Dorothy PICKERING baptised 13 January 1762 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 30 April 1763 Bridlington, East Riding. Frances PICKERING baptised 13 January 1762 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 29 May 1763 Bridlington, East Riding. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 31 December 1764 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 2 July 1842 Nafferton, East Riding, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN died before 1841.
Children: John PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING Betty PICKERING Christopher PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 18 March 1767 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 15 December 1836 Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, married 14 December 1789 Bempton, East Riding Ann FLINTON.

23rd Generation William PICKERING tailor, born 7 September 1782 Barmston, East Riding, died November 1853 Bridlington, East Riding, married 5 November 1812 Bridlington, East Riding Jane JOHNSON born c1787 Scrayingham, East Riding, buried 25 December 1862 Bridlington, East Riding.
Children: James PICKERING Mary PICKERING Martha PICKERING Ann PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Abraham PICKERING Benjamin PICKERING Robert PICKERING born 24 February 1784 Barmston, East Riding, died 26 February 26, 1784 Barmston, East Riding. Mary PICKERING born 24 December 1785 Barmston, East Riding, died 19 June 1795 Barmston, East Riding. Richard PICKERING born 1 August 1787 Barmston, East Riding, died 16 October 1787 Barmston, East Riding. Chapman PICKERING tailor, born 16 October 1789 Barmston, East Riding, November 1836 Salford, Lancashire, married 15 August 1809 Bridlington, East Riding Elizabeth SHAW.
Children: Richard PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Alice PICKERING John PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Edward PICKERING Ruth PICKERING Richard Chapman PICKERING baptised 9 November 1793 Hull, East Riding, died before 1860, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING John PICKERING gardener, baptised 31 March 1792 Nafferton, East Riding, buried 27 January 1872 Driffield, East Riding, married 1st 2 June 1816 Driffield, East Riding Hannah DONKIN buried 2 September 1839 Driffield, East Riding, married 2nd 8 April 1846 Market Weighton, East Riding Elizabeth LYON (daughter of John and Hannah LYON) basket maker, baptised 20 May 1829 Market Weighton, East Riding.
Children of John PICKERING and Elizabeth LYON: John PICKERING Fewster PICKERING Ann PICKERING Enoch PICKERING Eleanor PICKERING baptised 17 March 1794 Nafferton, East Riding. Betty PICKERING baptised 10 October 1796 Nafferton, East Riding. Richard PICKERING ship’s master, born Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, baptised 7 November, Bridlington, East Riding, buried 25 September 1850 Bridlington, East Riding, married 26 December 1814 Scarborough, North Riding Judith Ellis PATTISON baptised 6 October 1786 Scarborough, North Riding, buried 4 June 1852 Bridlington, East Riding.
Children: Ann PICKERING John Pattison PICKERING Christopher PICKERING John PICKERING Sedman PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Ellis PICKERING Richard PICKERING Mary PICKERING born Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, baptised 22 January 1792 Bridlington, East Riding, died Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, buried 5 October 1797 Bridlington, East Riding. Susannah PICKERING born Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, baptised 13 February 1794 Bridlington, East Riding, married 22 December 1834 Bridlington, East Riding Benjamin WILLIAMSON born c1802 Scarborough, North Riding. Elizabeth PICKERING born c1795 Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, died Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding, buried 30 October 1795 Bridlington, East Riding.

