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Pickerings of Lincolnshire

The Pickerings of Lincolnshire are an offshoot of the Pickerings of Holderness to which the author of these lines belongs. George, a grandson of William Pickering and Mary Pinkington, crossed the Humber and founded a veritable dynasty which flourishes to this day.

A Y-DNA link has been established between a Lincolnshire descendant of George and my second cousin, as has atDNA link between a Canadian descendant of the same George and myself.

22nd Generation George PICKERING baptised 14 July 1743 Hull, East Riding, buried 16 July 1807 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 30 April 1766 Hull, East Riding Ann WARD (daughter of George WARD and Elizabeth HILL) baptised 3 October 1745 Wragby, Lincolnshire, died 2 February 1826 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.
Children: Mary PICKERING Ann PICKERING George Ward PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING William PICKERING Francis PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Jane PICKERING Anne PICKERING baptised 19 March 1745 Hull, East Riding, buried 7 August 1748 Hull, East Riding. John PICKERING master bricklayer, baptised 4 May 1755 Hull, East Riding, buried 28 February 1844 Wragby, Lincolnshire, married 14 August 1786 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Ann PORTER baptised 3 December 1765 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 5 July 1836 Wragby, Lincolnshire.
Children: James PICKERING Ann PICKERING William PICKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING Charles PICKERING James PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING William PICKERING baptised 27 December 1763 Hull, East Riding, buried 14 August 1764 Hull, East Riding.

23rd Generation Mary PICKERING born c1767, buried 14 January 1848 Scamblesby, Lincolnshire, married 1 January 1798 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Joseph CADE born c1766, buried 12 April 1839 Scamblesby, Lincolnshire. Ann PICKERING born 1769, buried 30 January 1841 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 16 May 1797 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire William BATCHELOR baptised 4 October 1771 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire,buried 5 October 1849 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. George Ward PICKERING farmer, baptised 20 December 1770 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 10 December 1849 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 27 December 1792 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Anne CARR (daughter of John CARR and Eleanor GLEW) born 9 March 1769, buried 10 November 1829 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.
Children: George PICKERING Anne PICKERING Mary PICKERING John PICKERING William PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Francis PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mark PICKERING Luke PICKERING Charles PICKERING James PICKERING Frances PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 31 May 1773 Wragby, Lincolnshire. John PICKERING agricultural labourer, cottager baptised 10 July 1774 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 29 January 1851 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 14 May 1799 South Willingham, Lincolnshire Martha BRATLEY baptised 29 September 1776 Benniworth, Lincolnshire, buried 19 November 1856 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING farmer, baptised 23 February 1777 Wragby, Lincolnshire, died 1862 Mumby, Lincolnshire, married 22 August 1820 South Ormsby, Lincolnshire Lucy WILLIAMSON baptised 30 December 1781 South Wingfield, Derbyshire. Francis PICKERING baptised 15 July 1779 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 30 August 1804 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 4 November 1781 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 3 April 1782 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 9 June 1783 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 30 April 1784 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Thomas PICKERING baptised 7 October 1785 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 9 January 1787 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Frances PICKERING baptised 21 February 1789 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 21 September 1807 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Thomas GARRITT bricklayer born c1787 Little Limber, Lincolnshire. Jane PICKERING baptised 21 February 1789 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 24 May 1789 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. James PICKERING baptised 10 July 1788 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 12 April 1789 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Ann PICKERING born 22 August 1790 Wragby, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING bricklayer, farmer, draper, born 7 April 1793 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 16 February 1857 Wragby, Lincolnshire, married 1st 4 June 1816 Langton, Lincolnshire Barbara BARTHOLOMEW (daughter of Samuel and Barbara BARTHOLOMEW) baptised 25 October 1791 Bardney, Lincolnshire, died 1840, married 2nd 22 April 1842 Caistor, Lincolnshire Eliza Anne WAYRE (daughter of William WAYRE) born c1815 Hull, East Riding, buried 4 May 1887 Wragby, Lincolnshire.
Children of William PICKERING and Barbara BATHOLOMEW: Barbara Bartholomew PICKERING Eliza PICKERING William Henry PICKERING Ann Esther PICKERING Emily PICKERING William Francis PICKERING Frances PICKERING Sarah Jane PICKERING
Children of William PICKERING and Eliza Anne WAYRE: Frances Annie PICKERING Emily Agnes PICKERING Mary PICKERING born 22 May 1796 Wragby, Lincolnshire, married 23 August 1817 Wragby, Lincolnshire Edward CLARKE. John PICKERING born 25 December 1798 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 12 January 1834 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Charles PICKERING born 19 October 1801 Wragby, Lincolnshire. James PICKERING born 27 April 1804 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 25 February 1875 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth PICKERING born 8 December 1807 Wragby, Lincolnshire.

