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Pickerings of Holderness

11th Generation Henry David PICKERING butcher, born 1859 York, married 1882 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Alice BENNETT born 1857 Wilsford, Lincolnshire.
Children: Mary PICKERING Henry David C. PICKERING Charles William PICKERING Lillian PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Ida PICKERING Bessie PICKERING Albert Bennett PICKERING Albertina Fanny PICKERING dressmaker, born 1861 Scarborough. Lucy Ann PICKERING photographer’s assistant, born 1863 Scarborough, married 13 July 1882 Scarborough, North Yorkshire William MITCHELL (son of Francis MITCHELL). Charles Percy PICKERING photographer, born 1863 Scarborough, married 1887 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Eva Reed DAWKINS dressmaker, born 1863 Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Children: Eva Louise PICKERING Emma E. PICKERING born c1869 Scarborough.

12th Generation Thomas PICKERING gardener, born 8 December 1883 Scarborough, died 1973 Scarborough. Mary PICKERING born c1882 Scarborough. Henry David C. PICKERING born 1883 Scarborough. Charles William PICKERING born 1886 Scarborough. Lillian PICKERING born c1888 Scarborough. Arthur PICKERING born 1891 Scarborough. Ida PICKERING born c1893 Scarborough. Bessie PICKERING born c1895 Scarborough. Albert Bennett PICKERING born 1897 Scarborough. Eva Louise PICKERING born c1903 Sheriff Hutton.

Nicholas Puckering married 1673 Foston

8th Generation Margaret Ann PUCKRIN born c1848 Wykeham. Emma PUCKRIN born c1853 Ruston. Sarah Jane PUCKRIN born c1858 Scarborough. Lavinia PUCKRIN born c1860 Scarborough.

William Pickering born 1646 Bickley

3rd Generation

1.1.1. William PICKERING labourer, baptised 28 August 1681 Scarborough, died 19 November 1761 Whitby, married Grace UNKNOWN, died 2 January 1765 Whitby.

1.1.2. John PICKERING tanner, born c1683, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: John PICKERING Richard PICKERING

1.1.3. Jeremiah PICKERING born c1685, married Mary HALLIDAY.

1.1.4. Samuel PICKERING born c1678, married Unknown UNKNOWN, died 1 April 1762 Stittenham, buried 4 April 1762 Thornton-le-Clay.
Children: Thomas PICKERING

4th Generation Nathan PICKERING master mariner, born 1713, died 1786 Scarborough, married 1st 6 February 1741 Pickering Jael WARD, died 19 November 1761, buried 22 November 1761 Whitby, married 2nd 18 February 1763 Whitby Hannah SKELTON (daughter of William SKELTON and Hannah UNKNOWN) born 1723 Scarborough, died 1793 Malton.
Children of Nathan PICKERING and Jael WARD: Grace PICKERING Mary PICKERING Jael PICKERING Lydia PICKERING John PICKERING Jane PICKERING Mercy PICKERING born 1714 Scarborough, baptised 22 March 1733 Scarborough, married 22 January 1734 Scarborough Alexander NEECE. William PICKERING born c1714, buried 27 December 1790 Whitby, married Unknown UNKNOWN.
Children: William PICKERING George PICKERING John PICKERING Isaac PICKERING weaver, born c1718 Scarborough, baptised 9 February 1734 New Malton, died 6 November 1783 New Malton, married 20 August 1739 New Malton Jane FARNABY, buried 29 March 1755 Malton.
Children: Rebecca PICKERING William PICKERING Isaac PICKERING Mercia PICKERING Nathan PICKERING Mercia PICKERING Joseph PICKERING Mary PICKERING Sarah PICKERING Hannah PICKERING John PICKERING born 1714 Scarborough. Richard PICKERING sea captain, born c1715, married 8 May 1743 Staintondale Hannah ALLATSON, (daughter of Thomas ALLATSON and Jane UNKNOWN) baptised 28 December 1716 Scarborough, died 1771 Scarborough.

5th Generation William PICKERING born c1738 Scarborough, married 1765 Scarborough Dorothy BILBROUGH, born c1735.
Children: John PICKERING Ann PICKERING Thomas PICKERING William PICKERING Grace PICKERING George PICKERING born 1740 Scarborough. John PICKERING born 1744 Scarborough. Thomas PICKERING baptised 5 February 1744 Scarborough. Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 27 July 1746 Scarborough, died 1751 Scarborough. Richard PICKERING baptised 15 July 1749 Scarborough. Jane PICKERING baptised 30 April 1752 Scarborough. Hannah PICKERING 10 October 1755 1755 Scarborough. John PICKERING born 1756 Scarborough. John PICKERING baptised 1 January 1758 Scarborough.

6th Generation John PICKERING born 1766 Scarborough. Ann PICKERING baptised 28 May 1767 Scarborough. Thomas PICKERING born 1769 Scarborough. William PICKERING baptised 18 January 1771 Scarborough. Grace PICKERING born 1772 Scarborough.

9th Generation Robert PICKERING born c1869 Scarborough. Mary J. PICKERING born 1871 Scarborough. Samuel PICKERING born 1873 Scarborough. Arthur PICKERING born 1875 Scarborough. William Robert PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough.

George Pickering married 1813 Whitby

3rd Generation

1.3.1. George PICKERING born c1841.

1.5.1. Sarah Ann PICKERING born c1850 Scarborough.

1.5.2. George PICKERING baptised 11 January 1852 Scarborough.

1.5.3. Isaac PICKERING baptised 13 September 1857 Scarborough, married 11 August 1880 Drypool, Hulll Agnes SCAIFE (daughter of Robert SCAIFE).

1.5.4. George PICKERING fisherman, baptised 31 July 1859 Scarborough.

1.5.5. Mary PICKERING milliner, born c1862 Scarborough.

1.5.6. Thomas PICKERING born c1870 Scarborough.

1.5.7. Alice PICKERING born c1872 Scarborough.

Pickerings of Scalby

6th Generation Arthur PICKERING born c1881 Scarborough. John W.H. PICKERING born 1896 Fylingdales.

Pickerings of Staxton  

4th Generation William Taylor PICKERING baptised 2 October 1846 Scarborough, married 17 February 1874 Scarborough Ann FLETCHER (daughter of Thomas FLETCHER) born c1847. John Marflitt PICKERING born c1850 Scarborough, married 12 November 1887 Scarborough Mary Ann GILKESON (daughter of Richard GILKESON) born c1862. George PICKERING born c1851 Scarborough, married Nov. 23, 1873 Scarborough Ellen GIBSON (daughter of George GIBSON) born c1853 Scarborough.
Children: Jenny PICKERING Robert PICKERING Fred PICKERING Ellen PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Thomas PICKERING born c1860 Scarborough. Thomas PICKERING born c1870 Scarborough.  

5th Generation Jenny PICKERING born c1874 Scarborough. Robert PICKERING born 1876 Scarborough. Fred PICKERING born 1877 Scarborough. Ellen PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1880 Scarborough.