24th Generation James PICKERING born c1813, buried 25 February 1817 Bridlington, East Riding. Mary PICKERING baptised 29 November 1814 Bridlington, East Riding, died Bridlington, East Riding, buried 9 January 1826 Barmston, East Riding. Martha PICKERING baptised 26 May 1816 Bridlington, East Riding. Ann PICKERING dressmaker, baptised 20 March 1818 Bridlington, East Riding, had children with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Louisa PICKERING Alfred Bell PICKERING Lucy Bell PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING shoe binder, baptised 11 July 1820 Bridlington, East Riding. John PICKERING baptised 24 June 1822 Bridlington, East Riding. Jane PICKERING baptised 3 October 1824 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 21 December 1842 Bridlington, East Riding. Abraham PICKERING baptised 26 May 1827 Bridlington, East Riding, buried 30 July 1827 Bridlington, East Riding. Benjamin PICKERING baptised 14 August 1831 Bridlington, East Riding. Richard PICKERING baptised 17 January 1811 North Ferriby, East Riding. Hannah PICKERING baptised 30 November 1814 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, buried 3 December 1814 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding. Alice PICKERING born 15 November 1815 Hull, East Riding, baptised 30 December 1815, Barmston, East Riding. John PICKERING tailor, born 19 September 1820 Hull, East Riding, baptised 5 April 1825 Hull, East Riding, died before 1881 Hull, East Riding, married 17 June 1844 Hull, East Riding Harriet LINDSEY tailoress, born c1825 Hull, East Riding, buried 5 November 1893 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding.
Children: Ann Eliza PICKERING Tom William PICKERING Robert PICKERING John Robert PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Betsey PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 5 April 1825 Hull, East Riding, buried 15 June 1825 Hull, East Riding. Edward PICKERING born c1828 Hull, East Riding,buried 31 July 1828 Hull, East Riding. Ruth PICKERING baptised 16 September 1832 Manchester, Lancashire. William PICKERING tailor, born 9 December 1817 Hull, East Riding, baptised 11 January 1818 Hull east Riding, married 30 August 1860 Hull, East Riding, Ann Easter BEACHER daughter of Thomas and Ann BEACHER) baptised 10 June 1820 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
Children: Thomas Beacher PICKERING Jane PICKERING born c1816. William PICKERING master barber, born July 1817 Driffield, East Riding, baptised 29 October 1818 Driffield, east Riding, married 9 February 1840 Pickering, North Riding Jane RIDDLE born c1813 Pickering, North Riding, buried 15 May 1877 Pickering, North Riding.
Children: Ann PICKERING Charlotte PICKERING Jane PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 19 April 1819 Driffield, East Riding, buried 7 May 1829 Driffield, East Riding. Horatio PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 25 July 1822 Driffield, East Riding, married 19 June 1842 Driffield, East Riding Mary Ann BANNISTER (daughter of Henry BANNISTER) baptised 25 July 1824 Driffield, East Riding.
Children: George Henry PICKERING John Frederick PICKERING Eliza Ann PICKERING William PICKERING Horatio PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Horatio Harry PICKERING Emily PICKERING Horatio Henry PICKERING Lucy PICKERING Enoch PICKERING baptised 9 August 1825 Driffield, East Riding, died before 1851. Betsy PICKERING baptised 20 March 1828 Driffield, East Riding, buried 13 September 1839 Driffield, East Riding. Elijah PICKERING gardener, baptised 19 September 1831 Driffield, East Riding, married 1859 Driffield, East Riding Hannah WILSON born c1841 North Dalton, East Riding. Uriah PICKERING boot maker, baptised 16 May 1833 Driffield, East Riding, buried 8 October 1897 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, married Mary UNKNOWN born c1836, buried 16 December 1913 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding.
Children: Edith Mary PICKERING Martha Annie PICKERING Frederick PICKERING shoemaker, baptised 22 April 1835 Driffield, East Riding, married 27 November 1902 Hull, East Riding Mary DELAP. Mary PICKERING baptised 8 March 1838 Driffield, East Riding. John PICKERING born Market Weighton, East Riding, baptised 6 October 1851 Driffield, East Riding. Fewster PICKERING tanner, baptised 21 December 1854 Driffield, East Riding, married 29 December 1878 Beeford, East Riding Elizabeth Jane LAWSON born 1856 Bridlington, died 14 November 1930 Driffield. Ann PICKERING baptised 5 March 1857 Driffield, East Riding, buried 9 June 1865 Driffield, East Riding. Enoch PICKERING 19 February 1864 Driffield, East Riding. Ann PICKERING baptised 19 May 1816 Scarborough, North Riding, married 31 January 1838 Bridlington, East Riding John BROWN born 1814. John Pattison PICKERING ship’s master, baptised 25 December 1816 Scarborough, North Riding, buried 17 March 1855 Bridlington, East Riding, married 21 March 1837 Bridlington, East Riding Mary Williamson FISHCROFT (daughter of Thomas and Jane FISHCROFT) baptised 7 June 1819 Bridlington, East Riding. Christopher PICKERING master mariner, baptised 23 November 1817 Scarborough, North Riding, married Eliza PICKERING.