24th Generation George PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 16 May 1793 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 13 May 1869 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 3 May 1826 North Willingham, Lincolnshire Hannah LOWNDES (daughter of George LOWNDES and Mary TURNER) baptised 14 March 1794 Tealby, Lincolnshire, buried 12 July 1869 South Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: George PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Charles PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING Henry PICKERING Anne PICKERING baptised 13 June 1794 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Mary PICKERING baptised 30 August 1795 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 8 September 1795 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. John PICKERING master bricklayer, cottager, baptised 17 October 1796 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 4 April 1873 Faldingworth, Lincolnshire, married 23 April 1833 Faldingworth, Lincolnshire Elizabeth KIDNEY (daughter of Thomas and Ann KIDNEY) schoolmistress, born December 1811 Scothern, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ann PICKERING William PICKERING bricklayer, farmer, baptised 2 March 1800 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 16 August 1879 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 3 February 1825 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Sarah BURTON (daughter of John and Patience BURTON) baptised 3 November 1806 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 16 January 1877 Legsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: William PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Emma PICKERING John PICKERING George PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Charles PICKERING Betsy PICKERING James PICKERING Mark PICKERING Fanny Patience PICKERING Henry PICKERING Eliza PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 17 September 1802 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 6 October 1831 Robert HANCER (son of Robert and Martha HANCER) farmer, baptised 6 February 1811 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 18 March 1864 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Margaret PICKERING baptised 31 January 1804 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 12 December 1889 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, married 3 February 1851 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire John RICHARDSON labourer, born 1819 Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, buried 6 July 4, 1885 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Francis PICKERING baptised 31 January 1806 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 26 February 1892 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Thomas PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 16 June 1807 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 1849 Louth, Lincolnshire, married 3 May 1838 Louth, Lincolnshire Sarah DRIVER (daughter of James and Mary DRIVER) baptised 4 June 1811 Louth, Lincolnshire, died 12 January 1865 Louth, Lincolnshire.
Children: Emma PICKERING Paulina PICKERING George PICKERING Frances PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Mark PICKERING builder, baptised 17 October 1808 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died Ludford, Lincolnshire, buried 26 October 1873, North Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 5 February 1839 North Willingham, Lincolnshire Mary COLLINGWOOD (daughter of Joseph and Jane COLLINGWOOD) baptised 19 July 1814 Tealby, Lincolnshire, died Ludford, Lincolnshire, buried 24 June 1887 North Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: William PICKERING Lucilia PICKERING Luke PICKERING baptised 17 October 1808 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 13 September 1809 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Charles PICKERING baptised 9 April 1810 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 1871 Hallowell, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, Ontario, married 1st 24 November 1834 Hollym, East Riding Susanna MASON (daughter of John and Mary MASON) baptised 12 August 1815 Sunk Island, East Riding, died c1850, married 2nd c1852 Ontario, Canada Anna ASTLEFORD born c1833 Ireland, died 24 September 1898 Trenton, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada.
Children of Charles PICKERING and Susanna MASON: Mary Ann PICKERING Michael Mason PICKERING
Children of Charles PICKERING and Anna ASTLEFORD: Charles PICKERING Alice PICKERING John PICKERING James Mason PICKERING Emma Jane PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah Isabel PICKERING William Henry PICKERING James PICKERING farmer, baptised 17 September 1812 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 21 October 1887 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 1st 10 April 1843 Legsby, Lincolnshire Ann WALLER (daughter of William WALLER and Ann DAWSON) baptised 26 May 1813 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 2 April 1850 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 2 August 1852 Legsby, Lincolnshire Damaris BARKER (daughter of Humphrey and Mary BARKER) waiter, baptised 12 September 1811 Louth, Lincolnshire, died 18 November 1888 Lissington, Lincolnshire, buried Legsby, Lincolnshire.
Children of James PICKERING and Ann WALLER: George PICKERING Betsy Ann PICKERING
Children of James PICKERING and Damaris BARKER: Mary Jane PICKERING Humphrey PICKERING Frances PICKERING born 1814 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, buried 30 December 1880 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 10 April 1843 Legsby, Lincolnshire Edmund ELLIS farmer (son of William and Mary ELLIS) baptised 4 August 1811 Legsby, Lincolnshire, buried 18 June 1888 Legsby, Lincolnshire. Barbara Bartholomew PICKERING baptised 2 September 1817 Wragby, Lincolnshire, married 7 January 1837 Wragby, Lincolnshire Enos MOODY. Eliza PICKERING baptised 2 February 1819 Wragby, Lincolnshire, died 1862 Wragby, Lincolnshire, married 20 November 1855 Wragby, Lincolnshire John Dunn WRANGHAM surgeon, apothecary, born c1817 Louth, Lincolnshire, buried 26 October 1875 Wragby, Lincolnshire. William Henry PICKERING baptised 21 April 1821 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Ann Esther PICKERING baptised 24 March 1823 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Emily PICKERING baptised 21 January 1825 Wragby, Lincolnshire, buried 16 May 1836 Wragby, Lincolnshire. William Francis PICKERING baptised 29 December 1826 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Frances PICKERING baptised 9 November 1830 Wragby, Lincolnshire, had five children with John Dunn WRANGHAM widower of late sister Eliza PICKERING. Sarah Jane PICKERING baptised 22 July 1832 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Frances Annie PICKERING baptised 28 July 1844 Wragby, Lincolnshire. Emily Agnes PICKERING postmistress, baptised 25 January 1848 Wragby, Lincolnshire.

25th Generation George PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 8 April 1827 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, buried 5 July 1867 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1850 Louth, Lincolnshire Martha TAYLOR (daughter of George and Elizabeth TAYLOR) baptised 1 September 1826 Kirkby Bain, Lincolnshire, died 26 June 1875 South Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: William George PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING Hermon Lowndes PICKERING Betsy Hannah PICKERING Sarah Ann PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Sarah PICKERING baptised 9 April 1828 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 23 February 1859 Hainton, Lincolnshire Thomas RICHARDSON (son of Edward and Prudence RICHARDSON) baptised 19 February 1832 Hainton, Lincolnshire. Charles PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 26 May 1831 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 21 December 1908 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 24 March 1860 South Willingham, Lincolnshire Mary Ann DUNHAM (daughter of William and Sarah DUNHAM) dressmaker, baptised 17 January 1832 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 24 May 1911 South Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: Frederick PICKERING Alfred Dunham PICKERING John William PICKERING Louisa PICKERING Betsy Dunham PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 10 February 1834 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 23 February 1859 South Willingham, Lincolnshire John KITCHING. Henry PICKERING builder, born 15 April 1837 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 1 September 1875 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1861 Mary BETT (daughter of Barnabas and Ann BETT) cow keeper, baptised 9 May 1841 Benniworth, Lincolnshire.
