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Whitby, including Eskdaleside, Hawsker, Newholm, Ruswarp, Sleights, Whitby Laithes

Pickerings of the North York Moors

7th Generation Jane PICKERING baptised 2 December 1839 Pickering. Hannah PICKERING born 1842 Newholm. John PICKERING engine fitter, born Newholm, baptised 19 October 1845 Whitby, married 24 December 1871 Eston Margaret Ann BARNFATHER, died before 1881.
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING Ada PICKERING Margaret Ann PICKERING Jane PICKERING born Newholm, baptised 2 January 1848 Whitby. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1849 Newholm. William PICKERING born 1852 Newholm. Mary Ann PICKERING born 1858 Newholm. Margaret PICKERING baptised 18 May 1843 Eskdaleside. Thomas Walker PICKERING carter, born Aislaby, baptised 18 May 1845 Whitby. William PICKERING cowboy, labourer, born Eskdaleside, baptised 28 June 1847 Glaisdale.

9th Generation John Wilson PICKERING born 1855 Sleights. Robert PICKERING baptised 1857 Sleights. Thomas PICKERING born 1859 Sleights. John Hodgson PICKERING farmer, baptised 20 January 1857 Fylingdales, married 1st 24 October 1874 Whitby Elizabeth ATKINSON, born Whitby, married 2nd Rebecca UNKNOWN after 1881, born c1855 Fylingdales.
Children of John Hodgson PICKERING and Elizabeth ATKINSON: Mary Ann PICKERING
Children of John Hodgson PICKERING and Rebecca UNKNOWN: Martha Jane PICKERING Gawan Hodgson PICKERING Rebecca Hodgson PICKERING John William H. PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING born 1859 Newholm, died 1889 Scarborough, married 3 December 1882 Scarborough Lucy GARRETT, born c1857. William Hodgson PICKERING farmer, born Newholm, baptised 22 September 1861 Whitby, married 5 June 1884 Whitby Mary DONKIN, born c1862 Fylingdales.
Children: William Hodgson PICKERING Christopher Hodgson PICKERING John Hodgson PICKERING Thomas Hodgson PICKERING Francis Hodgson PICKERING Mary Margaret H. PICKERING Henry Hodgson PICKERING Elizabeth Jane H. PICKERING George PICKERING Walter Hodgson PICKERING Alice May PICKERING Margaret Jane Hodgson PICKERING born 1863 Newholm. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING born 1865 Fylingdales, died 1924 Whitby, married 1st Unknown UNKNOWN, married 1908 Whitby 2nd Fannie Elizabeth BOOTH, born 1881 Whitby.
Children of Gawan Hodgson PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN: Gawan Hodgson PICKERING
Children of Gawan Hodgson PICKERING and Fannie Elizabeth BOOTH: Herbert PICKERING Kathleen PICKERING Marianne PICKERING baptised 12 July 1868 Fylingdales. Ann PICKERING baptised 27 February 1859 Sleights. John Hodgson PICKERING baptised 23 December Sleights. Mary Jane Hodgson PICKERING baptised 8 May 1864 Fylingdales.

10th Generation Mary Ann PICKERING born c1877 Staintondale. Herbert PICKERING born 1909 Whitby. Kathleen PICKERING born 1910 Fylingdales. Gawan Hodgson PICKERING born 1884 Fylingdales.

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

5th Generation Grace PICKERING born 1 Ocotber 1741 Whitby, buried 18 January 1742 Whitby. Mary PICKERING born 22 November 1743 Whitby, baptised 20 December 1766, married 1766 Scarborough John BROWN, born c1733 Whitby. Jael PICKERING born 9 March 1746 Whitby, married 24 October 1769 Scarborough Joseph BOMBLES, born c1745 Whitby. Lydia PICKERING born 30 July 1750 Whitby. John PICKERING born 18 April 1756 Whitby. Jane PICKERING born 1758, baptised 20 December 1766 Scarborough.

Puckerings of Foston

6th Generation William PUCKRIN farmer, born 2 May 1790 Huttons Ambo, married 1st 12 November 1817 Settrington, North Yorkshire, Margaret BOGG buried 19 May 1826, married 2nd Sarah GARBUTT born c1796 Briggswath, North Yorkshire, died 17 May 1826.
Children of William PUCKRIN and Margaret BOGG: John PUCKERING Sarah PUCKRIN Joseph PUCKRIN Benjamin PUCKRIN

