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Robert Pickering born c1575 Barlby

9th Generation Cordelia Weld PICKERING born c1770, died 1805 Chelsea, London. Lake Umfreville PICKERING stationer, born c1776 and died 16 March 1843 Lambeth, London, married 1st 1805 Co. Meath, Ireland Mary ALLEN died 1817, married 2nd 31 August 1822 Fulham, London, Elizabeth ALLMAN born c1802 Guernsey, Channel Islands.
Children of Lake Umfreville PICKERING and Mary ALLEN: Cordelia Mary PICKERING George Lake PICKERING Henry Umfreville PICKERING
Children of Lake Umfreville PICKERING and Elizabeth ALLMAN: Thomas PICKERING Alfred Edmund Andrew PICKERING Edwin André PICKERING Harriet PICKERING Elizabeth Julia PICKERING Edward Rowland PICKERING solicitor, born 25 December 1779 Clapham, London, baptised Southwark, London, died 29 November 1859 Wandsworth, London, buried Kensal Green, London, married 15 October 1805 Broadwater, Sussex Mary VERE (daughter of Samuel VERE and Ann PROCTOR) baptised 24 Sptember 1783 Ware, Hertfordshire, died 23 August 1869 London, buried Kensal Green, London.
Children: Edward Hayes PICKERING Anna Mary PICKERING Percival André PICKERING Rowland Proctor PICKERING Jane Ann PICKERING George Smith PICKERING James Henry PICKERING Sarah Charlotte PICKERING Arthur Proctor PICKERING William Percival PICKERING Alfred Rowland PICKERING

10th Generation Edward Hayes PICKERING clergyman, schoolmaster, born 21 May 1807 Bloomsbury, London, died 19 May 1852 Eton, Berkshire, married 30 December 1834 Clapham, London Anna Maria STEPHENSON born York, died 27 November 1872 Addington, Surrey.
Children: Caroline Mary PICKERING Edward Henry Umfreville PICKERING Percy Gilbert Umfreville PICKERING Anna Frances PICKERING Edith Mary PICKERING Katherine Maud PICKERING Anna Mary PICKERING born 10 May 1808 Bloomsbury, London, died 28 October 1859 Kensal Green, London. Percival André PICKERING barrister, Q.C., born 8 Februry 1810 London, died 7 August 1876 Dover, Kent, buried Kensal Green, London, married 29 March 1853 Cawthorne, West Yorkshire, Anna Maria Wilhelmina SPENCER-STANHOPE (daughter of John SPENCER-STANHOPE and Elizabeth Wihelmina COKE) born c1825 Doncaster, West Yorkshire, died 23 December 1901 Paddington, London, buried Kensal Green, London.
Children: Mary Evelyn PICKERING Percival Spencer Umfreville PICKERING Rowland Neville Umfreville PICKERING Anna Maria Diana Wilhelmina PICKERING Rowland Proctor PICKERING born 5 June 1811, died 3 July 1812, buried Bloomsbury, London. Jane Ann PICKERING born 14 September, 1813, died 23 August 1912 Sutton, Surrey, married 10 December 1840 Edward J. TURNER. George Smith PICKERING rector, born 9 March 1815, died 10 December 1883, buried Kensal Green, London. James Henry PICKERING vicar of the church of the Holy Evangelists, Shipton, North Yorkshire, born 2 March 1816 London, died 12 October 1899 Chelsea, London, buried West Chiltington, Sussex, married 17 October 1850 Marylebone, London Marianne MARCH born 22 January 1824 London, died 15 January 1907, buried West Chiltington, Sussex.
Children: Francis Percy Umfreville PICKERING Henry Dawnay PICKERING Sarah Charlotte PICKERING born 27 September 1817, died 12 September 1825 Clapham, London. Arthur Proctor PICKERING born 18 September 1818 Clapham, London, died 12 September, 1902, buried Benington, Hertforshire, married 1st 1852 Newton Abbott, Devon Ellen Mary HAMLYN died Teignmouth, Devon, married 2nd 1860 Marylebone, London Catherine Rosalie POLSON born c1836 Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire, and died 18 June 1903, buried Benington, Hertfordshire.
Children of Arthur Proctor PICKERING and Catherine Rosalie POLSON: Alethe Mary PICKERING Rowland Hayes Evans Umfreville PICKERING William Percival PICKERING born 25 October 1819, died 16 August 1905 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alfred Rowland PICKERING solicitor, born 21 December 1820 Clapham, London, died 11 September 1824 Ware, Hertfordshire.