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Pickerings of Melbourne

The first Benjamin Pickering of this Derbyshire family was living in the parish of Spondon, to the east of the City of Derby, when he married Elizabeth Dunnicliff of Melbourne, where the couple made their home. Although a number of Pickerings were already living in Spondon at the time, the relatively rare name Benjamin does not appear among them. However, it does occur frequently in the parish of Mackworth, to the west of Derby, and it is possible that the Benjamin who was baptised in Mackworth in 1707 was the first Melbourne Benjamin’s father.

The origin of this family will remain a mystery until the original parish registers are published online. Furthermore, Pickering is a common name in Derbyshire, as it is in most of the Midlands (see Origins), so I’m happy to leave the task of sorting them into family groups to the Pickerings who live in that county!

1st Generation

1. Benjamin PICKERING born c1739, resident 1769 Spondon, Derbyshire, died King’s Newton, Derbyshire, buried 4 February 1824 Melbourne Derbyshire, married 1st 27 March 1769 Melbourne, Derbyshire Elizabeth DUNNICLIFF (daughter of William and Mary DUNNICLIFF) baptised 2 February 1741 Melbourne, Derbyshire, buried 31 December 1788 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 2nd 9 August 1789 Melbourne, Derbyshire Mary DENT buried 16 June 1801 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 3rd 28 September 1801 Melbourne, Derbyshire Ann ROBINSON.
Children of Benjamin PICKERING and Elizabeth DUNNICLIFF:
1.1. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4. William PICKERING
1.5. Benjamin PICKERING
1.6. Sarah PICKERING
1.7. Hannah PICKERING
Children of Benjamin PICKERING and Mary DENT:
1.8. Sarah PICKERING
Children of Benjamin PICKERING and Ann ROBINSON:
1.9. Benjamin PICKERING
1.10. Catherine PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 9 March 1770 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 13 March 1808 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.2. John PICKERING baptised 21 May 1772 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.3. Mary PICKERING baptised 21 August 1774 Melbourne, Derbyshire, buried 24 December 1798 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.4. William PICKERING baptised 15 October 1775 Melbourne, Derbyshire, died 31 July 1821 Melbourne, Derbyshire, married 29 February 1796 Melbourne, Derbyshire Jane ELTON born c1771, buried 30 May 1847 Melbourne, Derbyshire.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING

1.5. Benjamin PICKERING baptised 8 December 1776 Melbourne, Derbyshire, buried 16 May 1777 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.6. Sarah PICKERING baptised 2 April 1780 Melbourne, Derbyshire, buried 10 March 1788 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.7. Hannah PICKERING baptised 11 July 1784 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

1.8. Sarah PICKERING baptised 16 June 1801 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Bellefield House, Sutton Benjamin Pickering (1803-1882) lived here.
Bellefield House, Sutton
Benjamin Pickering (1803-1882) lived here.

1.9. Benjamin PICKERING gentleman, draper, seed crusher, born King’s Newton, Derbyshire, baptised 10 April 1803 Melbourne, Derbyshire, died 27 November 1884 Sutton, Hull, East Riding, married 1st 4 September 1831 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Sarah JOHNSON (daughter of William JOHNSON and Elizabeth UNKNOWN baptised 6 August 1806 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, died 21 March 1855 Hull, East Riding, married 2nd 26 June 1858 Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire Hannah GLENWORTH widow of John MINTO born c1808 Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire, died 18 February 1882 Sutton, Hull, East Riding.
Children of Benjamin PICKERING and Sarah JOHNSON:
1.9.1. Sarah Johnson PICKERING
1.9.2. Benjamin PICKERING
1.9.3. Emma PICKERING
1.9.4. Henry PICKERING

1.10. Catherine PICKERING born King’s Newton, Derbyshire, baptised 13 April 1806 Melbourne, Derbyshire.

3rd Generation Elizabeth PICKERING born 2 May 1796 Melbourne, Derbyshire. John PICKERING foundry labourer, agricultural labourer, brewer, innkeeper, born 18 July 1798 Melbourne, Derbyshire, died before 1881, married 10 April 1834 Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary Ann BUCKLEY born c1880 Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Children: Eliza PICKERING William PICKERING

1.9.1. Sarah Johnson PICKERING baptised 1 November 1832 Holy Trinity, Hull, East Riding.

1.9.2. Benjamin PICKERING chartered accountant, baptised 25 March 1835 Holy Trinity, Hull, East Riding, married 1872 Sculcoates, Hull, East Riding Sarah GARTON (daughter of Thomas GARTON, gentleman) born c1843 Hull, East Riding.

1.9.3. Emma PICKERING draper, baptised 21 November 1836 Holy Trinity, Hull, East Riding, married 28 January 1860 Holy Trinity, Hull, East Riding Thomas GOODALL.

1.9.4. Henry PICKERING seed crusher, baptised 27 December 1838 Holy Trinity, Hull, East Riding.

4th Generation Eliza PICKERING born 1838 Handsworth, Staffordshire. William PICKERING jeweller, baptised 24 July 1842 Melbourne, Derbyshire.