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Middleton, including Cropton, Horcum, Lockton, Rosedale

Pickerings of the North York Moors

4th Generation Thomas PICKERING yeoman, baptised 20 November 1726 Lockton, died Horcum, buried 19 November 1787 Middleton, married 6 December 1757 Allerston Hannah WOOD, born 1730 Newgate, died Lockton, buried 9 May 1785 Middleton.
Children: Jeremiah PICKERING Margaret PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jeremy PICKERING Gawan PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Gawan PICKERING. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 2 December 1737 Lockton. Hannah PICKERING born c1739, died Lockton buried 1 March 1741 Middleton. John PICKERING born Lockton, baptised 1 April 1741 Middleton, died 1742 Lockton, buried 2 March Middleton. John PICKERING born Lockton, baptised 21 June 1743 Middleton. Edward PICKERING born Lockton, baptised 17 February 1747, died Lockton, buried 20 February 1747 Middleton. Tabitha PICKERING born Horcum, baptised 14 May 1748 Middleton. Richard PICKERING born 1750 Horcum, baptised 17 January 1750.

6th Generation Hannah PICKERING baptised 11 August 1788 Lockton. Jenny PICKERING baptised 7 February 1790 Lockton. Jeremiah PICKERING farmer, born Hartoft, baptised 23 September 1791 Lockton, died Hartoft, buried 2 November 1849, married 4 December 1819 Rosedale Jane HARLAND (daughter of Robert HARLAND and Mary UNKNOWN) baptised 27 February 1799 Rosedale.
Children: Jeremiah PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING Robert Harland PICKERING John PICKERING Thomas PICKERING William PICKERING Hannah PICKERING Henry PICKERING David PICKERING Mary PICKERING baptised 28 February 1794 Lockton. Elizabeth PICKERING born 12 June 1796 Levisham. Thomas PICKERING born 13 March 1798 Levisham. William PICKERING born 17 July 1800 Levisham. Isabel PICKERING born 12 July 1804 Levisham. Hannah PICKERING baptised 22 April 1798 Lockton. Gawan PICKERING agricultural labourer, born c1801 Pickering, buried 29 June 1868 Ampleforth, married Jane UNKNOWN, born c1809 Fryton.
Children: John PICKERING George PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING John PICKERING farmer, born c1802 Levisham, baptised 1 May 1804 Pickering, married 1st 9 August 1830 Pickering Elizabeth GILL, born c1811, died before 1851 Pickering, married 2nd 1848 Pickering Ann JACKSON, born c1798 Cropton.
Children of John PICKERING and Elizabeth GILL: Mary Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING Nathan PICKERING John PICKERING Jeremiah PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 13 March 1807 Middleton.

7th Generation Jeremiah PICKERING born Hartoft, baptised 2 September 1821 Rosedale, married 1st 1848 Pickering Hannah THORP, died 1850 Pickering, married 2nd 1854 Whitby Margaret TRATTLES, born c1825 Ugthorpe.
Children of Jeremiah PICKERING and Hannah THORP: Jeremiah PICKERING Jane Ann PICKERING
Children of Jeremiah PICKERING and Margaret TRATTLES: William PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 23 February 1823 Rosedale. Robert Harland PICKERING born Hartoft, baptised 9 April 1826 Rosedale. John PICKERING baptised 12 December 1832 Rosedale, buried 24 March 1843 Rosedale. Thomas PICKERING grocer, born c1836 Hartoft, married Harriet UNKNOWN, dressmaker, born c1836 Sinnington.
Children: Elizabeth Hannah PICKERING William PICKERING farm servant, born c1836 Hartoft, married Unknown UNKNOWN, died after 1911 Hartoft. Hannah PICKERING baptised 26 November 1837 Rosedale. Henry PICKERING joiner, baptised 24 November 1839 Hartoft, married 1862 Helmsley Susannah UNKNOWN.
Children: Annie Barker PICKERING John Henry PICKERING David PICKERING baptised 14 August 1842 Rosedale.

8th Generation Jeremiah PICKERING born Hartoft, baptised 6 May 1849 Rosedale. Jane Ann PICKERING baptised 2 June 1850 Rosedale. William PICKERING born c1856 Hartoft. John W. PICKERING born c1869 Lockton.

9th Generation Thomas PICKERING born c1869 Cropton. Mary J PICKERING born c1878 Cropton. John Thomas PICKERING born c1880 Cropton.