Children: Kate Judith Alice PICKERING John PICKERING baptised 10 January 1819 Scarborough, North Riding. Sedman PICKERING tailor, born 22 June 1820 Filey, East Riding, died 1883 Sunderland, Co. Durham, married 14 April 1851 Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham Ann POTTS born 1827 Sunderland, Co. Durham.
Children: John Sedman PICKERING Richard PICKERING Christopher PICKERING Ann PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 7 October 1823 Filey, East Riding, married 11 January 1844 Bridlington, East Riding Charles BELK born 1818. Ellis PICKERING born 29 June 1825 Filey, East Riding, married 27 October 1850 Bridlington, East Riding Walter West BROWN.
Children: Richard Brown PICKERING Richard PICKERING baptised 1 May 1828 Filey, East Riding.

25th Generation Louisa PICKERING baptised 14 May 1848 Bridlington, East Riding. Alfred Bell PICKERING born 1851 Bridlington, East Riding, baptised 19 November 1854 Bridlington, East Riding. Lucy Bell PICKERING born 1853 Bridlington, East Riding, baptised 19 November 1854 Bridlington, East Riding. Ann Eliza PICKERING born 1850 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, married 11 October 1875 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding John SWAIN. Tom William PICKERING tailor, born 1853 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, buried 28 August 1892 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, married 1875 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding Emily FLETCHER office cleaner, born c1855 Hull, East Riding.
Children: Harriet Ann PICKERING Edward J. PICKERING Henry A. PICKERING Robert PICKERING born 1857 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, buried 13 January 1875 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding. John Robert PICKERING tin smith, born 1860 Hull, East Riding, married 1880 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding Fanny Elizabeth GRAHAM born c1862 Hull, East Riding.
Children: John G. PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Harry PICKERING William PICKERING Sarah PICKERING born 1860 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding. Betsey PICKERING born 1861 Hull, East Riding, married William FIRBY born 1861 Hull, East Riding. Ellen PICKERING born c1868 Hull, East Riding, married 18 September 1886 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding Richard WATSON. Thomas Beacher PICKERING born 1863, buried 15 February 1864 Myton, Hull, East Riding. Ann PICKERING milliner, baptised 16 February 1843 Pickering, North Riding, married 22 February 1864 Pickering, North Riding James WATSON. Charlotte PICKERING baptised 3 March 1844 Pickering, North Riding, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN, married 16 November 1867 Ebberston, North George DICKINSON.
Children of Charlotte PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Henrietta PICKERING Jane PICKERING servant, baptised 11 May 1845 Pickering, North Riding, married 12 July 1868 Pickering, North Johnson MAYNARD. George Henry PICKERING shoemaker, market gardener, baptised 13 April 1843 Driffield, East Riding, married 15 June 1864 Driffield, East Riding Rachel MARSHALL born c1846 Driffield, East Riding.
