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P-ckerings of Hutton Magna

In November 1784 a man and woman were married in Hutton Magna, both claiming to be “of this chapelry”. Their names were recorded as Jane Littlefoot and William Pickering, chimney sweeper (sic). However, by the time their child was born the following October, the couple had moved about 75 miles further east and was living in Weaverthorpe “in a Poor house & having Parish Pay, this noted to shew ye he is exempt from paying ye Duty for Entering”. Their financial situation and lack of stability suggest that they were were probably little more than vagrants, to which can be added the father’s change of trade and the uncertainty about his surname: the baby was baptised “William, son of William & Jane Pickering alias Puckering. Pauper, being a travelling Tinker”.

Jane must have already been a sick woman, as no documentary evidence of further children has been found in Weaverthorpe or the area, and she died in the parish in 1791. William lived to the ripe old age of 84 and, though he remained a tinker for the rest of his working life, he continued to live in Weaverthorpe. Perhaps it was on one of his travels that he met his second wife, who hailed from neighbouring Kirby Grindalythe. The couple had four children, all baptised in Weaverthorpe, but the stability of the family’s situation was not reflected in their surnames: the first and fourth were registered as Pickering and the second and third as Puckering, resulting in two lines bearing the two different spellings.

It is difficult to assign this family to one of the established families, but the Greystokes, the assumed kinsmen of the Puckerings, were landholders in the area, so I am attaching them to the latter family until new evidence comes to light.

1st Generation

William P-CKERING tinker, born c1755, buried 9 May 1839 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, married 1st 29 November 1784 Hutton Magna, North Riding Jane LITTLEFOOT buried January 1791 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, married 2nd 7 March 1792 Kirby Grindalythe, North Riding Hannah SMITH born c1767, buried 22 March 1818 Weaverthorpe, East Riding.
Children of William P-CKERING and Jane LITTLEFOOT:
1.1. William P-CKERING
Children of William P-CKERING and Hannah SMITH:
1.2. William PICKERING
1.5. Elizabeth PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. William P-CKERING baptised 14 October 1785 Weaverthorpe, East Riding.

1.2. William PICKERING baptised 17 May 1792 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, died before 1851, married 28 November 1814 Butterwick, East Riding Hannah BAKER (daughter of Joseph and Mary BAKER) baptised 24 January 1782 Thwing, East Riding, buried December 1852 Driffield, East Riding.
1.2.1. John Baker PUCKERING
1.2.2. Eliza PICKERING
1.2.3. Joseph Baker PICKERING
1.2.4. Mary Ann PICKERING
1.2.5. Maria PICKERING

1.3. Ann PUCKERING baptised 2 May 1794 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, married 24 December 1816 Weaverthorpe, East Riding Thomas RUDD.

1.4. Jane PUCKERING baptised 27 April 1795 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, had children with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 11 October 1821 West Heslerton, East Riding James WARD born c1800.
Children of Jane PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN:
1.4.1. Mary PUCKERING
1.4.2. Amelia PUCKERING
1.4.3. William PUCKERING

1.5. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 March 1801 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, buried 26 April 1801 Weaverthorpe, East Riding.

3rd Generation

1.2.1. John Baker PUCKERING born West Lutton, East Riding, baptised 14 January 1816 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, died West Lutton, East Riding, buried 17 March 1816 Weaverthorpe, East Riding.

1.2.2. Eliza PICKERING baptised 23 March 1817 Weaverthorpe, East Riding, married 18 March 1837 Driffield, East Riding James BROWN.

1.2.3. Joseph Baker PICKERING labourer, baptised 15 October 1820 Driffield, East Riding, married 1st 18 May 1842 Driffield, East Riding Martha JENNISON (daughter of Robert and Mary JENNISON) baptised 22 September 1822 Hutton Cranswick, East Riding, died September 1883 Driffield, East Riding, married 2nd Asenath WOOD (daughter of Francis and Martha WOOD) baptised 6 December 1830 North Dalton, East Riding.

