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Pickerings of Threekingham

The Pickerings of Threekingham are an offshoot of the Pickerings of Oswaldkirk. Their founder, Anthony Pickering (13th generation), was living in the area of Bishop Burton in the East Riding in the early 1500s and was clerk to Richard Smethley. The latter’s daughter Elizabeth married Sir John Ellerker. The Ellerker family had held the manor of Threekingham since 1410, and it was leased to Anthony and his wife in 1550.

Anthony was still holding lands in Yorkshire when he moved to Lincolnshire, but he and his grandson, also Anthony, had sold them by the end of the 1500s. The family of the younger Anthony, whose residence was in South Cave in the East Riding, died out, which meant that no representative of the Threekingham Pickerings remained north of the Humber. By 1660 they had also disappeared from the parish registers of Threekingham, the main line having moved to nearby Edenham and shortly afterwards to London, but there are no doubt representatives of the prolific Pickerings still living in the area.

15th Generation

( Anthony PICKERING gentleman, clerk, held lands Hotham, Kirk Ella, Faxfleet, East Riding, sold lands Sancton, Ellerker, Norton, Sutton, East Riding, Beadlam, Malton, North Riding, born c1520, buried 8 July 1592 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married Joan GOWER (daughter of Sir John GOWER and Elizabeth GOLDSBOROUGH, widow of Hugh CLITHEROE).

( Agnes PICKERING born c1525, died 1580 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

16th Generation

( John PICKERING born c1550 died before 1596.

( Thomas PICKERING yeoman, steward, born c1555, buried 30 March 1592 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married 1st Unknown UNKNOWN died before 1581 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married 2nd Rachel UNKNOWN buried 20 March 1631 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.
Children of Thomas PICKERING and Unknown UNKNOWN:
Children of Thomas PICKERING and Rachel UNKNOWN:

17th Generation

Sale of land in Hotham by Anthony and Cecily Pickering and William Babthorpe to Michael Copley, 23 May 1598

2.2.1. Susanna PICKERING baptised 8 August 1572 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

2.2.2. Anthony PICKERING gentleman, sold land Hotham, Faxfleet, East Riding, Amotherby, Appleton, Malton, North Riding, born c1575, buried 6 October 1608 South Cave, East Riding, married 2 February 1595 South Cave, East Riding Cicely JOHNSON (daughter of Thomas JOHNSON) baptised 24 July 1574 South Cave, East Riding.
Children: Frances PICKERING

2.2.3. John PICKERING baptised 1 March 1579 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

2.2.4. Judith PICKERING baptised 4 March 1582 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

2.2.5. Peter PICKERING baptised 3 July 1588 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

2.2.6. William PICKERING baptised 16 March 1591 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married 1st c1620 Ann UNKNOWN buried 27 April 1628 Threekingham, Lincolnshire married 2nd 8 July 8 1628 Threekingham, Lincolnshire Elizabeth COE buried 29 April 1659 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.
Children of William PICKERING and Elizabeth COE: Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING Ann PICKERING William PICKERING

2.2.7. Jane PICKERING born before 1592 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married 7 November 1633 Threekingham, Lincolnshire Robert LITTLE.

18th Generation Frances PICKERING baptised 7 December 1595 South Cave, East Riding. Bridget PICKERING baptised 7 December 1621 Threekingham, Lincolnshire. John PICKERING baptised 26 April 1629 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, buried 10 May 1629 Threekingham, Lincolnshire. Thomas PICKERING tailor, baptised 31 May 1630 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, buried 1 May 1692 Edenham, Lincolnshire, married 1st c1670 Sarah UNKNOWN buried 2 July 1681 Edenham, Lincolnshire, married 2nd Batthalina UNKNOWN buried 2 July 1692 Edenham, Lincolnshire.
Children of Thomas PICKERING and Sarah PICKERING: Avis PICKERING William PICKERING Thomas PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING baptised 22 December 1633 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, married 8 February 1659 Threekingham, Lincolnshire Edward UNKNOWN. Ann PICKERING baptised 12 April 1639 Threekingham, Lincolnshire, buried 17 April 1639 Threekingham, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING baptised 21 March 1641 Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

19th Generation Avis PICKERING baptised 26 February 1673 Edenham, Lincolnshire. William PICKERING heraldic artist, painter, stainer, freeman of London, baptised July 1675 Edenham, Lincolnshire, apprenticeship 1694 London, died 16 September 1734 Westminster, London, buried St. James’s, Westminster, London, married 22 January 1700 Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge, London, Elizabeth BOURNE (daughter of “Widow” BOURNE) grocer born c1680 and died c1738 Westminster, London, buried St. Giles’s, London.

In 1698 “Widow” Bourne was running a grocer’s shop on St. James’s Street. William Pickering married her daughter and took over the business, which by 1737 was known as The Coffee Mill, progressing to Berry Bros. & Co. by 1810 and finally Berry Bros & Rudd in the 1940s. The square behind the shop was named after the Pickerings.

Berry Bros. & Co. front, St. James's Street
Sidney MacKenzie Litten, early 1900s
Berry Bros. & Rudd front, St. James's Street
Edwardx, 2016
Berry Bros. & Rudd rear, Pickering Place
above: The Sphere, 1948
right: John Sutton, 2019 Thomas PICKERING buried 29 August 1679 Edenham, Lincolnshire.

20th Generation

Hazel Pickering, 2018
entrance to Pickering Place William PICKERING painter, stainer, born c1701, apprenticeship 1715 London, died c1770, married 12 October 1735 St. Martin the Fields, Westminster, London, Elizabeth TOWERS (daughter of Samuel TOWERS).
Children: Elizabeth PICKERING John PICKERING painter, stainer, born c1702 Westminster, London, apprenticeship 1718 London, died c1754 Westminster, London, buried St. James’s, Westminster, London, married 26 March 1747 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, Mary TOWERS (daughter of Samuel TOWERS) died before 1754 Westminster, London.
Children: Samuel PICKERING Mary PICKERING Elizabeth PICKERING born 2 September 1704 Westminster, London, married 15 August 1728 St. John’s, Hampstead, London James HORNE parish surveyor, died before 1767. Rev. Thomas Bourne PICKERING born 17 December 1706 Westminster, London, 4 February 1764 Westminster, London, married 9 April 1746 St. Martin the Fields, Westminster, London Dorothy MILLECENT.
Children: Zachary PICKERING Thomas Bourne PICKERING Susanna PICKERING born 30 May 1708 Westminster, London, buried 31 October 1708 St. James’s, Westminster, London. Zachariah PICKERING born 12 December 1709 Westminster, London, died before 1730 Westminster, London. Mary PICKERING born 14 November 1710 Westminster, London, died before 1730 Westminster, London. Jane PICKERING born 24 March 1712 Westminster, London, died before 1730 Westminster, London.

21st Generation Thomas Bourne PICKERING. Elizabeth PICKERING born 31 January 1737 Westminster, London, married 7 February 1760 St. James’s, Westminster, London Rev. William REID. Samuel PICKERING rector, Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire, born 13 July 1748 Westminster, London, died 1815. Mary PICKERING born 8 August 1751 Westminster, London. Zachary PICKERING grocer, born 3 March 1748 Westminster, London, burial 17 October 1776 Westminster, London. Thomas Bourne PICKERING born 10 July 1749 Westminster, London, buried 20 August 1749 Westminster, London.

Biographical details available on request