Children: Frederick PICKERING Walter George PICKERING Ann PICKERING born c1840. William PICKERING servant, baptised 13 June 1825 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Eliza PICKERING baptised 10 September 1826 Lissington, Lincolnshire, died Fillingham, Lincolnshire, buried 1 May 1848 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Emma PICKERING servant, baptised 13 June 1830 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. John PICKERING farmer, baptised 29 August 1831 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire, died 27 March  1890 Usselby, Lincolnshire, married 16 June 1863 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire Mary GREENWOOD (daughter of John Clayton and Sarah GREENWOOD) baptised 14 January 1830 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 8 June 1903 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Frank PICKERING William PICKERING Jesse PICKERING Eunice Lois PICKERING Bernice PICKERING George PICKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 11 May 1834 Hainton, Lincolnshire, married 14 September 1864 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Eliza FIELDSEND (daughter of Richard and Mary FIELDSEND) born 4 October 1847 Legsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Fanny Sophia PICKERING Matilda PICKERING Eliza Ann PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Albert Edward PICKERING Walter Albert PICKERING Thomas PICKERING farmer, born 16 September 1835 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 16 September 1898 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, married 1 March 1862 Louth, Lincolnshire Martha Jane NORTHING (daughter of Harrison and Sarah NORTHING) baptised 1 February 1843 Yarborough, Lincolnshire, died 16 December 1895 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.
Children: Sarah Alice PICKERING Amelia Ann PICKERING Eliza Patience PICKERING Betsy Jane PICKERING Tom Herbert Harrison PICKERING Martha Eleanor PICKERING 7. Frederick Ward PICKERING Walter Henry PICKERING Emily PICKERING Minnie PICKERING George Arthur PICKERING Ethel PICKERING Charles PICKERING farmer, baptised 20 August 1838 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 12 January 1916 Legbourne, Lincolnshire, married 26 May 1864 North Willingham, Lincolnshire Sarah Ann ROW (daughter of John and Sarah ROW) baptised 18 September 1842 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, buried 19 May 1910 Legbourne, Lincolnshire.
Children: Julia PICKERING Walter Charles PICKERING John Row PICKERING Ernest PICKERING Charles William PICKERING Alice PICKERING Louisa PICKERING Edith PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING Betsy PICKERING born 26 May 1839 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 8 February 1900 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. James PICKERING journeyman miller, born 31 January 1842 Hainton, Lincolnshire. Mark PICKERING cabinet maker, born 27 November 1843 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 4 March 1929 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, married 1868 Ecclesall Bierlow, West Riding Elizabeth WILDE born c1845 Sheffield, West Riding.
Children: Fanny PICKERING Lillie PICKERING Wilfred PICKERING Fanny Patience PICKERING born 10 August 1845 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 14 September 1916 Laneham, Nottinghamshire, married 26 April 1871 Legsby, Lincolnshire James HOWARD born c1826 and died 1908. Henry PICKERING farmer, born 28 November 1847 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 12 May 1938 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 1 September 1884 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Mary Ann CRANSHAW teacher, born c1853 London.
Children: Mary Catherine PICKERING William Henry PICKERING Archibald Crawshaw PICKERING Edward Morley PICKERING Thomas Charles PICKERING Eliza PICKERING born 18 July 1850 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 16 July 1884 Legsby, Lincolnshire William King WHITWORTH baptised 15 November 1844 Legsby, Lincolnshire. Emma PICKERING born 18 April 1839 Hainton, Lincolnshire. Paulina PICKERING born 10 October 1840 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 2 May 1872 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 22 November 1871 Legsby, Lincolnshire Charles ROBINSON (son of John Smith and Elizabeth ROBINSON) farmer, baptised 17 March 1844 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 1929. George PICKERING bricklayer’s labourer, born 9 June 1842 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 1902 Louth, Lincolnshire. Frances PICKERING baptised 29 June 1845 Hainton, Lincolnshire, died 19 May 1914 Legsby, Lincolnshire, married 14 August 1876 Charles ROBINSON widower of late sister Paulina PICKERING. Joseph PICKERING baptised 4 April 1848 Louth, Lincolnshire, died 1848 Louth, Lincolnshire. Thomas PICKERING baptised 15 May 1850 Louth, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING born c1854 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Lucilia PICKERING born c1858 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 5 February 1837 Sunk Island, East Riding, married 3 August 1860 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada Joseph JIFF (son of Joseph JIFF and Marjory May MIDDLETON) painter. Michael Mason PICKERING pipe maker, baptised 10 October 1838 Sunk Island, East Riding, died 11 May 1877 Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A. Charles PICKERING farmer, born c1854 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Alice PICKERING born c1856 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. married 8 September 1890 Kleinburg, York County, Ontario, Canada James KAIRNS farmer, born c1842 Dublin, Ireland. John PICKERING farmer, born 1856 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 12 April  1927 Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. James Mason PICKERING farmer, born c1858 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 18 April 1916 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, married 1884 Helen SMITH born 1864 Ontario, Canada, died 1930 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Children: James Smith PICKERING Emma Jane PICKERING born c1859 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 5 May 1917 St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada. Thomas PICKERING grocer, born c1864 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 6 March 1918 St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, married 19 December 1889 Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada Annie Charlotte WOODS. Sarah Isabel PICKERING born 29 August 1865 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 3 March 1920 St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada. William Henry PICKERING born 3 July 1869 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, died 2 August 1945 St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, married 30 August 1918 St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada Annie Ethel CHARNOCK. George PICKERING painter, decorator, born 26 January 1844 East Torrington, Lincolnshire, died 26 July 1899 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 28 February 1871 Chesterton, Cambridgeshire Mary Ann BENBOW (daughter of John BENBOW and Martha PARTLOW) baptised 6 June 1841 Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, died 25 September 1917 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ada Ann PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING Walter Humphrey PICKERING Annie Margaret PICKERING Florence Mary PICKERING Elizabeth Gertrude PICKERING Betsy Ann PICKERING baptised 16 August 1846 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 1934 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1st 24 April 1879 Legsby, Lincolnshire William BROWN (son of William and Ann BROWN) baptised 19 November 1848 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, died 1880, married 2nd 1883 Thomas DALTON (son of John and Elizabeth DALTON) baptised 30 August 1818 Covenham Saint Bartholomew, Lincolnshire, died 1904 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Mary Jane PICKERING born 23 July 1853 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 15 April 15, 1874 Legsby, Lincolnshire. Humphrey PICKERING born 20 March 1855 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 10 February 1866 Legsby, Lincolnshire.

