Pickerings of Holderness

10th Generation Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 17 April 1837 Patrington. John PICKERING carpenter, baptised 28 January 1840 Patrington, married1859 Sculcoates, Hull Catherine DAY born c1842 Sculcoates, Hull.
Children: Arthur PICKERING Thomas PICKERING baptised 19 December 1842 Patrington. Ann Eliza PICKERING domestic servant, baptised 2 August 1844 Patrington. Robert PICKERING cabinet maker, baptised 24 May 1847 Patrington, married c1867 Sarah COCKERILL born c1847 Patrington.
Children: Lucy Ann PICKERING Ralph PICKERING fisherman, publican baptised 25 June 1851 Patrington, died in 1910, married 1st 1871 Patrington Hannah Eliza PARROT born 1852 Paull, died before 1894, married 2nd 1894 Sculcoates, Hull Mary Ann PARROT born 1856 Paull.
Children of Ralph PICKERING and Hannah Eliza PARROT: Mary C. PICKERING Mary Elizabeth PICKERING George PICKERING Henrietta PICKERING Ralph PICKERING Florence PICKERING Emmeline PICKERING Thomas William PICKERING baptised 20 November 1854 Patrington. James PICKERING tailor, baptised 10 February 1837 Patrington, married 1858 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WHITWORTH dressmaker (daughter of George WHITWORTH and Ellen UNKNOWN) baptised 30 August 1835 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.
Children: Ellen PICKERING Nancy PICKERING Mary Jane PICKERING baptised 13 July 1839 Patrington. William PICKERING journeyman shoemaker, baptised 10 July 1842 Patrington. Eleanor PICKERING baptised 31 March 1846 Patrington.

11th Generation Ellen PICKERING born 1864 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire. Nancy PICKERING born 1868 East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.

Pickerings of Ottringham

4th Generation John PICKERING born c1849 Patrington. Simpson PICKERING agricultural labourer, born 1850 Patrington. Sophia PICKERING baptised 11 November 1849 Patrington, died before 1855. Martha PICKERING born 1851 Patrington. Charles John PICKERING born 1853 Sutton. Sophia PICKERING born 1855 Sutton. PICKERING born c1858 Sutton. Elizabeth PICKERING born 1859 Sutton. Martha PICKERING baptised 6 August 1849 Patrington. Thomas John PICKERING joiner, born 1855 Patrington married 1876 Sculcoates, Hull Annie Elizabeth SYKES born c1855 Hotham.
Children: Edith PICKERING Arthur PICKERING Arthur Metcalf PICKERING born 1857 Patrington.