Children of William PUCKRIN and Sarah GARBUTT: William PUCKRIN Thomas Henry PUCKRIN Margaret PUCKRIN Hannah PUCKRIN born 7 March 1792, died 6 Janaury 1796 East Cottingwith, East Yorkshire. John PUCKRIN publican, born 27 March 1794 East Cottingwith, died before 1861, married 17 March 1817 Whitby Ann GRAYSTOCK (daughter of Ralph GRAYSTOCK and Isabella NICHOLSON) innkeeper, born 3 June 1795 Pickering.
Children: William PUCKRIN Edward PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN John PUCKRIN Isabella PUCKRIN Graystock PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Rose PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN Richard PUCKRIN Hannah PUCKRIN grocer, born 17 December 1813 Hawsker. Thomas PUCKRIN grocer, born 20 January 1816 Hawsker. Mary PUCKRIN born 13 February 1818 Hawsker. Mercy PUCKRIN born 21 November 1819 Hawsker. Ward PUCKRIN grocer, born 16 April 1822 Hawsker, married 18 April 1855 Bury, Lancashire, Louisa Mary ROBINSON (daughter of Marmaduke ROBINSON and Sarah UNKNOWN) baptised 23 July 1831 Wintringham, East Yorkshire.
Children: Edwin PUCKRIN John PUCKRIN Mary PUCKRIN Mercy PUCKRIN George PUCKRIN grocer, born 28 October 1824 Hawsker, married Elizabeth UNKNOWN born c1823 Goathland, North Yorkshire. Ann PUCKRIN born 7 April 1827 Hawsker.

7th Generation John PUCKERING stone mason, born 12 September 1818 Thornton-le-Clay, married 1846 Scarborough Alitha PEARSON born c1825 Ruston, North Yorkshire.
Children: Margaret Ann PUCKRIN Emma PUCKRIN Sarah Jane PUCKRIN Lavinia PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN born c1820 Whitby. Joseph PUCKRIN builder, born 1823 Whitby, married Rebecca UNKNOWN.
Children: Elizabeth PUCKRIN Benjamin PUCKRIN born 6 June 1825 Whitby Laithes, North Yorkshire, died 30 January 1832 Whitby. William PUCKRIN born 17 July 1834 Whitby Laithes. Thomas Henry PUCKRIN confectioner, born 10 November 1836 Whitby Laithes, married 1860 York Ann GREEN born c1832 Thornton-le-Dale Margaret PUCKRIN born c1839. William PUCKRIN butcher, born 12 January 1818 Low Hawsker, married 29 October 1842 Ann ALDERSON seamstress, born c1823 Whitby.
Children: Edward PUCKRIN John PUCKRIN William PUCKRIN Ann PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN Thomas PUCKRIN Mary PUCKRIN Edward Alderson PUCKRIN Edward PUCKRIN agricultural labourer, born 30 September 1819 Fylingdales, died 1873 Blaydon, married 1st 19 April 1849 Lythe, North Yorkshire, Ann BELL born c1825 Egton, buried 13 November 1851 Hawsker, married 2nd 1853 Whitby Sarah Ann GOODWILL born c1827 Scarborough, died 30 August 1873 Blaydon, Co. Durham.
Children of Edward PUCKRIN and Ann BELL: Sarah PUCKRIN
Children of Edward PUCKRIN and Sarah Ann GOODWILL: Catherine PUCKRIN John William PUCKRIN Sarah PUCKRIN born 19 November 1820 Fylingdales. John PUCKRIN born 19 November 1822 Fylingdales, died 27 January 1826 Fylingdales. Isabella PUCKRIN born 5 February 1824 Fylingdales, married 1850 Whitby William HERBERT (son of John HERBERT) butcher, born c1823 Straggleton, North Yorkshire. Graystock PUCKRIN born 9 August 1826 Fylingdales, buried 18 January 1881 Stockton, Co. Durham, married 1st 1855 Sunderland, Co. Durham, Elizabeth AYRE, died before 1861, married 2nd 1866 Stockton Ellen COOK born c1838 Shadforth, Co. Durham.
Children of Graystock PUCKRIN and Elizabeth AYRE: John Ayre PUCKERING Ann PUCKRIN born 7 December 1828 Fylingdales. Rose PUCKRIN born 12 December 1831 Hawsker, married 28 December 1854 John Parker EMMERSON joiner, born c1831 Hawsker. Thomas PUCKRIN master mariner, born 14 September 1835 Hawsker, died before 1871, married 1858 Whitby Jane BULMER born c1839 Easington, East Yorkshire.
Children: John PUCKRIN Margaret A. PUCKRIN Thomas E. PUCKRIN Richard PUCKRIN butcher, born c1839 Hawsker, died 1888 Hawsker, married 25 January 1862 Scarborough Elizabeth SAYERS born 1840 Filey, North Yorkshire.
Children: Henry PUCKRIN Annie Eliza PUCKRIN Thomas E. PUCKRIN Dora Graystock PUCKRIN William PUCKRIN born c1856 Hanley, Staffordshire. Edwin PUCKRIN born c1859 Tunstall, Staffordshire. John Ward PUCKRIN grocer, born c1863 Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Mary PUCKRIN born c1866 Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Mercy PUCKRIN born c1869 Whitby.