26th Generation William George PICKERING builder, baptised 27 June 1851 South Willingham, Lincolnshire,  died 5 September 5, 1924 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1878 St. Neot’s, Huntingdonshire Mary Green GLITHERO born 1857 Alconbury, Huntingdonshire, died 18 August 1936 South Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: Henry PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Frank PICKERING Charles Bernard PICKERING Florence Weldon PICKERING Ella Mary PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING pattern maker, baptised 13 February 1853 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died February 1931 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 23 March 1878 Coleby, Lincolnshire Letitia PERRY (daughter of John and Elizabeth PERRY) baptised 27 January 1856 Coleby, Lincolnshire, buried 23 January 1907 Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
Children: Alice PICKERING Herbert PICKERING Clara PICKERING Lucy PICKERING Frank PICKERING Wilfred PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Hermon Lowndes PICKERING bricklayer, baptised 25 December 1854 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 4 March 1920 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1876 Spilsby, Lincolnshire Bridget Ann KELLY born 1851 Louth, Lincolnshire, died 16 April 1915 South Willingham, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ada Annie PICKERING George PICKERING Sydney James Walter PICKERING Emily PICKERING Kate Mary PICKERING Betsy Hannah PICKERING baptised 4 September 1856 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died October 1909 Boston, Lincolnshire, married January 1878 Louth, Lincolnshire William HORSEWOOD railway signalman, born 1851 Thornton le Moor, Lincolnshire, died 11 August 1913 Louth, Lincolnshire. Sarah Ann PICKERING born 11 August 1858 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 12 July 1949 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, married 1884 John HOCKNEY born 1861 Thoresway, Lincolnshire, died 18 September 1932 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. Thomas PICKERING baptised 4 June 1865 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 19 June 1865 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Frederick PICKERING born 1860 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 1861 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Alfred Dunham PICKERING land agent’s clerk, baptised 1 August 1870 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died July 1938 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 21 March 1896 Sixhills, Lincolnshire Jane WARD (daughter of George WARD) born 18 September 1869 Sixhills, Lincolnshire. John William PICKERING born 23 January 1872 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 20 May 1892 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Louisa PICKERING born 1873 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 2 January 1902 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Betsy Dunham PICKERING born 24 April 1876 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 7 April  1901 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Frederick PICKERING farmer, born 1863 Benniworth, Lincolnshire, died 27 August 1918 Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, married Elizabeth BRETT (daughter of Henry BRETT) born c1856 Kirkstead, Lincolnshire, divorced 15 December 1887 Langton, Lincolnshire.
Children: Agnes Mary PICKERING Ralph Henry PICKERING Eva PICKERING Walter George PICKERING farmer, born 1867 Benniworth, Lincolnshire, died 5 April 1934 Bracebridge, Lincolnshire. Frank PICKERING insurance clerk, born 11 April 1864 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 7 December 1918 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1900 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Laura Kathleen THORNTON born c1866 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 6 April 1932 Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
Children: Constance Eunice PICKERING Frank Thornton PICKERING John Lawrence PICKERING William PICKERING born 17 October 1865 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 15 December 1950 Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, married 1901 Annie Maud HOLLAND born 12 August 1880 Kirkstead, Lincolnshire, died 1961 Kneesall, Nottinghamshire.
Children: Lawrence Holland PICKERING Mabel Joyce Beatrice PICKERING Sidney William PICKERING Bertie PICKERING Ethel Mary PICKERING Hubert Timson PICKERING Jesse PICKERING born 29 July 1867 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 28 September 1954 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire, married 17 September 1901 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire Louisa WILSON (daughter of John WILSON) born 8 June 1876 Reepham, Lincolnshire, died 12 November 1945 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire.