Children: Fred PICKERING Ada Gray PICKERING Harry PICKERING Annie PICKERING Arthur Bannister PICKERING Emily PICKERING Walter Horatio PICKERING Edith PICKERING Maggie PICKERING Alfred PICKERING Rachel Elizabeth PICKERING George Henry PICKERING John Frederick PICKERING cordwainer, baptised 9 October 1845 Driffield, East Riding. Eliza Ann PICKERING baptised 18 November 1847 Driffield, East Riding. William PICKERING baptised 11 May 1850 Driffield, East Riding, buried 13 May 1850 Driffield, East Riding. Horatio PICKERING bpatised 23 March 1851 Driffield, East Riding, died 11 August 1858 Driffield, East Riding. Mary Jane PICKERING bpatised 2 April 1857 Driffield, East Riding, married 25 November 1877 Driffield, East Riding William HART. Horatio Harry PICKERING born c1859, buried 20 April 1862 Driffield, East Riding. Emily PICKERING born 1861 Driffield, East Riding. Horatio Henry PICKERING bootmaker, born 1863 Driffield, East Riding, married 1906 Malton, North Riding Blanche ROBINSON born c1871 Sewerby cum Marton, East Riding. Lucy PICKERING baptised 6 February 1867 Driffield, East Riding, married 1 June 1889 Driffield, East Alfred William ROBSON. Edith Mary PICKERING married 21 June 1891 Hull, East Riding Frank CLAYTON. Martha Annie PICKERING born c1865, married 22 September 1884 Hull, East Riding Benjamin Thomas HARE. Kate Judith Alice PICKERING baptised 10 July 1855 Bridlington, East Riding. John Sedman PICKERING born 1857 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Richard PICKERING born 1859 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Christopher PICKERING born 1863 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Ann PICKERING born 1865 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Mary Jane PICKERING born 1867 Sunderland, Co. Durham. Richard Brown PICKERING baptised 27 October 1850 Bridlington, East Riding.

26th Generation Harriet Ann PICKERING born 12 March 1878 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, married 23 December 1899 Drypool Hull, East Joseph Forth BEST slater, born c1878 Hull, East Riding. Edward J. PICKERING born c1881. Henry A. PICKERING born c1882. John G. PICKERING born c1884 Hull, East Riding. Hannah PICKERING born c1885 Hull, East Riding. Arthur PICKERING born c1886 Hull, East Riding. Samuel PICKERING born c1887 Hull, East Riding. Harry PICKERING born c1889 Hull, East Riding. William PICKERING born c1890 Hull, East Riding. Henrietta PICKERING baptised 4 January 1865 Pickering, North Riding, buried 6 January 1865 Pickering, North Riding. Fred PICKERING shoemaker, born 1862 Driffield, East Riding. Ada Gray PICKERING assistant shoe dealer, born 3 April 1867 Driffield, East Riding. Harry PICKERING draper, born 1869 Driffield, East Riding, married 7 November 1896 New Wortley, Leeds, West Riding Emma COOPER.
Children: Stanley Blanchard PICKERING Annie PICKERING born 1872 Driffield, East Riding. Arthur Bannister PICKERING butcher, born 1875 Driffield, East Riding, married Lucy UNKNOWN.
Children: Sydney PICKERING Emily PICKERING born 1877 Driffield, East Riding.

Louverval Memorial, France, 2012 Walter Horatio PICKERING tailor, born 1879 Driffield, East Riding, died 14 May 1951 Hull, East Riding, married 18 January 1907 Driffield, East Clara HILEY.
Children: Gladys Elsie PICKERING Edith PICKERING shop assistant, born c1882 Driffield, East Riding. Maggie PICKERING shop assistant, born c1884 Driffield, East Riding. Alfred PICKERING market gardener, born c1886 Driffield, East Riding. Rachel Elizabeth PICKERING born c1888 Driffield, East Riding. George Henry PICKERING boot maker, born c1890 Driffield, East Riding, died 27 November 1917 Cambrai, Nord, France, married 9 July 1917 Driffield, East Riding Maud May HOSKINS.

27th Generation Stanley Blanchard PICKERING born 2 February 1897 Driffield, East Riding. Sydney PICKERING baptised 27 April 1898 Newington, Hull, East Riding. Gladys Elsie PICKERING born c1906. married 24 August 1924 Driffield, East Riding Charles FROST butcher.