Malton, including Old Malton and New Malton

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

4th Generation Isaac PICKERING weaver, born c1718 Scarborough, baptised 9 February 1734 New Malton, died 6 November 1783 New Malton, married 20 August 1739 New Malton Jane FARNABY, buried 29 March 1755 Malton.

5th Generation Rebecca PICKERING baptised 20 August 1739 New Malton. William PICKERING baptised 30 March 1741 New Malton. Isaac PICKERING weaver, baptised 26 March 1742 New Malton, died Wharram-le-Street, buried 30 November 1825 Old Malton, married 12 July 1763 New Malton Elizabeth WILSON, born c1741, 15 August 1822 Old Malton.
Children: John PICKERING Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING Hannah PICKERING William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING William PICKERING Mercia PICKERING baptised 29 April 1744 New Malton, buried 4 March 1746 New Malton. Nathan PICKERING baptised 15 September 1745 New Malton. Mercia PICKERING baptised 9 May 1747 New Malton. Joseph PICKERING baptised 24 Ocotber 1748 New Malton. Mary PICKERING baptised 24 January 1749 New Malton. Sarah PICKERING baptised 21 April 1751 New Malton. Hannah PICKERING baptised 13 January 1754 New Malton.

6th Generation John PICKERING baptised 4 March 1764 Old Malton, buried 17 July 1766 Old Malton. Ann PICKERING baptised 11 October 1767 Old Malton, married 18 January 1790 Old Malton Jeffrey WARLEY smith, born c1765 Thornton, died 1848 Malton.
Children: Ann WARLEY Jane PICKERING baptised 16 November 1770 Old Malton, died 20 July 1855 Wharram-le-Street, married 30 July 1787 Foston Leonard POTTER (son of Leonard POTTER) baptised 26 July 1761 Crambe, died December 1837 Strensall. Hannah PICKERING baptised 7 April 1773 Old Malton. William PICKERING baptised 23 May 1775 Old Malton. Thomas PICKERING baptised 21 December 1777 Old Malton, married 17 October 1795 New Malton Ann RUSSELL.
Children: Richard PICKERING Russell PICKERING Ruth PICKERING Alice PICKERING Samuel PICKERING Margaret PICKERING John PICKERING Margaret PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 5 February 1780 Old Malton, buried 10 November 1806 Old Malton. Robert PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 16 March 1783 Old Malton, died before 1851, married Amy MOORE (daughter of Ambrose MOORE and Esther UNKNOWN) baptised 22 April 1786 Sherburn.
Children: Frances PICKERING Vickerman PICKERING Esther PICKERING David PICKERING Robert PICKERING Ann PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Ambrose PICKERING Amy PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1787, married 18 October 1817 Wharram-le-Street Mary PINKNEY (daughter of John PINKNEY and Mary UNKNOWN) born 1792 Westow, North Yorkshire.
Children: Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Robert PICKERING draper, born 21 January 1783 Malton, died 13 March 1836 Malton, married 27 April 1814 Pickering Tabitha HOPKINS (daughter of Thomas HOPKINS and Rebecca UNKNOWN) baptised 14 April 1793 Gildersome, West Yorkshire.
Children: Hannah PICKERING Elizabeth Milner PICKERING Henry PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 24 May 1784 Malton. Mary PICKERING born 30 March 1786 Malton.

7th Generation Richard PICKERING baptised 30 August 1796 New Malton. Russell PICKERING baptised 12 March1799 New Malton. Ruth PICKERING baptised 12 March 1799 New Malton. Alice PICKERING baptised 16 March 1801 New Malton. Samuel PICKERING baptised 2 October 1803 Norton. Margaret PICKERING born 17 May 1806 Norton. John PICKERING born c1806, buried 30 January 1817 New Malton. Margaret PICKERING baptised 10 February 1808 Norton. Hannah PICKERING born 15 January 1816 Malton, married 1 July 1845 New Malton William STUBBS draper. Elizabeth Milner PICKERING born 26 October 1817 New Malton, died 11 August 1824 Malton. Henry PICKERING draper, born 16 October 1819 New Malton married Sarah Ann UNKNOWN born c1820 Worcester.

8th Generation William PICKERING railway labourer, baptised 28 November 1827 New Malton, married 16 December 1850 Old Malton Harriet TURNER born c1829 Old Malton, died 1878.
Children: David PICKERING Mark PICKERING Emily PICKERING Francis PICKERING George PICKERING Daniel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Samuel PICKERING William PICKERING Martha PICKERING William PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 15 September 1832 Rillington.

9th Generation Alice Lavinia PICKERING born 1854 New Malton. Emily PICKERING born c1866 Malton. Tom PICKERING born c1868 Malton. Charles PICKERING born c1870 Malton. George PICKERING born c1875 Malton. John PICKERING born c1879 Malton. Arthur B. PICKERING born c1881 Malton. Eva PICKERING born c1883 Malton. Henry PICKERING born c1885 Malton. Sydney PICKERING born c1890 Malton. George PICKERING born 1874 Malton.

John Pickering married 1794 Old Malton

1st Generation

1. John PICKERING blacksmith, died before 1834, married 8 July 1794 Old Malton Mary PEXTON blacksmith, born c1771.
1.2. Hannah PICKERING
1.5. William PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. John PICKERING blacksmith, baptised 25 October 1795 Old Malton, married c1825 Jane UNKNOWN born c1798 Rillington.
1.1.1. Hannah PICKERING
1.1.2. John PICKERING
1.1.3. Mary A. PICKERING
1.1.4. Jane PICKERING

1.2. Hannah PICKERING baptised 28 February 1798 Old Malton.

1.3. Mary PICKERING baptised 3 February 1800 Old Malton.

1.4. Ann PICKERING baptised 19 October 1801 Old Malton.

1.5. William PICKERING blacksmith, born 19 June 1806 Old Malton, married 1833 New Malton Jane JOHNSON born c1810 Hull.
1.5.1. Mary PICKERING
1.5.2. Hannah PICKERING
1.5.3. John PICKERING
1.5.4. William PICKERING
1.5.5. Ann PICKERING
1.5.6. Jane PICKERING
1.5.7. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.5.8. Alice PICKERING
1.5.9. Thomas PICKERING
1.5.10. Richard PICKERING
1.5.11. Mary PICKERING

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Hannah PICKERING baptised 20 October 1826 Old Malton.

1.1.2. John PICKERING baptised 1 April 1831 Old Malton.

1.1.3. Mary A. PICKERING baptised 17 February 1833 Old Malton.

1.1.4. Jane PICKERING baptised 3 April 1842 Old Malton.

Pickerings of Appleton-le-Street

4th Generation George PICKERING baptised 24 September 1775 New Malton.

5th Generation Henrietta PICKERING baptised 25 March 1811 New Malton. George PICKERING baptised 9 December 1812 New Malton, married 13 July 1842 Settrington Mary RICHARDSON (daughter of George RICHARDSON and Hannah UNKNOWN) born 29 November 1820 Settrington.
Children: Henry Jefferson PICKERING Emma PICKERING baptised 13 July 1814 New Malton. Christopher PICKERING baptised 13 July 1816 New Malton. Matthew Henry PICKERING born 1849 Wortley.