Children: Edward PICKERING John Henry PICKERING Ernest Charles PICKERING Mary Louise PICKERING Grace Margaret PICKERING Jessie Eunice PICKERING George Hubert PICKERING Kathleen PICKERING Annie PICKERING Rose Mabel PICKERING Eunice Lois PICKERING baptised 7 November 1869 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 7 March 1901 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, married 6 September 1898 Usselby, Lincolnshire Joseph BLACKBURN (son of John Thomas BLACKBURN and Mary Ann WARD) born 20 June 1870 Bardney, Lincolnshire, buried 20 August 1946 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. Bernice PICKERING born 19 May 1872 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 20 May 1872 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire. Fanny Sophia PICKERING baptised 18 June 1865 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire. Matilda PICKERING baptised 23 May 1870 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire. Eliza Ann PICKERING baptised 29 May 1873 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire. Sarah PICKERING born 10 March 10, 1875 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, baptised 28 September 1879 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Albert Edward PICKERING born 15 March 15, 1879 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Walter Albert PICKERING born 1884 Kingerby, Lincolnshire. Sarah Alice PICKERING born 1862 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 9 April 1950 Dunholme, Lincolnshire. Amelia Ann PICKERING shop assistant, born 1864 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Eliza Patience PICKERING born 1866 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Betsy Jane PICKERING born 1867 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 1867 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Tom Herbert Harrison PICKERING born 2 June 1868 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 11 June 1946 Saxilby, Lincolnshire, married 1st 6 February 1899 Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Hancel HARGRAVE born 1868, died 4 January 1918 Swallow Beck, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 1921 Elizabeth Cathleen HOLTOM born 28 June 1892, died 22 February 1943 Saxilby, Lincolnshire.
Children of Tom Herbert Harrison PICKERING and Elizabeth Hancel HARGRAVE: Ivy Hargrave PICKERING May Hancel PICKERING Joyce Jessop PICKERING Elsie Hargrave PICKERING Martha Eleanor PICKERING born 1870. married 26 March 1894 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Frederick Henry THOMPSON born c1863. 7. Frederick Ward PICKERING born 1871, married 1893 Lilian Maud SYKES born 1873 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Walter Henry PICKERING born 12 November 1873 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 30 November 1951 Dunholme, Lincolnshire, married 10 April 1909 Welton, Lincolnshire Mary Bennett MORRIS born 3 June 1883 Welton, Lincolnshire, died 12 January 1940 Dunholme, Lincolnshire.
Children: Thomas Walter PICKERING Alice Marjorie PICKERING Barbara Mary PICKERING Emily PICKERING born 1875 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 23 July 1895 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Minnie PICKERING born 1876 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 26 March 1901 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. George Arthur PICKERING born 3 December 1879 Kingerby, Lincolnshire, died 1955 Welton, Lincolnshire, married 1st 1901 West Torrington, Lincolnshire Ethel May FOTHERGILL (daughter of Henry FOTHERGILL) born c1882 West Torrington, Lincolnshire, buried 14 February 1911 Thorpe le Fallows, Lincolnshire, married 2nd 1916 Mary Gertrude KITSON (daughter of Thomas KITSON and Elizabeth GRANT) born 20 May 1892 Driffield, East Riding, died 1962 Welton, Lincolnshire.
Children of George Arthur PICKERING and Ethel May FOTHERGILL: William Stuart Leslie Fothergill PICKERING Arthur Douglas PICKERING Jessie Fothergill PICKERING Ethel Janet PICKERING Gladys PICKERING
Children of George Arthur PICKERING and Mary Gertrude KITSON: Rae PICKERING Ethel PICKERING born 1883 Kingerby, Lincolnshire, died 1883. Julia PICKERING baptised 10 February 1865 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 30 September 1920 Louth, Lincolnshire, married 1887 Louth, Lincolnshire William TAYLOR market gardener, born 12 December 1859 Louth, Lincolnshire, died 24 December 1948 Louth, Lincolnshire. Walter Charles PICKERING born 21 April 1867 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 30 December 1938 Bakestone Moor, Derbyshire, married1895 Grantham, Lincolnshire Rachel Ellen TOPPS born 4 February 1873 Gelston, Lincolnshire, died 19 March 1955 Bakestone Moor, Derbyshire.
Children: Florence PICKERING Walter PICKERING John PICKERING Charles Frederick PICKERING Wilfred PICKERING John Row PICKERING born 4 September 1868 North Willingham, Lincolnshire,buried 1 June 1943 Yarborough, Lincolnshire. Ernest PICKERING shepherd, baptised 17 July 1870 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 16 June 1939 Immingham, Lincolnshire, married 1895 Alice SIDDONS born 5 June 1876 Maidenwell, Lincolnshire, died 1962 Ulceby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Albert Edwin PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Elsie PICKERING Frank PICKERING Annie PICKERING Dorothy PICKERING Charles PICKERING Charles William PICKERING born 1872 and buried 1 March 1873 North Willingham, Lincolnshire. Alice PICKERING baptised 13 September 1874 North Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 12 May  1927 Yarborough, Lincolnshire. Louisa PICKERING born 1877 North Willingham, Lincolnshire. Edith PICKERING born 1879 Legbourne, Lincolnshire, died 1957 Yarborough, Lincolnshire. Charles Henry PICKERING born 1882 Legbourne, Lincolnshire, buried 20 January 1885 Legbourne, Lincolnshire. Fanny PICKERING born 1870 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 22 July 1938 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, married 15 September 1897 Bombay, Maharashtra, India Edward Arthur PARKER merchant, born 1871 Alford, Lincolnshire, died 19 December 1932 Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Lillie PICKERING born 30 October 1872 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 27 May 1943 Boston, Lincolnshire, married 30 May 1903 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire John William TEBBUTT (son of John Thomas TEBBUTT and DARBY) born 1859 Grantham, Lincolnshire, died 17 March 1938 Boston, Lincolnshire. Wilfred PICKERING cabinet maker, born 1879 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, died 3 May 1924 Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Mary Catherine PICKERING born 1886 Legsby, Lincolnshire. William Henry PICKERING born 1887 Legsby, Lincolnshire, and died 1913. Archibald Crawshaw PICKERING butcher, born 17 March 1889 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 29 March 1969 Hull, East Riding, married 3 June 1915 Drypool, Hull, East Riding Luigia DINITTO (daughter of Nicola DINITTO) born 4 January 1896.
