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Robert Pickering born c1575 Barlby

9th Generation William PICKERING civil engineer, 5th Governor of Washington territory, baptised 26 May 1797 Bolton Percy, died 22 April 1873 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois, U.S.A., married 9 March 1824 Albion Martha FLOWER (daughter of Richard FLOWER and Elizabeth FORDHAM) born 1800 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, died 28 December 1838 Albion.

10th Generation John PICKERING born before 1838, died before 1917, Grayville, Edwards County, Illinois, U.S.A..

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

8th Generation Ethel PICKERING born c1856 Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A. Betsy Ann PICKERING born 20 March 1857, died 7 May 1934 Shenandoah, Iowa, U.S.A., married Henry BURNETT. Susanna PICKERING born 20 November 1859, died 30 March 1936, Hamilton, Montana, U.S.A., married Ross CARPENTER. Harriet PICKERING born c1861, married Henry AUGUSTINE. David PICKERING born c1863, married Mollie UNKNOWN. Robert Thomas PICKERING born 9 March 1865, died 1 September 1865, Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A. Emma PICKERING born 19 May 1866, died 12 May 1919, married Hugh GUNNING. George PICKERING born 27 July 1867, died 27 February 1939, Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A., married Mae UNKNOWN. John Edwin PICKERING born 4 October 1868, died 27 June 1960, Neponset, Illinois, U.S.A., married Dora UNKNOWN. Isabelle PICKERING born 25 March 1873, died 27 June 1951, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A, married Oliver SLATES. Charles PICKERING born 24 May 1873, died 6 March 1952, Stuart, Iowa, U.S.A. Fred PICKERING born 9 March 1877, died 29 September 1938, married Fannie UNKNOWN. Lottie May PICKERING married George KOPP. Michael PICKERING married Minnie UNKNOWN.