1.2.4. Mary Ann PICKERING baptised 10 July 1823 Driffield, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 30 June 1846 Driffield, East Riding Joseph PADLEY.
Children of Mary Ann PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Joseph Acklam PICKERING

1.2.5. Maria PICKERING born May 1826 Driffield, East Riding, died January 1831 Driffield, East Riding.

1.4.1. Mary PUCKERING baptised 18 April 1814 Kilham, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: James PUCKERING

William Puckering family gravestone, St Hilda’s Church, Sherburn
Photo: Richard Spence

1.4.2. Amelia PUCKERING baptised 6 June 1818 Kilham, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: Mary PUCKERING

1.4.3. William PUCKERING agricultural labourer, baptised 10 July 1821 Kilham, East Riding, buried 16 September 1877 Sherburn, East Riding, married 16 March 1840 Scalby, North Riding Elizabeth HANDISIDES baptised 1 June 1822 Burniston, North Riding, buried 15 March 1891 Sherburn, East Riding.

4th Generation Ann Elizabeth PICKERING born c1841 Driffield, East Riding. Mary PICKERING baptised 22 May 1844 Driffield, East Riding, had a child with Unknown UNKNOWN, married 16 December 1865 Driffield, East Riding John BURTON.
Children of Mary PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Charles Jennison PICKERING Hannah PICKERING baptised 4 March 1847 Driffield, East Riding, married 17 February 1866 Driffield, East Riding Edward GREEN. Abigail PICKERING servant, baptised 21 June 1849 Driffield, East Riding. Jabez PICKERING baptised 7 November 1851 Driffield, East Riding, died before 1854. Jabez Baker PICKERING cattle man, baptised 13 April 1854 Driffield, East Riding, married1876 Driffield, East Riding Susan CAREY born c1855 and died before 1911.
Children: Martha Ann PICKERING Maria PICKERING baptised 19 June 1856 Driffield, East Riding, buried 15 May 1862 Driffield, East Riding. Martha PICKERING baptised 16 October 1859 Driffield, East Riding, buried 19 October 1859 Driffield, East Riding. Martha PICKERING baptised 25 Aug. 1861 Driffield, East Riding. Joseph PICKERING born 1862, buried 15 November 1862 Driffield, East Riding. Joseph PICKERING boot repairer, baptised 29 November 1863 Driffield, East Riding, married 9 June 1884 Driffield, East Riding Annie BRIGGS born c1864 Wansford, East Riding.
Children: Clara PICKERING Frederick PICKERING Joseph Lloyd PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 1 May 1867 Driffield, East Riding Joseph Acklam PICKERING shoe maker, baptised 29 December 1842 Driffield, East Riding, married 1st 21 September 1868 Bridlington, East Riding Elizabeth HORNBY born c1848 Seaton, East Riding, married 2nd Mary A. UNKNOWN born c1845 Hull, East Riding, married 3rd Amelia UNKNOWN born c1853 Hull, East Riding.
Children of Joseph Acklam PICKERING and Elizabeth HORNBY: Ann Elizabeth PICKERING Mary Ann PICKERING William PICKERING William Henry PICKERING James PUCKERING horse keeper, born 1846 Sherburn, East Riding, married 1871 Durham, Co. Durham Sarah KASHER born 1848 Durham, Co. Durham.
Children: Henry Ward PUCKERING George PUCKERING Mary PUCKERING baptised 29 May 1836 Kilham, East Riding, married 11 June 1853 Sherburn, East Riding James COULTAS. Mary PUCKERING baptised 3 May 1840 Sherburn, East Riding, married 21 March 1860 Knapton, East Riding Summers COUSINS. Charles PUCKERING baptised 17 July 1842 Sherburn, East Riding. William PUCKERING shepherd, baptised 21 July 1844 Sherburn, East Riding, buried 10 June 1895 Sherburn, East Riding, married Hannah UNKNOWN born c1850, buried 26 May 1898 Sherburn, East Riding. Jane PUCKERING baptised 21 May 1848 Sherburn, East Riding, married 12 February 1870 Sherburn, East Riding Daniel SEWELL. Emma PUCKERING baptised 7 April 1850 Sherburn, East Riding, had children with Unknown UNKNOWN married 1876 Abraham WALKER born c1813 Haisthorpe, East Riding.
Children of Emma PUCKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Charles William PUCKERING Ann Eliza Rogers PUCKERING John PUCKERING baptised 22 February 1852 Sherburn, East Riding, married 1st 24 December 1874 Sherburn, East Riding Mary Elizabeth BUTTERY born c1849, buried 30 March 1876 Sherburn, East Riding, married 2nd 7 August 1880 Wetwang, East Riding Ann Elizabeth OXTOBY born c1859 Wetwang, East Riding.
Children of John PUCKERING and Mary Elizabeth BUTTERY: Fred PUCKERING Harry Buttery PUCKERING
Children of John PUCKERING and Ann Elizabeth OXTOBY: Mary E. PUCKERING Jane PUCKERING George PUCKERING baptised 30 April 1854 Sherburn, East Riding, married 26 December 1880 Sherburn, East Riding Harriet HORSLEY buried 26 April 1893 sherburn, East Riding.
Children: Ada PUCKERING Arthur PUCKERING Ann PUCKERING baptised 19 October 1856 Sherburn, East Riding, married 8 July 1876 Sherburn, East Riding William HARRISON. Elizabeth PUCKERING baptised 12 Aug. 1860 Sherburn, East Riding, buried 29 April 1881 Sherburn, East Riding. Martha PUCKERING baptised 24 May 1863 Sherburn, East Riding, died 1913 Sherburn, East Riding.