Children: Norman PICKERING Edward Morley PICKERING born 1890 Legsby, Lincolnshire, died 24 July 1960 Legsby, Lincolnshire. Thomas Charles PICKERING born 1893 Legsby, Lincolnshire. James Smith PICKERING born 1884 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, married 8 April 1911 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada Annie Mary Louise COOPER born 1892 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.
Children: Percival William PICKERING Ada Ann PICKERING born 18 December 1872 Bingham, Nottinghamshire, buried 16 November 1936 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, married 30 October 1902 Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Joseph BLACKBURN (son of John Thomas BLACKBURN and Mary Ann WARD) born 20 June 1870 Bardney, Lincolnshire, buried 20 August 1946 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. Charles Henry PICKERING painter, decorator, born 29 August 1874 Bingham, Nottinghamshire, died 4 November 1939 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 4 June 1906 Lissington, Lincolnshire Mary Ella PARKINSON (daughter of Benjamin PARKINSON and Catherine FOSTON) born 5 December 1879 Lissington, Lincolnshire, died 3 January 1960 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Kathleen Beatrice M. PICKERING Charles Henry PICKERING Walter Humphrey PICKERING engine fitter, born 5 April 1878 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1958 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 1901 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Ann PLUMTREE born 17 July 1880 Caistor, Lincolnshire, died 1959 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ruth PICKERING George PICKERING Walter PICKERING Pearl PICKERING Annie PICKERING Annie Margaret PICKERING grocer, born 12 May 1879 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1971 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, married 1st 1903 Grimsby, Lincolnshire John William WEST (son of Robert and Julia Anne WEST) baptised 28 February 1875 Limber, Lincolnshire, died before 1939, married 2nd 1958 Grimsby, Lincolnshire George A. FINCH. Florence Mary PICKERING born 1881 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Elizabeth Gertrude PICKERING born 28 August 1882 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1969 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 1909 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Thomas SYMONDS (son of Walter SYMONDS and Jane Anne BROCKLESBY) newspaper publisher, born 6 January 1883 Wanstead, Essex, died 3 March 1975 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

27th Generation Henry PICKERING born 18 December 1878 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 18 February 1955 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1911 South Willingham, Lincolnshire Alice NEAL born 11 June 1879, died 12 June 1970 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Arthur PICKERING baptised 15 April 1880 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 25 April 1880 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Frank PICKERING baptised 15 April 1880 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, 25 April 1880 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Charles Bernard PICKERING baptised 16 September 1881 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Florence Weldon PICKERING baptised 28 October 1883 South Willingham, Lincolnshire,  died 23 February 1967 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, married 1916 South Willingham, Lincolnshire Frederick Walter JOHNSON (son of Walter and Hannah JOHNSON) baptised 25 May 1884 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died November 1931 Louth, Lincolnshire. Ella Mary PICKERING baptised 9 July 1893 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 1982, married 1931 South Willingham, Lincolnshire John William BETT baptised 15 April 1894 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 14 October 1979 South Willingham, Lincolnshire. Alice PICKERING born 21 December 1878 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1966 Sheffield, West Riding, married 1908 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Walter TURNER (son of Septimus and Helena TURNER) railway engine driver, born 20 October 1878 Eckington, Derbyshire, died 1957 Sheffield, West Riding. Herbert PICKERING penumatic driller, born 16 August 1882 Holbeach, Lincolnshire, died 1963 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1906 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Louisa RUSH born 6 July 1868 Holbeach, Lincolnshire.