8th Generation John PUCKERING baptised 16 May 1860 Ganton, East Yorkshire. Bella PUCKERING baptised 8 March 1862 Ganton. Alfred W.M. PUCKERING born c1875 Ganton. Mabel A.E.C. PUCKERING born c1880 Ganton. Margaret Ann PUCKRIN born c1848 Wykeham, North Yorkshire. Emma PUCKRIN born c1853 Ruston, North Yorkshire. Sarah Jane PUCKRIN born c1858 Scarborough. Lavinia PUCKRIN born c1860 Scarborough. Elizabeth PUCKRIN born c1858 Whitby. Edward PUCKRIN butcher, born 1843, died before 1867 Whitby. John PUCKRIN mariner, born 1846, married 1869 Whitby Esther HAWKSFIELD born c1849 Whitby.
Children: Ann Elizabeth PUCKRIN William PUCKRIN butcher, born 1848 Whitby, died 1908 Whitby, married 20 March 1871 Ann LOWRY died before 1891. Ann PUCKRIN born 1852 Whitby. Sarah PUCKRIN born 1855 Whitby. Thomas PUCKRIN baker, born 1861 Whitby. Mary PUCKRIN born 1863 Whitby. Edward Alderson PUCKRIN born 1867 Whitby. Sarah PUCKRIN born 1847 Mickleby, North Yorkshire. Catherine PUCKRIN born 1856 Whitby, died 4 November 1877 Blaydon, married 1876 Gateshead John WATSON. John William PUCKRIN born 1859 Whitby. John Ayre PUCKERING born 1856 Stockton, Co. Durham. John PUCKRIN born 1860 Ruswarp. Margaret Anne PUCKRIN born 1864 Whitby. Thomas E. PUCKRIN born c1867 Whitby. Henry PUCKRIN born 1862 Hawsker. Annie Eliza PUCKRIN born 1866 Hawsker. Thomas E. PUCKRIN born c1869 Hawsker. Dora Graystock PUCKRIN born c1877 Hawsker.

9th Generation Ann Elizabeth PUCKRIN born 1871 Whitby.

David Pickering born 1809 Forcett

3rd Generation

1.1.1. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 29 December 1833 Lythe.

1.1.2. John PICKERING baptised 16 February 1835 Danby.

1.1.3. Christopher PICKERING baptised 5 July 1836 Whitby.

1.1.4. Robert PICKERING baptised 19 September 1837 Whitby, married 1866 Whitby Mary A. ALLISON.

1.1.5. Jane Eleanor PICKERING baptised 17 February 1839 Whitby.

1.1.6. David PICKERING baptised 29 September 1840 Whitby.

1.1.7. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 14 January 1842 Whitby.

1.1.8. Sarah Ann PICKERING baptised 19 June 1843 Whitby.

1.1.9. Hannah Mary PICKERING baptised 30 July 1845 Whitby.

1.1.10. Thomas PICKERING baptised 10 January 1850 Whitby.

1.1.11. John Christopher PICKERING baptised 7 March 1852 Whitby.

George Pickering married 1813 Whitby

1st Generation

1. George PICKERING married 14 February 1813 Whitby Mary COWEY born c1790.
1.1. John Cowey PICKERING
1.2. William PICKERING
1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING
1.4. James PICKERING
1.5. George PICKERING
1.7. Edward George PICKERING

2nd Generation

1.1. John Cowey PICKERING mariner, born 1814, died 1876 Whitby, married 1847 Whitby Sarah BINNS born c1815 Whitby.

1.2. William PICKERING fisherman, baptised 15 Dececember 1815 Whitby, married 22 November 1836 Whitby Margaret HINDSON born c1817 Whitby.

1.3. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 16 June 1818 Whitby, had a child by Unknown UNKNOWN.
1.3.1. George PICKERING

1.4. James PICKERING rope maker, baptised 5 October 1821 Whitby.

1.5. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 23 August 1825 Whitby, married1849 Scarborough Mary Betsy TURNOCK born c1833 Stafford, Staffordshire.
1.5.1. Sarah Ann PICKERING
1.5.2. George PICKERING
1.5.3. Isaac PICKERING
1.5.4. George PICKERING
1.5.5. Mary PICKERING
1.5.6. Thomas PICKERING
1.5.7. Alice PICKERING

1.6. Mary PICKERING baptised 20 May 1828 Whitby.

1.7. Edward George PICKERING baptised 23 July 1830 Whitby.