5th Generation Charles Jennison PICKERING baptised 28 July 1865 Driffield, East Riding, buried 15 May 1950 Reighton, East Riding, married 1885 Reighton, East Riding Sarah Ann PROCTOR buried Reighton, East Riding.
Children: Jane Annie PICKERING Mary Ellen PICKERING Ada PICKERING Martha Ann PICKERING born 1888 Driffield, East Riding, married 6 March 1911 Bridlington, East Riding John GRIFFIN. Clara PICKERING born 1885 Driffield, East Riding. Frederick PICKERING born 1887 Driffield, East Riding. Joseph Lloyd PICKERING born 1897 Driffield, East Riding. Ann Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 6 November 1868 Ulrome, East Riding. Mary Ann PICKERING born November 1870 Ulrome, East Riding. William PICKERING railway porter, baptised 29 Aug. 1872 Ulrome, East Riding,buried 17 December 1872 Ulrome, East Riding. William Henry PICKERING baptised 30 November 1873 Ulrome, East Riding, married 12 April1894 Hull, East Riding Marion GIBSON. Henry Ward PUCKERING born 1876 Lanchester, Co. Durham. George PUCKERING born 1879 Cornsay Colliery, Co. Durham. Fred PUCKERING born c1875, buried 11 May 1876 Sherburn, East Riding. Harry Buttery PUCKERING baptised 2 April 1876 Sherburn, East Riding, buried 6 June 1876 Sherburn, East Riding. Mary E. PUCKERING born c1882 Tibthorpe, East Riding. Jane PUCKERING born Tibthorpe, East Riding, baptised 7 January 1883 Wetwang, East Riding. Ada PUCKERING baptised 16 April 1882 Sherburn, East Riding. Arthur PUCKERING baptised 27 December 1885 Sherburn, East Riding.

6th Generation Jane Annie PICKERING baptised 25 April 1886 Reighton, east Riding. Mary Ellen PICKERING baptised 28 June 1891 Reighton, East Riding. Ada PICKERING baptised 16 September 1894, Reighton, East Riding.