Children: Hilda Mary PICKERING Clara PICKERING born 3 July 1885 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 17 April 1962 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 1917 Lincoln, Lincolnshire John Burrows WILSON bookbinder, born 22 March 1885 and died 1972 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Lucy PICKERING born 6 November 1887 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1957 Sheffield, West Riding, married 1935 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Isaac RAINS silversmith, born 15 June 1874 Sheffield, West Riding, died 1944 Sheffield, West Riding. Frank PICKERING traveller timber and joinery, born 8 May 1890 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 11 April 1957 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1916 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Constance RATCLIFFE born 22 November 1892 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1974 Warwick, Warwickshire. Wilfred PICKERING police officer, born 2 November 1894 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1982 Norwich, Norfolk, married 1920 Thetford, Norfolk Monica May GOODERHAM born 22 August 1897 Norfolk, died 26 July 1987 Norwich, Norfolk. Ralph PICKERING machine shop inspector, born 26 August 1897 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 19September 1977 Coventry, Warwickshire, married 1924 Old Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Ethel Irene EMMITT born 19 November 1897 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 4 January 4, 1973 Coventry, Warwickshire. Ada Annie PICKERING born 21 April 1877 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 31 December 1957 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1907 South Willingham, Lincolnshire William Henry ASH born 16 March 1878 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died April 1920 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. George PICKERING railway porter, born 1879 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Sydney James Walter PICKERING born 18 September 1881 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 19 November 1961 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, married 1908 Mortlake, Surrey Sybilla SNARE born 3 February 1886 London, died 5 January 1971 Chermside, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Emily PICKERING baptised 12 August 1883 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, buried 15 March 1924 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1910 South Willingham, Lincolnshire George Wilson MONTGOMERY born 28 April 1884 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, buried 5 April 1955 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Kate Mary PICKERING born 26 April 1885 South Willingham, Lincolnshire, died 1970 Norwich, Norfolk, married 1912 South Willingham, Lincolnshire George William MAWER (son of Charles MAWER) plumber, born 30 April 1882, died 1964 Louth, Lincolnshire. Agnes Mary PICKERING born 1888 Mareham le Fen, Lincolnshire. Ralph Henry PICKERING born 1893 Mareham le Fen, Lincolnshire, buried 5 September 1893 Mareham le Fen, Lincolnshire. Eva PICKERING born 1896 Mareham le Fen, Lincolnshire. Constance Eunice PICKERING born 19 July 1901 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 2 September 1988 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 16 August 1922 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Reginald Henry WEST (son of William Edward WEST) company director, born 24 November 1891. Frank Thornton PICKERING clerk, born 29 August 1902 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1989 North Walsham, Norfolk. John Lawrence PICKERING insurance inspector, born 16 February 1904 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 19 October 1990 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1934 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Millicent Ena SCARBOROUGH (daughter of Edward SCARBOROUGH) clerk, born 3 November 1908. Lawrence Holland PICKERING police constable, born 23 April 1901 Usselby, Lincolnshire, died 2002, married 1932 Halifax, West Riding Mary TRUNGROVE born 27 December 1905, died 1996 Halifax, West Riding. Mabel Joyce Beatrice PICKERING born 13 June 1902 Usselby, Lincolnshire. Sidney William PICKERING horseman, born 9 December 1903 Usselby, Lincolnshire, died 27 March 1987 Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire. Bertie PICKERING lorry driver, born 17 July 1905 Usselby, Lincolnshire, died 1987 Newark, Nottinghamshire, married 1941 Southwell, Nottinghamshire Gladys M. OVERTON. Ethel Mary PICKERING baptised 20 September 1908 Usselby, Lincolnshire, married 1932 Peterborough, Northamptonshire Horace Charles STRANGEWARD (son of Henry STRANGEWARD and Maud EMBLOW) baptised 10 July 1907 Peterborough, Northamptonshire. Hubert Timson PICKERING tractor driver, born 3 October 1910 Usselby, Lincolnshire, died 12 August 1997 Morton, Lincolnshire, married 1978 East Retford, Nottinghamshire Dorothy E. FOOTITT died 23 April 2004 Morton, Lincolnshire. Edward PICKERING horseman, born 24 July 1902 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 1994 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. John Henry PICKERING shepherd, born 17 November 1903 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 1 January 2000 Holton cum Beckering, Lincolnshire, married 1932 Ivy Gladys GOODACRE born 30 November 1906, died 30 September 1991 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Ernest Charles PICKERING cowman, born 5 August 1905 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 1999 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Mary Louise PICKERING born 18 July 1907 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 12 June 1999 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1928 George PORTER driver, born 30 June 1907, died 3 October 1966 Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire. Grace Margaret PICKERING born 24 June 1909 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 1994 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Jessie Eunice PICKERING born 29 September 1910 Kirkby cum Osgodby, Lincolnshire, died 2009 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. George Hubert PICKERING born 30 May 1913, died 2002 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Kathleen PICKERING born 15 June 1914, died 1997, married 1937 Stanley W. PARKER poultry farm worker, born 17 October 1911, died 1975 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Annie PICKERING born 1915, died 14 January 2009 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire, married 1938 George Andrew BEELS born 1913 Sheffield, West Riding, died 18 March 1976 Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire. Rose Mabel PICKERING born 24 June 1918. Ivy Hargrave PICKERING born 19 November 1899 West Torrington, Lincolnshire, died 1988, married 1925 Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire Frank Reynolds NELSTROP (son of Robert NELSTROP) poultry farmer, born 5 December 1896 Branston, Lincolnshire, died 1980. May Hancel PICKERING born 1 May 1901 West Torrington, Lincolnshire, died 1980 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Joyce Jessop PICKERING dairy farmer, born 4 March 1903 West Torrington, Lincolnshire, died 8 May 1943 Welton, Lincolnshire, married 1926 Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire Edmund Tong STEPHENSON (son of George and Betsy Ann STEPHENSON) born 2 October 1899 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 1988 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Elsie Hargrave PICKERING born 4 January 1908 Melton Ross, Lincolnshire, died 23 October 1988 Dunholme, Lincolnshire. Thomas Walter PICKERING born 18 August 1910 Welton, Lincolnshire, died 17 September 1990 Dunholme, Lincolnshire, married 1950 Loughborough, Leicestershire Joyce Adelaide BRIGHT (daughter of Joseph E. BRIGHT and Nellie BARNES) born 16 June 1920, died 3 January 2009 Lincolnshire. Alice Marjorie PICKERING born 16 October 1912, died 1971. Barbara Mary PICKERING born 1914. William Stuart Leslie Fothergill PICKERING born 1901 Matlock, Derbyshire, died February 1986 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Arthur Douglas PICKERING coal mine colliery cleaner, born 22 August 1902 Bramley, West Riding, died 1974 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, married 1929 Basford, Nottinghamshire Nellie SWIFT born 1 February 1908 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
Children: John Ernest PICKERING Jessie Fothergill PICKERING born January 1904 Bramley, West Riding, died 31 January 1908 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Ethel Janet PICKERING born 9 March 1907 Bramley, West Riding, died 1975 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, married 1932 Lincoln, Lincolnshire James E. JOLLY (son of James and Violet JOLLY) grocer, born 23 October 1899 Bradford, West Riding, died 1987 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Gladys PICKERING born 1911 Thorpe le Fallows, Lincolnshire. Rae PICKERING born 26 July 1928 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, died 5 July 1978 Langworth, Lincolnshire. Florence PICKERING born 2 September 1895 Carlton Scroop, Lincolnshire, and died 1 May 1987 Calgary, Alberta, Canada, married 1917 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Charles William TAYLOR born 4 September 1896 Tattershall, Lincolnshire, died 28 September 1985 Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Walter PICKERING born 9 September 1896 Shuttlewood, Derbyshire, died 1970 Lincolnshire, married1920 Nottinghamshire Edith LEDBURY born 14 October 1897, died 1969. John PICKERING born 1897 Derbyshire, died 1897 Derbyshire. Charles Frederick PICKERING born 11 August 1900 Shuttlewood, Derbyshire, died 22 April 1976 Spinkhill, Derbyshire, married 1923 Nottinghamshire Emily NEWBURY born December 1892 Wiltshire, died 1946 Derbyshire. Wilfred PICKERING coal hewer, born 12 August 1901 Bolsover, Derbyshire, died 4 September 1958 Whitwell, Derbyshire, married 1932 Whitwell, Derbyshire Mabel Lucy WILSON born 19 August 1905 Nottinghamshire, died 13 December 1979 Whitwell, Derbyshire. Albert Edwin PICKERING born 1895 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 3 January 1896 Muckton, Lincolnshire. Arthur PICKERING born 19 July 1896 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 29 June 1980 Immingham, Lincolnshire, married 1928 Lincolnshire Dorothy Kathleen Basnip OSBOURNE born 6 March 1904 Tetney, Lincolnshire, died 1955 Immingham, Lincolnshire. Elsie PICKERING born 1899 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 1928 Louth, Lincolnshire, married 1922 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Jack PADLEY (son of Henry PADLEY and Mary Ann FRANKLIN) horseman, born 2 March 1897 Walmsgate, Lincolnshire, died 6 December 1959 Louth, Lincolnshire. Frank PICKERING farmer, born 29 August 1900 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died January 1974 Tetney, Lincolnshire, married 1930 1st Ada Alice FLETCHER (daughter of Henry FLETCHER and Ann COOK) born 1901 Weelsby, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 18 August 1936, married 2nd 1939 Kate BURKITT (daughter of Thomas BURKITT and Rebecca LEE) born 5 April 1897 Asterby, Lincolnshire, died 14 June 1985. Annie PICKERING born 20 February 1904 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 3 April 1994 Ulceby, Lincolnshire, married 1927 Edgar GORWOOD farmer, born 5 May 1902, died 19 January 1985 Ulceby, Lincolnshire. Dorothy PICKERING born 28 August 1906 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 1996, married 1935 Arthur Tramer DIXON born 24 June 1905, died 10 October 1988 Immingham, Lincolnshire. Charles PICKERING born 14 December 1909 Muckton, Lincolnshire, died 1991, married 1936 Caroline SHAW born 20 August 1912, died 17 December 1993 Croxton, Lincolnshire. Norman PICKERING born 28 January 1920 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding, died August 1995 Hull, East Riding. Percival William PICKERING born 13 February 1912 Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, married 9 July 1943 Noranda, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec, Canada Muriel CROGIE. Kathleen Beatrice M. PICKERING shorthand typist, born 30 December 1912 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died October 2004 Hull, East Riding, married 22 February 1941 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Charles Arthur SMITH (son of Percy Harry Leonard SMITH and Jane RIGGALL) clerk, born 22 October 1909 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 6 October 1988 Beverley, East Riding. Charles Henry PICKERING accountant, born 27 November 1918 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 21 July 1995 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 5 April 1947 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Joan Hamilton EVISON (daughter of William Hewitt EVISON and Gertrude DOLBY) hairdresser, born 11 May 1918 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 7 May 1995 Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Children: Andrew Charles PICKERING Ruth PICKERING born 1906 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 8 May 1913 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. George PICKERING born 1912 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 21 August 1943, married 1936 Sheppey, Kent Hilda Mabel BLAND. Walter PICKERING born 13 December 1914 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1999 Louth, Lincolnshire, married 1940 St. Pancras, London Lilah Grace BURTON born 28 November 1918 Mile End, London, died 30 September 1993 Louth, Lincolnshire. Pearl PICKERING clerk, born 3 April 1917 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1 May 2007 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, married 1947 Grimsby, Lincolnshire John Rudd WILKINSON (son of Arthur WILKINSON and Anne RUDD) born 9 July 1905 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1992 Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Annie PICKERING born 21 June 1920 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, died 1998, married 1946 Grimsby, Lincolnshire Wesley KENWORTHY (son of Arthur KENWORTHY and Ethel OGLEY) born 18 May 1924 Hemsworth, West Riding, died 1 September 2009 Folkestone, Kent.

28th Generation Hilda Mary PICKERING baptised 15 March 1908 Lincoln, Lincolnshire. John Ernest PICKERING born 12 April 1934 Basford, Nottinghamshire. Andrew Charles PICKERING software provider, born 16 October 1951 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, married 3 April 1972 Bicker, Lincolnshire Janice HUTSON (daughter of William Edward HUTSON and Gladys Evelyn MOORE) born 12 October 1950 Bicker, Lincolnshire.